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Station Square High. Any typical high school for those willing to have an education. Amy Rose recently enrolled so she could have a better future. Sonic and Tails come by here as well. Tails despite having a big education has to start in the freshman year. Mostly for legal reasons and his young age. Rouge and Knuckles… They only attend when they feel like it. Cream attends the elementary side of the school and is in first grade.

Amy tries to fit in, but most of the time some of her peers which are just normal people tend to shrug her off or just ignore her. But she wants to prove to everyone that a hedgehog like her can do anything. Like become a Station Square Patroller run by a young woman named Lilian.

It starts off like any typical day at school. It was gym period for Amy’s class.

Female coach: (Blows whistle loudly) Alright everyone, listen up. Today we will be practicing your aerobic skills. The more points you score the more likely you’ll be able to succeed without even trying. Now then, let’s start out with… Lisa Forlune.

Lisa Forlune is the most popular girl in Amy’s class. She comes from a rich family, she gets everything she wants, has straight A’s in all her classes, and won every single student body president election since elementary. She’s aiming to do the same in freshman year. Despite her intelligence and rarity, she’s actually a cold-hearted woman who wants nothing but power over her peers.

Lisa: I’m ready, Coach! (Lisa runs forward and does a front flip onto the balance board, and flips up and down until she bounces off and lands on the cushion floor.) Hah!

Coach: Wonderful work as usual, Forlune. That racks up to nine out of ten. (Writes on her clipboard.)

Lisa: Thank you very much, Coach!

Coach: Next up is… Nancy Trenmoore.

Nancy Trenmoore is Lisa’s childhood friend and basically follows in Lisa’s footsteps like a role model. They’re basically the same. Except Trenmoore gets lower grades and doesn’t come from a rich family.

Nancy pretty much follows Lisa’s exact moves except slightly inaccurate.

Coach: Pretty good. Not as great as Lisa’s but it’s a start. Eight out of ten.

Nancy: Thank you, coach! (To Lisa) How was that?

Lisa: That was spot-ON, girlfriend! You might someday be as popular as moi!

Nancy: You can say THAT again! I’m practically rubbing off on you as we speak! (They laugh and giggle.)

Coach: Alright, next on the list is… (Looks at the clipboard) Amy Rose.

Lisa: Well, looks like the pink runt’s up next.

Amy gets in position…

Nancy: Hey, Amy! Let’s see if you can top OUR scores! Like that’s even POSSIBLE!

Lisa: You took the words RIGHT out of my mouth, sister! (They both laugh at Amy.)

Amy, despite her annoyance of those two kept her composure and sprinted towards the balance board. However, her flips and moves were more fluent and more accurate than Lisa and Nancy’s combined! After Amy did one last triple twirl and flip in the air, she landed on the cushion ground without losing her balance. She holds her hands up like a superstar while catching her breath.

Coach: I cannot believe my eyes! Amy Rose, you performed every action without a single flaw in ANY of them! That scores a ten out of ten for you!

Lisa and Nancy: (Incredibly shocked) TEN OUT OF TEN?!?!?!

Amy: Thank you, coach! *Whew…* I think I need to sit down… All that flipping really drained me out.

Coach: Take a seat in the bleachers until you’re ready for the next test.

As the coach called more students to try out the balance beam flips and whatnot, Amy sits at the bleaches and drinks some water.

Amy: I can’t believe I actually did it. I should be so PROUD of myself! (Giggles) I guess Ms. Lilian’s training was worth it after all.

Lisa and Nancy seemed concerned about Amy.

Lisa: That pink brat thinks she can stand up to me?

Nancy: Did you see how incredible she was at that? I’ve never seen anything like it!

Lisa: I agree. What if she’s capable of doing the same for all the other tests?

Nancy: If she is, we’ll have no choice but to confront her.

Lisa: Now you’re thinking, girlfriend. Let’s let the pink runt enjoy her little victories… For now.

The fitness tests go about as normal. All of Lilian’s training on Amy becoming a Station Square Patroller was all worth it. Amy breezed through them all, but she felt exhausted like anyone would.

At long last, Gym class was over and done with. And it was the end of the school day as well. As Amy was done changing in the locker room, Lisa and Nancy start to plot their way to get to Amy as they watch her from behind some lockers.

Lisa: It’s simple. We pretend to be her so called “friend”, bribe her into doing something only for US, and when we get to the final conclusion, we hit the mark and find out where she’s going with all of this.

Nancy: Great plan, Lisa. Let’s just act natural.

Amy walks out of the locker room with her purse around her arm.

Amy: Now what was I supposed to do today? … Oh yeah! Rouge needed some help cleaning up her closet. AGAIN. Better make haste. (But before she could leave, Lisa and Nancy slide in front of her.)

Lisa and Nancy: HI, AMY!

Amy: ?!?! What do YOU two want?

Lisa: Oh nothin’, girlfriend! We just wanted to know what you’re up to!

Amy: Why do you care anyway? Aren’t you going to make fun of me just because I’m a hedgehog?

Nancy: Oh pu-leeze, sister! That’s all in the past! We were so AMAZED at your talent during fitness tests in gym today!

Amy: … Really? You actually liked it?

Lisa: Of COURSE we did, silly! You’ve only been in school for like… a WEEK now? And I mean after THAT, who KNOWS how popular you’re going to be!

Amy: … Well…

Lisa: So tell us! How did you get SO great overnight??

Amy: O…Overnight? … I… I can’t really tell. It’s classified. I mean-! It’s a secret!

Nancy: … Ooh! A little hush-hush, aren’t ya? Well that’s alright, we understand. Since you did a GREAT job doing that little circus performance-! (Lisa elbows her shoulder) I mean, WONDERFUL aerobic act, we wanna try and give you a little reward!

Amy: What are you supposed to be? Parents? I told you I’m NOT interested.

Lisa: (Whiny) Oh come ON, Amy! We’re only trying to be NICE!

Nancy: Think of it as a little apology for all those nasty things we said about you!

Amy: … … (The girls were trying to look “innocent”) Well… If you really ARE sorry, I guess I’ll take that into consideration.

Lisa and Nancy: You mean it??

Amy: But it better not be some sort of TRAP you’re setting up! (The girls felt slightly alarmed) … So, any place you like to hang out?

Lisa: Oh sure! My daddy lets me go anywhere I want in Station Square! Come on! I know the PERFECT place to spend your little celebration! (They pull Amy away, laughing.)

Meanwhile, at the Station Square Research Center, Dr. Blyner and his co-workers were examining the dangerous substance in a clear glass container called the Pink Craze. About a week ago, Amy and her friends recently stole it back from Dr. Eggman’s lab.

Worker: Kevin, let’s just face the facts. There’s nothing we can do to take out this slime.

Blyner: Ah, don’t ever say that, Phil! We’ll find a way to penetrate this dangerous stuff! I promised someone that I’d be willing to help. !!! Uh… n-never mind, forget I said that. (A female scientist walks in.) Oh hey, Susie! You have any updated information for us?

Susie: Look, um… Kevin… I know you may find this a little weird, but… Have you thought of any other solutions to this strange substance?

Blyner: Anything other than trying to dispose of it? Can’t think about that. This stuff is way too dangerous for the public.

Susie: Yes, but I was thinking of a way to sort of… well… PURIFY it! To make it… less of a bother to people! I even found possible ways of removing most of the dangerous atoms in the slime to-!

Blyner: Look Susie, I know you’re practically WAY behind on this shenanigan but it’s better to be late than ever! This stuff shouldn’t be tampered with! We need to DISPOSE of it!

Susie: … Yes, Dr. Blyner. I understand.

Blyner: (Sighs…) You know what? Just… forget it, alright? Let’s just… get back to work. We’re still on the right track.

Without arguing, everyone gets back to work. Susie begins to leave the room only to see a sample of the pink craze sealed tightly in a glass vial. … She takes the vial and leaves the room.

Sometime later, Amy was hanging out with Lisa and Nancy at some soda shop parlor called Milkyway Café.

Lisa: Isn’t this place GREAT? I told you it would be, didn’t I? Who wouldn’t say no to “Milkyway Café”??

Amy: (Sips a soda) No one, I guess. Why haven’t I heard of this place before?

Nancy: It’s only the most popular place to go to after school! All the soda and milkshakes you can drink at good prices!

Lisa: So, now that we all had our fun and games, let’s talk about fun stuff!

Amy: … Um… What kinda fun stuff?

Lisa: You know! What we girls LOVE to talk about! Jewelry, shopping sales…

Nancy: And most of all..

Both: BOYS! (They laugh)

Lisa: Hey, Amy! Do YOU have any feelings toward a boy?

Amy: !!!! Um… N-no! (She blushes) W-what makes you say that?

Nancy: You can trust us! Tell us! What’s his name? What’s he like??

Amy: … Um… Well… … Do you PROMISE not to tell ANYONE?

Both girls: Cross our hearts and hope to die!

Amy: Oh boy… Well… I seem to have this crush on… … On… uh… (All of a sudden her cell phone started ringing.) YES I’M SAFE-!!! I mean-! … I’ll get it! (Turns around in her seat and answers her phone) Hello?

Rouge on phone: Amy, where are you? You were supposed to help me out with this headache I have here.

Amy: Oh right… the closet. Sorry, Rouge. I got so caught up with these girls who wanna take me out for… some odd reason.

Lisa and Nancy turn away in secret.

Lisa: Do you think she’s on to us?

Nancy: What do YOU think? She practically doesn’t trust us at ALL!

Lisa: We gotta sweeten the deal with that runt.

Amy: (Still talking to Rouge on her phone) Yes I know, Rouge. Those girls are really freaking me out. I’ll try and get to you as quick as I can. Bye. (She hangs up her phone and turns her chair around to the girls.) So, um… where were we?

Lisa: Hey, Amy? You know our cheerleading squad for our school’s football team?

Amy: You’re talking about “Station Square Serpents”??? Those guys are complete nimrods! And I think ONE of them is trying to hook up with me for some reason.

Nancy: (To Lisa) Wow, I didn’t know she has a grudge against those guys too.

Lisa: (To Nancy) FOCUS, Nancy. We’re here to gain this runt’s trust. Looks like I’ll have to go to extreme measures. (To Amy) Hey, Amy! We understand you don’t really like those meaty football guys, I mean they are such morons!

Amy: … Yeah, what’s your point anyway?

Lisa: I just… have a little surprise that you might like. (She looks in her purse and takes out what looks like a fancy belt with a star on it.)

Amy: Hey… that looks like the belt that the cheerleaders wear. What’s up with that?

Lisa: Well as you should know I’m head-cheerleader for the school, so I was thinking I could make you part of my team!

Amy: !!! You… want ME to be a cheerleader?

Lisa: Well of COURSE! You seem like the perfect type to lead the team! And think of it as a little… congratulations gift for that WONDERFUL performance you did! So, whatta ya say? You up for it, girlfriend?

Amy: … … Omigosh… A cheerleader… Everyone will definitely look up to me now… … You got a deal! (She takes it and looks at it like a wonderful picture!) I dunno WHY I never hung out with you girls earlier! You’re not so bad after all!

Nancy: Thanks, Amy! You’re pretty cool yourself! (To Lisa) Do you think it’s a good idea making HER part of the cheer squad?

Lisa: We’re just softening her up till she’s ready to spill the beans, Nancy. We just need a little more time. (Amy was still gleefully holding up the cheerleading belt) As soon as we see she completely trusts us, she’ll tell us how she got so good at stealing my thunder.

Sometime later, it was evening. Amy was walking back to her home, all full of glee about the girls. She then noticed Rouge standing nearby. And she was not really pleased.

Amy: Oh hey, Rouge! You’ll never believe what happened to me today!

Rouge: You hung out with those snotty rich girls?

Amy: How’d you know?? Oh get this! They actually gave me a cheerleading belt! That means that I’m in the cheer squad!! (Squeals excitingly) I always wanted to be a cheerleader, and now I CAN! Also, they brought me to this REALLY amazing soda shop! I can’t believe I never saw that place before! The drinks they sell there were SO amazing, and-!!

Rouge: Yeah yeah, that’s REALLY nice and all. I’m happy you’ve had such a great time, but uh… I think you may be forgetting something?

Amy: … Hm. What AM I forgetting? … WAH!!! Oh that’s right!! I totally forgot that I had to help you clean out your closet! Don’t worry! We still have enough time! I’m pretty sure we could-!

Rouge: It’s done already.

Amy: … What?

Rouge: I grew tired of waiting, so I did the job myself. Ugh, it took forever to organize everything. My arms are killing me…

Amy: … Oh… Right… Rouge, I’m sorry I completely forgot… I’ve been so caught up with those two girls. It’s like… they actually WANT to be my friend for real.

Rouge: You mean Lisa and Nancy? Please, they’re like the rudest girls in the entire school. Why would they wanna be friends with you?

Amy: … … … You do have a point. Why DID they want to hang out with me?

Rouge: … Keep thinking about THAT while you’re at it. I’m outta here. (She leaves.)

Amy: Um… ok. … See you tomorrow? … … (Sighs)

Meanwhile, back at the research facility, Susie (One of Blyner’s co-workers) was doing an odd experiment. She places a vial of the Pink Craze she took from the lab earlier in a computer and begins to do some work. She then brings up some window and begins removing some code on it.

Susie: I’ll show those men that this CAN be purified. Just need to type in some final touches… (She inputs one final command.) There! Finally, this sample’s been filtered! Oh I can see the looks on those guy’s faces now! (Just then, some knocks were heard at the door.)

Blyner’s voice: Hey uh, Susie? You in here? (While Blyner was still talking, Susie quickly turned off the computer, took out the vial and tried to think of a place to hide it.) It’s kinda late, and I need you to lock the place up. (She then opens the drawer and closes it just in the nick of time for Blyner to show up.)

Blyner: Hey there you are! Listen, we’re just about to head home for tonight. You think you can lock up for us?

Susie: Oh, o-of course, Dr. Blyner! I-I’ll be happy to!

Blyner: You feeling ok, Susie? You’ve been cooped up in this room all day today.

Susie: Oh I’m fine, sir. I was just working on something. It’s a little private.

Blyner: … Hm… Well alright. But don’t be getting any weird ideas about that Pink Craze. Like I said, no matter how much you dissect that thing, it won’t make it any better. I believe we’re VERY close to making a substance that could counteract that slime like a white blood cell!

Susie: Oh that’s… amazing! Listen, I… I have some important work to catch up on. I’ll close up the place when I’m good and ready. Is that alright?

Blyner: … Alright. Just keep everything in place. See you tomorrow. (He leaves)

Susie: Yes sir. Good night. … *Whew…* (Takes out the vial from the drawer.) I was afraid he was suspecting something. (She stares at the glowing vial.) … Does he seriously think that it still contains highly dangerous chemicals? I’ve removed just about every single chemical atom in this thing and I can assure him that it’s perfectly safe now.

She turns to a simple pot plant on the counter.

Susie: Hm… I wonder if it’ll be safe to test this out. … Well I’m not taking any risks. There’s always a good side to everything. And I just made this slime as good as it can be. (She opens the vial and pours the pink craze in the soil of the pot.) … … …

It doesn’t seem to be working for some reason.

Susie: Hm. I thought for sure it would make the plant grow faster. … (She picks up the pot plant and inspects it.) … … (She sighs as she puts it down.) Oh well. Looks like it was waste anyway. Maybe removing the atoms makes this slime useless? … Ugh, I need something to drink.

She goes over to the cabinet and begins to make some coffee. However, while she was making some, the plant in the pot slowly started growing. As soon as Susie turned around while stirring, she paused in shock as she dropped her cup on the ground. The plant was growing at a tremendous height!

Susie: What in the world? This… This is so… intriguing! It seems like the pink craze has suddenly taken effect! It’s… growing like wildfire!

Suddenly the plant started to hold out one of its leafy arms as is it was reaching out for Susie. She seemed quite disturbed, but held out her hand cautiously as the plant’s “arm” wrapped around her hand gently.

Susie: Oh my… This is… so amazing! It seemed to be adapting to human-like behavior! Perhaps this craze must’ve given it some human intellect knowledge! And Dr. Blyner claims it’s SO dangerous! Well I’ll be so glad to prove to him that he’s so dead… (She tried to let go of the plant’s arm but she couldn’t.) … Wrong… … Mr. Plant, can you please let go of me? I… I kind of need my hand for work…

But the plant didn’t listen. It then clenched her hand tighter making Susie grunt in pain as she tried to free herself from its grip! It then grew longer and held onto Susie’s arm! Another popped out and grabbed a hold of her other arm!!

Susie: Stop!!! Let me go! W-what’s going ON here?! (The plant then sprouted out more arms as it wraps around her legs! Susie tried to struggle her way free but the plant’s grip was too much to handle!) Let me go this instant!! AAAUGH!!!

She thrusts herself back, making the pot plant fall to the ground shattering the pot itself. Susie still having her arms and legs grappled, collapses on the floor as she tries to escape.

Susie: Hello?! Anyone?! Is anyone still in this building?! I need help! I’m being attacked by a psychopathic plant!

Things got more insane as the bulb of the pot plant started to form into what looked like a mouth of a Venus fly trap! Susie screams at the top of her lungs at the sight of this horrendous plant-like beast! More arm-like vines root out as they wrap around Susie’s mouth, making it harder for her to breath.

Pretty soon, she couldn’t scream anymore as the pressure from the grip of the plant’s arms made her weak and pass out…

The next morning, Amy and Cream were reaching Station Square High.

Cream: Ms. Amy, my mom’s taking me out to a picnic after school today! She would really appreciate it if you could come over today!

Amy: Oh that’s so sweet of her, Cream! Of course I would love to come over! What about Rouge? Is she coming?

Cream: She… said she couldn’t come. She was saying something suddenly came up for her.

Amy: … Oh… (The school bell rings loudly) !! Gotta head to class. ( Amy runs into building.) Hey, what time you want me to be there??

Cream: Four o’ clock! And don’t forget! (She leaves Amy)

Amy: Ok, I won’t!

Lisa and Nancy walk in and take notice of Amy.

Lisa: Runt spotted at twelve o’clock.

Nancy: Actually it’s seven in the morning.

Lisa: Shut it, girlfriend. Let’s make our move. (They approach Amy)

Both: HI, AMY!

Amy: (Turns to see them) Oh hey, girls! Listen, I just wanna say thanks a BUNCH for that cheerleading belt! Ooh, everyone’s gonna LOVE seeing Amy Rose cheer the beef-headed team on!

Lisa: (Pretending to be happy)That’s GREAT, girlfriend!

Nancy: (To Lisa) What’s with that watch on her wrist?

Lisa: What watch? (They notice Amy’s Patroller Remote Device watch (PRD Watch) on her wrist.) Whoa, you’re right. (To Amy) Um, can you excuse us for… just a sec?

The two girls huddle.

Lisa: What kinda watch IS that?

Nancy: I’m not sure. It kinda looks suspicious. Maybe if we bribe her enough, she’ll tell us everything on how she stole our thunder AND where she got that fancy looking thing on her wrist.

Lisa: Maybe that WATCH gave her some incredible powers that I don’t have!

Nancy: You’re probably right. When we get the chance, we should SWIPE that watch from the runt.

Lisa: Right. (They turn to Amy) Listen up; only very few kids at school know this. We rich girls have our OWN afterschool club! “The Dreamy Collection!” Filled with fabulous possessions from other countries as far as the eye can see!

Nancy: And we wish to make YOU our honorary co-founder of our club!

Amy: … Really? You… You actually want me to JOIN you?

Lisa: On ONE condition! All you have to do is share a DEEP dark secret, and we’ll let you join! Simple as that!

Amy: A deep… dark secret? … Hm…

She looks at her PDR watch

Amy: (Thinking to herself) Secret, huh? Maybe it wouldn’t hurt to tell them I’m a Station Square Patroller… Wait, Ms. Lilian told me and the girls NOT to share that info with anyone. Well… these girls have been pretty nice to me for some reason… Maybe they’ve changed for good? Oh I’m so confused, I can’t even…

Both: WHOA… Totally amazing!

Amy: Huh?

Lisa: Where did you get that SUPER cool watch?

Amy: Uh… watch? Oh! THIS watch! Well, it’s nothing really special.

Nancy: Are you kidding?? That must be the coolest watch I ever saw!

Amy: Um, well it’s not just any kinda watch! It’s a special watch that’s like a GPS! It can also be like a walky-talky!

Nancy: REALLY??

Lisa: O-M-G, That is so AMAZING! Do you think we can play with it??

Amy: Um… (Holds it away from them) I don’t think so! It’s… a little dangerous to play with.

Nancy: Oh. Right. So, where did you get that awesome watch anyway?

Lisa: Is it from FRANCE? I absolutely ADORE that country, mon ami!

Amy: It doesn’t matter where I got it from. But… can I join your club now since I told you my little secret now?

Nancy: … You’re secret… Was your watch?

Amy: Well… Uh… I told you all about it! Duh!

Lisa: … Ok, you twisted our ankles. You can join.

Amy: Really?? You mean it??

Nancy: It’s right after school in the gym room! Four o’ clock sharp!

Lisa: Don’t be late! (They begin to leave) (To herself) You better not be, runt.

Amy: Ok! Four o’ clock it is! … Wow… I’m actually hanging out with the popular girls! This is just too good to be true! … Wait a minute… Oh no, I promised Cream I’d go with her and Vanilla on a picnic… Oh dear… I can’t let her down just like I did with Rouge… What should I do?? I couldn’t let the girls down if I didn’t join their club… But I can’t let Cream down if I don’t go with her today. … (Looks at her watch.) Hm…

Meanwhile in the SSP lab the leader Lilian was on the computer typing. Amy’s face appears on screen.

Amy: Ms. Lilian? (Lilian gets startled and falls off the chair.) I seem to have a bit of a problem.

Lilian: ??? (Sits back on her chair) Well what’s wrong, Amy?

Amy: Well… I made a promise to someone, but I seem to be involved with someone else. And I’m just wondering… what should I do?

Lilian: Hm. Seems like a bit of a pickle. I would most likely suggest you… do what you think is right for you and someone that you promised.

Amy: Really? Do you think it’ll help?

Lilian: Of course. It always does in the end.

Amy: … You’re right! I guess I do feel a lot better knowing I’m doing what I think is right!

Lilian: You go for it, girl.

Amy: I’m gonna call Cream and tell her I need to see the girls’ afterschool club! Thanks a bunch, Ms. Lilian!

Lilian: No problem, Amy. Glad I could be of-. Wait a minute, WHAT?? (Amy ends the call and her face closes off the screen.) Amy? AMY?? … … Why do I have a feeling this is NOT going to end well?

Meanwhile, at the Research Facility, Dr. Blyner was entering the same room that Susie was in last night.

Blyner: Hey uh, Susie, you in here? (Steps inside) I noticed the door was unlocked. I was wondering if you… !!!!

Susie was out cold on the floor, with the remains of the pot plant from last night. Weirdly, this plant was now all withered and dead.

Blyner: Susie! (He runs to her and tries to wake her up!) H-hey, Susie! Y-you alright? Come on come on, wake up, jeez…

Susie slowly wakes up…

Susie: (Groans…) … Kevin? … (Blyner helps her up.) What… What happened to me?

Blyner: Well you got me. I just found you here. And… (Looks at the dead plant.) What happened to that plant??

Susie: I… I’m not sure… The last thing I remember is… This thing suffocating me…

Blyner: What? How was it suffocating you? Did you do something to it?

Susie: Um… (She couldn’t tell Blyner about the Pink Craze…) I can’t really remember much…

Blyner: … Huh… (Looks at the dead plant.) Pretty strange I suppose… Susie, why don’t you take the day off?

Susie: Dr. Blyner, I’m FINE, I just…

Blyner: It’s ok, Susie. You just need some rest as all. Just go home and let us take care of everything. We’ll try and figure out who was behind this little charade.

Susie: … A…Alright. (She begins to leave… until Blyner stops her for a minute.)

Blyner: Oh hey, one more thing. You haven’t seen a sample of the pink craze in a vial, did you? I tried looking for it but I couldn’t find it anywhere.

Susie: !!! Um… N-no, sir. I haven’t seen it anywhere.

Blyner: (Unsure.) Alright then… I’ll see you when you feel better.

Susie: Yes, Dr. Blyner. I’m sorry… (She leaves the room.)

Susie leaves the center and feels a headache coming on…

Susie: I can’t let Kevin know that I used the craze on the plant… I suppose it won’t be long until he finds out… Ugh… My head’s throbbing like crazy… … Mm… What’s this weird taste coming from my mouth? (She stops near a flower shop to regain herself.) Did it have anything to do with that freaky plant from last night?

She lost her balance as her hand touched some small plants. Suddenly, the plants on her hand started forming around her fingers gently. Susie screamed at the sight as the flowers were wrapping themselves around her hands.

But these plants for some reason weren’t trying to harm her. She felt confused on what this strange ordeal was doing.

She looked at the other plants in the stand and slowly held out her hand. The small plants started to grow… She twitched her fingers and they grew a couple inches longer. She shifted her arm to the left and the plants grew swiftly in a left position!!

Susie was amazed at this strange power she possessed!

Susie: This is… extraordinary! (She moves her arms in the air and the plants grew in height in that position!) Absolutely AMAZING!! … I wonder…

She runs over to some flowers nearby growing in the grassy ground and held out her hands. The flowers were twitching as if they were under her control. She moves her hands up and the flowers grew in that direction to a dangerous height!

Susie: Fascinating!! But… how did I GET these powers?? Unless… Unless that plant that absorbed the pink craze must’ve fed me its plant-like powers to GROW things! No wonder I have this weird taste in my mouth! … …

Susie then makes the plants growing twirl around as pollen, leaves and dew was sprinkling all around her!

Susie: Such wonder! Such amazement! Think of all the possibilities I could DO with these powers! … This is a miracle of SCIENCE!

Later after school, Cream was at her house talking to Amy through the phone.

Cream: What do you mean you can’t come, Ms. Amy? (Cheese hovers by, confused) … … You’re part of a what? … What’s an afterschool club? … … … Oh… I see… Um… alright… Have fun at your… afterschool club. … Ok, bye. (She hangs up the phone and sighs sadly…) Mom, Amy can’t come with us!

Back at Station Square High, Amy closes her cell phone.

Amy: I’m doing what’s right, but… how come it doesn’t … FEEL right?

Amy shrugs it off and walks to the gym.

There was a small booth filled with fashion stuff that any girl would enjoy. Some other girls were already browsing around, talking, and texting on their phones. Lisa and Nancy were among them.

Lisa and Nancy: AMY!! (They run to her and pull her to the group of girls.)

Lisa: You’re just in time!

Nancy: You’re practically the talk of the entire club!

Lisa: Listen up, everyone! Let’s give a big hello to our newest member of The Dreamy Collection, and newest member of the cheer squad!

Nancy: Amy Rose!

All the girls said hello to Amy. Amy waved back and smiled gleefully, but didn’t feel right…

Lisa: As you all know, we’ve been treating Amy a little too harsh lately.

Nancy: But that’s ALL in the past! She’s now one of us! So everyone make her all feel welcome so we’ll all be like a big happy family!

Lisa: (She and Nancy step away from the group.) Just go easy on her! She’s still new after all! (They turn away.) Now that the runt’s here, we’ll just hafta make her spill the beans even more.

Nancy: I say we bribe her with more of our fabulous praises until she gladly shares her dirty little secret about that out-of-country watch.

Amy: (Walks up to them.) Um… Girls?

Nancy and Lisa: WAAH!! (They turn around)

Nancy: Oh, HI, Amy!

Lisa: What’s the hold up, girlfriend?? Mingle around with the other sweet girls! They’re just DYING to meet you!

Nancy: And they’d love to hear more about that watch of yours! (Lisa elbows her)

Amy: Yeah… about that? … I know this club seems a bit… nice and all, but… I don’t really think it’s for me.

Lisa and Nancy: What?

Amy: It’s just… … I made this promise to a friend before… and I kinda broke it. … I made another promise to another one, but… … Now I think I REALLY goofed up.

Lisa: Aw but you don’t wanna spend time with THEM, do you?

Nancy: You wanna spend some of your free time with the BIG SHOTS! You’ll be the most popular girl in the school cuz of us!

Amy: … … … You know what? … I don’t  care about that anymore. (Lisa and Nancy were confused.) I’ve done nothing but shoved my friends away just so I could hang out with the most popular girls in the school. And now… … I need to set things right for all of us. So if you’ll excuse me… (She leaves)

Lisa and Nancy were suspicious of Amy’s actions… And they decided to follow her.

Outside of the school, Amy dials Rouge’s number and waits for an answer.

It goes to voicemail…

Amy: Um… Hi, Rouge. It’s me. I… I wanna say I’m sorry for what happened yesterday. Well… … Bye… (Ends the call.) … Doh, that was so STUPID… …

Next, she tried to call Cream’s house, but was brought to voicemail as well. This time, Amy just hung up.

Amy: … Maybe she’s at her picnic with her mom? … I hope she has her PRD with her. (She activates her PRD watch and sets it to call Cream.)

For some reason… Cream wasn’t answering. Amy tried a couple of times.

Amy: Come on, Cream… Why don’t you answer?

This time, Cream answered and she appeared on the watch’s screen.

Cream: … Hi, Amy…

Amy: … Hello, Cream…

Cream: Did you… have fun at your afterschool club?

Amy: Well… I guess… Sort of…

From a distance, Nancy and Lisa were spying.

Lisa: What’s she doing?

Nancy: It looks like she’s talking to that WATCH.

Lisa: But WHY?? … (They both agreed to get a closer look while Amy was still talking to Cream on the PRD.)

Amy: Oh yeah, how was the picnic? Wasn’t that today?

Cream: … We couldn’t go. It wouldn’t be fun without you, Amy…

Amy: … … (Sighs…) I’m sorry… I messed up really big this time. I only cared about my position in popularity instead of caring for my friends… I even messed up as a Station Square Patroller.

Cream: What do you mean?

Amy: … Well… I told these girls about my PRD watch.

Cream: !!! You told them?? But Ms. Lilian said-!

Amy: I know what she said, Cream… That’s why I need to talk to her before anything else happens.

Lisa: (She and Nancy approach Amy.) Like NOW?

Amy: !!!!! (Turns to the girls) L-Lisa?? Nancy??

Lisa: So what’s the deal with this… Station Square Patroller gig?

Nancy: Is that supposed to be a club?? That YOU made up?

Amy: N-No! It’s… It’s none of your business, ok??

Cream: Ms. Amy?? What’s going on??

Lisa: Who said that? Was it that watch??

Amy: It’s nothing! Nothing at all!

Nancy: Give us that watch. We want to see it.

Amy: No! It’s mine! (But the girls grabbed Amy’s arm and yanked the watch away from her!!) Hey! Give it back! (The call from Cream’s ends in static.)

Lisa: So, you had a lot MORE secretive things from this watch, didn’t you??

Amy: Give it back, Lisa Forlune!! That’s MY watch!

Lisa: Well too bad, runt. It’s mine now.

Amy: But… But I thought you wanted me to be friends with you…

Nancy: Yeah, about that? We were only pretending just so we could find out why you were stealing our thunder back in gym class. You stole our spotlight, and we’re stealing your priceless possession. Everyone wins.

Amy: All that for just a stupid aerobic act?! You girls are nothing but a couple of liars! You lied to me, and… … And you made me look stupid in front of my friends! How could you be so heartless?! I just wanted to be like you and everyone else in the school… And you just push me like DIRT!!

Lisa: … … …

Nancy: … … …

Lisa drops the watch on the ground… And steps on it.

Amy: !!!!!

Lisa: … Come on, Nancy. Runt’s out of the club. (They both turn and leave…)

Nancy: Mission accomplished.

Lisa: That’ll show this runt who’s boss.

Amy kneels to the ground starring at the broken watch… Some tears fill her eyes…

Nighttime... Back at the Station Square Research Facility, Dr. Blyner finds an empty vial in the room Susie was in.

Blyner: … (He picks it up.) What in the world? … (He looks at the dead flower in the garbage…) Oh no… She did NOT…! (Susie runs in, excited.)

Susie: Dr. Blyner! I finally found you! You will NOT believe what has happened to me!

Blyner: Susie, how could you DO this?! (Susie stops, confused.) I told you the Pink Craze was dangerous! (He holds out the empty vial.)

Susie: Doctor, you’re stressing out! I took out the dangerous atoms in the blink of an eye!

Blyner: It doesn’t matter, Susie! No matter how much you change that thing, it’s NOT going to make it any better! You must’ve put that Pink Craze in the plant, then when it was in your mouth it must’ve… No… no no no no…

Susie: L-listen, I… I took care of the problem, alright?! So what if this craze is inside me because of that plant?! I took out the dangerous chemicals! Why don’t you listen to me?!

Blyner: That’s because… You never listen to me! I gave you an instruction and you just walked all over me! Susie, I never thought I’d say this, but you are risking EVERYONE’S lives in Station Square! I’m going to have to file a report on you!

Susie: A… A report?!

Blyner: I’m the one who gives out the orders in this lab, and I expect you to follow procedures! NOW look what’s happened!

Susie: Kevin, about that! I’m trying to tell you that I-!

Blyner: I don’t wanna hear anymore, Susie! The superiors will take your job off as soon as we store you in quarantine! (He approaches a phone on the counter and it about to dial it.) You had one damn job! Just one damn job and NOW look at what’s happened! And even WORSE, we’re still not finished with an antidote! You’re risking our jobs, and everyone’s safety-!

Some plant-like vines wrap around his wrist on the phone.

Blyner: Gah! W-…What the-?! (Turns to Susie, holding out her hand. Green vines were wrapped around her arm as if it was glued to her body…) !!!! S…Suise??

Susie: This is what I wanted to show you, Kevin. This craze has given me this wonderful gift! I can control plants now! How amazing is THAT?

Blyner: Susie… That craze will drive you nuts! You can’t just-! (More vines wrap around his other arm!) AAUGH!! Lemme go!!

Susie: You think it’s dangerous? I think it’s a next step in science! Think about it! If more people consume this, they will gain extraordinary abilities beyond human imagination!! Think of the possibilities, Kevin!!

Blyner: You’re… You’re already losing your mind…

Susie: Oh am I? Why don’t you file THAT as a report? (Her vines tossed Blyner to the left as he crashes into some cabinets and onto the floor!) If I’m not welcome here, I might as well take my leisure elsewhere. Somewhere where I can show the world that this marvelous craze, is only one step closer in human development.

Blyner: (Groaning in pain…) S…Susie… stop…

But it was too late, Susie left the room with pollen and leaves falling from her…

Outside in the nighttime streets of Station Square, Susie breaths in as plant life was growing like crazy from the ground all around her.

Susie: They think this is wrong? Well they’ll soon see how amazing this procedure is… (Her eyes turn into a dark pink hue…)

Saturday Morning… At Amy’s house, Amy was still in bed, and still upset about yesterday.

Amy: … I can’t believe I was so stupid… I chose those stupid rich girls over my friends… … (Looks at the broken watch on her dresser.) … What am I gonna do now? … (All of a sudden, she heard her cell phone ring.)

Amy opens her drawer, takes out her phone, and answers it.

Amy: Depressed hedgehog speaking…

Rouge’s voice: Hey, Amy. Lilian needs us at her lab today. She tried to contact you but couldn’t get you on. Something up?

Amy: … Yeah… About that… (Looks at her broken watch.)

Later in Lilian’s lab, Lilian seemed disappointed at Amy’s broken watch. While Amy, Cream, Cheese and Rouge stood nearby…

Lilian: Well this adds up to three problems. Two of them I can solve easily.

Cream: Two of them?

Lilian: Luckily for all of us, these things break all the time. Fixing them should be a synch.

Rouge: What’s the next problem?

Lilian: Someone already knows the Station Square Patrollers’ name… Which brings us to the THIRD problem.

Amy: What is it? (Lilian gave her a look as if saying, “You know who I’m talking about.”)  … … Oh… Right…

Lilian: So… You told these girls about the PRD watch.

Amy: … Um… Yes…

Lilian: And you accidently blurted out that you’re a Station Square Patroller where they could hear you.

Amy: … Yes…

Lilian: And… mind explaining the damage done to this?

Amy: … Well… I went to their club instead of going to see Cream but… it wasn’t very exciting… I tried to talk to her on the watch and then… they snatched it from me and smashed it on the ground…

Lilian: … Amy, when I told you that you had to do what’s right, I didn’t mean for your own ways.

Amy: But… I promised the girls I would join them to… hang out.

Lilian: But they only wanted to hang out to take advantage of you. You made a promise to your REAL friends, didn’t you? (Amy turns to Rouge and Cream… and turns back to Lilian.) Who would you rather pick, friends who care about you, or girls who only want to humiliate you?

Amy: … … … (Sighs…) I only hung out with them so I could fit in… And be just like all the other kids…

Lilian: … Amy, you won’t EVER be like your peers in school because that makes you more unique than anyone else. You don’t have to hang out with the big leagues because… You’re pretty much a big league of your own. So what if no one in that school likes you, big deal. It’s their problem, not yours.

Amy: … … … You’re right, Ms. Lilian. (Turns to Cream, Cheese, and Rouge.) I’m sorry for shoving you guys back just to reach for the top…

Cream: Its ok, Amy. We know you didn’t mean it!

Cheese: Chao!

Rouge: Besides, who would wanna hang out with a pink hedgehog anyway?

Amy: What’s THAT supposed to mean?!

Rouge: Think about it. No one would hang around me either. And don’t get me started on Cream.

Cream: Rouge, you’re so mean!

Lilian: Girls, I’m TRYING to concentrate so I could fix Amy’s WATCH thank you very much!

The girls: Sorry, Ms. Lilian…

Amy: So... Are we ok?

Cream: Of course!

Rouge: I suppose I’ll let this slide.

Amy felt relieved and happy again…

Back at Station Square High in the football field, Nancy and Lisa were wearing their cheerleading uniforms instructing their cheerleading squad.

Lisa and Nancy: S-E-R-P-E-N-T-S! Station Square Serpents are the BEST!! (The cheerleaders follow along.)

Lisa: (They stop for now) Ok, team! That’s it for now! You’re dismissed! (Most of the cheerleaders started leaving while some of them were talking with each other.)

Lisa and Nancy sit on the bleachers while they do usual girl-stuff.

Lisa: You know what I’ve realized?

Nancy: ‘Sup, girlfriend?

Lisa: I forgot to take away Amy’s cheerleading belt.

Nancy: Forget about it. She probably won’t show her face anymore after we finally put her in her place.

Lisa: Still… I have this odd feeling that this runt’s a bit loose. She didn’t completely trust us until after we gave her that belt.

Nancy: Forget about it! We humiliated her and showed her whose boss! Mission accomplished!

Lisa: (Her phone vibrates and she takes it out.) Rich girl speaking. (For some reason, there was some screaming and shrieks of fear coming from her phone.) ???

Girl’s voice: Lisa, Lisa, are you there?!

Lisa: Didn’t you hear me speak the first time?

Girl’s voice: I’m sorry, but some crazy woman’s attacking us!! You have to call the police before-!! (The call ends.)

Lisa: ??? What was THAT all about?

Nancy: The girls are probably just playing a joke on us. (Gets up from the bleachers) Come on, let’s go home. “Sweet-Dream Social Sisters” is having a special event on TV this afternoon!

Lisa: W-wait, Nancy. Hold up. (She stands up in the bleachers and notices something in the middle of the football field.)

Nancy: What’s the getup? (Lisa walks towards that certain something.) Lisa?? Lisa, where’re you going??

When Lisa crouched down, she noticed that… a tiny flower was blooming in the field.

Nancy: (Catches up to Lisa) Lisa, what are you looking at? … Huh? … How did a flower suddenly bloom in the field?

Lisa: I dunno. And yet… this weird flower’s attracting me for some reason.

Nancy: Something up. Why would a flower be blooming in the football field? (Lisa was just about to pluck the flower…) !!! L-Lisa, we don’t know if it’s ok to touch or not!

But the moment that Lisa was just about to pluck the flower, a huge plant-like tentacle wrapped around her arm! Lisa screams as Nancy does too while she tries to escape. However, more plant-like vines sprout out of the ground wrapping around Nancy’s legs making her unable to move!!

More vines pop out of the ground and tie up the girls’ arms and legs!

Lisa: W-what IS all this?!

Nancy: Is this coming from a horror movie??

Someone approaches them. It was Susie. She seemed different. Her clothes were ripped apart, her hair looked dirty and filled with leaves, and her eyes were a dark shade of pink as she had a look of insanity on her face…

Susie: No no… This is the real deal, my dears…

Back at the SSP lab, Lilian had just finished fixing Amy’s watch.

Lilian: (Hands it back to Amy) There we go. Good as new! (Amy presses a button and the screen turns on.)

Amy: Wow! That was… really fast.

Lilian: Not bad huh? No matter how beat up these watches are, they’re totally repairable.

Rouge: What, you think you’re some sort of inventing genius or something?

Lilian: Well I have the capabilities of one. Made everything from the devices to those uniforms you wear in combat. (To Amy) Now Amy, (Gives her the Flash Memory Emitter device) when you see those girls, use this on them and they won’t remember anything about their recent involvement with you.

Amy: Um… ok.

All of a sudden, her computer beeps loudly as an incoming call was coming. Lilian presses a key and Blyner’s voice was heard from it.

Blyner’s voice: H-hello? Hello? Lilian, are you there?

Lilian: I’m here, Kevin. What’s up?

Blyner’s voice: Well I called you to give you some good news and… some bad news. Which one do you wanna hear first? … Um… Y-you know what, never mind. I’ll give you the good news. The good news is that my team and I finished making an antidote for the Pink Craze.

Lilian: Really?? That’s GREAT!

Blyner’s voice: I agree! We’ve worked pretty darn hard on that stuff. That’s where the bad news comes in. I don’t know how you’re going to take this, but… One of my co-workers was actually infected with the Pink Craze.

Lilian: WHAT?!? What happened?!

Blyner’s voice: Well… all I know is she somehow put it in some pot-plant, and… next thing I knew is she had some crazy plant-like powers all of a sudden and then… I was seeing stars…

Lilian: Oh no… No no no no no… Listen, deliver the vaccine to forty-seventh avenue. ASAP!!

Blyner’s voice: O-o… Ok! I’m on my way! (The call ends.)

Cream: What’s wrong, Ms. Lilian?

Amy: Is it something about the Pink Craze?

Lilian: Most definitely… Someone has consumed the Pink Craze…

Rouge: Wait… are you saying the Pink Craze is… INSIDE someone’s body?

Lilian: Yep. Not only can it manipulate one’s mind and overpower machinery, it can even affect humans in a matter of different ways. In layman’s terms… if someone eats or drinks that craze… they may go through a genetic mutation. (The girls felt afraid…)

Amy: That sounds… horrifying…

Lilian: (Types in some commands on the keyboard to open up a GPS system on the screen.) And it gets worse… It looks like the target is at your school, Amy.

Amy: What??

Lilian: Girls, this mission’s gonna be rough, but I understand you know how to use the weapon downloaders, right?

Cream: Um… I think so…

Cheese: Chao chao…

Lilian: Well I hope so. This mission’s going to be for REAL this time. I need you to get to that school and stall whoever’s under control of the Pink Craze until I’m able to deliver the antidote to you.

Cream: Is… Is it going to be dangerous??

Lilian: As long as you stick to your training you’ve been doing you’ll be just fine. (Goes over to a wall with a keypad. She inputs a code in and the hatch opens to reveal three blue cylnders that are the Weapon Downloaders.) (She hands them to the girls.) You remember how these work right?

Rouge: We know. We can activate them by the touch of a button and when we need a new weapon we scan them on an object. Oh, and it runs out of juice pretty fast.

Lilian: Heh. Fast learners. Well girls, you know what to do.

Amy: Get to the school, stall the Pink Crazed bystander and use the antidote when it arrives. Got it.

All three girls press the gold button on their watches and… Flash!! They appear in their SSP uniforms. They exit the lab by the vacuum tubes leading back to Station Square.

Back at the high school’s football field, Lisa, Nancy, and other students were being held high up in the air by the plant vines of the crazed Susie!

Susie: Isn’t this glamorous?! Just think of all the possibilities of the human body injected by this substance! With these powers I can produce a new form of life! I feel so free, so powerful… so powerful in fact that I can do just about anything that my adoring plants can do by my own will!

Lisa: Put me DOWN this instant! My daddy’s the head chairman of the science board! He will SO get you fired!!

Nancy: Somebody please HELP us!!

Amy, Rouge, Cream and Cheese arrive at the scene!!

Amy: You there!! (Susie turns to the girls) The Pink Craze is NOT to be tampered with!

Nancy: Is that… AMY?!

Lisa: That pink RUNT?! And she’s brought her runty friends too!

Amy: You don’t know what will happen if that craze stays inside you for too long!

Susie: Say what you want, children. But I feel limitless! That idiot Kevin doesn’t realize how wonderful it’s making me feel!

Cream: It may feel good but it will make you sick if you don’t stop! Please, you’re scaring all the kids!

Susie’s only response was to hold out her hand and release a stream of plant vines to attack the girls. They all jumped away just in the nick of time.

Rouge: Sweet talk won’t work for ya, huh? Might as well try MY talking method. (She takes out her weapon downloader and activates it to form some claw-like gloves on her hand.)

Vines shoot out to attack Rouge but she slashes them into pieces with her claw-gloves!

Some vines with heads of venus flytraps bulged out in front of Cream. Cream activated her downloader to be a staff… She bonked her staff on the flytrap’s head. It whimpers like a dog would.

Cream: No! Bad plant! Bad! You be a good plant!

Some other flytrap monster attached to vines shot out straight towards Amy. Amy’s weapon turns into a blue hammer as she strikes the monster’s head making green slime spill all over the ground. She kept hammering flytrap monsters until…

Some vines grabbed Amy’s waist making her unable to move. Same went for Rouge, Cream, and Cheese! All of them were then lifted up in the air along with the other kids held hostage.

Susie: (She laughs like a maniac!!) Why don’t you see it?! Why don’t you see how it’s changed me?! It could make YOU just as powerful as me if you were to side along with me! The facility has LOTS of that wonderful stuff for all of you!

Amy: MFF!! We don’t WANT to have that craze! We need to DESTROY it!

Susie: Destroy all the power in the world?! I should probably finish you and take it all for myself if I have to. You could’ve made a great assistant to me instead of siding along with your puny little friends!

Amy: … … They’re MY friends and their mine alone! I’ll never abandon them! Sure I look different, but I have my OWN spotlight that I have all to myself! And I can share it with Cream, Rouge, and all my other true friends as well!

Susie: … … … Well then… Can your little friendship save you from… THIS?! (The vines around Amy clenched her tighter, making Amy scream in pain!!)

Cream: AMY, NO!!

Amy tried to break free from the binding strength of the vines squeezing her tight. She then had an uncanny idea even to her. She grabbed the vine with her arms… and bit them as hard as she could!!

The vines screeched like a monster as the grip loosened! Amy was released and landed on the ground.

Amy: (Spits out the taste in her mouth) Eew!! That was NASTY! (The plant monsters roar ferociously!!)

Rouge: Uh, HELLO!! Did you forget about us?!

Cream: Help us, Amy! Please!!

Amy: I’m TRYING, girls! I need to find a way to stop her!!

Nancy: Runt-! I mean, Amy! We’re so sorry we’ve been so mean to you!!

Lisa: If you save us I promise we’ll never be mean to you again!

Amy: … Really?

Nancy and Lisa: YES!! WE PROMISE!!

Amy: … Are you sure?

Nancy and Lisa: ABSOLUETLY!!

Amy: … And you promise to treat me with a little more respect? And probably let ME sit at the popular girls’ lunch table? Maybe you could also let me-!

Cream and Rouge: AMY!!!

Amy: Oop! Sorry, got carried away.

Then, right in the nick of time, Lilian and Dr. Blyner arrive in a car! They both come out and run towards Amy!!!

Lilian: There you are!! (Runs up to Amy and gives her a needle with some clear liquid inside.) Just squeeze that liquid in Susie’s body and the Pink Craze should be totally eradicated in a matter of seconds!

Amy: Say what?

Lilian: Just give her the shot now!!

Amy: Oh, right!!

Blyner: You better hurry it up! She’s becoming more aggressive with that craze inside her!! (Just then, more plant vines swoop in and wrap around Lilian and Blyner while holding them in the air with everyone else!!)

Susie: So you all just want to die, don’t you? Well all you had to do was ask!

Amy: Ma’am, this medicine will cure you whether you want it to or not! And you’ll probably thank me later when it DOES cure you! (Amy makes her move!)

Susie kept trying to stop Amy with more plant vines to trap her. Fortunately, Amy’s dodging and acrobatic skills were helping her get closer to her target! But right before Amy could inject Susie, some vines caught Amy by her waist making her drop the injection needle to the ground! Amy clings to the grassy ground as hard as she could to avoid being pulled up!

Susie: (Laughs) You are a FOOL to come against me, little RUNT!! I have all the power in the world with this! Think of all the necessities it can do with the power of science! Think of all the fame it could grant you! Think of all the power it will provide for you! Think of all the chances to take with this amazing procedure!

Amy: (Tries to hold on…) I think you need to be put in your place!!

Amy grabs the needle injection and jams it into Susie’s shoulder! The medicine quickly rushes into her body as she screams in pain!

The Pink hue in her eyes fades back to her normal eye color as she slowly stops screaming and collapses… All the vines suddenly wither and turn brown as everyone fell to the grassy ground, unharmed… The battle was over…

Amy: (Panting hard…) Is… Is everyone ok?

Rouge: (Gets up rubbing her sides…) SOME of us are…

Lilian: Well, Dr. Blyner… looks like your antidote’s a success.

Blyner: Yeah… I’m kinda surprised myself… I’m more worried about Susie though… (Lilian walks up to Susie who was unconscious…)

Lilian: She’s gonna be just fine. Out cold thankfully. (The boys and girls were still traumatized by what happened, but they were completely unharmed.)

Lisa: Omigosh… I’ve never been so freaked out in my entire life…

Nancy: You’ve saved our lives, Amy… (Most of the other kids were thankful too.)

Lisa: Look, uh… sorry for being so rude to you… Guess you’re not that bad I suppose.

Nancy: Suppose?! She’s part of a crime-fighting group!! She’ll TOTALLY make an awesome friend of ours from now on, right?? … Right?

At first, Amy seemed pleased, but…

Amy: … Thank you for the offer, but… I pass.

Lisa and Nancy: Huh?

Amy: Although your little club seems nice and all… and hanging out with the most popular girls in the entire school feels like a great honor… … I think I mostly belong to the Station Square Patrollers… and when I say that… I mean my friends. (Turns to Cream, Cheese, and Rouge smiling at her.)

Lisa: But you’re practically better than us! You’re part of a crime-fighting group I mean, how AMAZING is that?!

Amy: The Station Square Patrollers’ identity must be kept secret. I know… I’m not thrilled with this either, but… rules are rules… And those that know our secret… (She takes out the Flash Memory Emitter.) Must not remember it.

Lisa: But we won’t share it with anyone! HONEST!

Nancy: Cross our hearts, girlfriend! Please!

Amy: I know you mean well. Really, I do… But I mostly belong with the ones that support me… And I wouldn’t want to throw THAT away anytime soon. So… I guess this is goodbye for now. … Oh, by the way. (Holds out the cheerleading belt they gave her before!) I think I’ll keep this for now. Thanks! (Lisa and Nancy were confused, but before they could speak…)

Amy pressed the button on the device and it emits a brilliant flash of light…

Monday morning at Station Square High. Amy, Cream, and Rouge were walking down the hallway as school was just about over for the day.

Cream: Do you think it worked, Ms. Amy?

Amy: I sure hope so…

Rouge: Well now’s our chance to see. Look who’s coming our way.

Lisa and Nancy were walking down the hallway until they encountered Amy and her friends.

Lisa: Move aside, runt. We’re currently on a tight schedule as it is.

Nancy: Yeah, why don’t you run away to your little clubhouse, losers?

Cream: Um… So you don’t remember us fighting some girl who had evil plant powers?

Lisa: Say what?

Nancy: Whatta ya know. They’re outsiders AND a buncha loonies.

Lisa: Yeah. Why the school let a bunch of freaks run amok in these hallways is beyond me. Let’s go, Nancy.

Nancy: Right behind you, Lisa. (They both leave…)

Rouge: Yeah. It worked.

Amy: Oh yeah, girls, I wanted to bring you someplace special. To make up for my silly actions with those girls. Trust me; you’ll really love this place!

Rouge: (Sarcastic) I can’t wait.

Later, Amy took Cream Rouge, and Cheese to the place she was introduced to before. The Milkyway Café.

Amy: This is “The Milkyway Café.” Before that whole fiasco with the pink craze, those girls brought me to this place. So I figured you girls would like to come here. (They sit in those high stools.) Four vanilla shakes please!

The store owner gives four shakes to the girls.

Cream: (Sips her shake.) Mmm! This is really delicious!

Cheese: (Happily) Chao chao chao!

Rouge: Hm. Not bad at all. So those girls introduced you to this place?

Amy: Yep. And I still kept this. (Holds up the cheerleading belt) Whoever has this is part of the cheer squad of the school. I still think being a cheerleader’s kinda fun.

Cream: Do you think Mr. Blyner can finally stop that Pink Craze?

Amy: Not sure. I heard his team only had time to make one batch of the antidote. And it’s not enough to dispose all of that pink craze we captured from Eggman.

Rouge: Sounds like they need to work overtime to make more.

Amy: Ms. Lilian is taking the time to assist them. But as long as that craze is kept safe from harm we shouldn’t have anything to worry about.

Cream: Ms. Lilian will still need us if this city needs more patrolling. Right?

Amy: Of course, Cream! So are you girls enjoying the milkshakes?

Cream: Mm-hm! They’re really delicious! Thank you, Ms. Amy! (She and Cheese sip their shakes.)

Rouge: Ok, I guess I could count THIS as an apology.

Amy: What, my last one wasn’t good enough for you?

Rouge: Pretty much.

Amy: Rouge you can be so RUDE all the time!

Rouge just laughs. And so does Cream and Cheese. … Amy couldn’t help but laugh with them too.

The girls enjoyed their milkshakes as this café quickly became their newest hangout.
At last, episode three is complete. If you like what you've read, please share it with other fellow Sonic fans of the community. It will REALLY help get this series jump-start into popularity!


Amy Rose tries to fit in at school. She feels like the lone sheep of the flock. But her recent progression in her aerobic skills at Gym class raises awareness of two snotty girls named Lisa Forlune and Nancy Trenmoore. Meanwhile, Dr. Blyner's co-workers work very hard to make a counteract for the Pink Craze up until one of them experiments with it on a normal pot plant... Then things start growing like crazy.
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