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The dead of night in Station Square. Two policemen park their nearby on the curb and walk out into the dank dark alleyway with only their flashlights lighting their way.

Cop 1: Great time to tackle a murder case. I’d rather be spending time at the shack watching the big game.

Cop 2: Keep your shorts on, man. It’s been a while since we tackled an edgy case.

Cop 1: Yeah, yeah. I hear ya.

As they look around with their flashlights.

Cop 2: You think the body’s still here?

Cop 1: If it was, I could smell it a mile away. It doesn’t look like there’s a trace of anything. Better not be the boss trying to mess with us again.

Cop 2: Whoa… Hey, check this out.

Cop 1: What is it? (They look up to see some sketchy and edgy-looking graffiti all over the wall with the letters GW behind a gray and pink highlighted wolf.) Heh. Kids these days. Still fighting over which “turf” is there’s.

Cop 2: I don’t get it. They said someone was supposedly killed here, but I don’t see a trace of blood, a struggle, or anything. You seeing this?

Cop 1: All I see is a lame excuse to drag us out in this dirty hole of an alley. Come on; let’s report back to the boss. (All of a sudden, something skid into their way!) HUH?!

Two figures blocked both of the cops’ paths!

Cop 1: Hey, what’s the big idea?! Get out of our way!

???: (Walks in. It appears to be female.) You are trespassing on our turf.

Cop 2: What??

Girl: You should know that no one should be in the presence of the Grey Wolves.

Cop 1: (Sarcastic) Oh cute name. Tell your friends to move out of our way, now!

Girl: Our pet is in dire need of a decent meal after that last one. You just won the high opportunity of being its main dish.

Cop 2: What’s she talking about?

Cop 1: You messing with the wrong cops, kid! Is this how you treat your elders?

There was some odd growling…

Cop 2: You… You heard that right?

Cop 1: Guess so… (The growling crept closer and closer until out from the shadows… Revealed a grey wolf with some slight pink highlights on patches of it’s fur…) W-What is THAT?!

Cop 2: Is… Is that some sorta dog?!

Cop 1: It certainly doesn’t LOOK like one!

It barks ferociously and growls as it gets in position to strike! The first cop pulls out his pistol and begins shooting directly at it! However, the bullets seem to go through the wolf without hurting it at all! It then runs forward and lunges towards the screaming cops.

The only thing they witness before their demise was the wolf on the graffiti was gone…

Afternoon at Station Square High. Amy Rose was in art class with the other students as they were being told their next assignment for tomorrow by their teacher Mrs. Halm.

Halm: For our next art project starting tomorrow until the end of the week, we will be practicing drawing a very unique style of art. Tomorrow we shall practice drawing in the style of graffiti. Can anyone tell me what graffiti is?

Boy: (Raises his hand.) Designs and drawings on walls?

Halm: Correct. I want each and every one of you to come up with your own graffiti drawing on a sheet of blank paper. Just remember to take your time on it and make sure it stands out in design and in awe for your peers. (Amy Rose raises her hand.) Yes, Amy?

Amy: Um… Isn’t graffiti supposed to be used for vandalism and by gangs?

Halm: You are correct on that one, but sometimes graffiti can be classified as art without being used as a way to harm or damage anyone’s property.

Amy: (To herself.) That… Just sounds stupid! (The school bell rings loudly.)

Halm: Alright, class. Have a nice day and I’ll see you all tomorrow! Be sure to prepare your drawing skills for this project! (The students and Amy leave the room.)

Amy walks to her locker and takes her purse out from it.

Amy: (Sighs…) I can’t believe Mrs. Halm is making me draw something so… crude and vulgar… Graffiti can’t be classified as art, can it? I need something to take my mind off of this baloney…

She notices Sonic and Tails walking by. Sonic was listening to some music on a portable radio with some headphones.

Amy: That’ll work. (She scampers up to him.) Hi, Sonic! How was your day today? (But Sonic couldn’t hear her.) ??? I said, “How was your day today?” (Sonic STILL couldn’t hear her.) … … … Hello!! Impatient girlfriend waiting!!

Sonic: (Tails nudges Sonic to get his attention.) Huh? Oh. (He takes off his headphones.) Hey, Amy. What’s up?

Amy: Sonic, why now do you choose to ignore me by listening to your music?

Sonic: What, you haven’t heard? I’m listening to the newest radio station, Red Raine Radio! Or Triple R for short.

Amy: Red… Raine… Radio? What’s that?

Tails: It recently became popular over the course of a week or so. It’s being broadcasted by an indie-radio DJ called DJ Raine. Triple R plays nothing but hardcore smooth music of the century.

Sonic: Here, give it a listen! (He puts the headphones on.) And allow me to give you the most comfortable blast processing of Triple R possible. (He puts the volume louder on the portable radio.)

The sound rings loudly in Amy’s ears as a broadcast begins to play out.

In the safe haven of a small DJ studio, a teenage girl with headphones around her neck makes a live broadcast.

DJ Raine: What is UP, Station Square?! This is your number one indie power radio station Red Raine Radio! We’re transmitting our signals loud and straight to you! If you haven’t gotten those antennas up, KEEP ‘em up ya hear?! As always, I’m leaving you with blastin’ processing tunes of non-stop hardcore music 24/7, 365! And if you don’t know who I am, where the hell have you BEEN?! I’m runnin’ this joint totally solo! From now on, the voice you’ll be hearing from good ol’ Triple R is DJ Raine! That’s Raine with an “E” if you catch my drift, ya hear?

She puts another record on.

DJ Raine: Let’s go for the latest news. Some strange mysterious group is behind several missing incidents of juveniles right around my or your age depending. Who they are? I dunno. Where they come from? Who knows?? That’s not all though. In the dark parts of the city where barely anyone goes, there’s these strange graffiti marks depicting of a wolf with a shade of pink. Does it have anything to do with this mysterious gang, and its missing pedestrians? We’ll cover more info when there IS more info. For now, back to smooth hardcore music that makes your world stop and forget it’s natural worries!

She activates the record player and it plays rap music.

Sometime later, Amy was walking towards Thirty-First Street near town hall.

Amy: Ugh… Is that what people are listening to nowadays? I can’t get this booming beat out of my head. (She presses a brick at the end of the alleyway and it moves inward.) Lilian said she needed me and the others for this invention that’s supposed to help us. Might take my mind off of this… “Red Raine Radio”.

The concrete floor panels open and Amy slides down on a huge metal slide leading to the SSP lab. Amy fell through the tube onward and was in the lab. However, there was a constant booming noise that was loud Amy had to cover her ears!

She witnesses Rouge, Cream, and Cheese listening to a radio on the table and watching Lilian dance to it. She walks towards them.

Rouge: (Turns to Amy and speaks loudly from the loud music!) Oh hey, Amy! About time you showed up!

Amy: (Still covering her ears.) Rouge! What on earth are you listening to?!

Rouge: WHAT?! Oh, it’s a quarter past three!

Amy: UGH!! This music is driving me crazy!! Turn it OFF!!

Lilian: Turn it UP?! Ok! (She turns the volume on the radio higher! Amy was starting to lose it!)

Amy: I… SAID… TURN IT… (She happened to take out her giant hammer!!) OFF!!! (She SMASHES the radio into pieces and tries to catch her breath.)

Cream: You don’t look so good, Ms. Amy… (Amy was quite annoyed.)

Lilian: Right. We’ve just been entertaining ourselves while we were waiting for you, Amy. Now that everyone’s present and accounted for, I have something big to show to you all.

Cream: What is it?

Lilian: (She leads them to her desk with some cylinder-like thing covered in red cloth. She removed it and it was revealed as a new invention.) Behold, the Blue Beam Teleporter. I’ve installed several unities into this to teleport things straight to you with a touch of a button as long as your watches are able to pick them.

Amy: So this will help us how?

Lilian: Well, I can’t leave the lab unattended every time to bring you some vaccine in case of some Pink Craze incident, so I had Dr. Blyner help me put this whole thing together in a week. Now… (She takes a vaccine injection needle out and puts it in the teleporter..) Let’s say you need some vaccine for the pink craze. I put it in the teleporter, activate it by pressing this button… (She presses it and the needle disappears!)

The girls were quite surprised.

Amy: Where did it go? (Her watch beeps as she presses a button.)

The injection needle teleported right in front of the girls and landed on the ground! They were quite amazed.

Lilian: See? It’s quite simple. You’ll never know when you’ll need some tools and equipment for the right job.

Rouge: Pretty impressive, boss.

Lilian: I aim to please.

Amy: Lilian, what were you and the girls listening to when I came in?

Lilian: Haven’t you heard? It’s Red Raine Radio. It’s quickly becoming one of the most popular radio shows in the city.

Amy: What?! You listen to that stuff too?? I can’t even handle that booming noise box!

Lilian: Well if you don’t like the music DJ Raine plays, you can always listen to her opinions and facts about the city. She gives out news broadcasts that other stations don’t. Who knows, maybe it’ll be of assistance for you in the future?

Amy: (Sarcastic.) Yeah. I’ll be looking forward to that one. I have some errands to get done today, so I’ll see you tomorrow. (She was about to leave, but…)

Lilian: Oh, Amy?

Amy: Yes, I’m positive that I don’t like Red Raine Radio and you can’t force me to like it! Period!

Lilian: … I was going to say that the radio you smashed with your hammer is coming out of your paycheck.

Amy: !???!! AAUGH!!!! (She storms away from the group and leaves the lab through the vacuum tube.)

Rouge: Sheesh. What crawled up her briefs and died?

Outside, Amy was still grumbling angrily to herself as she was walking home.

Amy: STUPID… TRIPLE R… RADIO. PAYCHECK… (Grunts angrily.) Ok… Calm down, Amy. Just… Keep your cool. It’s not gonna get in your way. I’m pretty sure this whole Triple R shenanigan will die down eventually. Everything will be back to the way it was. (She continues on, trying to keep her head up.)

Later, Amy walks out of the bakery holding a small cake in a plastic dome with a heart on it. She walks down the street and stops near an alleyway.

Amy: This cake looks delicious! It will make a perfect gift for Sonic! I sure hope he likes chocolate with strawberries! (She heard something which sounded like skating.) ??? What was that?

Afterwards, two teenage boys start circling around her! They were dressed in loose patched clothing with their hair in a mess and were riding around awesome designed roller-skates.

Amy: H-Hey, what’s the big idea?? It’s not nice to gang up on a lady, you know!

A teenage girl dressed the same as the boys while also wearing roller-skates approaches.

Girl: Well look who we have here, boys. A bit too… animal-like for a girl, isn’t she?

Amy: EXCUSE ME? If you happen to know, I’m a hedgehog! And I have a name! It’s Amy Rose.

Girl: Nice to meet you… Amy Rose. My name’s Magnet. That there’s Wreak, and that’s Crash.

Wreak and Crash: ‘Sup.

Amy: Yeah, it’s nice to meet you all. Could you please let me have my space?

Magnet: Hilarious. We were just about to say that to you. We are the Grey Wolves. We’re aiming to spread our property guidelines across the city. And you seem to be standing in our way.

Amy: Look you may be talking to someone three times smaller than you, but this little girl can wipe the floor with you if you’re not careful.

Magnet: Really. Let’s see what your made of then. (The two boys skid in position in front of her.) You know the drill, boys. Tender. Don’t splatter. (She snaps her fingers and the two boys on their roller-skates started skating straight toward Amy!)

Before the boys could make an impact, Amy thrusts upward into the air, doing a complete flip before landing gracefully on the ground with her cake still in hand. The boys turned around and held their arms together before they rush forward behind Amy.

She tosses the cake up in the air and leans way back right under the boys’ arms as they skid by. She catches the cake in her hands, completely unharmed. Magnet seemed pretty impressed.

Amy: So, had a little bit of fun?

Magnet: I’ll admit it. You’re quite skilled for a hedgehog. Let’s see you try and handle me.

Amy: Seriously, I’m not in the mood to deal with you. Just go about with your own business.

Magnet: Denied. The Grey Wolves don’t take authority from others. (She roller-skates forward and was about to strike Amy with her fists!)

Amy dodges Magnet’s punch, but Magnet quickly performed a 360 turn around spin to make a comeback! This time, Amy couldn’t move quickly enough and Magnet punched her in the stomach! Amy collapses on the ground dropping the cake. However, Amy was more concerned about these gangsters more than her gift for Sonic.

Magnet: We told you. The Grey Wolves don’t take authority. It was fun playing around, hedgehog. But we have work to do. (The three boys skid behind her and they all took out some spray cans.)

They started spraying their cans on the walls until it started to take form. Their graffiti showcased huge initials of GW with a grey wolf with pink highlights on it.

Magnet: As you can see we have one important mission. To spread our property and make it so no one can touch it.

Amy: So what, you’re gonna try and spread all of Station Square with your disgusting graffiti?

Magnet: Yes. And it’s not disgusting like yourself and everyone else. All of Station Square will belong to us. And anyone who tries to take down our graffiti will be devoured by our pets.

Amy: Pets? You’re crazy! I don’t see any kinda pets around here! (But then, out of the blue, Amy’s mouth drops in fear over what she is witnessing…)

The wolf from the graffiti suddenly came to life and popped out of the wall! It growls and snarls at Amy. Amy was in complete shock from this happening.

Amy: Omigosh… What IS this? (All of a sudden, her watch was beeping rapidly. She pressed a button and it showed a pink glowing symbol signal pointing towards the graffiti and the wolf!!) Oh no… The Pink Craze!!

Magnet: So that’s this miraculous gel’s name, isn’t it? What a wonder it’s done for us.

Amy: WONDER?! The Pink Craze is a menace! How did you even get it in your spray-cans?!

Magnet: We found it oozing in the concrete of course. It felt like it was reading our minds. Our desires. Our mission.

Amy: What mission?

Magnet: To purge the world and make it our turf. This miraculous element brings our creation to life. (Strokes the wolf’s fur.) They are powerful beasts that feed off our desires.

Crash and Wreak were spray painting the opposite wall with their GW initials without the wolf design.

Magnet: We make our initials nearby our grand masterpiece to strengthen our little pets. And even better, no matter what weapon you use they will never feel its pain.

The wolf started barking and snarling as it was approaching Amy… She slowly walks backwards into the street…

Magnet: No guns can pierce it. No knives can stab it. Nothing can kill these beasts as long as our graffiti stays on these walls. And best of all… Our markings cannot be erased.

Amy could feel the hot breath of the wolf edging closer and closer as she kept backing away from it…

Magnet: So get this straight… Amy Rose. When you see our graffiti lying on your walls, they’re not yours anymore. Nothing will be yours anymore. Station Square is in the palm of our hands. So stay out of our turf. Because our pet will be very hungry.

Amy was in complete fear of the wolf and the gang. But then, a car was driving forward and was honking it’s horn!

Amy: AAAUGH!!!!

Thankfully, when Amy fell on her back, the car missed her as it drove by. Amy gets up to relive herself. She looks up at the alleyway, but discovers that… the Grey Wolves Gang was gone.

Amy: HUH?? (She scampers up to the alleyway with the graffiti still left on the wall.) W-what?? Where’d they go?? … Did I… imagine it? … No. It’s impossible. (She looks at the graffiti and shudders…) As if graffiti is ugly enough… They’re using the Pink Craze as a weapon.

At first glance, the wolf on the wall looked like it was about to pop out and attack Amy again. Amy backed off.

Amy: … … … If the wolf they paint is that powerful, we won’t be able to stop it before it mauls us to death. (She presses a button on her watch to contact Lilian.) Amy Rose to Lilian. Come in, Lilian! … Lilian, come in!

Lilian: (She appears onscreen) What’s wrong, Amy?

Amy: We have a problem. Actually it’s a BIG problem. The Pink Craze is active! And even worse it’s being used as graffiti!

Lilian: Really. Who’s it being used by?

Amy: Some gang who calls themselves The Grey Wolves. They seem pretty dark and determined to make Station Square their property.

While Amy was still communicating to Lilian on the watch, they were completely unaware of Amy’s ex-best friend Honey the Cat was watching and hearing in on them from a listening device while she was on top of a building nearby.

Honey used to be Amy’s best friend, but betrayed her friendship and revealed to be working as an agent for G.U.N.

Amy: But you’ll never believe this. The graffiti they’re drawing… Well… It’s like a power source for one of their… “Masterpieces!” Y’see, they draw their initials on one part…

Lilian: (On screen.) Yeah?

Amy: But when they draw their graffiti with a wolf, it… it… actually comes to LIFE!

Honey: … … … (She puts the device away and leaves.)

Amy: The more initial graffiti the gang makes, the more powerful this beast is! And I’m thinking unless we clean up those awful markings, those wolves will get stronger and stronger making it harder to wipe it out with the vaccine!

Lilian: (On screen.) Vicious. And something about this… Grey Wolves gang sounds so familiar. … I think DJ Raine said something about that in her latest broadcast.

Amy: You’re kidding, right? You expect me to listen to that awful radio station just to get some information about these guys? Their appearance is freaky enough.

Lilian: (On screen.) Trust me on this, Amy. You’ll learn a lot from it. I’ll play back a recording I made of DJ Raine’s last broadcast to your watch. Thankfully I kept a spare radio in my cabinets. Thank you, restocking habits.

Amy: …

Lilian: (On screen.) Anyway, I’ll send Rouge and Cream on your way with some vaccine to back you up afterwards. Keep your guard up, Amy.

Amy: Will do. Over and out. (She ends the call and her watch immediately beeps with a message attachment.) … … … (Sighs…) Well, if it’s informative, what have I got to lose?

She presses the button as the recording begins to play.

In the last broadcast done by DJ Raine, she was in the sanctum of her own private DJ studio.

DJ Raine: Blast processing all the way home faster than the little piggies crying! This is Red Raine Radio bringing you the latest up to dates about what the news doesn’t WANT you to know! Upon closer inspection of the strange graffiti spreading around, it’s from none other than The Grey Wolves!

She scratches some record on the record table.

DJ Raine: The Grey Wolves used to be scrawny little kids who said “No” to their parents, cut school like jack, and stole what they felt like! Bottom line: They’re bad to the bone! Rumor has it that their strange graffiti they mark has some inhumane abilities never seen before! They have WOLVES coming out of it, ya hear that?! It’s crazy!

Raine picks out another record.

DJ: Raine: If they keep this up, Station Square’s gonna end up being their parking turf! Who’s gonna handle it, the cops? HUH! If you ask me there has to be SOMEONE out there who has the nerve to stand up to those gangsters! Not involving coffee and donuts during breaks!

Later, in the part of the back city, The Grey Wolves were hanging out with each in what looked like a place to skate and play basketball with their graffiti on parts of the concrete. Crash was drinking some beer in a can, Wreak was clicking a bottle cap while Magnet was kneeling against the wall with a grey wolf napping as she strokes its fur.

Magnet: … Yo, Crash. Spare me a cig.

Crash: You kiddin’ babe? This is my last one.

Magnet: Yeah, I know.

Crash: … (Scoffs) Fine. (He takes out a cigarette and tosses it to Magnet.)

It lands in the palm of her hand.

Magnet: That pink girl looks suspicious. (She takes out a lighter and tries to light the cigarette.)

Wreak: What’cha mean, babe?

Magnet: (Flicking the lighter.) I mean she tried to stand up against us. (She lights the lighter and lights it on the cigarette.) She’s one of the very few who did.

Crash: (Finishes drinking his beer.) We’ve seen ‘em come and go all the time. We just let that little one go on our own, didn’t we? (He drops the can on the ground and steps on it.) Scrawny little brat thinks she’s a toughie, doesn’t she?

Magnet: I highly doubt that. (She inhales the cigarette and breathes out some smoke…) I have a feeling she’s gonna make things a little difficult for us to handle.

Wreak: No need for that, Magnet. I already thought ahead of that little brat and anyone else who tries to stop us.

Magnet: Explain.

Wreak: We know our graffiti can never be erased, right? Well let’s just say there are those who THINK they can do it. When they approach our little street art, the last thing they’ll hear is a long high pitch beep. And after that…

Magnet: … … … (Smiles…) Wreak, you are one sick bastard. (Chuckles) I’m starting to question this city’s populace. (Smokes her cigarette and pets their wolf…)

Meanwhile near the hotel, Amy was in her uniform and was hiding behind some bushes from the citizens so they can’t spot her.

Amy: … Where ARE they?? They were supposed to be here but I don’t see them ANYWHERE!

Rouge: (She, Cream, and Cheese were right behind her.) We’re here.

Amy: WAH!! (Turns around) ?!?!?! Where have you BEEN?!

Rouge: Funny. We should be asking YOU that.

Amy: You-! I-! … Ugh, never mind. C’mon, let’s stay out of everyone’s view and get to the bottom of this.

Cream: Why are we supposed to stay hidden from everyone?

Amy: So they don’t know about us Patrollers of course.

They come out of hiding and proceeded through the city, trying not to be spotted by the pedestrians.

Cream: Lilian told us that these bad kids’ graffiti brings these wolves to life, right?

Amy: I learned that one the hard way… It’s right around this corner.

They continue onward until they reach the same place where Amy was ambushed by those gangsters.

Amy: This is it. The place where they ambushed me as well as tainted the walls with their graffiti.

Rouge: So that’s the graffiti Ms. Lilian was talking about. … … … Heh. I say it looks pretty good. If they weren’t trying to kill people with it.

Amy: Pretty GOOD?? Graffiti can’t be classified as art! It’s used for vandalism!

Rouge: You’d be surprised, Amy. People can appreciate the art style that is of the streets.

Amy: Whatever. This graffiti is still formed with the Pink Craze and needs to be eradicated.

Rouge: Lucky thing Lilian had us come prepared. (She takes out a spray can that’s white.)

Amy: What is that?

Rouge: Lilian made the vaccine into a spray can substance.

Amy: W-what? You can actually DO that? (Her watch beeps and she presses a button to see Lilian on screen.)

Lilian: (On screen.) It’s true. The vaccine is capable of being used in any form in any way. It’s safe on the skin as a liquid and safe to consume as a solid. … Although for some reason it turns your hair purple if you soak in it.

Amy: … I’ll keep that in mind. (She ends the call.) But don’t you think it’s a bad influence? Especially for a little kid like Cream?

Cream: ???

Rouge: It’s just as simple as using a cleaning spray, Amy. Just a few sprays from this and the Craze will be gone. C’mon, we have work to do. (Amy and Rouge step near the GW initial graffiti)

Amy: Honestly, it’s like no one even agrees with me on my opinions…

Cream: … … … (Her ears twitch as she begins to hear a high pitch beep!!) !!!!! GIRLS, LOOK OUT!!! (She shoves Rouge and Amy out of the way just in time for…)

BOOM! A small explosion occurred near the graffiti mark! After the debris and smoke cleared, the girls catch their breath… Cheese hovered by and hoped they were ok…

Amy: W-…What just HAPPENED??

Rouge: (Leans upward…) Looks like those hooligans tightened their security on their art. Feels like their making this city their museum for those graffiti marks.

Amy: (She gets up with Cream…) Thank you, Cream. You saved us.

Cream: You’re welcome, Ms. Amy!

Rouge: (She gets up and uses the vaccine on the GW initials.)

It immediately starts drying up like paper, peeling and rotting away as the vaccine destroyed it.

Rouge: All clean.

Amy: We still have to clean up their other graffiti around the city. (She presses a button on her watch and it shows a GPS system with a pink symbol beeping.) Looks like one of their pets is active.

Cream: P-pets??

Amy: Yeah. I kinda had a run in experience with them. (Points to the wolf graffiti nearby.) You see that? The Pink Craze makes that wolf come to life. And if one has an active signal that means the gang must be with it.

Rouge: But why aren’t our watches notifying the Pink Craze already in the vicinity? (Looks at her watch beeping with the active signal.) It’s like they only show up when it’s possessing something.

Amy: … … … We don’t have time to negotiate, girls. We have to bring these guys to justice!

Rouge: And you seem to be the informative one. (She hands Amy the spray can.) Here, you can erase that wolf on the wall if you want.

Amy: I’m not gonna use something that encourages vandalism, Rouge! Especially if that thing can come out of the wall any minute!

Rouge: … Whatever. (She starts spraying on the wolf graffiti.)

At a basketball court, The Grey Wolves were beating down on a teenage boy and girl.

Boy: (Thuds to the ground.) UFGH!!!

Girl: Stop it! Just leave us alone!

Wreak and Crash spray their wolf graffiti on the wall replacing the boy and girl’s graffiti of an angel.

Magnet: You’re picking the wrong gang to deal with.

Girl: We weren’t trying to start a fight with you! You’re ruining our project!

Magnet: I beg to differ. You’re trying to claim your turf over ours. First come, first serve.

Boy: This isn’t fair! We’re not trying to own part of the city! We’re just making some street art!

Magnet: Then you should’ve just picked another spot instead of using it as your property. Other than that, it would’ve been ours anyway. (After the boys finished their graffiti…)

A new grey and pink highlighted wolf comes out of the wall and growls at the two teenagers. The two kids were afraid of the beast as it was walking towards them… But just in the nick of time…

Amy: (She and the others run in!) Hold it right there, Grey Wolves!! (They get the gang’s attention.) By order of the Station Square Patrollers, you are under arrest!

Cream: Is… Is that where the signal’s coming from??

Rouge: The wolf’s gone from the wall. That Pink Craze is murder…

Boy: Are you here to help us??

Girl: They’re painting over our own graffiti!

Amy: W-wait, hold up. You guys make graffiti too?

Boy: Y…Yeah, we’re just doing this for fun and all.

Amy: But… Isn’t it supposed to be used as vandalism??

Girl: We’re not like these guys who wanna take over this city. Graffiti can be used as art if done right!

Amy: Why should we believe you?

Rouge: Hey, they don’t look like the type to fight over which territory is there’s. Cut them some slack.

Magnet: … Such ignorance. It’s meal time.

The wolf barked loudly and started running towards the two kids. Rouge and Cream quickly flew in and moved the kids away from the wolf!

Amy takes out her Weapon Downloader and it transmogrifies into a huge hammer. She strikes at the wolf. However even though she laid a hit on the wolf, it got back up without showing any signs of injury!

Amy: !!! Girls, keep those guys safe!

Cream: Ok!

Rouge: Got’cha.

Magnet: (She watches the madness happen.) Hmph. Amateurs.

Wreak: What should we do, man?

Crash: I say let’s finish them off!

Magnet: Leave them be. Our pet will have them mauled by the time we tag the city streets. Come on, boys. Our work needs to be done. (They quietly skate out of the area.)

Amy: (She sees the gang leaving and tries to stop them.) Hey!! Where are you going?! Get back here! (She was about to chase after them, but the wolf ran towards Rouge and Cream while they protect the two kids.)

It barked and snarled while Rouge was kicking at it with her foot.

Amy: Girls!!

Rouge: Back! Back off! Bad boy! BACK!! (The wolf continued barking and snarling.) Fine, be that way. Looks like mama’s gonna have to discipline you. (She takes out the vaccine spray can and sprays it right in the wolf’s face!!)

The wolf whined and whimpered as it’s face was covered in a grey white-like substance. But then, it started evaporating as the vaccine was doing its work on the pink crazed wolf until it was no more.

Boy: … … … That… That was…


Amy: (She runs in.) What happened??

Rouge: What do you think? I sprayed that wolf in the eyes and it evaporated. Now to take care of that big mess over there. (She walks over to the GW graffiti where the wolf was and starts spraying the vaccine.)

Amy: Are you guys ok?

Boy: We… Couldn’t be any better. Only thing is our art’s kinda busted.

Rouge: … I wouldn’t be so sure.

Amy: Why? !!!!!!

The group starred at the graffiti art which looks to be portraying an angel…

Cream: Wow… It’s so beautiful!

Cheese: Chao chao…

Girl: Wow… Your spraying removed that graffiti! What BRAND is that??

Rouge: Nothing YOU need to know. (She shakes it a little.) Wonderful. We’re all out. (She tosses the can behind her shoulder.)

Amy was in a lost for words.

Boy: Beautiful, isn’t it?

Amy: But… I thought all graffiti was supposed to be bad… This is… so breathtaking.

Girl: Graffiti can be a form of art. In the right hands of course.

Boy: We’ve been working on this little project for months on end. And we think it’s finally what we wanted it be.

Girl: We can’t really show it off outside as we might get into trouble for it, but if it’s around here, that shouldn’t be much of a problem!

Amy: This is amazing. Is that what you can do with graffiti?

Boy: Yeah. Some people do use it for vandalism. I just wish some people wouldn’t judge it by its looks. Sure it can be bad, but it’s a form of art, isn’t it?

Amy: … … … Could you… excuse us for a second? (She huddles with Rouge, Cream, and Cheese.) Ok, I take back what I said. Maybe using graffiti for an artistic approach isn’t as bad as I thought it would be.

Rouge: Took you this long to figure that out?

Amy: Even so, it shouldn’t be used as vandalism. Especially if the Pink Craze is involved in it.

Cream: But how are we gonna catch up to them? They have roller-skates and they’re too fast for us.

Rouge: And we’re out of vaccine. Without any more we can’t wipe out the Pink Craze splattered on the wall.

Amy: We’ll have to contact Lilian once we figure out our next plan.

Boy: Uh hey, we didn’t get a chance to catch your names. You said you’re patrollers, right?

Girl: What kind of jobs do you patrollers do anyway?

Amy: … Sorry. It’s classified. (She swiftly takes out her Flash Memory Emitter.) But I really like your… art. (She smiles… and activates the FME’s flash to wipe those kids’ memories.)

In the safe haven of DJ Raine’s studios, DJ Raine broadcasts loudly once again.

DJ Raine: This is your number 1 indie radio station that doesn’t leave you hanging! This is… Red Raine Radio at your service! Grey Wolves! These guys are real pissed! At first it looked like they were takin’ their plan slow and steady, but now it looks like they’re on the prowl for control over the city! Not to mention their little “pets” from their graffiti! How’d they get that stuff, I’m not so sure myself! But what I DO know is that if you wanna take ‘em down, which you probably don’t WANT to, you gotta do what they do! Fight fire with fire! Ride on their tails and knock on their doors! Anybody HOME?! (Laughs.)

Meanwhile, The Grey Wolves were tagging the streets of Station Square with their graffiti. They roller-skate by passing people who grew scared of their presence.

Magnet: (The boys skate alongside her.) Remember this, boys. We make as much initial tags as possible before we unleash our masterpieces.

Wreak: Don’t you think we’ll run out of juice, babe?

Magnet: We have plenty. And I don’t think we’ll be running out of supply anytime soon.

Crash: Dammit, I’m getting a cramp! I need a smoke or something!

Magnet: Shut your hole. We have work to do.

Someone suddenly lands on the ground, confronting the gang. It was Honey the Cat!

Honey: And it’s time for you to face justice!

Magnet: Who do you think you are?

Honey: Honey the Cat! Agent representative of G.U.N.! And you three troublemakers are violating in the concept of a dangerous chemical classified as “Pink Craze!”

Magnet: And you’re here to bring us to justice? Reminds me of those three light blue clowns that tried to ambush us.

Honey: Light blue… (To herself.) Those patrollers… (To the gang.) Well it doesn’t matter! Hand over the Pink Craze or I’m turning you in to the authorities!

Magnet: That might be appropriate. If we were ordinary teens. But as you should know, we’re not.

Honey: Believe me, I heard enough. You’re using the Pink Craze as a weapon towards the city! If you don’t follow my orders as of now, I’ll be forced to take you into custody.

Magnet: You should know something about me that not a lot of people know. I’m not a very patient woman. These little police girls are getting on my nerves. Which is why I’m taking extreme measures to get this deed done as soon as possible.

Crash: Are you turning chicken or somethin’ Magnet?

Magnet: Shut up.

Wreak: I think she is. It feels like those girls are gonna crash our party and what not.

Magnet: I said SHUT UP.

Honey: I’m not entirely sure what you’re talking about, but it sounds like you’re driving yourself off the deep end.

Magnet: Maybe I am. Maybe I’m not. It’s like this ingredient that makes our graffiti is speaking to me. Quite ridiculous to the normal being, but that is what I’m feeling.

Honey: Well you’re in a pretty calm mood, aren’t you?

Magnet: (Amused) Trust me on this, I don’t like getting angry. And you wouldn’t like it either.

Honey: Well I won’t let you go any further than this spot! You are in possession of a dangerous chemical! (Takes out her lasso whip and makes it crack.) Stand down or face justice!

Magnet: … … … Boys, mark our masterpiece below our feet.

Wreak: W-what about you?

Magnet: It’s time I brought this kitty-cat back to its pen. (The two boys took out their spray cans and began spraying on the ground!!)

Honey: STOP!! (She rushes forward, but Magnet slides in her path!) !!!!

Magnet: We’ve pretty much covered this part of the city with our initials. Once our masterpiece is complete it’ll be even stronger than before.

Honey: !!!! (She looks behind her and sees a whole bunch of GW initial graffiti all around the streets of Station Square.) With all that from the Pink Craze…

Magnet: Our little pet’s gonna make you its plaything. And make the whole city its buffet. (She punches Honey in the face.)

Not too far from the basketball court, Amy and the rest contacted Lilian from Amy’s watch.

Lilian: (On screen) So, you saw some wicked graffiti by two teens not trying to fight over territory, huh?

Amy: Yep. I guess it could be classified as a kind of art. But that doesn’t help the fact that these Grey Wolves have gone away! They’re probably tagging the city and making their wolf graffiti again!

Cream: We’ll never catch up to them now!

Lilian: (On screen) You’re right… Wait a minute! I just realized! Your watches!

Rouge: What about them?

Lilian: (On screen) In the last update for the watches, not only did I put in a bullet-proof shield, but I also added a command to give you rollerblades for your shoes!

Cream: Rollerblades??

Lilian: (On screen) Reminds me of a radio update from DJ Raine. Said something about fighting fire with fire. If you can use these rollerblades as an advantage over the Grey Wolves, you might be able to save the city!

Amy: Ok… First off, none of us KNOW how to skate properly. And secondly, why didn’t you notify us about this feature if you put it in already?!

Lilian: (On screen) Uh, short term memory loss. Remember?

Rouge: (Not amused) How could we?

Amy: Even so… There’s no way we could catch up to those gangster in those skates! And there’s no time for roller-skating lessons either!

In the lab, Lilian was placing three spray-cans of vaccine in the Blue Beam Teleporter.

Lilian: Don’t you worry about it, girls. Those rollerblades are perfectly safe to use and you’ll probably get used to them in a while. Combine that with your training and you’ll be able to attend the rollerblading tournaments.

Amy’s voice: (On the computer) Yeah, let’s try and take down those Wolves first.

Lilian: Have it your way. This might be a good time to test out this teleporter from far distances. I’ll be sending it right about… now. (She presses a button on the teleporter and the machine teleports the three spray cans away.) Activate those rollerblades by selecting them on your watches. You’ll know what to do.

Back to Amy and the girls, they weren’t so sure.

Amy: I hope so. (She ends the call and her watch beeps. She presses it and three spray-can vaccines appear from teleportation.)

Rouge: (They each grab an individual can.) Alright, let’s test these babies out and see if they’re just as easy as Lilian said they were.

They all pressed their watches until it notified them about the rollerblade equipment. They activate it and their shoes immediately had small wheels under them!

The girls felt a little unstable as they realized how quickly the rollerblades came in. Cream falls to the ground.

Rouge: Instant rollerblades. What will Lilian think of next?

Cream: (She tries to get up, but slips every time.) Oh dear… This isn’t working for me, Ms. Amy…

Amy: You heard what Lilian said, we might as well roll along with them till we’re used to it.

Rouge: Heh heh. Roll. Good one, Amy.

Amy: What are you talking about?

Soon, the girls skid their way across Station Square. Cream was holding onto Amy’s hand as they skated along the roads and sidewalks. Rouge was doing all kinds of tricks while grinding on some benches and the curb of the sidewalk.

Amy: Rouge, we don’t have time for tricks! We have to catch those Grey Wolves and remove their graffiti!

Rouge: I know, but what say we have a little fun while we work? It takes the pressure off the brain.

Cream: I… I think I can do it, Ms. Amy.

Amy: Are you sure?

Cream: Y-yes, I’m sure. (Amy slowly let Cream’s hand go until Cream started catching up to Rouge. Cream jumped in the air and did a twirl, but she almost fell when she landed.)

Rouge: Not bad, squirt! You’re a natural!

Amy: Oh come on, really?? … !!!! (She points to something ahead!) Look! I see some of their tags ahead! We hafta be careful though! There might be some more bombs planted nearby!

Rouge: Not a problem. (She races forward and sprays the vaccine on the graffiti. The graffiti starts rotting like paper right before the bomb could explode.)

Amy: Alright! Let’s look around and see if we can erase more of their graffiti!

They pause… Only to see the street further ahead of them was littered and filled with GW initial graffiti.

Rouge: I don’t think we’ll need to look. Let’s get spraying.

Back to The Grey Wolves, Magnet kicked Honey as she thuds to the ground. Crash and Wreak were halfway done with their wolf graffiti.

Magnet: Hmph. Abysmal.

Honey: Mff… (She tries to get up…) Is that all… you got?

Magnet: Actually… No. (She skates forward and kicks Honey right in the face. Honey bashes into the wall and onto the ground with her cheek bruised and her lips were slightly bleeding…)

Honey coughs and gasps as she tries to redeem herself. Magnet grabs Honey by the top of her vest and holds her up against the wall.

Magnet: You’ve actually caught me in a decent mood, kitty-cat. If I were more pissed off, I would’ve just cracked a glass bottle and finished you earlier. I’m just gonna tenderize you and make you… softer than you are. Our pet really likes its meals soft and chewy.

She punches Honey in the face and in the stomach. But before she could punch her again, she heard what sounded like an explosion from afar. Then another, and another.

Magnet: (Confused) What?

Crash: Yo, what was that?

Wreak: Wait a sec’… That sounds a lot like my bombs being blown off!

Magnet: …

Crash: So what? It’s probably the cops or somethin’. Let’s finish this and get it over with. (The boys continue spraying their graffiti.)

Magnet: … Something isn’t right here…

Back to the Patrollers, they dodge another explosion as the vaccine was doing its job. Cream erased some marks on the left side of the streets, Rouge erased marks from the right side, and Amy settled on the marks left on the roads. One by one, the trap bombs explode but the patrollers were nowhere near the small explosions. They rollerblade across the streets as fast as they could.

Rouge: That takes care of this place. Wish we could locate more with our watches.

Amy: I think that’s about it for this street. Where are we heading towards next?

Cream: We’re moving straight towards Baton Street!

Cheese: Chao chao chao!

Amy: Maybe there’ still some markings left! Let’s move out, Patrollers!

They roll down the streets with their rollerblades as quick as they could.

Amy: Hey, I think I’m starting to get the hang of these!

Cream: Me too!

Rouge: Maybe attending a rollerblading tournament wouldn’t be such a bad idea!

Amy: Really?

Rouge: Nah, it’s just an idea. Probably not happening.

Back to the Grey Wolves…

Crash: Finally. We’re done.

Magnet: It’s about time. It didn’t take you so long to make the last one, didn’t it?

Wreak: Give us some space, babe. We wanted this one to be gigantic, man!

Magnet: Whatever. (She sees Honey up against the wall, trying to stand up…) Oh good. You’re probably in a state of disrepair at the moment.

Honey: … … …

Magnet: Hope you’re ready for dinnertime. (The wolf from the floor graffiti crawls out and snarls ferociously…)

Honey was helpless against the beast. But… Magnet felt like something was wrong.

Magnet: … Something’s wrong.

Crash: ‘Sup, girl?

Magnet: Our pet… … He doesn’t seem strong enough.

Wreak: What are you talking about?

Magnet: I can feel the power of our pets when we tag the streets. And yet… It just feels average… Something’s wrong, boys. Someone’s probably tainting our graffiti.

Crash: Say what? How the hell are they doing that?

Amy and the rest arrive in time!

Amy: Grey Wolves! You’re under arrest!

Honey: (She looks up at the Patrollers) !!!!

Magnet: I knew you would be trouble the moment I laid eyes on you… Amy Rose.

Cream: She knows your name?

Amy: What else DOES she wanna know?

Magnet: Lots. I wanna know how you’ve erased our graffiti behind our backs. And how you were able to avoid Wreak’s traps.

Amy: Sorry. It’s classified. We’re giving you one last chance. Leave the Pink Craze alone or face justice!

Magnet: Tell that to your little friend over there. All this talk about justice is nothing but a bunch of bull.

Amy: ???? Honey?

Honey: (She slowly gets up…) Amy…

Magnet: I can see it now. You girls are in our way for control of the entire city. Sadly for you, we’re still able to tag the city with our graffiti. So let’s turn the tables around and have a little bit of fun, shall we? (She snaps her fingers.)

Crash and Wreak roller-skate away with their spray cans in hand!

Amy: !!! Cream, Cheese, Rouge! Chase down those boys and tag out their marks!

Cream: What about you?

Amy: I’ll show this girl that graffiti shouldn’t be used for control. Don’t worry about me, just stop those boys before they make more of a mess for us to clean up!

Rouge: Way ahead of you, girlfriend. (She roller-skates after the boys.)

Cream: Be careful, Amy! (She and Cheese follow Rouge.)

Magnet: … You’re joking. You actually want to fight me?

Amy: Why? Are you afraid?

Magnet: Does it look like I am?

Amy: … Honestly, with your tone and depressed nature, I can’t really tell.

Magnet: And you never will. (She skates towards Amy and was about to strike, but Amy quickly dodges, activates her WD hammer, and strikes at Magnet!!)

Magnet crashes to the ground, but swiftly gets up, ready to fight again. But before Amy could get a chance to strike, the grey wolf stands in her way and snarls angrily. It lunges forward and Amy quickly tries to smack it with her hammer.

It seemed that no matter how hard Amy swung her hammer, the wolf didn’t feel any pain!

Amy: Ugh! This isn’t working! Wait, I hope I still have enough left. (She takes out her vaccine spray-can)

But then, the wolf quickly pounced onto Amy making her drop her hammer and the spray can vaccine! It snarls and barks as it tries to bite Amy. Amy clenched onto the wolf’s jaws and tried to keep them open.

Amy: (She could feel the wolf’s hot breath upon her face…) Ugh, this smells disgusting!

But she knew she couldn’t keep her grasp on it for too long… Amy tried to reach for the vaccine spray even though it was out of her reach… The wolf snarled and growled as Amy tried to reach for the can.

Right when she was about to grab it however… Magnet puts her foot on it.

Amy: !!!!!

Magnet: So is this the thing you’ve been using to erase our markings? You’re causing more trouble than I thought you would be.

Amy: (Grunts as she tries to break free…)

Magnet: As soon as our pet finishes you off, we’ll have no choice but to start from scratch. But it’ll be worth it as it sharpened our skills for whoever else is stupid enough to go after the Grey Wolves. We should be thankful… Amy Rose… Though technically… We’re not.

But then, some whip wraps around Magnet’s wrist!

Magnet: What??

Amy: ?!?!!?! (She saw that Honey was standing and was holding down Magnet with her whip!) Honey!

Honey: Quit laying around already!

Quickly, Amy Rose managed to grab the vaccine spray-can and sprays it right in the eyes of the grey wolf. It whined loudly and moaned as it was blinded by the vaccine’s spray. Afterwards it started to rot away like a clay model as the vaccine eradicated the Pink Craze…

Magnet: No!

Amy quickly gets up and strikes at Magnet with her hammer. Unfortunately, her WD shut off.

Amy: What?? Oh darn it all! Why did you have to shut off NOW?!

Magnet tried to use this opportunity to attack but her wrist was still wrapped with the Honey’s whip. Honey pulled her whip and twirled Magnet around, making her dizzy from the spinning. Afterwards, Amy got the jump on her by punching her in the face.

Honey returned the favor and attacked Magnet in the same manor. Afterwards, Magnet was starting to lose consciousness from Honey and Amy’s attacks.

Magnet: Ugh… Our… … Our turf… (She collapses…)

Amy: … … … Um… Thanks for the help… I guess.

Honey: … … … Yeah… N-no problem. (Just then, Rouge, Cream, and Cheese arrive with the boys tied up and unconscious. They toss them to the ground.)

Amy: (She runs up to them!) Girls! You’re ok!

Rouge: Believe me, these guys weren’t much of a challenge. You should’ve seen Cream out there.

Cream: Yeah! I actually got to punch a bad guy! But I hope I didn’t hurt him too bad…

Amy: Nah, I’m sure he’ll be just fine.

As they continued talking, Honey looks at the three unconscious gangsters. She rummages through their jackets until she finds three spray cans with the Pink Craze. She keeps them behind the girls’ backs.

Amy: How were they able to tag all of Station Square so fast anyway?

Rouge: Right before I gave the big boy a lesson, he told me their hideout in the ally has a huge stash of Pink Craze for their graffiti.

Cream: How did they get the Pink Craze anyway?

Amy: I’m not entirely sure… Would be easier if we could… (She turned around to notice that… Honey was gone!) Huh?? Honey?? Honey, where’d you go??

Cream: She was here a minute ago, wasn’t she?

Rouge: Probably ran off like a scaredy cat.

Amy: … … … (She sighs… She then calls Lilian on her watch.) We did it, Ms. Lilian. We brought down the Grey Wolves, and we believe we found their stash of the Pink Craze.

Lilian: (On Screen) Perfect. You know the drill, girls. Make them forget what they were involved with.

Amy: You got it. (She ends the call.) You know… I guess their graffiti would’ve been a good use of art… If they weren’t using it with the Pink Craze.

Rouge: I couldn’t agree more.

Cream: You don’t hate graffiti anymore, Ms. Amy?

Amy: Well after looking at those kids’ graffiti of that angel… I guess you could say it has its plus side. (The Grey Wolves come to…) And it’s negatives. (She uses the Flash Memory Emitter on them.)

Afterwards, the group explores the back ally.

Amy: Are you sure it’s down this way?

Rouge: They weren’t that specific with directions, but I’m pretty sure we’re on the right track.

Cream: !!! GIRLS!!

They witness Honey the Cat holding several spray-cans of the Pink Craze.

Amy: HONEY???

But without saying anything, Honey unleashed a smoke screen, blinding the girls’ visions and making them cough for air… As soon as it cleared up… Honey was gone. And so was the Pink Craze…

Amy: ?!?! Honey!! Where are you?! Where did you go?! Why did you take that Pink Craze?!

Rouge: … … … Why was Honey stealing all that Craze?

Cream: Do you think she heard us about their hideout?

Amy: I don’t know… But… How was she able to get ahead of us so quickly? She said something about G.U.N. wanting the Craze. But… But why so badly? … You don’t think… That G.U.N. could’ve made it, do you??

Rouge: I wouldn’t know…

Cream: Me neither…

Amy: … … … (She calls Lilian on her watch again…) Lilian, we have a problem… Honey found the Pink Craze stash before we could.

Lilian: (On screen) What? How?

Amy: We don’t know. But… Why does G.U.N. want it so badly? Do you think they made it by themselves?

Lilian: … (On screen) No, I don’t think so. But even so, it’s not to be tampered with. If you encounter Honey again, make sure she doesn’t get any more amounts of the Craze. Otherwise we’ll be involved in something bigger than we could ever imagine…

Amy: … … … I’m scared, Ms. Lilian…

Lilian: (On screen) Don’t worry about it, girls. If you keep your spirits up, you’ll be able to withstand anything in your path.

In the lab, Amy on the computer felt more confident.

Amy: (On screen) … … … Thanks, Ms. Lilian. We’ll do our best to keep our guard up and take down the Craze once and for all.

Lilian: I’m counting on you, girls. Report back here ASAP. (The call ends.) … … … (She sighs as she sits back in her chair…) I just hope you’re ready. Who knows what will happen…

Lilian knew that if G.U.N. is collecting the Pink Craze, everything’s going to be a turning point for her and the Patrollers…

The next day it was afternoon in Station Square, it was calm and peaceful. Rouge, Cream, and Cheese were watching the news on some televisions behind a window store.

News Broadcaster : In the latest news, The Grey Wolves who are a notorious gang spraying graffiti around Station Square were arrested yesterday evening. Police are cracking down on the graffiti they have tagged in the city but could not find any trace of it. The gang also claims they have no memory of what they were witnessing.

Rouge: … … … Still pains me that we can’t be noticed by the city.

Cream: It doesn’t matter. We still saved the day like we always do!

Cheese: Chao!

Rouge: Whatever. I still can’t believe that Honey’s collecting the Pink Craze. What could G.U.N. do with that stuff?

Cream: I’m not really sure… Maybe Ms. Lilian will find out?

Rouge: That’s a big maybe, squirt. For now, I think we can play it cool for the time being as long as Honey stays out of our way.

Just then, Amy skates around the girls in some roller-skates while listening to a wireless radio with headphones.

Amy: Hi, girls! How’s it going?

Cream: M-Ms. Amy?

Rouge: What’s with the getup?

Amy: Well I’ve been thinking about graffiti being art and all, and not judging it by its reputation, so I studied up on those kids’ angel drawing and I made this! (She hands Cream a piece of paper and does some twirls.)

Cream: (It was Amy’s name in graffiti on a sheet of paper) Wow, this is amazing, Amy!

Cheese: Chao chao!

Rouge: You seem to be having a good time with that little radio of yours.

Amy: Yeah, I guess I am! I figured I might give Triple R a chance since I didn’t really listen to it much, and I can’t help but think it’s playing every single song that I admire most! It’s like it’s reading my mind! Wicked! (She does more twirls as she skates around the girls.)

Cream: But… why are you still roller-skating?

Amy: Since I was a pro using the ones Lilian provided, I thought I’d get a real jolt out of these that I bought! And I’ve been saving on a best trick for last! Watch this! (She gains some speed and lunges into the air, doing all kinds of twirls and flips…)

Only to crash into some trashcans.

Cream: !!! Omigosh, Amy!

Amy: (Luckily, Amy came out of the pile, unharmed.) … I guess I still need to work on it.

The girls laugh.

Meanwhile, in the DJ studio of DJ Raine…

DJ Raine: This is Red Raine Radio playing a specific line of music for a certain pink girl who brought this town some zest and formality to a T! Those Grey Wolves are long gone in the big house, but who knows when things will get out of hand once again?? Well I hope so! Stay sharp, live cool, and stand up high!

She cuts off the broadcast.

DJ Raine: … *Whew*… I’m pooped out… Talking that loud really drains a girl dry. … (Her cell phone starts to ring.) Y’ello? … Well, Lilian! How’s it going? … Yeah, I gave it to them real good. … Yes, I’m sure the city folk didn’t hear too much from me. … Yes I hear ya, keep this a secret. … Alright. Thanks for everything, girl! I’ll talk to you later! (She ends the call.)
Well I finally finished this episode. If you're wondering why this description is different it's because it got deleted when I was trying to fix a typo. Seriously, what the hell man?!
Anyway, if you like what you've read, please share it!
A mysterious gang known as The Grey Wolves are tagging Station Square with their graffiti. Amy seems to be annoyed by this new indie radio station Red Raine Radio which seems to have the dirt on everything happening in town...
ringsandamiss007 Featured By Owner Mar 22, 2015
G.U.N should know better than to mess with something as dangerous like the Pink Craze.
mewmewspike Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015
DJ Raine is a reference to the DJ from The Warriors, is she?
DefectiveStudios Featured By Owner Mar 21, 2015  Student Digital Artist
Actually she was inspired from Professor K in Jet Set Radio. She's mostly my sister's character which I got permission to use.
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