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Somewhere out in the middle of the ocean was the strongholds for the military government base, G.U.N. Inside, many soldiers were patrolling the area.

In the hallways of the base, a soldier was walking down the hall until he reached a specific door and opened it.

Soldier: The commander needs you, kid. Get your butt out of bed, ASAP.

He was apparently talking to Amy’s ex-friend, Honey the Cat. She stood up in her cot without saying a word and the soldier left her alone.

Honey specifically had a reason to join G.U.N. and thinks it would help her in her life despite the fact that she has to hunt down Amy Rose who G.U.N. is targeting along with Lilian.

She dresses herself up in her uniform and leaves her room to head straight toward the commander’s office.

Honey walks down the black hallways as she watches soldiers train in specific rooms, some walking by, and others leaving and entering their rooms. She tries to keep a straight face as she makes her way towards the commander’s office.

She pauses near two guards guarding the door. She salutes and so do they before they opened the door for her. Honey walks in and the door closes behind her.

In the office of the Commander, she is not too far from his desk as his back is to her while he sits in his chair.

Commander: … … … Come here, child.

Honey: … … … (She walks towards his desk as he turns his chair around to face her.)
S-Sir, I managed to bring back a decent amount of the Craze.

Commander: I have heard. This substance is too dangerous for the likes of mankind to comprehend for themselves. You have done an acceptable job collecting the samples of the Pink Craze back to us, child. However…

Honey: … However, sir?

Commander: You were tasked to arrest the patrollers for fiddling around in collecting the Pink Craze. Why didn’t you arrest them when you had the chance?

Honey: Well… I… You see… One of them… was my best friend and… I…

Commander: I will not tolerate a past friendship getting in the way of your mission, child!

Honey: …

Commander: We are tasked to keep the city safe and free from danger, and you are putting all of us on thin ice with those patrollers running amok across the city! Do you have any idea what dangers Station Square is going to be in with those lunatics getting in our way?!

Honey: … … … I’m sorry, Commander… I-…

Commander: Apologizing will get you nowhere! I don’t give a damn about your stupid friendship with one of those patrollers who are putting the whole city in danger! You are to arrest them and bring them to justice! Do I make myself clear?!

Honey: … … … Y-Yes, sir…

Commander: I see I made my point. You are dismissed.

Honey: … Yes, sir. (She turns around and begins to leave…)

Commander: Child.

Honey: (Stops walking.) ???

Commander: I know you’re young and all, but you need to learn to take responsibility like everyone else. We are only doing this to keep the city safe. And your only friend is gone. You have us for salvation. Remember that.

Honey: … … … Yes… sir. (She leaves with the door closing behind her.)

Commander: … … … (Turns himself around in the chair.) These patrollers are a menace to society… Their ringleader is to blame.

Back in the brisk city Station Square at Station Square High, Amy was talking to some other girls in the hallway.

Amy: So then, I said to Lisa Forlune, “As long as I’m wearing the belt, sister, I’m in the cheer squad!” (She and the girls laugh.)

Girl 1: How on earth did you even get a spot in the cheer squad anyway?

Girl 2: Yeah, she only handpicks girls that are “popular” like her!

Amy: … Oh, I found a way.

Girl 3: Omigosh, you’re so lucky, Amy!

Girl 2: Yeah, I wish I could be a cheerleader like you!

Girl 1: You’re not so bad to hang out with, Amy.

Girl 2: (Her phone vibrates.) !! O.M.G., it’s his response!

Amy: What response?

Girl 2: I’m hanging out with this really nice guy. His name’s Robert. Robert Classfiled.

Amy: Robot Classfiled? Isn’t he supposed to be that kid who’s into science fiction and stuff?

Girl 2: Of course he is! It’s like we have the same way of thinking when it comes to “Chaos in Space!” Amazing series! (She looks at her phone and gasps.) And he’s agreed to go on a date with me this weekend!

Girl 1: You’re so lucky, girl! Havin’ a big guy take good care of you!

Girl 2: I know, right??

Amy: … … …

Girl 3: Hey, Amy. You feeling ok?

Amy: Huh? Oh, yeah. I’m… I’m fine. (She looks behind her and sees Sonic going through his locker.) … … … L-Listen, I have to get to class. I’ll… see you at lunchtime. (She walks away.)

Sonic was getting a couple of books from his locker.

Sonic: (Yawns…) I wish this school had some decaf or something. It’s brutal… (He closes his locker and realizes that Amy was behind it.) WAH!!

Amy: Hi, Sonic. Listen… I know this may seem a bit awkward, but… Have we ever gone on a date before?

Sonic: … Nope. And probably never will. (He walks away but Amy follows.)

Amy: Come on! Not ONCE you ever asked me out on date with me! You know how close I am with you!

Sonic: A little TOO close…

Amy: Can’t you at least go on just one date with me? Just one? That’s all I’m asking.

Sonic: Amy, I’m not interested, alright? Jeez… stop acting so childish.

Amy: Childish?! I don’t act childish!

Sonic: Yeah, you do.

Amy: And HOW do I act childish, in your opinion?

Sonic: Well you always seem to think I’m your hero and you never stop clinging to me when I’m around. We don’t even hang out to get to know each other. Not that I’d want to.

Amy: That’s because we NEVER hang out with each other! It’s like you always have an excuse to get away from me. And some of them don’t even make any sense!

Sonic: What?? I don’t come up with any excuses!

Amy: Oh do you now?


Amy and Sonic were hanging out near her house.

Sonic: Uh… excuse me; I have to go and deep fry my instant chilidogs for dinner. Toodles! (He zooms away.)

Back to the present:

Sonic: Ok, I admit I avoid you. But what about the time when Eggman was trying to destroy the city?

Amy: Which probably happens EVERY TIME we try to be alone?

Sonic: Ugh… Amy I’m just not interested, alright?

Amy: … … … Fine… I see how that is. It’s not like I have anything better to do this weekend anyway…

Sonic: … Ah man… Look, if it’ll make you feel any better… We can… Probably do something fun tomorrow. Ok?

Amy: !!! REALLY?? Y-You mean it?

Sonic: Yeah, sure, whatever.

Amy: Oh, Sonic! (She hugs him tightly) I knew you would have a soft spot for me! I just KNEW it!

Sonic: UFGH!! UGH!! AMY, LET GO OF ME! (She lets go of him as he gasps for air.) … Just… don’t take it to the extreme, alright? (He leaves.) Sheesh…

Amy: Omigosh, I can’t believe this! Sonic the Hedgehog is FINALLY going out with me! This is all so sudden! Am I dreaming?? I don’t think so, but if I was this would be a romantic dream that finally comes true! Sonic is going on a DATE! With me!

Suddenly, the school bell rings.

Amy: !!!! And I’m totally late for class. (She scampers down the hallway as quick as she could!)

The next day…

At G.U.N.’s headquarters, on the weekend in the afternoon, the commander was at his desk. A female secretary wearing glasses walks in.

Commander: Any news on these patrollers and their leader?

Secretary: None whatsoever, sir. It seems the only time when they are active is when there is activity going on in the city.

Commander: I see. Have our scientists finished decoding the sample we managed to retrieve?

Secretary: They just finished this morning.

Commander: Perfect. We’ll have an easier time searching for the Pink Craze littering the city.

Secretary: … Sir, are you sure we should keep the Pink Craze in captivity? We don’t even know how to exterminate it.

Commander: As long as it’s contained it cannot multiply. We must gather every last drop that is seeping in the city until we can discover a way to properly exterminate it. He’s doing much progress for us on every asset set in motion to eliminate the craze.

Secretary: And what of this… agent, sir?

Commander: … … … This child seems to strive for perfection. But she seems too… fragile on this past friendship of hers. But she must accept that her friend is now our enemy. Her enemy.

In Honey’s room, she sits in a fetal position on her bed.

Honey: … … …

She feels like she wanted salvation working for G.U.N., but can’t seem to find her happiness. She opens her cell phone which shows a picture of her and Amy.

Honey: … … … (She closes her phone, and still feels unsure about what she’s doing…)

All of a sudden, a loud alarm startles Honey as red lights strobe around her room!


It continues saying the same message as Honey opens her door and watches soldiers run amok to get in position.

Honey: W-What’s going on?? (But most of the soldiers were in a panic to get ready rather than answer her question.) Hello?? A-Anything happening?? !!!! (One soldier runs by as she quickly closes her door.)

As she stands back, the alarms were still sounding off loud and long.

Honey: What’s going on? Is the base under attack?? … I think I should probably see to it. If I can track down this intruder, I’ll show the commander I’m efficient for the whole facility.

Back in the commander’s office, the alarm was still going off.

Commander: An intruder!

Secretary: S-Sir??

Commander: Our soldiers are trained for this moment. They will take drastic measures to take down whoever is plaguing our facility.

Secretary: But… who’s attacking us??

All of a sudden, the walls blow up behind them, tossing them to the ground! The Commander struggles to get up only to find someone who blasted the wall…

It was Eggman in his eggmobile. Orbot and Cubot were also along for the ride.

Eggman: (Laughs heartily) It’s ME, that’s who!

Commander: Mfg… (He stands up…) Dr. Eggman?? What madness is this?!

Eggman: Madness? None whatsoever. I was just flying around the neighborhood expecting a little welcoming party to the greatest mastermind of all time. But I guess I won’t be expecting anything like THAT to happen soon, am I right?

Orbot: Right indeed, sir! You are the bane of the world’s existence!

Commander: You have a lot of nerve invading my facility, doctor.

Eggman: That may be, but I’m not alone. I brought a little assistance.

Cubot: And that’ll be US! We’re gonna kick all of your butts!

Eggman: … … … (He ignores that comment and presses a button on the eggmobile.)

Instantly, something zoomed in and hovered above the floor near the commander. It looked a lot Sonic… except it was a robot…

Eggman: Allow me to make the introductions. Commander, Metal Sonic. Metal Sonic, commander.

Commander: !?!?

Eggman: (To Metal) You know what to do.

Metal: … (His sensors lock onto the commander and rushes forward.)

Meanwhile, back at Station Square…

At Amy’s house, she was looking through a notepad on what places she would like to bring Sonic to.

Amy: Hm… Let’s see… There are so many places that I wanna bring Sonic to, but I just can’t decide. … And I think I’m running out of space on all the pages. … Maybe Sonic can offer some ideas.

Back in Sonic’s house, his phone rings. He zooms up to it and picks it up.

Sonic: Y’ello.

Amy’s voice: Hi, Sonic!!

Sonic: (Bummed out…) Oh… Hey, Amy. What’s up?

Back at Amy’s house, she was talking on her phone while holding the notepad in her hand.

Amy: I’m so glad I caught you at home! I’m a bit stuck at the moment. (Twiddles her finger around the phone cord.) I thought about so many places that we could go to, but I just can’t choose which one.

Sonic’s voice: (Not sounding interested…) Well, what ideas do you have?

Amy: (Cheery) Oh I have DOZENS of ideas, but I don’t know which one is better! There are just so many fun choices to pick! We can hang out at the mall, go see a movie, or order dinner at that fancy restaurant, “La Fleur Rose”! Or maybe we could try-!

Sonic’s voice: Amy, listen… All those kinds of things are… not really for me in a way. Can’t we just go somewhere that the both of us can enjoy?

Amy: Both of us?

Sonic’s voice: I mean, come on, it’s not like it’s gonna be your last date or anything.

Amy: … … … Well, you’re the smart one, YOU think of something then.

Sonic’s voice: Ok, ok. Jeez… Um… How about we go to that carnival that the city’s holding?

Amy: Station Square’s holding a carnival?

Sonic’s voice: Yeah, it’s that boardwalk carnival by the beach. Why don’t we just hang out there?

Amy: That’s BRILLIANT, Sonic! You really DO have a soft spot for me! A fair is a perfect place for a boy and girl to be together! We can ride on the Ferris wheel, eat cotton candy, and watch the sun set together! (Sighs…) This is like a dream come true…

Sonic’s voice: More like a nightmare…

Amy: What was that?

Sonic’s voice: Uh-! N-nothing! Nothing at all!

Amy: Alright! What time are you coming to pick me up?

Sonic’s voice: Excuse me?

Amy: I’m asking what time you are coming to escort me. Be a gentleman for once.

Sonic’s voice: Oh. Uh… Is Five ok?

Amy: Perfect! Five o’ clock it is! I’ll see you then, sweetheart! Ciao! (She hangs up!) EEEEEE!!! Omigosh, this is going to be the best day of my LIFE!!

At Sonic’s house… He was still holding the phone while it emits a dial tone.

Sonic: … … … This is going to be the worst day of my life. (He puts the phone down.) Why did I even agree to date that girl? … Well at least it’ll only be this one time. What’s the worst that can happen?

Back at Amy’s house, Amy was talking to Lilian on her cell phone.

Amy: Ms. Lilian, I’m sorry but I’ll have to take some time off from work today.

Lilian’s voice: Why’s that? Something suddenly came up?

Amy: Oh nothing special. Except that… Sonic the Hedgehog is going out on a date with me!

Lilian’s voice: Really.

Amy: Of course! This is so exciting! He finally admitted that he loves me!

Lilian’s voice: Did he really say that or are you just over-exaggerating on that part?

Amy: Oh of course he-! Um… Well… … It doesn’t matter anyway! He’s finally going out with me this afternoon! And if everything goes right, I might propose to him!

Lilian’s voice: Amy, I’m glad you’re going out with him, but… That’s not exactly how love works.

Amy: … What do you mean?

In Lilian’s bookstore, she was cleaning the counter while talking on her phone.

Lilian: I mean you both have to have equal feelings towards each other. Did he even sound happy and excited like you are right now?

Amy’s voice: What does this have to do with ME?

Lilian: Everything. You say you wanna marry him, but you don’t even know him that much like proper lovers should.

Amy’s voice: Of course I know everything about him! Sonic and I are a couple MADE to be together!

Lilian: … That may sound right to you, but love is very confusing and surprising at times.

Amy’s voice: Surprising?

Lilian: Yep. Y’see, when my daughter was all grown up, she met this cocky biker guy. At first, me and my husband were against her going with him. And we were sort of right for the first week or so. They would be arguing like they weren’t meant to be.

Back at Amy’s house, she was still listening to Lilian on the phone.

Lilian’s voice: But then, they got to know each other more and more. Afterwards, she found out that he’s actually not a bad guy at all, and really likes kids. The two were very close afterwards.

Amy: So… What’s your point?

Lilian’s voice: My point is to know your lover more before you jump the bandwagon. If you go all crazy on this marriage thing, you’ll probably-… How old are you anyway?

Amy: I’m twelve.

Back at Lilian’s shop… She was at a loss for words.

Lilian: … … … My gosh those raging hormones are something.

Amy’s voice: HEY!! It’s not like I’M the only one that goes through it!

Lilian: Hm. Touché.

Amy’s voice: You don’t have to worry, Lilian! Sonic and I are going to have a great time today! Oh I have to take a shower! Gotta get ready ASAP! Toodles!

The call ends.

Lilian: (Closes her phone.) She’s gonna screw this up. I know it.

Back in Amy’s house, she looks through her closet and takes out her clothes.

Amy: Oh, I better hurry up! Sonic will probably be waiting for me outside right now! (She puts them aside and grabs her bathrobe while strutting towards the bathroom to take a shower.)

Meanwhile, back at the G.U.N. facility, Honey was running through the hallways of the facility while the alarm was still blaring loudly. She shoved a few soldiers running in the opposite direction.

Honey: Outta my WAY! Move!! (She reaches the commander’s office and opens the door to find him and his attendant on the ground…) !!!! Commander! (She runs up to him!) Commander, what happened?

Commander: (Grunts in pain…) We were… attacked by… Dr. Eggman…

Honey: Dr… Eggman??

Commander: I don’t know what he’s doing here, but he’s damaging our facility…

Honey: … I’ll track down Eggman! (She was about to leave, but…)

Commander: No! He’s too powerful to stop! He has a robot that looks exactly like Sonic the Hedgehog!

Honey: A robot… like Sonic?

Commander: Child, this is too dangerous for you. Let the other soldiers take him down.

Honey: … … … I’m not a little kid, Commander! I can take Eggman down with one paw tied behind my back!

Commander: ?!

Honey: I won’t fail you again when I take that guy down! (She leaves the room!)

Commander: Stop! Come back!

Honey rushes through the facility as fast as she could.

Honey: Where can Eggman be?? He could be anywhere in the base! (She stops in the center of a room with four different paths.) Hm… Which hall should I take? … Wait a minute.

She looks down on the ground and sees some rubble leading down one of the hallways. She knew just as well that it would lead her in the right direction. She rushes down the hallway until she stops by a big door.

Honey: (Panting) … … … (She gains her confidence and presses a button on the wall to open the door.)

She immediately pulls out her gun and points it at Eggman and his robots in the Eggmobile.

Honey: Stop right there, Eggman!!

Eggman: ??? Aw, look! It’s a little kitty-cat! Thinks she has the guts to stand up to me, eh? … Hold the phone… You look familiar…

Honey: Don’t try and play coy with me, Doctor. I’m here to take you down and bring you to justice!

Eggman: Now I recognize you! It’s Honey, isn’t it? You were the one who invited yourself to my fighting tournament a while back! You caused quite a stir for my plans, sister.

Honey: I’m warning you, Doctor! Surrender now!

Eggman: My, you certainly are a bit of a sourpuss today. What are you, some kind of low-ranking agent to G.U.N. now?

Honey: (Without hesitating, she shoots her gun at the Eggmobile. The bullets only reflect off.)

Eggman: (Chuckles) Close but no dice, ma’am. Let me show you how a professional uses weapons. (He presses a button on the control panel and machine guns pop out of the sides of the Eggmobile.)

Thinking quickly, Honey dashes away while Eggman fires at her!

Eggman: What, was that a little too scary for the kitty-cat?? (He moves the ship outwards and looks around.)

Honey was up against the corners of the wall high above Eggman, she takes out her whip and jumps off to attack Eggman!!

Honey: HAAH!!

But right before she could attack, Metal flew in out of nowhere and attacked Honey! Fortunately, she landed on the ground unharmed. Metal was hovering near her.

Honey: !!! S-Sonic??

Eggman: (Laughs) You think THIS is Sonic? No! HE is a robot made from the very DNA of the blue blur! Meet Metal Sonic! My greatest creation and your little one-way ticket to your doom.

Honey: What’s the big idea blowing up the base??

Eggman: Well, since you asked so nicely. I’m searching for something that will benefit my future invasions on Station Square. Not only that, but the whole world as well! It will soon be under my feet once I claim what was originally mine! (He begins to fly away in the Eggmobile)

Honey: WAIT!! STOP!! (Honey tries to move out of Metal’s way, but Metal elbowed her into a wall.)

Metal follows Eggman as they get away. Honey gets up and clenches her stomach from the impact of Metal’s attack. She regains her strength and begins to run down the hall to try and catch up to Eggman.

Meanwhile, back at Station Square… Amy was adjusting her headband in front of her mirror in her bedroom.

Amy: Perfect! (She takes some perfume and sprays a little bit on herself.) I want this date to go absolutely perfect. Not a single thing should go wrong as long as we keep together and STAY together! … (Without thinking, she sprays the perfume under her arms and tosses it behind her back.) Spic and span, and smelling like a rose! (Her PRD watch beeps.) !!!! It’s time! Finally!

Outside, Sonic leans against the fence near Amy’s house. He didn’t seem too excited. Amy swings the door open and walks towards Sonic.

Amy: Hi, Sonic! I’m ready to go!

Sonic: M’kay.

Amy: Let’s hold hands!

Sonic: Y-yeah, let’s not. (He and her begin to leave. She pouts…)

As they make their way through the city to reach the boardwalk, Amy tries to start a conversation.

Amy: Sonic, why do you reject me so much?

Sonic: Say what?

Amy: Why is it that every time I’m around, you don’t want anything to do with me?

Sonic: L-Look, Amy. It’s not that I hate you or anything. Well, I like you, but… you seem to… get all jumpy around me.

Amy: That’s no true!

Sonic: …

Amy: … Ok, so I guess I do get… jumpy, but you’re just the dreamiest hedgehog I’ve ever met! Why can’t you see my feelings towards you?

Sonic: … I dunno. I guess I just can’t.

Amy: … … …

Sonic: Look let’s just get this hangout over with, alright?

Amy: Sonic, it’s a DATE, remember?

They make their way to the boardwalk where there really was a carnival going on. Lots of people were playing fair games, eating cotton candy, and were riding the Ferris wheel.

Amy: Wow! This place is amazing! (Sniffs the air) I can actually smell the cotton candy from here! Are you ready to have some fun, Sonic?

Sonic: (Not really thrilled.) Probably.

Amy: GREAT! Let’s go! (She grabs his arm and pulls him away.)

They walk around the fair, bustling with people and other visitors.

Amy: Where should we go to first? Hm… Hey, how about…

Sonic: Hey, Amy, Check it out! They’re having a watermelon eating contest over there!

Amy: No, Sonic! I want this date to go perfectly! Let’s try and find something that we’ll BOTH enjoy! Like… !!! Like that! (She pulls him in to what looked like a small stage with a set of foldable chairs.) They’re going to show a scene from the romantic tragic story, “Winds Beneath my Heart”! Oh this’ll be so exciting!

Sonic: Aw, Amy. You know I hate mushy love stories. Can’t we just-?

Amy: It’s starting! Take your seat! (She forces Sonic to sit next to her and two actors walk on the set.)

Sonic: (Sighs…)

Sometime later, after the play was over, most people began leaving their seats…

Amy: (Trying not to cry…) That was… one of my favorite moments… (She blows her nose with a tissue.)

Sonic, on the other hand was snoring in his chair.

Amy: Sonic? … SONIC!!

Sonic: (He wakes up, groggy…) Mff… What? W-what happened? Is the show over?

Amy: Sonic, you slept through the finale! Nice way to screw up on our first date.

Sonic: (He sees two guys walk in on stage.) Hey, those guys look like one of those standup comedy stooges! Maybe this’ll be a good laugh for the both of us.

Amy: No way, Sonic! Let’s try something more… sweet and loving! (She grabs him and they leave.)

Sonic: B-but- But I really wanted to-!

They walk around the boardwalk until they see some carnival games with plush prizes!

Amy: (Gasps at the sight of a toy elephant.) Omigosh, that’s so adorable! I’m gonna try and win it! (She runs up to the stand.)

Sonic: Uh, Amy?

Amy: I’d like to give it a go, please! (She gives a dollar to the man behind the stand and he gives her some plastic balls to throw.) Ok! It looks like I’ll have to knock down those bottles to win!

Sonic: I thought you were terrible at throwing things.

Amy: I am NOT! Watch this! (She throws one ball!) MFF! (Only to miss…) Doh…

She tries again and again until she had one ball left.

Sonic: … L-Look, why don’t you let me give it a try.

Amy: No way! I wanna win this on my own! (She holds the ball in her hand…) Ok, Amy… You can do this. Just concentrate… Concentrate…

Sonic: Amy, just let me give it a shot.

Amy: I got this, Sonic! Don’t pressure me! Jeez! (Amy tosses the ball, and… she misses again.) … AAUGH!! Stupid game! (She storms off.)

Sonic felt humiliated and followed her.

Sonic: Aw, don’t be such a drag, Amy. It’s just a silly game.

Amy: But I wanted that adorable elephant! Life is just so unfair! … (She hugs Sonic.) But that doesn’t really matter anymore! As long as we’re both having a fun time together, that’s all that matters to me, my dear Sonic!

Sonic: Eugh… This is going to be a long day…

As the day passes by, Sonic was not enjoying his time with Amy. Amy ordered a huge banana-split sundae for her and Sonic to share. It was practically so huge that when she dug her spoon into it, it plopped onto Sonic’s lap.

Next, Amy was getting a face painting of a cute kitten on her cheek. Sonic got a face-painting of a rainbow on his cheek. Which he didn’t seem to find amusing.

Afterwards, a clown made two balloon animals for Amy and Sonic. Amy hugged her balloon that was the shape of a dog. Sonic had a dog shaped balloon too. But it popped and the rubber flopped onto his nose…

Finally, Amy put in a quarter on a fortune telling machine. It released a card from the slot and Amy read it aloud.

Amy: “Love may come your way if you are patient enough to understand its true meaning.” … What does that mean?

Sonic: What do you THINK it means?

Amy: It doesn’t matter! (She hugs him again.)

Later, Sonic and Amy were watching the sun set.

Amy: Wow… Just look at this beautiful sunset, Sonic.

Sonic: (Sarcastic) Yeah, really amazing, Amy.

Amy: Let’s just… take a minute to soak it all in. Alright?

Sonic: … … … Amy… We… We need to talk.

Amy: Not now, Sonic. I’m trying to enjoy this.

Sonic: …

Amy: … … … Ok, what is it?

Sonic: Uh… Listen, I need to be completely honest with you.

Amy: … What is it?

Sonic: Well… You seem like a nice girl and all, but… I was thinking that maybe we should probably…

Amy: WAIT!! I know just where this is going!

Sonic: Y-You do?

Amy: I sure do, boyfriend! But we need to be in the Ferris wheel for it to happen! Come on!

Sonic: A-Amy, seriously, I really don’t think we can-! (She pulls him away!) WAAAH!!

Meanwhile, back in city of Station Square, Eggman was flying through the city in his Eggmobile as Honey was giving chase!

Eggman: Grr! You are really starting to get on my nerves, you inconceivable brat!

Honey: Save it for the handcuffs, freak!

Eggman: Maybe THIS will teach you a lesson on messing with ME! (He turns the ship in her direction and begins firing the machine guns from his Eggmobile.)

Honey launches out her whip and it wraps around one of the machine guns! She pulled with all her might and it was ripped out from the machine!!

Eggman: HEY!! That’s cheating! (He moves the craft up higher in altitude.)

Orbot: Sir, what are we to do to get Honey off our tail?

Cubot: Yeah! We tried just about everything!

Eggman: Heh… Not EVERYTHING. (He presses a button on his control panel.)

Honey quickly looked behind her and noticed that Metal Sonic was rushing towards her! But before he could ram into her, she jumped up into the air doing a back flip before taking out her pistol and shoots at Metal’s exhaust vent on his back!

Metal clanged to the ground as Honey raced to catch Eggman!

Eggman: NO!! METAL!!

Honey: Facing trouble, Eggman? You can save your robot and be cuffed at the same time!

Eggman: GRRR… You won’t play coy with me, kitten! Run home to your litterbox!

Honey: Not until you surrender! (He flies off as she tries to keep up with him!!)

Metal was left behind as he sputters electricity…

Back at the boardwalk fair, Amy and Sonic were in the cabin on the Ferris wheel as it slowly moves in a complete circle.

Amy: (She was watching the sunset…) Wow… It’s even more beautiful when we’re so high up. … (Turns to Sonic.) So, Sonic. Was there something you wanted to tell me?

Sonic: Huh? Oh, right. … Listen, Amy… I need to be honest with you. You’re a nice girl. I like you and all, it’s just that… Well… Aw man, how can I put this to you? I was just thinking that you’re probably…

Amy: (She puts her finger near Sonic’s mouth.) Don’t say a word. I know exactly what you’re about to say. … We’ve probably known each other for about a long time. You saved my life more than once… I just knew that the moment I saw you… You and I were meant to be together!

Sonic: Look, Amy, I really don’t think that-…

Amy: Think of all the hardships we’ve been through. Together! They just bring so many memories back to me about the both of us and how strong we were together.

Sonic: Well, that is kinda true but… I’m trying to tell you that-!

Amy: Sonic, you are the only one that I see a future with! A bright future where everything we go through is a challenge! A challenge that only the both of us can abide to!

Sonic: (He was starting to lose his patience.) Would you PLEASE let me talk before-!!

Amy: Sonic, you mean the whole world to me… That’s why… I wish for you to marry me so we can finally be together and-!

Sonic: (He finally had enough.) SHUT UP, AMY!!! (Amy reeled back, startled.) … … … Amy, I like you. But I didn’t want to go on this stupid date!

Amy: W-what do you mean?

Sonic: I mean I… I’ve been waiting to get this off my chest. You’re just getting on my nerves! Honestly! It’s like I can’t even take one step outside without you clinging on to me like dear life! It’s driving me NUTS!

Amy: Sonic, I… I just thought you would be happy to see me…

Sonic: Well guess what? I’m NEVER happy to see you! All you do is make more work for me on my hands! Always getting captured by Eggman, never letting me have a moment of peace, and you embarrass me in front of my friends! And you’re saying you wanna MARRY me?! You’re only TWELVE! Who wants to get married at TWELVE?!

Amy: !!!! How DARE you! After all the time we spent together, you have the nerve to set me off like this?!

Sonic: I wasn’t even having fun the SLIGHTEST! I was at least expecting some decency from you but NO! It’s all about YOU, isn’t it?! We spent all this time doing the stuff that YOU wanted to do! Didn’t you at least let me wanna try the stuff I wanted?? Huh?!

Amy: I… I just wanted to keep you happy…

Sonic: Does it LOOK like I’m happy? Amy Rose, I know you like me but to be honest, I just don’t think we’re meant to BE with each other. Alright?! End of story!

Amy: (Her eyes were filled with tears…)

By the time their cabin reached floor level, she bailed out of it and ran off, crying loudly. Sonic sighed… and yet he still felt bad for screaming at her.

Near the entrance to the fair, Amy was crying with tears in her eyes…

Amy: (Sniffs…) How could he say such things? He’s not at all what I wanted from him… Sonic… why don’t you see that I love you so much?? (She wails as she puts her hands to her face…)

???: Hey, lover-girl.

Amy: WAAH!! (It was Lilian who appeared out of nowhere!) M-Ms. Lilian??

Lilian: Did you have fun today?

Amy: … Oh, Yeah… I… (She tries to dry her tears…) I had a lot of fun.

Lilian: What about Sonic? Did he have a nice time too?

Amy: … … …

Lilian: (She sighs and gives Amy a small packet of tissues.) Here. Dry yourself up.

Amy: (She takes the tissues and blows her nose.)

Lilian: He didn’t enjoy it all, didn’t he?

Amy: He said I was so into my feelings for him that I didn’t give him a chance to do what he wanted at this carnival. And then he yelled at me and said we weren’t meant to be with each other. (Sniffs…) It just isn’t fair, Ms. Lilian! Why can’t he see that I love him??

Lilian: Well, you seem a little one-sided about your feelings towards him.

Amy: … (Sniffs…) I guess that sounds true…

Lilian: You pretty much humiliate him in front of his friends most of the time.

Amy: He… said something about that too…

Lilian: And those raging hormones of yours are probably going to drive him off the deep end.

Amy: OK, I GET IT!!! AAUGH!! (Panting…) It’s just… it feels like I can rely on him for anything. He seems to be the one who always protects me from danger…

Lilian: Well look on the bright side. You’re a patroller. You can pay him back by protecting him sometime.

Amy: But… how am I going to share my feelings for him… Without acting like an obsessive fangirl all over him? I just can’t help myself.

Lilian: Well I’m not an expert on that cupid stuff, but I maybe I can offer some advice. I suggest letting him feel like he wants to be with you. Don’t try to win his love in a minute. Let him feel for your affection step by step.

Amy: Step by step?

Lilian: Yeah. Just give yourself a chance to develop until you’re ready to admit them to him. Once you two get to know each other more often, you’ll have an easier time together. … Am I going too fast for you, kid?

Amy: … (Sniffs…) No. I get it. I just hope Sonic will listen to me somehow…

Lilian: If you take your time with him… Maybe he will. (Amy watches her leave…)

Amy: … … … Yeah… Maybe I was a little too pushy on Sonic. Man, I’ve been an idiot… But now how am I going to speak to him again? (All of a sudden, there was some loud screaming coming from the fair!!) !!! What the-?!

She rushes back to the fair only to encounter… Honey trying to take down Eggman in his Eggmobile! Everyone was in fear at the sight of Eggman…

Honey: You won’t get away from me this time, Eggman!

Eggman: Hah hah! Pathetic! You’re foolish to try and attempt to stop the great Eggman!

Amy: Eggman?! What are YOU doing here?!

Eggman: Oh great, just what I need. More GIRLS trying to team up against me!

Honey: Well, looks like I should’ve brought some extra handcuffs.

Sonic’s voice: What, are you going to leave ME out of it?

Eggman turns to see Sonic.

Amy: Why are you here anyway, Eggman?!

Eggman: What do YOU think? This blasted kitten was giving chase to me after I blasted her new family’s little home!

Honey: Shut up, Eggman! G.U.N. treats me with respect! And once I apprehend you and Amy, you’ll both be sorry for interfering with them and ME!

Eggman: Do they even Let you handle the big missions? Do they? You’re just a small shrimp compared to them!

Honey: … … …

Eggman: Face it, Honey! You lost everything! And THEY surely aren’t going to make it any better!

Sonic uses his homing attack to bash into the Eggmobile before he stands in front of Honey.

Sonic: Need a little assistance, Honey?

Amy: (She stands near Sonic.) You’re gonna need all the help you can get. (She presses a button on her watch and her body flashes. She appears in her uniform and takes out her WD hammer.)

Eggman: GRR… Very well. More targets to obliterate means more fun for ME! (He presses a button and his Eggmobile launches his remaining machine gun.)

They all moved out of the way as everyone was rushing to get out safely. Sonic spin jumps onto the Eggmobile, making Eggman and his robots unstable in the seat! Amy uses her hammer to damage the craft even more.

Eggman: GAH!! ENOUGH OF THIS!! (He presses another button and this time, his Eggmobile fires a missile rocket!)

It hurls straight at the group and blasts a big hole in the boardwalk almost hitting them! Amy slipped and grabbed the edge of the hole! She was hanging for dear life above the water below!

Amy: (She tried to pull herself up, but she couldn’t!) Mff!! Mgh!! (She accidently lets go of one of her hands and is only holding herself up by her right hand.) Someone help!

Honey: ?!?! Amy?? (She rushes forward!)

Amy: Honey, pull me up quickly!!

Honey was about to pull her up, but… something kept her from doing it…

Amy: Honey!! Pull me up already! (Honey was hesitant…) Please!! I can’t hold on any longer! (Honey was still indecisive on saving her… But then…)

Amy suddenly let go and was about to fall to her doom… Only to have Sonic save her by grabbing her arm!

Sonic: GOT YOU!! (He pulls Amy up back to safety and they both try to catch their breath…) Are… Are you alright?

Amy: Y-Yeah… I’m ok.

Eggman: Oh ARE you now?! (He aims the gun at the two!) (Laughs evilly) Say goodbye, hedgehogs!!

All of a sudden, Honey used her whip to wrap around the gun and tore it off the Eggmobile!!

Eggman: HEY!!

Honey: What, did you forget about me, doctor?

Eggman: Hmph! You’re just as one to talk, you moronic feline! Thinking that your little government can control the Pink Craze?!

Honey: Of course we can, doctor! More than you and the patrollers!

Eggman: Oh is that what you think? Well one thing’s for sure, your little green army soldiers are going to be sitting ducks!

Amy: (She presses a button on her watch and it shoots out her powerful grappling hook string onto Eggman’s ship!) Let me rephrase that statement. YOU’RE the sitting duck here, Eggman!

Eggman: Hah! You think that dingy little kite string with a hook is going to stop me?! (He laughs evilly and tries to fly off… but Amy held a pretty tough grip and he couldn’t get away.) HUH?? Mff! Come on!! Move!! Why aren’t you FLYING?!

Cubot: Wow, she really DID stop us, boss!

Amy: Sonic, finish him off! I can’t hold him down much longer!

Sonic quickly gets up to speed, jumps high into the air, and launches one final homing attack onto Eggman’s eggmobile!! Amy retracts the grappling hook back into her watch and the group watches as Eggman’s vehicle spews out black smoke and hurls around away from them!!

Eggman: WHOAAA…WHAAAA!!!! CURSES!!! (They twirl and lose control of the ship as it hurls away!!) This isn’t the end, you marauding children!! I’ll get even with you yet!! So swears Dr. Eggman! WAAH!! I think I’m gonna be sick…

Eggman was finally gone… For now.

Amy: … … … Honey, why didn’t you save me?! You had the chance but you didn’t! What’s wrong with you?!

Honey: I… Well… … … … I would’ve arrested you anyway for meddling in G.U.N.’s affairs anyway.

Sonic: Hey, why are you with G.U.N. anyway? Don’t you know hunting down the Pink Craze is suicide??

Honey: … … …

Sonic: You should let the patrollers handle that.

Honey: You stay out of this, Sonic! My mission is to bring the patrollers to justice and keep the city safe from the Pink Craze! Just be lucky I’m letting you go this time, Amy. But next time we meet, you and those patrollers won’t be so adequate. (She runs off.)

Amy: Honey!! Wait!! … … … !!!! (All the city folks were staring at Amy. Including the ones who fled before.) Oh no! (She frantically searches for her Flash Memory Emitter. But when she finally takes it out, she drops it!) AAH!!

It was just about to roll off the huge hole in the boardwalk until… Sonic stopped it with his foot!

Amy: (Gasps)

Sonic kicks the FME up in the air and hands it to Amy.

Sonic: Dropped this?

Amy: … … … (She smiles warmly and takes it.) Cover your eyes, Sonic! You may be protected, but it won’t save your from going blind!

She presses the button and… FLASH!!! All the people that witness Amy being a patroller and attacking Eggman was ceased…

Later, near the boardwalk by the city streets, it was finally night time. Sonic and Amy were both watching the nighttime sky…

Amy: … … … (She takes a deep breath and sighs…) … … … Sonic?

Sonic: Yeah?

Amy: I… I’m sorry. I’m sorry for driving you crazy all this time. I guess… Maybe we really aren’t meant for each other…

Sonic: …

Amy: It’s just that… You were always there for me. The only one that I could count on to get me out of trouble. I always followed you because I wanted to help you and not feel like the damsel in distress. … I really do like you, Sonic… But if it’s alright with you… Maybe it’s best to just… forget this whole relationship.

Sonic: … Aw, Amy... I guess I’m sorry for yelling at you. But you were kinda pushing my buttons most of the time. … The thing is… You’re really sweet actually. Even after I yelled at you, you helped me out against Baldy Mc. Nosehair. So… Thanks for that.

Amy: Oh Sonic. That’s so nice of you to say. … I really like you and all… But this time… I wanna try and take it as slow as possible.

Sonic: Whatta ya mean?

Amy: I mean… I wanna take my relationship with you… step by step. To see if we really can be happy.

Sonic: … So, you’re going to change? For me?

Amy: Maybe… But change can be such a scary thing… Right?

Sonic: Well… Sometimes change isn’t so bad once your into it. If you really are going to take this… relationship step by step, I say go for it.

Amy: …

Sonic: But don’t expect to come out a winner. I don’t please that easily.

Amy: (Pouting) Sonic, you can be such a jerk all the time! Why are you boys always LIKE that??

Sonic: Kay’ sorry. I was just messing with you. Jeez.

Amy: … … … Well… I’ll try my best to win your love for me! But this time there’s a new Amy Rose on the block! Just you wait, Sonic the Hedgehog!

Sonic: Yeah. I’ll be waiting.

Amy: And while that’s happening… (She takes out a small black case and opens it.)

It was revealed to have two small bracelets with each of them having half a heart.

Amy: We can wear these. I won these at that throwing ball game after the whole enchilada with Eggman. (She takes one out and puts it on Sonic’s wrist.)

Sonic: Really? Friendship bracelets?

Amy: What? Can’t a girl give these a shot? (She puts the other one on her wrist.) These bracelets are special anyway! Look!

She holds Sonic’s hand. When their hands and wrists were close together, the two hearts on their necklace came together as one.

Amy: See? They form a heart! I know it’s a little silly to wear these, but… Lovers share these kinds of treasures with each other. They symbolize an unbreakable bond. As long as we have and share these, nothing can break us apart! … IF we’re prepared for this… Right?

Sonic: … You’re really trying, aren’t you?

Amy: Hey this isn’t easy for me, you know.

Sonic: Alright. You win. I’ll keep this silly bracelet. (He covers it with his glove.) But it’s not like it’s gonna save someone’s life, right?

Amy: Who knows? Maybe it can…

Sonic: Whatever. Thanks for helping me fight Eggman again. (He was about to leave but Amy called for him.)

Amy: W-wait! I know this date of ours wasn’t that great but… Can we try again next week? Maybe we can hang out at Milkyway Café. Please?

Sonic: … … … (Smiles) Well since you asked nicely… Why not? Just… don’t go all crazy on me, ok?

Amy: Uh… O-Ok… … (Clears her throat and gains confidence.) Y-You got it, Sonic. Don’t keep me waiting.

Sonic: Wouldn’t dream of it. (He walks away…)

Amy felt something she never felt before. She knew it was her feelings for Sonic, but it was nothing like her obsession over him. It felt like she needed to work on her relationship before she and him are ready and truly ready. She knows very well that it will take time, but… It will be worth the wait…

Amy: … Sonic… I don’t care how long I wait. Until the end of time… We will be together. I just know it. But as Lilian said… Step by step. (She smiles as she looks at her bracelet.)

She looks over by the boardwalk again, walked onto the wood and sat on the edge feeling the warm breeze of the water softly splashing…

Amy: Ah… The breeze at night feels so warm… (She looks down at the water…)

Suddenly, something floated up right below.

Amy: Huh? (She reaches down and picks up what looks like… a small black box with a red lid on it. It seemed to have several buttons on the front side indicating a touchpad interface.) What’s this? Some kind of secret box? … It looks like it has something inside… And yet I can’t seem to open it.

What she didn’t know was that Metal was watching from a distance… He miraculously survived after Honey shot him in the back with her pistol…

Amy: Hm… (She presses some of the keypad buttons…) It seems like there’s a special combination to open this… How did this end up in the water? … Then again, it might contain something valuable. (She looks around for a minute…) Well… It wouldn’t hurt to try and see what’s inside.

She walks her way home with the box in her hands. Metal’s eyes lock onto that box Amy is holding as she walks away…

Meanwhile, back at the G.U.N. facility… A soldier walks up to Honey’s door and opens it.

Soldier: Heh. Look who came crawling back.

Honey was sitting in a fetal position cot, not saying anything…

Soldier: The commander wasn’t pleased with you running off without notice. Somehow the code for the Pink Craze suddenly vanished like thin air. And right when we were finished decoding it.

Honey: … … …

Soldier: Yep. We’re all caught in this wild goose chase. You’re gonna have to work overtime to get the craze before the patrollers do.

Honey: … … …

Soldier: Aw, don’t be like that, kid. The commander won’t let us track down those patrollers. Said you’re more capable of handling them. Since you’re aware that one of them isn’t a friend anymore.

Honey: … … …

He leaves and closes the door, leaving Honey alone and speechless… She looks at a photo of her and Amy on her phone.

Honey: … … … (She puts her phone down and covers her face on her knees…)
Hey everyone! Me again! So yeah, my Spring year of College is coming to a close soon next month. Probably gonna be busy. In the meantime, I'm sorry about delaying episode 8 as I was pretty much booked solid in a lot of different things. More episodes are to come soon. =)
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Amy Rose finally gets Sonic to go out on a date with her. Meanwhile, Honey feels unappreciated at G.U.N. headquarters and tries to regain the Commander's trust after Eggman and Metal Sonic attack the facility. This apparently will not end well. But what about Amy and Sonic? How will THAT end out?
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Looks like Amy will one day get her dream to come true, but not until she's able to make Sonic feel more comfortable around her and be more patient with her feelings. Glad Lilian was able to teach Amy that in this part. Now all Amy has to do it take it step by step as she was told, and then she may have a chance with Sonic. Hope after learning her lesson like that, she can succeed eventually.
mewmewspike Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015
Something tells me this will lead to Honey jumping ship and becoming a Patroller, decided G.U.N. doesn't respect her and wanting to be Amy's friend again.
HuatayFoxy Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Student General Artist
really nice
DefectiveStudios Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Thank you =)
HuatayFoxy Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2015  Student General Artist
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