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A news broadcaster takes place on some television screens near a window at a store…

Erica: Good morning, everyone. I’m Erica Strum and this is Station Square news at eight. Late last night around one in the morning a sudden robbery took place at the Station Square facility Center. Police and investigators only found traces of some chemicals missing as well as some documents both labeled as “Pink Craze”. Police and other scientists urge people to stay clear away from anything that glows pink in small vials that may be scattered around the city and are requested to call local authorities to dispatch these chemicals properly.

Most people were watching the news cast report as they walked by. One of them was Lilian, the leader of the Station Square Patrollers. She seemed concerned with this situation as she walks away. After she left the sight of the shop, she halted in her spot as someone behind her talks to her.

Man: You haven’t changed one bit, Ms. Lilian. Why are you still roaming around this small city?

Lilian: … (Turns around. Her tone with him was anything but pleasing.) Blake Bronze. Head of Bronze Enterprises. Mostly involved with selling off illegal documentations and bootleg trademarks among other companies.

Blake: Now now, doesn’t that sound a bit harsh? My company’s pretty much going through the roof as we speak. Would’ve gone much higher if you could’ve accepted my offer a while back.

Lilian: I’d rather work solo than be a slave to a cheapskate like you. Why are you here anyway?

Blake: Isn’t it obvious? I’m here to give you another chance to work for yours truly. You’re husband’s a famous scientist, isn’t he? What’s his name? Something to do with wise or...? I dunno. You have many talents for a woman and I thought I can show the world your talents if you joined the big league.

Lilian: Hmph… I’m regretting showing you my résumé a few years back. Sorry, but you’re on your own. (She turns around… only to hear the sound of a gun pointed to the back of her head. However, she didn’t even flinch.) Really? You think you can use a threat to work for you?

Blake: No, not a threat at all. Just a little warning if you still refuse.

Lilian: I can sue you for attempt at murder, you know.

Blake: Ahh, let’s put the hate aside for now and just focus on the important stuff. Things have been in a real tizzy around here ever since this strange Pink Craze was introduced to the scientists. And especially ONE of them. Man, this girl gets some crazy plant-like powers! And no one even knows how she was cured. Of course rumors has spread around my place saying that you might know something about it.(Lilian felt a little insecure on that part…)

Lilian: Just cut to the chase, Bronze. What is it that you want from me?

Blake: Another chance. I only heard bits and pieces on that crazy event, and I might have some information on some of the Pink Craze that was stolen recently. (Lilian: ?!?!?!) So how about this? If you agree to work for me… I’ll tell you more about those stolen chemicals. Whatta ya say? Are you in?

Lilian: … (She turns around and grabs his wrist holding the pistol.) I’m not in the mood to hear anything from a backstabber who tried to use me for power and fame. I’d rather handle the situation myself.

Blake: Heh… For a girl you have a pretty… good grip…

Lilian: … Thanks. (Squeezes his wrist harder.) I work out. (He then dropped the pistol to the ground as Lilian get go of his wrist.)

She walks away as Blake clenched to his wrist…

Blake: … Heh… That girl’s got attitude. … Fine. I see how that is.

Later, at Station Square High… Near the First Grade classroom in the hallway, Cream was leaving class with all the other little kids walking off. She was holding pieces of paper of drawings in her hands.

Cream: … I really love to draw. Especially when I can draw all my friends! (She had really cute drawings of Sonic, Amy, Knuckles, and most of her other friends as well. One last one she drew was of her and Tails.) I like this one most of all. Tails looks so cute!

She then sees Tails talking to Sonic nearby. For some reason, Cream felt a little shaky when she saw him. To the point she started blushing…

But her distraction was halted by three kids slightly taller than her standing right in front. It was a girl, and two boys. The girl was named Sophie while the boys were Ralph and Lenny

Sophie: Hey look, it’s Ms. Floppy-Ears!

Cream: !!!

Spohie: What’cha got in your hands?

Cream: Um… It’s… it’s nothing special.

Ralph: Come on; let’s see ‘em!

Cream: N-no, they’re mine!

Lenny: Hand it over, bunny-girl! (Sophie takes Cream’s drawings.)

Cream: Give them back! Please!

Sophie: Hm. For a weird animal, you actually draw pretty well. (She looks at the last one.) What’s this? Is that you? And… that looks like some fox.

Cream: It’s-! It’s nothing! It’s nothing at all!

Lenny: Hey, looks like fluffy bunny has a crush on some fox!

Sophie: You mean that fox-boy in freshman?? (They see Tails still talking to Sonic.)

The kids laugh at her.

Cream: Stop laughing at me… It’s not funny…

Ralph: Ms. Floppy-Ears has a crush on that nerdy fox guy!

Sophie: Floppy-Ears and fox-boy sitting in a tree!

The kids: K-I-S-S-I-N-G!

Cream: My name is Cream… Just give me back my drawings, please…

As this little feud was still going, Rouge walks by and notices the kids bullying Cream.

Sophie: Well if you want your little drawings back, why don’t you fight me for them?

Cream: But… but I don’t like fighting…

Sophie: You’re such a wimp! No wonder no one likes to sit with you in class! You’re nothing but a freak of nature!

Ralph: Yeah, get lost, bunny-girl!

Lenny: We don’t like you in our classroom!

The girl then shoves Cream to the ground and they continue laughing at her… Cream looked as if she was going to cry… But then Rouge comes along and swipes the drawings from the girl.

Rouge: You know, I’m not really one for helping, but big kids picking on little ones need to be taught a lesson. Didn’t your parents raise you right?

Sophie: Aaaugh!!! It’s that creepy bat-girl!!

Ralph: She’s probably gonna suck our blood like a vampire!

Lenny: Let’s get out of here! (The three kids run off screaming.)

Rouge: … (Helps Cream up.) You ok, kiddo?

Cream: Um… Yes… I think so… (Rouge gives Cream back her drawings) T-thank you, Ms. Rouge…

Rouge: No prob. So what was the big fuss with those kids?

Cream: … They were calling me names and making fun of me…

Rouge: Mm-hm?

Cream: And… I… (She looks behind Rouge only to find Sonic and Tails gone.) … Rouge? Can I… tell you something? And… do you promise not to laugh at me like those kids did?

Rouge: Cross my heart, little squirt.

Cream: Ok… um… (She goes up to Rouge and whispers something in her ear.)

Rouge: Really? You actually like Tails? (Cream nods… and blushes) Aw, you lucky kid. I’m sure Tails would like to hear what you hafta say to him.

Cream: But… I just… can’t bring myself to say anything to him… And besides… If I told him how I really felt… he’ll… he’ll probably laugh at me like those other kids were doing. I’m just a wimpy little rabbit…

Rouge: … … … You know what you need, Cream? You need something to boost yourself up. You need to act tougher and bigger than those other kids.

Cream: Huh?

Rouge: It’s simple. You have to think like a tough girl, act like one, and BE one! That way, those kids will leave you alone and you’ll have an easier time talking with Tails.

Cream: Rouge, you know I don’t like fighting anyone… Violence doesn’t really solve anything.

Rouge: FYI, squirt. We’re patrollers. And we’re gonna be doing a LOT of fighting against bad guys to protect these city folk.

Cream: … If that’s the case maybe I don’t wanna be a patroller anymore…

Rouge: There you go again, giving up like a coward. You’ll never get anywhere if you don’t toughen up! (Kneels down to Cream’s height.) Look, it’s not going to be such a bad thing, ok? I’ll make sure you won’t be pushed around by anyone bigger than you anymore. Why don’t you stop by my place after school and I can get you started?

Cream: I don’t know… Didn’t Ms. Lilian tell us that we needed to see her after school today?

Rouge: The boss can wait. She won’t see you as the helpless fluffy bunny you are. No offense.

Cream: …

Rouge: (Stands up) So how about it? You in?

Cream: … … … Oh… ok.

Rouge: Perfect! Meet by my apartment ASAP. You remember what room I’m in, right?

Cream: Um… Room B-5 on the third floor.

Rouge: Smart kid. Don’t forget, you hear? (Walks away)

Cream: Ok. See you soon, Ms. Rouge. … … (She still felt a little unsure.)

Outside the school, Rouge walks out.

Rouge: (Sighs…) That kid’s SO hopeless. Well… Guess that means I’m the girl for the job. (She walks off.)

Later, Cream and Cheese were at the apartment Rouge resides in. They find her door and knock on it.

Cream: I don’t know if this is a good idea, Cheese… I know Rouge’s willing to help me, but… It just doesn’t seem right…

Cheese: Chao chao…

Cream: Maybe it would be better if I just tell her how I feel. … Then again, I’ll still have trouble dealing with those kids who are bigger than me. And… I’m sure Tails will laugh at me for being… a sissy.

Cheese: Chao…

Cream: Well… Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad. We’ve known each other for a long time so I’m sure she’ll understand me.

Rouge answers the door.

Rouge: There you are, squirt. I was just preparing things for your training.

Cream: Training?

Rouge: For you to be a toughie of course. Come on, step inside. (She goes inside.)

Cream nervously entered Rouge’s apartment room and Rouge was writing things down on a clipboard.

Rouge: Now then. Let’s start out with some simple exercise. I need you to tell me everything that describes you.

Cream: But… I thought you were gonna make me… a lot tougher or something.

Rouge: We’re just trimming out the fat and making room for the new trend, kiddo. Just start when you’re ready.

Cream: Oh… ok. Um… Well… I like to go on picnics with my mom and Cheese, I really like spending time with you and Amy, and I just REALLY love to draw! Mom says if I keep at it I can grow up to be an artist! I had many great adventures with Mr. Sonic, Tails, Amy, and…

Rouge: Stop, stop, STOP. You know what your problem is, Cream? You’re just too NICE. You need to speak more… aggressive! And louder like a REAL woman.

Cream: But… That’s just not who I am…

Rouge: Either that or Tails will think you’re just a wimpy statue who can’t even fight back.

Cream: I can SO!

Rouge: See? THERE’S the girl we’re aiming for. We’ll have this done in no time at all.

Cream: …

Some time later…

Rouge: Now let’s go over this one last time. If someone calls you a nasty name…

Cream: I… call them one back?

Rouge: Good! And when someone yells at you…

Cream: I yell at them back?

Rouge: Precisely. And when someone shoves you to the ground…

Cream: I shove them back…

Rouge: Excellent. When you’re armed with this knowledge, no one will want to mess around with a girl like you.

Cream: Those things don’t sound very nice at all.

Rouge: Listen, kid. The world isn’t very nice either. And it won’t tolerate you being all sunshine and lollipops. Let’s move onto the next step. A more suitable change in clothing.

Cream: Clothing? (Looks at her dress.) But… my dress is fine the way it is.

Rouge: Yeah to you of course. But if you wanna BE a tough girl, you hafta LOOK like a tough girl. We need to find something more… FITTING to suit you. (She takes off Cream’s clothes! Cream covers herself in embarrassment while Cheese covers his face!)

Rouge swings open her closet and tosses out a bunch of different-looking clothes.

Rouge: What you need is something that bursts with color! Something funky. Something stylish. Something… EXTREME.

Cream: E…Extreme??

Rouge: Something like… (Takes out some clothes) THESE! (She starts dressing Cream up with those clothes!) Hey, hold still! Almost-! … Ah, there we go! (Cream was wearing some gothic-like clothes and boots.) Well? Whatta ya think?

Cream: Um… It… It looks… nice… But… It feels a little tight on me.

Rouge: Don’t judge a book by it’s cover, squirt. It’ll help you feel like the one tough cream-puff you’re going to be.

Cream: … R…Really?

Rouge: Of course! You have my word on that.

Cream: … Thank you… Ms. Rouge.

Cheese: Chao chao…

Meanwhile, at some business building, the same man Blake Bronze was in an office talking on his cellphone.

Blake: Yeah. Yeah. … … Listen, I know things are tough around here what with that lady ridding up my butt and all. But she’s only a GIRL y’know. I just need to find a way to persuade her to join my team. … … Yeah, I kinda learned that the hard way. … … Alright, alright. I’ll get the job done as soon as possible. I just got a few loose knots to tie up around here. Right. … ‘Kay. See you around. (Ends the call)

He walks towards the glass window watching the city.

Blake: To think I have the guts to ask that woman again? She just doesn’t take no for an answer. … Heh. No one turns down Blake Bronze. And I’m sure YOU won’t this time… Lilian. (Smugs)

Sometime later, in the underground SSP lab, Lilian was talking to Amy Rose about something until Rouge and Cream drop in from the vacuum tubes.

Lilian: It’s about TIME you two got here. Where have you been?? (She looks at Cream.) !!! WHOA…

Amy: (Shocked) Cream?! What happened to you?!

Cream: Well… Uh… Rouge sort of-…

Rouge: Sorry for the delay, boss. I’ve been teaching Cream a thing or two on being more… punk-like. She needed a thing or two to be taught in order to be more aggressive toward her peers.

Amy: … Really. You’re trying to make Cream look like a FREAK?

Rouge: If she wants to act tough she has to LOOK tough.

Cream: Um… Yeah! That’s right! I’m not the soft little bunny everyone thinks I am!

Amy: … … …

Cream: Oh, I’m sorry… Was I too rude, Ms. Amy?

Rouge: Cream, don’t apologize. Let everyone know their place!

Lilian: If you girls are down with your little lecture, I would like you all to pay attention to what I hafta say.

They stand in a straight line.

Lilian: Now then. I called you all here to update your PRD watches. Every once in a while I update your watches with new features or to fix some errors and glitches that need to be patched up. So I’ll need to borrow your watches for the time being.

The girls hand over their PRD watches to Lilian as she places them on three stands near a computer. She gets on the computer and starts typing in some coordinates.

Lilian: This will probably take until this evening for the update to complete.

Rouge: This evening?

Cream: Why till evening?

Lilian: You know how large these things can hold up? They’re enough to compete with SUPER computers.

Amy: If they need updates with new features, why didn’t you add them in when you were making them in the first place??

Lilian: (Turns her chair to them) Hey it’s not easy making technology THAT advanced. Especially when you have a second life on your hand, constantly dealing with stress, and some slight short-term memory loss. … … … And some slight short-term memory loss.

The girls: … … …

Lilian: I’ve recently been encountered by an old “friend” this morning. His name’s Blake Bronze. Owner of Bronze Enterprises. Mostly complied with selling illegal documents of our states affairs to other places.

Rouge: What’s HE gotta do with anything?

Lilian: He told me if I joined him, he could tell me about the incident of the missing vials of the Pink Craze that was stolen.

The girls: Stolen?

Cream: That creep has the nerve to steal something so dangerous??

Rouge: (To Cream.) Nice attitude.

Cream: Oop… Sorry, Ms. Lilian…

Lilian: (She opens up a program on her computer) My computer and your watches should be able to locate and pick up signals of the Pink Craze. However… (The computer scans the screen but shows all clear…) It’s not picking anything up. Either the computer’s glitched up, or someone found a way to bypass it’s scanners.

Amy: So you need us to keep an eye out for anything suspicious that might be holding the Pink Craze, right?

Lilian: That’s the whole idea. Like I said, the update won’t be finished until this evening. So if anything goes wrong, call me by your phone and I’ll get you prepped up. … And seriously Rouge, I think Cream would be more comfortable in her normal clothes.

Rouge: No way, boss. I’m raising this little fruitcake to be a mighty warrior against her foes. Isn’t that right?

Cream: Um… (Tries to sound brave) RIGHT! And don’t you forget it! (She still felt sorry for what she said…)

Amy on the other hand felt a little concerned about Cream…

Later that day, at Rouge’s apartment, she was still teaching Cream how she could act like a bigger girl. Cream was punching a dark pink punching bag with sewed patches around some areas. At first she didn’t do so well.

Amy comes by and sees what’s going on with the two.

Rouge: Punch harder, kid! You’re not gonna get anywhere if you’re holding back. Show this sucker who’s boss!

Cream: (Stops punching and tries to catch her breath.) I… I can’t. I just can’t…

Rouge: ???

Cream: I’m sorry, Rouge… But I just don’t think I can be the bigger girl…

Rouge: Listen to yourself. You had a nice start with your tone rising; now you’re quitting?

Cream: But… I’m a lover, not a fighter.

Cheese: Chao chao!

Rouge: Listen up, sweetheart. Sometimes you HAVE to act brave and strong even in the harsh times. What if me and Amy are in trouble? You’d have to fight for us, right?

Cream: … I… I guess so…

Rouge: No way! You KNOW so, girl! We’re not quitting until you give your all! (Punches the bag.) Pretend it’s those bullies from school who are picking on your own mother! I’m sure YOU would protect her, right?

Cream: … … Of… Of course! Of course I would!

Rouge: Well then… Get punching. (Cream then starts punching the punching bag as hard as she could.)

Amy: (Walks in the room.) Rouge, you’re being a bad influence on Cream’s character.

Rouge: What makes you say that?

Amy: You made Cream dress up like she comes from the dark part of the city! This just doesn’t fit her! And we all know she doesn’t like fighting back!

Rouge: I’m only trying to help the poor girl. She needs this little boost of encouragement anyway.

Amy: (Sighs…) Look, I know Cream’s very fragile, but that’s just what she is! You can’t expect her to change.

Rouge: Well you can’t expect her to be on the sidelines during our missions, right?

Amy: We’re supposed to be on the lookout for the Pink Craze, and I find you two slouching off in your own private training ground! First off, Cream’s just FINE the way she is! And YOU being a role model to her is a complete no-no.

Rouge: So what? Are you saying I’m not to be trusted?

Amy: With some of that sex-appeal attire on you then YES.

Rouge: Trust me on this; she REALLY needs this little wakeup call.

Cream: Mff! (Punches the bag one more time before…) Ouch!! (She clenches her wrist in pain.) That hurt…

Amy: !! Omigosh! (She goes over to Cream as she examines her wrist.) Oh you poor thing… You could hurt yourself if you keep at it like this.

Cream: Hey! (Moves her wrist back, startling Amy.) Don’t touch me! I’m perfectly fine!

Amy: Uh… Are you sure? Do you need anything for it?

Cream: I’m fine, Amy. Just lemme practice! (She continues punching the bag.)

Rouge: See? She’s finally getting the wakeup call she needed. Where would she be without me? (Goes up to Cream still punching the bag.) Alright squirt! What do you do when someone calls you a nasty name?

Cream: (Punching the bag harder) I… CALL… THEM… ONE… BACK!

Rouge: And when someone yells at you?

Cream: I… YELL… AT… THEM… BACK!!

Rouge: And when someone shoves you to the ground? (This time, Cream punched so hard the bag banged into Rouge and fell with a thud!) OOF!!

Cream: I punch ‘em RIGHT in the face!

Rouge: (Gets up and chuckles.) Looks like the student’s quickly becoming the master.

Amy: Rouge, sometime soon the guilt trip’s gonna slap you RIGHT in the face when this charade begins to fall apart.

Rouge: Heh… I’d like to see THAT happen.

Amy and Cheese still felt a little unsure about Cream’s performance.

Meanwhile back in the SSP lab, Lilian was pondering in her chair near the computer. She still felt indecisive about Blake Bronze.

She then reached a decision she knows that she’ll regret. She opens up something on the computer and types some numbers in as it connects to a phone line.

After a minute or so, Blake’s voice is on the computer.

Blake’s voice: Bronze Enterprises. Blake Bronze speaking.

Lilian: … I know exactly what you’re thinking.

Blake’s voice: Lilian! Heh heh! About time you would’ve accepted my offer!

Lilian: I didn’t call about that, Bronze. I just KNOW you have information on the Pink Craze. And I need that info right now.

In Bronze’s office, he was talking to Lilian on the phone near his desk.

Blake: Ah-ah-ah, sweetheart. Remember  the little deal we had this morning? You want the info, you work for me, got that?

Lilian’s voice: I was hoping for a more sentimental approach for a “woman” in your terms.

Blake: You have a good point there, ma’am. Alright, you twisted my ankle. I’ll give you a little info I know about that stuff. It was made by someone you knew very well.

Back in Lilian’s lab…

Lilian: That’s it?

Blake’s voice: That’s it. Want more info? Then swing by my place at the Station Square office building. Nice office I’m renting for the time being. We can talk about your little job offer around then.

Lilian: I told you I’ll NEVER work for a bastardized man like yourself. You don’t wanna see this woman go to war.

Blake’s voice: Ooh, I’m SO scared. I’ve met chicks with attitude like that before but you seem to be on a new level to my ears.

Lilian: Believe me. (She opens a drawer and takes out a pistol…) I’m more than that. (She clicks to reload it.)

Back in the office, Blake seemed a bit concerned when he heard that.

Blake: … … … (Laughs) Now don’t think I’m sexist, babe. But hearing a gun being used by a girl? That’s a laugh.

Lilian’s voice: It won’t BE a laugh when it’s pointed to your HEAD. Thankfully for your own safety, I only use this for self-defense. But… I can make an exception.

Blake: Heh… Tough bribe huh? Fine then. You win. Come by my office at the business building. Room fifty-six. Eighth floor. I’ll be waiting. (He puts the phone down.) Hmph… This oughta be interesting.

In Lilian’s lab she disconnects the call on the computer and puts the gun down on the desk.

Lilian: He thinks he plays dumb, doesn’t he? I know he has tons of tricks up his sleeve. Not gonna take any risks. (She puts the gun in a brown purse as well as a tape recorder. She also takes the Flash Memory Emitter and stuffs it in her purse as she activates the vent turbines to exit her out of the lab.)

Later on at the Station Square Park, the same three kids that bullied Cream earlier were playing around the grassy area. Cream, Cheese, Rouge and Amy walk in. Cream seemed determined to get her revenge on those kids that bullied her, Rouge seemed confident in Cream, while Cheese and Amy felt worried for her.

Rouge: Well what a coincidence. Those brats that pushed you around are right at your fingertips. You know what to do?

Cream: Yup! I’ll show ‘em a thing or two! (She rushes forward.)

Amy: Ugh… This isn’t going to end well…

Cream approaches the three kids.

Cream: Hey, morons!

The kids: Huh?

Sophie: Isn’t that bunny-girl from school?

Ralph: Hey you’re right!

Lenny: She looks different somehow.

Cream: You’re right! I AM different now! And you better treat me nicer from now on!

Sophie: And why should we be nice to you, fluffy bunny??

Cream: It takes one to know one, Soap-head!

Sophie: Huh?

Cream: That’s right. You’re name’s Sophie so that means you like to eat soap all the time!

Sophie: No I don’t! You take that back!

Cream: And Ralph looks like he’s a big fat balloon! Probably cuz’ he EATS too much!

Ralph: I do NOT!

Cream: And Lenny’s such a wimpy four-eyed loser!

Lenny: No I’m not!

Cream: You think it’s SO funny just to pick on someone smaller than you! Well I’m the bigger girl now! And I expect you losers to treat me with more respect! (She turns around and walks away from the kids, offended and confused.)

She walks back to Amy, Rouge, and Cheese.

Cream: (Laughs) That felt great! I never felt so happy before! Thank you very much for helping me, Ms. Rouge!

Rouge: Don’t mention it. I told you it would’ve been worth it. (She looks ahead…) And look who’s coming right around the bend.

Cream turns to notice Tails reading a magazine on a bench nearby.

Cream: !!! It’s Tails! (Looks at Rouge who nodded.)

Cream then rushes forward to talk to Tails.

Amy: (Ticked off) Well Rouge. You certainly did it.

Rouge: Did what?

Amy: You didn’t make Cream into a toughie. You made her into a BULLY!

Rouge: She’s NOT a bully. She’s just standing up for her own self.

Amy: By calling them names and forcing them to respect her? What’s the story with that anyway?

Rouge: Well…

At the same time, Cream confronted Tails.

Cream: Hi, Tails!

Tails: Oh hi, Cre-! WAH!!! (He was quite surprised by her gothic attire.) Uh… Wow… you look uh… You look… different.

Cream: Thanks! Rouge gave me this outfit so I can act more like a toughie instead of a softy!

Tails: Toughie? I… I don’t really understand.

Back to Amy, Rouge, and Cheese…

Amy: Alright then, lemme make it clear for you. You made Cream into a nasty bully instead of toughening her up. And THAT will not only get HER into trouble but will reflect trouble upon YOU as well.

Rouge: Why are you bringing me into this? All I did was beef up the girl and gave her more suitable clothes.

Amy: That’s not the POINT! You’re little “training” did SQUAT on making Cream do the right thing!

Rouge: And you’re point is?

Back to Tails and Cream…

Tails: To be honest… I’m not too comfortable with you looking like that. I mean, it IS cool and all, but… it’s just not for you.

Cream: What are you talking about? I feel great like this! It’s a little tight on me, but it’s sure to make me the better girl around the others!

Back to Amy, Rouge, and Cheese…

Amy: Oh, like have her call those kids nasty names?

Rouge: They deserved it after what THEY did to her.

Amy: Even if they WEREN’T nice to her you didn’t HAVE to make her act like THEM!

Rouge: And why’s that?

Back to Tails and Cream…

Tails: Because it’s not how I see you like this! You just don’t look like the Cream I remember!

Cream: But… I only did all that training with Rouge so I don’t have to act so wimpy in front of you!

Back to the others…

Amy: But was it the RIGHT thing to do?

Rouge: If it’s for teaching those little brats a lesson, then YES!

Back to the two…

Cream: Why don’t you understand what I’ve been doing??

Tails: Because…

Back to the others…

Amy: …The only thing you made Cream into is…

Back to the two…

Tails: The only word I could best describe you NOW is…

To Amy…

Amy: A jerk!

To Tails…

Tails: A little scary…

Cream: … W-what?

Tails: … Sorry Cream, but… You just… don’t seem good like that. That just isn’t you.

Cream: … … …

Tails: … I hafta get going. (Gets off the bench) I’ll see you later… I guess. (He walks off)

Cream: W… N-No, Tails! Wait! I… I only wanted Rouge to help me because I… … I-! … … (She suddenly felt so… down in the dumps…)

Back to the others, Rouge felt a little confused.

Rouge: What? No. No, I didn’t make her like THAT! I was just trying to make her a tougher girl!

Amy: By the time you realize what you’ve done it’s already too late. Cream’s BOUND to get into trouble with that attitude block you’ve given her.

Cream: (She walks up to Rouge, Cheese, and Amy.) Tails didn’t want to talk to me… I don’t understand why…

Rouge: … Uh… Right… You see, squirt… Sometimes a girl can have trouble getting a boy to pay attention to them… Especially when they have new digs on… And more than likely…

Just then, Sophie walked in.

Sophie: You have a lot of nerve calling us those nasty names, bunny-girl!

Cream: !! … Well excuse me! You called me names first! Now we’re even!

Sophie: I’ll show you who’s even! (She goes up to Cream and punches her in the face! Cream falls on the ground!)

Amy: Cream!! (Looks at Sophie) What’s WRONG with you?? Sure Cream acted like a JERK to you, but did you REALLY have to take her THAT far?? Maybe if she was taught better by someone she wouldn’t BE as rude as you are!

Rouge: … … …

Cream: No Amy… She’s right… (She had a bad bruise on her cheek. She was breaking into tears…) I’ll always be a wimpy bunny to everyone! (She runs off, crying…)

Amy: Cream, wait! Come back! (Cheese flies off after her!)

Sophie felt a little bad and just… walked away.

Rouge: … … …

Amy: Got anything to say now, Bat-Girl?

Rouge: … … … (Sighs…) I screwed up big time. Didn’t I?

Amy: I told you that guilt trip would come back to you. Didn’t I?

Rouge: … I was only just trying to make her feel stronger… … Man, I REALLY suck as a role model, don’t I?

Later as evening was about to come, Lilian was heading into trouble of her own. She reached the office that Blake Bronze was renting while he sits at his desk.

Blake: Right on time, Ms. Lilian.

Lilian: (Approaches him.) Cut the chatter, Bronze. You know I’m not that easy to bribe.

Blake: We’ve been through this numerous amounts of times. You want the info, you join my team.

Lilian: … I have a better idea. (Takes out the flash memory emitter) See this? One click and your recent memories would fall deep in the depths of your thick skull. In layman’s terms, you won’t remember anything that recently happened.

Blake: What, you think erasing my memory would help you get what you want?

Lilian: Try me.

Blake: You know what? This is getting a bit old. How about we skip to the part where you still turn me down while I show you the consequences of your refusal?

Just then, two bodyguards come in and apprehend Lilian, forcing her down to the ground. She dropped her purse and out fell the pistol and the tape recorder.

Blake: (Picks up the tape-recorder) So you were threatening to erase my memories if I don’t tell you everything I know. How original. (Laughs.)

Lilian: (Grunts as she tries to escape the grip of the bodyguards.)

Blake: Why is it that woman like you think they can get away from a rich man like me?

Lilian: … I dunno. Maybe it’s because they can see right through your slimy dark soul.

Blake: Sheesh. Touchy feelings, babe. Since we can’t come to an agreement might as well give you wanted. Before I finish you off of course.

Lilian felt concerned as he was opening a cabinet and takes out a pistol.

Blake: You’re probably wondering where all that Pink Craze from the lab went to. It was simple, really. My goons took the time to rob that place blind, including most of the docs that have the info of that slime. Man is it powerful stuff. It’s so powerful it’s like it has a mind of its OWN, ya’ know.

Lilian: …

Blake: So yeah, you got what you wanted. I have all the supply of the Pink Craze. Safely somewhere in this building. Too bad you won’t have the brains to figure out where it is… (Loads to the pistol to Lilian’s forehead.) Cuz it’ll be splattered all over these walls.

Lilian knew it was time to fight back. She broke free of the guards’ grip, quickly picked up her gun, and pointed it to Blake.

Blake: (Laughs.) Not bad. For a girl.

Lilian: You won’t be laughing when I see YOUR head all over the walls. But just to be on the safe side… (She kicks the Flash Memory Emitter up in the air and it lands it in her hand.) Let’s forget this ever happened.

Lilian pressed the button and FLASH!!! A flash of light blinds Blake as he covers his eyes from it.

Lilian: … … … ???

Blake: (Chuckles.) Way to use a voluntary omission, ma’am. I’m still seeing stars… But nope. Memory’s still in place.

Lilian: What?? You were supposed to forget what has happened!

Blake: Special clear eye lens really come in handy in times like this. So clear you can’t tell if they’re on or not. Perfect for blocking out memory erasing flashes.

Lilian: Where did you get that kind of technology to make that stuff??

Blake: Sorry, it’s totally classified. You did a decent job trying to outsmart Blake Bronze. (Lilian’s eyes focus on a fire extinguisher near Bronze…) But no one comes out of it alive.

Lilian: Well, Bronze… I hope you don’t mind, but I’ll just be on my way then.

Blake: You’re not going anywhere, sweetheart. My men will be on the hunt for you if you go AWOL.

Lilian: … I see. … I like a challenge anyway. (She points her pistol at the fire extinguisher and shoots at it!)

White smoke spews out at Blake, making him cough and unable to see Lilian! When he moved out of the smoke, he saw that she was gone.

Blake: (Grunts angrily.) (The two bodyguards come to.) Stop slouching around! Find her!

The men get up and run out of the room. In another hallway, Lilian was searching around for what she needed to find.

Lilian: If only I brought my equipment to FIND this Pink Craze… Then again, he must’ve used some cloaking technique to hide from the sensors.

Man 1’s voice: She went down this way!

Man 2’s voice: Hurry!

Lilian quickly hid in a broom closet just as the men were running down the hall looking for her.

Inside, Lilian took out her cell phone and began making a call.

Lilian: I hope Amy’s on the line. (She waits for an answer on her phone.)

Meanwhile at Cream’s house… Amy, Cheese, and Rouge were outside Cream’s bedroom with the door shut.

Amy: Come on, Cream! You can’t stay in your room forever! Besides, Rouge didn’t mean it! … (To Rouge) You didn’t, did you?

Rouge: Not in the way you’re thinking…

Cream’s voice: I’m NOT coming out! I’m useless to everyone…

Amy: Come on, Cream! Don’t say that! We’re all in this together! You’re a GREAT help to us!

Cream’s voice: It’s all Rouge’s fault for making me a JERK!

Rouge: Well if you would’ve stood up to those kids in the first place instead of act like a crybaby, none of this would’ve happened! (They heard Cream whimper.) … Wait, I kinda said that wrong. Lemme rephrase that. (But then they heard her wailing loudly.)

Amy wasn’t pleased by Rouge’s comment. All of a sudden, her cell phone started ringing.

Amy: ??? (She answers it) Hello?

Lilian’s voice: Amy, are you there?

Amy: Ms. Lilian?? What’s going on?

Lilian’s voice: I’m PRETTY close to finding the Pink Craze from Blake Bronze.

Amy: Blake Bronze? So HE must’ve stolen it, didn’t he?!

Back at the closet that Lilian was hiding in…

Lilian: I never trusted him in the first place. Thinks he can con a woman. Anyway, I need you and the other’s help. Get to the lab and pick up your PRD watches. They SHOULD’VE finished updating by now.

Back to Amy…

Lilian’s voice: This new feature allows you to be shielded by powerful attacks. More likely it’s bullet-proof guaranteed.

Amy: Nice! So where are you anyway?

Lilian’s voice: I’m at the Station Square office building. It’s five blocks down from the research facility. Find your watches, get to the building, and help me find that craze.

Amy: And while we’re at it, we bring Blake Bronze to justice?

Lilian’s voice: You took the words right out of my mouth.

Back to Lilian…

Lilian: By the way, how’s Rouge’s “training” with Cream coming along?

Amy’s voice: Well… Let’s just say guilt has slapped Rouge in the face really hard.

Lilian: … Right. Just get here ASAP. I’ll search for the craze and hold down the fort till you arrive.

Back to Amy…

Amy: Loud and clear, boss! … By the way, one last question. … How did you get my cell phone number?

Lilian’s voice: Uh… … I think you’re breaking up. Gotta go. (The call ends.)

Amy: … … …

Rouge: What was that about?

Amy: Lilian finally found who stole that Pink Craze from the lab. Now she needs us to go in with her.

Rouge: … Um… Cream, we’re gonna need your help.

Cream’s voice: I don’t WANNA go! I’ll just be in the way like I always am!

Amy: Cream, we joined the Station Square Patrollers to work together as a TEAM! We can’t do anything without you!

Cream’s voice: Just go without me… I’ll probably just stand around and be small and helpless like I always am…

Rouge: … … … Cream… I’m sorry I taught you all the wrong things on being the bigger girl… But remember when I said that if Amy and I were in trouble, we’d be counting on YOU to get us out of it?

Cheese: Chao chao!

Cream’s voice: … (Sniffles) … I… I think so…

Rouge: Of course you think so. And as soon as this is over I… … Me and AMY would be glad to give you BETTER advice on standing up for yourself. Sometimes you just HAVE to fight back. But more importantly… You fight back for your true friends. (To Amy) Right?

Amy: Couldn’t have said it better myself.

Afterwards, Cream opens her door and smiles at the group while trying to dry her tears. Cheese hugs Cream happily.

Cream: Thank you very much… Ms. Rouge.

Rouge: (Smirks pleasingly)

Amy: Well, what are we waiting for?? The boss needs us!

Rouge: Right. Let’s get those watches and find that Pink Craze!

Soon afterward, the group picked up their PRD watches and were ready and armed in their SSP uniform attire. Cream was sure that the team needed her, and she will do her very best to protect her friends.

On one of the highest floors in the office building, the girls crept carefully around the hallways making sure that none of Blake’s bodyguards patrolling the areas would spot them.

Amy: Lilian has to be around here somewhere. … You remember how the new shield works, right?

Rouge: (She and Cream press one of the buttons on their watches and their devices hold up a light blue-clear shield.) Got ya covered. (They deactivated them.)

Amy: Nice. !!!!! (They hide from some of the guards walking around.) It’s gonna take forever for us to find Lilian. We’re gonna need to split up for now.

Cream: Split up?

Rouge: If we cover more ground we’ll have an easier time finding the boss.

Amy: Right. Me and Rouge will take the north hall, Cream and Cheese, you take west hall. We’ll rendezvous as soon as we find her and get that Pink Craze.

Cream: What’s… “rondefoo”? (But before she could get an answer, Amy and Rouge took off.) … Come on, Cheese. The girls’ are counting on us.

Cheese: (Worried) Chao… (The two make their way down the west hall.)

Meanwhile, Amy and Rouge make their way around several hallways, checking each room one by one as quietly as they could.

Amy: You think it was ok to leave Cream on her own?

Rouge: She’ll be fine. Besides, she’s so small the guards will barely notice her.

Amy: I probably should’ve gone with her just to be safe…

Rouge: We have a mission, Amy. Find the boss, get the craze, and leave. Besides, Cream knows how to handle danger. … Well, sort of.

As they were about to venture forward… A door behind was slightly ajar.

Amy: ??? (Notices the door.) … Rouge… Did we check this room?

Rouge: I don’t think so. (They walk towards the room while slowly opening the door.)

Inside was what appeared to be a normal business office.

Rouge: Oh lame. It’s nothing special. C’mon. Let’s keep moving.

Amy: Wait a minute. There’s something in this room, I know it. I’m gonna have a look around. (She steps inside and looks at the wall.)

Amy knew something was up. She knocked on parts of the wall a few times. When she knocked on the center of it… It felt more… hollow.

Amy: … Rouge; there must be something behind this wall.

Rouge: How can you tell?

Amy: It’s hollower than the rest of this structure… Maybe if I give it a good whack with my hammer. (She takes out her Weapon Downloader/WD and activates it to turn into a huge hammer.)

Rouge: Don’t you think it’ll trigger those guys to come find us?

Amy: If it does, they’ll get a taste of this as well. (She smashes the wall with her hammer to reveal some metal-like structure within it. And it housed a big wheel container of what looked like the Pink Craze!) As the wise ones always say… “Nailed it!”

Rouge: Nice job, Amy. Now we’ll just hafta wheel this away without getting spotted.

All of a sudden, a couple of bodyguards burst in the office and held pistols to the girls!!

Guard 1: Hold it right there!!

Amy and Rouge: !!!!!

Guard 2: … Well well. We didn’t think we’d go up against some girls.

Rouge: (She thrusts upward and punches the guard in the face making him fall to the ground!! She lands on the ground and clicks her knuckles.) Feeling a little SOFT around a girl, are we?

Amy: Rouge, look out!!

Guard 1 starts shooting his pistol! Fortunately, Rouge activates her shield to protect herself. Amy takes this opportunity and strikes the guard with her hammer! He falls to the ground, unconscious!

Rouge: Got ‘em! We make a great team!

Amy: I hope Cream’s ok… Maybe I should contact her just to be safe. (Presses some buttons on her watch.) Go keep watch outside.

Rouge: Why don’t… YOU watch outside? I call the little fluffy girl.

Amy: … Alright… Just don’t try and make too much noise. We don’t wanna attract attention. (Stands near the door.)

Rouge: … Right. (She presses some buttons on her watch.)

In another part of the floor, Cream and Cheese were cautiously walking down the hallways. When they reached around a turn, they thought they saw someone enter a room.

Cream: What was that? … Was that Ms. Lilian?

Cheese: Chao chao?

Cream: … Let’s go see. (They make their way towards the room that Lilian entered.)

Inside, Lilian was in some sort of big closet filled with different things. She was poking around until she spotted some white boxes. She opens one and finds that they’re filled with cases of some eye lenses.

Lilian: Eye lenses? … This explains how Blake was able to resist that flash from earlier. … Might be considered stealing, but I think I’ll put this to good use.

Cream: (She and Cheese run in!) Ms. Lilian!!

Lilian: WAH!!! (Turns around.) Cream?? Cheese??

Cream: (Hugs Lilian’s legs.) I’m so glad you’re ok, Ms. Lilian!

Lilian: Um… thanks. I’m grateful you’re fine too. Where’s Amy and Rouge?

Cream: We split up to look for you. I’m not really sure where they are. (All of a sudden her watch began to beep a little.) ??? (She presses a button and answers it.) Hello?

Rouge: (On screen) Cream, are you and Cheese ok?

Cream: Oh we’re fine, Rouge. We found Ms. Lilian too!

Rouge: (On screen) Well that’s good to hear. Me and Amy found the stolen Pink Craze.

Lilian: Nice job, girls. I think I found something that might help us out in the near future as well.

Rouge: (On screen) Hey, uh… Cream?

Cream: Yes, Ms. Rouge?

Rouge: (On screen) Are you alright so far?

Cream: I’m fine. You never asked me something like that before.

Rouge: (On screen) Yeah… I’m still a little bummed out about what I taught you from before…

Cream: It’s ok, Ms. Rouge. I know you didn’t mean to do it. But I really appreciate you helping me out.

Rouge: (On screen) … Heh. Thanks, kid.

Amy’s voice: Rouge!!

Rouge: (On screen) What the-?? Amy, look out!! (She was then thrown to the ground!!) AUGH!!

The call gets cut off!

Cream: Ms. Rouge?? Ms. Rouge!!

Lilian: Looks like they’ll need our help. We hafta catch up to them.

Cream and Cheese nod in agreement.

The three rush outside the room as they make their way down the hallway.

Cream: Where do you think Rouge and Amy are, Ms. Lilian??

Lilian: I can only think of ONE specific room in this building.

In Blake’s office, Amy and Rouge’s hands were both tied behind their backs.

Blake: So, you had the audacity to break into my property and steal what’s mine, did you? I hafta admit, I’m having a pretty rough day. Dealing with a buncha girls and all.

Amy: Oh, so you think girls’ aren’t hard to deal with? You’re SO enthusiastic on the opposite sex, aren’t you?

Blake: I just find it funny to see girls trying to “save the world” and all that other crap.

Rouge: Well, keep LAUGHING, cocky-boy. Guys like you really get on my nerves.

Blake: You sound just like Lilian. Doesn’t trust me one bit. … Well she’s right on that one. (Holds out a pistol and places his hand on the wheel container of the Pink Craze.) Now I bet you’re asking, “Blake Bronze, why ARE you so interested in the Pink Craze??” It’s classified stuff, girls.

Amy: That stuff’s WAY too dangerous for a thug like you.

Blake: True that, lady. But in the right hands and with the right tools this beast could be as tame as a tammy cat. And at the same time… It could be vicious like a lion. Can’t have you going around telling people about what I’m up to. It could REALLY damage my career in the business industry.

Rouge: Is that so? (Sarcastically) Well in that case, we’re SO sorry for ruining your business.

Blake: … Heh… Sarcasm’s not gonna help you out here. (All of a sudden, a gun fired and a bullet shoots through the glass window behind him!!) Gah!! ?!?!?

Amy and Rouge turn to see… Lilian with the gun in her hand! Cream and Cheese were behind her as well!

Cream: Amy! Rouge! (She and Cheese run up to the girls and started untying the knots.)

Lilian: Let them go, Blake.

Blake: What? Just because their only girls? Yeah right. They tried to steal something from my clutches.

Lilian: I’m warning you, Bronze. I’ve had enough of your constant smooth-talking attitude. Let the girls go and give me that craze!

Blake: … … … I’ve had it up to here with you too, ma’am. (Just as Cream and Cheese untied the girls, Blake points his gun at them!!) Just lemme take care of the little ones first.

Right when he pulls the trigger, Amy and Rouge activate their shields from their watches as his bullets reflect right off of them!!

Blake: ?!?!?!

Amy: (She activates her WD rod and it turns into her hammer) You’re gonna be placed under arrest in name of the Station Square Patrollers, Blake Bronze!!

Blake: Oh am I now? Heh. You two seem a bit difficult to catch off guard. … (He points the gun to Cream!!) Now THAT looks like an easy target! (Cream gasps in fear!!)

Amy: NO!! DON’T!! (Cream screams as she runs off with Blake shooting his gun while not even POINTING at her.)

Blake: (Laughs) This girl doesn’t even know I’m TEASING!

Lilian: Stop it, Blake! You’re freaking her out!

Blake: She’s acting like a SISSY! All she’ll probably do is cry and wail like a big baby! (Cream trips and falls on the ground.) Ah, I probably had my fun as it is. Now it’s time for the real deal. (He approaches Cream.)

Amy: Leave her alone! She’s only a kid!!

Blake: That’s why she’ll go first. (He points the gun at the back of her head…) Don’t even think of trying to save her, ladies. One wrong move and bunny-girl goes bye-bye. Now then… does helpless little bunny-girl have any last words?

Cream: … … … (She has tears in her eyes…)

Blake: Heh. Didn’t think so. (But right before he could pull the trigger…)

Cream bashed the gun out of Blake’s hand with a blue sparring staff from her WD rod!!

Blake: (Clenches his wrist.) UGH… Huh?

Cream: (Holding the staff in her hands…) L…Leave… m… my friends… alone!

Blake: Well… Looks like the caterpillar’s now a butterfly. Ain’t that cute.

Cream: … I… I don’t really like fighting at all… But… I know that I must protect my friends… Because they need me.

Blake: Heh… (His hand picks up the gun…) Strong words… from such a weak little girl. (He quickly pulls the trigger!)

Rouge: CREAM!!!

… … … Thankfully, Cream’s watch had the shield to protect her. She threw her staff at Blake impacting him on his head!!

Cream: Cheese, I need your help! (Cheese rushes forward and beats on Blake as hard as he could!)

Cream picks up the staff and tried to hit Blake again, but he shoves her to the ground, leaving her defenseless!! Blake picks up his gun and pulls the trigger!!! … However, he was out of bullets!

Blake: Ugh!! Dammit!

Cream saw her chance to strike again! Her floppy ears boosted her up and she rushed forward, shoving Blake in his stomach and pushed him into his desk with a bang!

Cream lands on her feet, trying her best to look brave…

Blake: (Slowly gets up… And laughs again…) Lesson of the day. Don’t smooth talk women… (Walks over to the wheel container of the Pink Craze…) Don’t think I’ll go easy on you just cuz you’re a wimpy little girl.

Cream: I’m NOT a wimp! … I may not like fighting others… But if I have to fight to protect my friends, I’ll do it!

The girls were quite surprised to hear Cream standing up.

Cream: (Looks at Rouge.) Thanks for teaching me that, Ms. Rouge. (Smiles.)

Rouge: …

Blake: Well, I had my fun for the day. Looks like I’ll hafta call it quits. (Takes out phone and presses it.) … Yeah. I’m done here. Call the chopper, ASAP.

Lilian: You’re not leaving until you give up that Pink Craze!

Blake: Gee, that wouldn’t be polite, will it? I have a BETTER idea. (He pushes the wheel crate out of the window, smashing the glass!!!)

Lilian and the group: NO!!!!!

Blake: Might go against his orders, but it’ll sure make a hell of a show for all of you.

Lilian: … “His orders”?

Blake: You be good now, you hear? (He jumps out of the window right on time for a helicopter to fly in with a ladder he grabbed onto!)

Amy: We can’t let him get away! (They rush forward the broken window, but the helicopter flies off with Blake…)

Rouge: … We’re too late…

Lilian: The Pink Craze! We hafta collect it before we lose it again!

The group scrambled downward to the front of the building outside. They caught up to the broken wheel container… Only to find no trace of the Pink Craze…

Lilian: What?? (Frantically moves the crate and looks around…) That’s… That’s impossible!

Cream: What happened, Ms. Lilian?

Amy: (Looks at the crate) Was there REALLY Pink Craze inside this crate?

Lilian: Of COURSE there was, Amy. But now it’s… GONE… It’s like it disappeared. But how?

Cream: … I think what’s really important is that we’re all safe for now! Right?

Lilian: … … … I don’t even know anymore… First the Pink Craze disappears… And this guy who has all the info we needed just goes AWOL. … But on the other hand… You girls did a good job. We may have won this fight… But the war’s only beginning…

Amy: … … … I hope whatever’s going to happen won’t bring us down. (Lilian nods… but still feels a bit unsure…)

The next morning, the girls were strolling around Station Square looking quite peaceful.

Amy: So Ms. Lilian said those eye lens she stole from Blake Bronze are supposed to protect others from the Flash Memory Emitter lights, right?

Rouge: Haven’t you been paying attention?

Amy: Why, have you?

Rouge: I just tossed them at Knuckles for good measures of course.

Amy: Sonic didn’t seem a bit too keen on them but I convinced him any other way. So, Cream. Did you give those lenses to your mom and Tails?

Cream: Uh-huh.

Rouge: Oh yeah, how’s it going with you and the fox?

Cream: … Well, I apologized to him about yesterday and I felt like… I needed to give myself some time when I can tell him how I feel. And I also apologized to those kids at school too. They even agreed to be my friends!

They stop by the Milkyway Café.

Amy: That’s wonderful, Cream!

Rouge: Hey, uh… Squirt? Sorry for humiliating you yesterday.

Cream: It’s ok, Ms. Rouge. I learned that even though I’m not one to fight… That won’t stop me from protecting my friends!

Cheese: Chao chao!

Amy: Oh yeah, how did the Pink Craze disappear from that crate anyway?

Rouge: Who knows?

Amy: … I have this weird suspicious feeling that something big’s gonna happen to Station Square… … All we have to do is be prepared, I suppose…

Rouge: We can take them. Right, squirt?

Cream: Yeah!

Cheese: Chao!

The girls knew they have something big coming their way. It would take them a while to learn the basics of being a patroller as well as using their skills and knowledge for the future.
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