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In the laboratory of Dr. Eggman in the dead of night, Orbot and Cubot make their way to Eggman’s lab. Eggman was still trying to decipher the scrambled messed up code of the pink slime on his computer screen.

Eggman: (Turns to them) Ah there you are, you two! Were you able to locate that pink sample??

Orbot: Uh… Well… Define “locate”…

Eggman: (Face palms) Please don’t tell me you didn’t find it.

Cubot: Ok! We won’t!

Eggman: You IDIOTS! That pink slime could be anywhere! Didn’t I tell you how dangerous that substance can be?!

Orbot: (Nodding) Yes of course, boss! Of course you did!

Eggman: (Grunts) Now I hafta take drastic measures to make sure you don’t mess up this time… One of you! Step forward!

Orbot and Cubot were confused on which should go forward. They then started shoving each other around until… Cubot stepped forward.

Eggman: Cubot! So NICE of you to step forward and accept a little responsibility!

Cubot: (Gulps) Aw nuts.

Eggman grabs Cubot and closes him up into his cube sleep form. He then takes out a strange computer chip and inserts it inside Cubot.

Eggman: There! That wasn’t too bad, was it?

Cubot: (Opens up) Hey, what’cha do to me, boss?? I feel really weird!

Eggman: I simply placed a guiding chip in your intelligence system that will pinpoint the EXACT location to the pink slime! Using the sample I have, the chip will be able to locate any trace of that substance in seconds!

Cubot: Wow, REALLY?? I feel smarter already! (His head spins as he reads data and stops.)

Orbot: … Is that supposed to happen?

Cubot: (Speaking in a rough voice) SIR! PINK SLIME HAS BEEN LOCATED, SIR!!

Eggman: Excellent! Point in the direction!

Cubot points… To the pink slime in the huge glass container.

Eggman: … You DUNDER-HEAD! (Bashes Cubot on the head) I need you to locate the SAMPLE of the slime! The one in the vial that Sonic stole from me!

Cubot: (Normal voice) OH… THAT’S what you meant! … Well you could’ve been more elaborate.

Eggman: Go back to that city and FIND THAT SLIME!!! (Cubot frantically leaves the room with Orbot following).

Eggman turns back to his computer reading the scrambled code.

Eggman: Bah, this code is simply unbearable! What kind of science was this MADE from?? No matter! As long as this pink goo fulfills my evil duties, that’s quite enough for me! Now I just need that sample back before anything else happens.

Morning passes in Station Square. Amy Rose was sitting by the café, still feeling sorry about last night.

Amy: … … …

Sonic and Tails walk in.

Tails: Um… hi, Amy. (Amy didn’t respond.) Um… Look, we just wanna make sure you’re ok. I mean, you could’ve been in MORE trouble if that other girl didn’t show up.

Amy: …

Sonic: … Come ON, Amy! You could’ve gotten killed by that robber. You know how much you worried us?

Amy: … So what? Are you saying that I’m USELESS?!

Sonic: I… I didn’t say that.

Amy: No, but you were THINKING it! Well you know what, you’re RIGHT. Me and those girls are just standing by you guys to be the cheerleaders! I just wanted to prove that we girls can handle ourselves! … Even though I still had my doubts.

Tails: Don’t be like that, Amy. You and the girls are great at helping us! We wouldn’t be ANYWHERE without you!

Amy: Really? Name ONE TIME when we helped you.

Tails: … Um… Well… Er…

Amy: You see?! Who am I kidding? I just… wanted to prove to you that girls can kick butt too! … But I guess I’m wrong on THAT, aren’t I?

Sonic: … Well, you did get me out of that Prison Island cell a while back. … Right?

Amy: … … … (Sighs…) I’m going home. (She gets off the chair and walks away.)

Sonic: … … …

Meanwhile, at Cream’s house… Cream and Cheese were getting scolded by Vanilla.

Vanilla: Cream, you know better not to run off at night, and get involved in a crime incident! Do you know what could’ve happened to you??

Cream: … I’m sorry, mama… I was just trying to help Rouge and Amy…

Vanilla: Sorry is not enough, Cream! You could’ve been killed and I would’ve lost you! (Cream felt ashamed…) Don’t you know it’s dangerous to be involved in a crime incident??

Cream: (Trying not to cry…) I… I was just trying to prove to Sonic… and his friends… That we could help them too…

Vanilla: … (Sighs) You are helpful, Cream. But these situations are too dangerous for a young girl like you. The boys have it all taken care of.

Cream: But it’s not fair, mom! I know what we did was wrong, but I wanna show them that we can do big things too! All we do is just cheer Mr. Sonic, and Tails, and Knuckles, well… WE wanna be cheered too!

Vanilla: That’s not how you talk to your mother, Cream! I want you never to be involved in something that dangerous ever again! Do I make myself clear??

Cream: … Y-…Yes, mom…

Vanilla: … Thank you. … Go to your room, please… (Cream and Cheese leave and head upstairs.)(Sighs…)

Later, back in Station Square… Rouge was standing on top of a building, looking at the sky.

Rouge: … And I thought we had it in the bag.

Knuckles: (Walks in) Had WHAT in the bag? You trying to prove you’re better?

Rouge: Hmph. (Turns to him) If it’s about competition, you can drop it. We were only trying to prove that girls can take care of themselves.

Knuckles: And you pretty much goofed up.

Rouge: It was a minor setback. So we screwed up, big deal. We pretty much can do many things you boys can’t.

Knuckles: Like trying to NOT get kidnapped by Eggman?

Rouge: !?!?! You are REALLY pushing my buttons, knuckle-head! You don’t even know how humiliating it was last night! We had that burglar in the bag but Amy just HAD to screw up. … Along with Cream… … And… me… In a way.

Knuckles: Heh. Glad I’m not in your shoes. Could be worse. You and the girls could’ve stayed in jail the whole night.

Rogue: Har har, very funny. If you’re glad you’re not in my shoes… How would you like them smashing your FACE?!

Knuckles: Whoa whoa, little lady, don’t want you to mess up those nails of yours.

Rouge: !?!?! You know it’s not NICE to make fun of a lady! You better beat it before I BEAT you to a pulp!

Knuckles: Ok ok, you win. I’ll leave. But just letting you know… You would’ve looked great in stripes.

Rouge: !?!?!?!?!?

Knuckles: (Chuckles to himself as he walks away). MAN, I’ve always wanted to say that.

Rouge: … (She clenches her fist). AAAUGH!!!! (She stomps her foot on the concrete.) … … … What’s the point of trying… (She sits down). Guess I went a little overboard… … And probably still will. …

Meanwhile, back at the destruction of the research lab, some construction workers were busy cleaning up the rubble and mess around the area. Little did they know that one of the workers removed a huge piece of rubble with a vial of the pink substance hiding beneath it. The work men stumble through the vial and it rolls off the sidewalk and onto the curb.

It then rolls across the street with some cars passing by as the tires made the vial spun out onto another curb away from the research center.

A little boy picks up the vial and holds it to this mother.

Boy: Mommy, look what I found! It’s really pretty!

Mother: What did I tell you about picking things up from the streets? (She takes it from him and tosses it in a trash can by an alley.) You don’t know where it’s been. Come on, let’s go home and wash those dirty hands of yours.

Boy: Aw, mom!

The vial then tipped over from the trash can and fell to the ground, still glowing oddly…

Meanwhile at the Station Square hospital, Dr. Blyner was bedridden. Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles walk in.

Blyner: Oh, boys! How did you know I was here?

Tails: Word got around pretty quickly. (They approach him). So, are you alright?

Blyner: I’m well enough to get back to work if you ask me!

Knuckles: I wouldn’t count my chickens before they hatch, doc. So what happened last night?

Blyner: Well, you’re not gonna believe this, but a couple of strange looking robots came out of nowhere and started attacking my superiors. It seems like they were looking for something.

Sonic: A couple of robots? … That smells a lot like Eggman, and it certainly smells HORRID.

Blyner: Anyway, I had a strange feeling they would come after that pink slime we were still looking into, so I had to hide it. I saw that they were planting a bomb right outside my office, so I knew I had no choice but to send my progress of the scrambled code to someone I knew.

Tails: Really? So… who’d you send it to?

Blyner: Oh she’s a very good friend of mine. We knew each other in college. We haven’t really talked much, so… yeah; I hope she remembers who I am. (Chuckles).

Sonic: Not exactly the answer we’re looking for, but good to see you’re doing ok.

Blyner: Yeah, but I’m more concerned about that vial I lost. I’m pretty sure it survived the explosion, but I couldn’t find it cuz’ the police brought me to this hospital.

Tails: … With that weird slime, anything big could happen if someone gets a hold of it. Not to mention Eggman’s lackies.

Sonic: We’ll hafta find that vial and make sure it doesn’t end up in the wrong hands.

Tails: Right. (To Dr. Bylner) We’ll come back as soon as we find that vial. We’ll look by the research lab and see if we can get it before someone else does.

The three of them leave Dr. Blyner’s room.

Blyner: Uh boys! I do think you should be careful with that stuff! It seems pretty dangerous!

But the three of them already left… Blyner seemed a bit concerned as he adjusted his glasses.

Later on, back in the Station Square Patroller lab, Lilian was sitting at her desk with a big computer screen on the wall. She still seemed upset about what happened last night.

Lilian: … (Sighs…) I should’ve known they’d goof up. They don’t have the skills it takes to become a patroller. Why did I even give them a chance to join? … (She types something on the computer and three data files with Amy Cream and Rouge’s names on them.)

Lilian was inputting something on the keyboard and the words “Delete Local Membership Files?” with a yes or no option. Lilian was just about to hit the enter key… But something stopped her from pressing it.

Lilian: … … … Hm. … Kinda reminds me when I first joined some club when I was younger. Broke the rules the first day, they threatened to kick me out... And yet… … They gave me a chance. … … (She moved the selection to “No” and pressed enter. The three files still remained.)

Lilian just smiled. She knew that the girls needed more help.

Lilian: … (Lilian closes off the files and notices some blinking icon at the top right of the screen.) Hm? A new message? But how? I never gave my message address to anyone. … Unless it was… …

Without hesitation she clicks on the flashing icon and another folder pops up on her computer showing two icons. One of them was an audio recording and another looked like some unknown file. Lilian opens the audio file and it begins playing.

It appeared to be a voice recording of Dr. Blyner’s voice. He was talking like he was trying to keep his composure and there was some loud noise in the background as if the place was being ransacked by someone.

Blyner’s voice: Uh hello? Hello, hello? Oh uh… it’s recording… Uh hey, Lilian! It’s me! Kevin! … You know, Kevin Blyner? We used to be teachers back at Royalton Academy, remember? How are you doing? (There was some loud explosion and glass smashing with some people screaming in the background.) Y-you know what? Never mind, scratch that. I have a bit of a problem. I’m actually glad I kept your message address in a safe place so yeah; me and a friend of mine have been researching this strange pink substance recently. (Lilian seemed a bit interested when he mentioned that pink stuff.) We discovered that it was filled with some scrambled code and it was a hell of time to transcript it in one piece. Uh… I was left alone to finish it, but then… (More stuff was breaking in the background). Something turned up.

Lilian: … Pink substance?

Blyner’s voice: I don’t think I’ll be able to finish the job so I thought I’d send you a copy of what I did so far so you can finish it up. I’m not trying to force you or anything but I’d really appreciate it if you could finish analyzing it for me. You seem slightly better at this stuff than I am. Y-you know I always wondered why it made most of our computers go haywire for some apparent… (Something big thudded to the ground not too far off in the background…) … Oh no…

Something that sounded like an explosion occurred but at the same time the audio file ended. Lilian was quite confused on what she heard and seemed more concerned about what Blyner was talking about. She closed the audio file and opened up the unknown file. It opened up a huge line of unreadable text.

Lilian: Huh. I can see what he meant by scrambled code. It shouldn’t be much of a problem. (She begins getting to work as she started translating most of the scrambled code like a professional.)

She seemed to be a natural like Blyner mentioned. But when she translated a certain line of data she stopped in her tracks.

Lilian: (She seemed to be shocked at what she translated…) No… N-no… It-it can’t be… Can it? … I hafta finish this up and fast. (She continues translating the scrambled data)

Back in Station Square, Orbot and Cubot were searching around for that pink slime that they missed.

Cubot: (Talking in a rough voice) Come on! The boss ain’t waiting for us to be dilly-dallying all day! We hafta find that pink slimy whatchamacallit before he turns us to scrap metal!

Orbot: (Concerned) You seemed a little out of place when the boss put that chip inside you. You don’t think it affected your voice chip, do you?

Cubot: (Rough voice) Of COURSE not! I just feel strong and full of energy searching for that pink menacing substance that would cause dismay upon the civilization of Station Square!

Orbot: Not to mention you used a word with more than two syllables. (Looking around near a blue mailbox.) Since the boss gave you knowledge on how to search for this strange pink substance, do you have any knowledge on what it is called?

Cubot: (Rough voice) … Eh… … NO. Not really. But I do know that it is VERY dangerous in the wrong hands and can spell doom to ANYONE who gets their hands on it! Especially the boss guy!

Orbot: Ah, you do make an excellent point. … Even though we discussed this before.

They continue rummaging around the streets of Station Square.

Meanwhile, back at the hospital, Dr. Blyner was still bedridden while reading a book. His cell phone on the dresser near his bed suddenly rang. He picked it up and answered it.

Blyner: Kevin Blyner speaking.

Lilian’s voice: Kevin? Kevin Blyner is that you?

Blyner: L-Lilian? Huh, I don’t believe it! I didn’t think I’d get back in touch with you!

Back in Lilian’s lab, Lilian was talking to Blyner through her computer.

Lilian: Well it’s nice to see your still in one piece after that incident from your little message. You feeling ok?

Blyner’s voice: Ah, I think I’m well enough to go back to work. But my lower back seems to be in pain a bit and the doctors said I won’t be able to move outta bed till next week. Most of my co-workers there made it out in one piece… except… me of course. (Chuckles…) Oh yeah, how did you know my cell phone number anyway?

Lilian: I still have it. After all these years. I’m actually grateful that I didn’t to throw it out after the volcano project incident back in college.

Blyner’s voice: … Oh… Uh… right… yeah… Anyway, what is it that you need from me?

Lilian: I’m calling you about that scrambled code you sent me. Its half-way finished, but… somehow strikes me odd.

Blyner’s voice: How so?

Lilian: Well I’m no rocket scientist or anything but I have a feeling that this pink slime data you sent me might have something to do with that explosion from your lab.

Blyner’s voice: You heard the news too? Oh yeah, I also heard about Sonic’s friends getting in trouble or… something. You know anything about that?

Lilian: … … … Sort of… … Anyway, after hours of translating this messed up code I figured out the name of this weird experiment. It’s a dangerous substance that seems to mess with the consumer’s mind and cause them to go mad with power. Not only on living creatures but any type of technology as well.

Blyner’s voice: Are you serious? No wonder most of the computers went haywire.

Lilian: But what I’m most curious about is its name. (Opens the file up on the computer) Codenamed… Pink Craze.

Blyner’s voice: Pink… Craze? Strange name for a dangerous substance, isn’t it? Well are you going to finish translating that crazy code?

Lilian: Yeah, that’s the problem. I can’t seem to finish translating this thing. (She opens the file and tries to translate it but errors keep popping up.) Every time I try, the system crashes. Luckily it’s not infected with a virus but I’m unable to finish it. I can’t figure out WHO created this and why. But more importantly how did this even get here?

Blyner’s voice: Well, my friend Tails told me something about one of Eggman’s robots or something trying to get a hold of it. You think this… Eggman fella has something to do with this Pink Craze thing?

Lilian: … You’re probably right. Do you have any idea on where this sample of the Pink Craze is?

Blyner’s voice: Well I hope to high heaven that it’s still at my lab. I’m pretty sure Sonic and his friends are searching for it now.

Lilian: … Blyner, I’ll call you back. I hafta do some work.

Blyner’s voice: Um… alright then, I’ll leave you to it. Lemme know if there’s anything I can do to help.

Lilian: Will do. Goodbye. (She presses a key on the keyboard and ends the call.) … … …

Lilian then copied some text data from the Pink Craze file and opened up another window reading “Station Square City Search”. She copied the text data in a blank box and activated the system. However it seemed to be taking a short time loading up.

Lilian: … Ugh… This is going to take a while…

Somewhere else, Vanilla asked Amy to stay with Cream until she would come back.

Vanilla: Now I won’t be gone for long so I need you to keep an eye on Cream for me, alright?

Amy: Yes, Ms. Vanilla.

Vanilla: And I don’t want you give my daughter any ideas on doing what you did last night. Do I make myself clear?

Amy: … Yes, Ms. Vanilla.

Vanilla: Alright then. (Takes her purse and begins to leave her house.) See you soon. (She leaves while closing the door.)

Amy: … … (Sighs.)

Amy walks in the living room and sees Cream and Cheese reading a book on the couch. Amy then sits near Cream.

Amy: … Um… Cream? … I’m sorry I got you into this mess. … I should’ve known that girls like us can’t do anything right…

Cream: … Amy, what are you saying? We can do all KINDS of great things!

Cheese: Chao chao chao!

Amy: I know, but… look at us. We almost got sent to JAIL. I bet Ms. Lilian’s not even going to give us a sporting chance.

Cream: … (Someone was then knocking at the door.) Hm?

Amy: I got it. (She gets off the couch, walks up to the front door and opens it.)

It was Rouge at the door.

Rouge: … Hey.

Amy: … Hi. (She lets Rouge in)

Rouge: … Sorry about… last night.

Amy: … (Sighs…) It’s fine. (They walk to the living room.)

Cream: … … … Don’t be so sad, girls. We can still show Mr. Sonic and his friends that we can still do anything we can set our minds to!

Rouge: Oh, like not go to jail? We’re already in enough trouble as it is.

Amy: Let’s face it. We’ll only just get in the boys way. We girls can’t do anything right…

Rouge: I bet those guys would make much better patrollers than we’ll ever be.

Cream: Don’t say that, Rouge! (She tosses the book away, gets off the chair and faces the two.) Patrollers or NO patrollers, we won’t let anyone treat us like we’re helpless girls!

Rouge: We ARE girls, Cream.

Amy: AND helpless at the same time.

Cream: But I told you we can do anything if we can set our mind to it! We don’t HAVE to be a patroller to do anything! Think about it! We still had lots of adventures even without Sonic, right?

Amy: … Well… when you put it that way…

Rouge: You’re still enthusiastic about this aren’t you?

Cream: Patrollers or not, we’ll be able to overcome anything that will happen to us! We’ll show Sonic and his friends that girls can be strong too!

Cheese: Chao chao!

Amy: … ... … You’re right! We don’t HAVE to be patrollers to show Sonic what we can do! We just gotta prove ourselves worthy our OWN way! We’re not gonna let them think we’re helpless, are we?

Rouge and Cream: No way!

Rogue: I like where this is going.

Cream: Yay! Go team!

Cheese: Chao CHAO!

Meanwhile in the city of Station Square, Vanilla was walking down the sidewalk.

Vanilla: … (Sighs…) I just hope they aren’t doing reckless things while I’m gone. They shouldn’t be doing anything that dangerous. (She then stops and sees something pink glowing out of the trashcan in an alleyway.) Hm? What’s that?

Vanilla walked over to take a closer look at the glowing thing in the trash. Unknown to her, it was the sample of the Pink Craze that Dr. Blyner was trying to find before.

Vanilla: (Carefully plucks the vial out as it glows mildly.) Oh my… I wonder what this strange pink thing is? … Perhaps I can find Tails in the city. He’s pretty intelligent with these kinds of things. (But before she could put the vial in her purse…)

Orbot and Cubot came in out of nowhere catching Vanilla off guard!

Cubot: Surprise!! (He covers her mouth with a rag and holds her arms to her back, making her drop the vial!)

Orbot: (Picks up the vial) Well what do you know. We’ve had the little girl’s mother do the work for us.

Cubot: Who’d have thought it! What should we do to her anyway?

Orbot: Should we be merciful and just let her go? It would be less of a bloodshed if we’d do so.

Vanilla: ?!?!

Cubot: No way! Why don’t we bring her to the boss! That way, she won’t be a little snitch! No one will know she’s gone!

Orbot: Oh you’re absolutely right!

Sonic’s voice: But WE’LL know!

Orbot and Cubot: ?!!??!? (Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles encountered the two robots.)

Orbot: You!

Sonic: … Yeah. Us.

Orbot: Where and how did YOU get here?

Sonic: Oh you know just playing a little I Spy around the lab searching for some pink vial that Dr. Blyner misplaced cuz of you guys.

Cubot: Ooh, I LOVE I Spy!

Tails: Don’t worry, Vanilla, we’ll save you from those tin heads!

Sonic: Just hand over that vial and Vanilla so we’ll go easy on you.

Orbot: I’m sorry to inform you, but this motherly rabbit-lady has recently discovered a powerful substance that could easily spell doom upon your city. (Vanilla was quite surprised) So it would be advised if you were to let her relax at our secret facility in no harm’s way.

Knuckles: (Pretending he couldn’t hear) That’s odd. For a second there I thought you said, “Please pulverize us like the bunch lunatic… idiotic… … robots we are!” … (To Tails and Sonic) Huh? … HUH? Don’t you get it?

Sonic: Leave the one-liners to me, knuckle-head.

Orbot: … It seems I am left with no other option. As the bad book always says… (He takes out a sciencey looking cube.) Always be prepared! (He tosses the cube at the boys.)

At first, it didn’t really do anything. Leaving Sonic and his friends a bit confused.

Cubot: … Um… Orbot?

Orbot: Wait for it…

All of a sudden, the cube shook and opened up into a clear glass cube somehow trapping the boys inside!

Sonic: HEY!! What’s the big idea?!

Orbot: We can’t have you get in our way of retrieving this slime for the boss so if you’ll just come along quietly, we can all sort this out.

Tails: You seem polite for an insane piece of metal.

Orbot: Oh yes. I almost forgot! Don’t try and break yourselves out of there or you’ll be in for a shocking surprise!

Knuckles: You’re not the boss of us, tin-head! (He lunges his fist at the glass, only to suffer an electric shock!) AAAUGH!!!

Tails: Knuckles!!

Knuckles collapsed while charred from the electricity.

Orbot: I warned you. Not even the most powerful attacks of yours can free you.

Sonic: Enjoy it while you can!

Orbot: (To Cubot) Cubot, we must take our leave. And tell the boss we have peeping toms on the way.

Cubot: Ok! (He pulls Vanilla away while Orbot uses a remover to pull Sonic and his friends away in the cube.)

Orbot: No hard feelings. Its business stuff, you understand.

Later, in Lilian’s lab under the city, the program finally finished loading and opening up.

Lilian: (Sighs annoyingly) Finally. I need to update this computer sometime soon. (She inputs some more commands on the keyboard.) It’s a good thing that no one bothered to fix those abandoned security cameras. Now I can keep an eye on this city whenever I need to. (She presses one last key)

Outside in Station Square, some old security cameras attached to several buildings started activating as they look around Station Square.

Back to the lab, Lilian looks around the security camera feeds until she sees something near the train station.

Lilian: Alright. Now I’ll be able to pinpoint the exact location of that Craze sample. (Inputs some code and video footage of the Train Station appears on screen.)(She zooms the camera in.) !!!!

Lilian witnesses Cubot holding the vial of the Pink Craze while holding Vanilla hostage with Cubot doing the same with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles!

Lilian: !!!!! Oh no… That looks like… … Looks like only they can help them. (She opens something up on her computer.)

Meanwhile back in Cream’s house… The three girls were sitting the living room.

Amy: I think we should make our own club! One that only GIRLS can join!

Rouge: Please. Only little kids like Cream do that kinda thing.

Cream: No I don’t!

Amy: I mean a REAL club! Like those kids in school do!

Rouge: You recently figured THAT out?

Amy: What do you expect? I need SOME sort of education, right?

Rouge: What I’m more concerned is why you had ME involved.

Amy: You just need something to do in your spare time. Anyway, back on subject. If we make our own club just like those school clubs we’ll be able to show everyone how girls can kick butt too!

Something rings loudly.

Cream: What’s that?

Cheese: Chao?

Amy: … Oh! It must be my cell phone. (She takes out her pink cell phone and answers it.) Amy Rose!

Lilian’s voice: Amy, it’s me.

Amy: ??? Ms. Lilian?? Why are-?? What-?? … How did you get my number??

Back in Lilian’s lab…

Lilian: (Talking to Amy through her computer) I was able to track you down on my computer. But that’s not important now. I need your help!

Back to Amy and the girls…

Amy: … Wait… I thought we weren’t part of the Station Square patrollers anymore. Why should we try and help you?

Lilian’s voice: Would you cut it out and listen to me?! This is for the fate of Station Square itself! Two robots came in and kidnapped Cream’s mother, as well as Sonic and his friends!

Amy: !!!!!! W-…What do you need us to do??

Lilian’s voice: I need you to get back to my lab as quick as possible!

Amy: But… But you…

Lilian’s voice: Forget about last night and get down here NOW!

Amy: !!! (Closes her phone) … Rouge, Cream, we hafta find Ms. Lilian.

Cream: Lilian?

Rouge: I thought that girl was DONE with us. Were you talking to her just now?

Amy: Apparently so. She told me that Sonic’s in trouble. (To Cream) And your mother’s in trouble too, Cream.

Cream and Cheese: !!!!!!

Rouge: Hmph. If those boys are in a tight spot let THEM try and free themselves.

Amy: But what if they CAN’T? We’ll have no choice but to see Lilian again. She’s the only one that can probably help us.

Cream: … Amy…

Rouge: Fine. But we better not be expecting any miracles.

Soon after, the girls make their way to Forty-Seventh Avenue near town hall. They entered the abandoned alley as they stood near the dead end brick wall. The floor beneath them opens up and they fall down through. They ended up back in Lilian’s lab. However… Lilian was nowhere to be seen.

Amy: Ms. Lilian? … Hello? Anyone? We’re here because you called us!

Rouge: I knew it. The big girl flew the coop. I told you she didn’t trust us.

Cream: What if she’ll be right back?

Amy: … I don’t know… I’m more worried about our friends… I hope their ok…

Lilian: (She suddenly drops in from the slide the girls took!) They’re ANYTHING but ok.

The girls: Ms. Lilian??

Lilian: Somehow, Eggman’s lackeys found the sample of the Pink Craze and captured your friends as well.

Amy: Pink Craze? What does that even MEAN? What’s going ON here?

Rouge: Pink Craze… Does that have anything to do with that strange pink vial that the boys got yesterday?

Lilian: Damn straight. (Opens up her computer on screen.) If Eggman uses that sample again, Station Square will be on its last legs. … Wait a minute… (She types on the computer again.) … Oh no… There’s even MORE of that stuff where HE is.

The girls: What?

Amy: So lemme guess. This Pink Craze stuff’s dangerous. Right?

Lilian: That’s right. We don’t know where it came from and what its purpose is but all we know is that it makes people go mad with power as well as overpowering machinery.

Rouge: What does that hafta do with us?

Lilian: Well, the blue hedgehog along with the others are still under Eggman’s roof and therefore, you’re the only ones that can save them.

Cream: But… But HOW?

Cheese: Chao chao?

Lilian: … I was only trying to help you. Although I’m disappointed with what you did last night… (She holds out their Patroller Remote Device watches!) I’m willing to give you another chance.

Amy: !!! Those… Those watches?? H-How did you get them back from the chief of the police??

Lilian: I found a way. But it’s not important now. This is going to be your real first mission. You still don’t know how those weapons work so I suggest using your skills and knowledge to free those guys.

Rouge: You want us to sneak into Eggman’s lab and free those guys?

Cream: And my mom too!

Lilian: Look, you’re their only hope even though they judge you just because your girls. Girls can do many things that guys can’t you know. … I knew you’d believe that after I invited you here in the first place.

Amy: … So… You’re the one who… dropped that… flyer… (Lilian just smiles…)(Amy summons her courage and turns to Cream, Cheese, and Rouge!) Alright, girls! … And little boy. Sonic and the others need our help! Who’s with me?!

They all high five! The girls strapped their watches to their wrists and they all pressed the gold button to activate their Patroller uniforms!

Amy: (She and the rest salute) We’re ready, Ms. Lilian!

Lilian: Perfect. Eggman’s laboratory is in the ocean a couple miles off of station Square. (Turns to the computer and opens up a radar showing something moving to a location.) And it looks like those robots are just about at that location.

Rouge: So how are we going to catch up to them?

Lilian: Simple. By boat. (Turns off the computer) Come on. It’s outside.

The girls: Outside??

Cheese: Chao chao?

Sometime later, back in the city and near the ocean at the beach, Lilian showed the girls a speedboat.

Lilian: This will help you get to Eggman’s base in the blink of an eye. It has a radar that can detect its exact location and several dangers that they might toss at you. (The girls get in the boat) I’ve pinpointed the exact location where Eggman’s keeping most of the Pink Craze. Find your friends, get the Pink Craze and get outta there as soon as possible. Are you up for it?

Amy: We’ll handle Captain Egghead with our hands tied behind our backs!

Lilian: (Chuckles) Don’t attempt THAT just yet.

Rouge: Hold up. How are YOU going to be helping us?

Lilian: I’ll provide you some assistance in finding your friends. And I’ll keep track of your progress through your watches. Just be sure you complete the mission. Good luck.

The girls: You can count on us!

Amy turned the speedboat on and they zoomed off from Lilian to Eggman’s base!

Lilian: … You’ll need all the luck you’ll get. … I just hope they’ll pull through…

Soon after, the girls managed to make it to Eggman’s base. They get off the boat and stare at the laboratory of Dr. Eggman.

Amy: Well we’re here. … You ready for this?

Cream: I’m starting to think I’m not ready…

Cheese: Chao chao…

Rouge: I still think those boys can handle themselves.

Amy: Never mind that, Rouge. This is our first REAL mission. And we better not screw it up this time. (They make their way to the entrance.)

Cream: I hope my mom and Mr. Sonic are ok…

Meanwhile, inside Eggman’s lab, Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Vanilla were trapped in an inescapable electric dome. Sonic kept trying to punch his way out but it wouldn’t budge.

Eggman: (Laughs heartily) Keep trying all you want, Sonic! You won’t even be able to make a single DENT in my inescapable dome field!

Sonic: UGH… What do you want from us anyway?!

Eggman: Me? Nothing at all! Unless inviting you to see my latest invention become twice as powerful thanks to my all powerful pink substance counts as something!

Tails: Eggman, that stuff is way too dangerous! It could send your whole lab into a total meltdown!

Eggman: I already thought ahead of that, Mr. Know-It-All! All my glass containers keep the slime from multiplying and causing my machines to overdrive. I will use all of that overpowering substance and take over not just Station Square but-!!

Knuckles: The whole WORLD? Yeah, we heard that a million times already. Why don’t you come up with something original?

Eggman: SHUT UP!! Ugh… I need to finish my latest invention as a result of my LAST failure from yesterday. And just so you don’t get any funny ideas, Orbot and Cubot will keep an eye on you until I figure out what I should do to you. (Orbot and Cubot come in.) Have a nice stay! (Laughs as he leaves the room.)

Orbot: I hope you will make yourselves at home.

Sonic: (Sarcastic) Oh yeah. We certainly WILL.

Somewhere in the hallway of Eggman’s base, Amy knocks down a vent lid and the girls land in the hallway.

Rouge: Wouldn’t it be easier if we could’ve used the front door?

Amy presses a button on her watch and is in contact with Lilian’s face on screen.

Amy: We’re in, Ms. Lilian. But the others could be ANYWHERE in this huge base!

Lilian: I got this taken care of. Eggman’s probably dumb enough to leave the Pink Craze in the same place where your friends are. I already located it on the map screen. Just flip through the buttons until you find the map. (The call ends)

Amy presses another button on her watch and it shows a map with a couple of blinking icons.

Amy: Hm. That looks to be it. The others MUST be there! Come on! (But just when they were about to move…) !!!! Quick, hide!! (They hide behind another part of the hallway as a security robot was walking by.) Looks like that crummy egghead’s one step ahead of us.

Cream: !! Amy, look! (Security cameras were watching the hallways.)

Amy: Stay sharp, girls. Let’s keep out of their sight.

The heroes slide along the walls keeping out of sight from most of the security cameras.

Amy: (Looks at her watch again) The only fastest way we can get to our target is through… (Looks up to see a vent.) THERE! We can squeeze through that air vent and make our way to our friends! Cheese, see if you can open it up!

Cheese: (Confident) Chao! (He flies up to the air duct plate and does his best in opening it. He seemed to be having a rough time opening it with his small hands.)

Cream: Come on, Cheese! We’re depending on you! You can do it!

He eventually opens the lid, but it flings into the air!! At last minute, Cream catches it before it could hit the ground! … They let out a sigh of relief as they enter the air duct.

Back in Eggman’s Lab, Orbot and Cubot were standing guard while Sonic was still trying to break the prison by using a homing attack or his own brute strength.

Knuckles: Give it a BREAK, Sonic. It’s impenetrable.

Tails: … Knuckles is right, Sonic. I guess Eggman got us good THIS time.

Sonic: No way, buddy! I’ll find a way to bust us outta here one way or another!

Vanilla: You’re so brave Sonic. … Oh I’m just so worried about my little Cream. She’s probably wondering where I am now…

Just then, some thumping noise was coming from the ceiling of the room.

Orbot: ??? (He and Cubot look up) It appears we seem to have rats again. (Turns to the glass container holding the pink craze.) We better take some precautions to make sure they don’t get to that pink stuff. Come, Cubot. We better find those pest-control robots.

Cubot: But what about those guys??

Orbot: (They begin to leave the room) They probably won’t be going anywhere. (The door closes)

Sonic: … Huh. What do you suppose that was?

All of a sudden, the air duct lid on the ceiling broke off! Amy, Cream, Rouge, and Cheese crashed to the ground!

Amy: Ow… We hafta work on our entrance.

Sonic: AMY?!

Knuckles: ROUGE?!

Vanilla: CREAM?!

Tails: What are you guys doing here?

Amy: (They get up) Shh! Keep your voice down! We’re here to bust you out!

Knuckles: I’m pretty sure we have this all under control, thank you?

Rouge: Really. Are you SURE you don’t need our help?

Sonic: Amy, you shouldn’t be here! It’s way too dangerous! And… where did you girls get those costumes??

Amy: Stop treating me like a child, Sonic! And they’re NOT costumes!

Vanilla: Cream, I told you to stay in the house! Why don’t you listen to me??

Cream: I know, mom, but I heard you were in trouble!

One by one, the argument was getting louder and more rowdy until… The girls’ watches start beeping.

Amy: … … … Excuse us for a minute. (Presses a button and Lilian appears on its screen.) Rose here.

Lilian: I saw you girls got in. What’s the delay?

Amy: Oh you know, just having a little conversation with our friends who think we can’t do anything.

Lilian: I see. Well, free your friends and collect that Pink Craze ASAP. (The call ends)

Vanilla: W-who was that just now?

Tails: Pink Craze? (Looks at the glass container of the pink substance) Is that what that substance is??

Rouge: You got that right. (Goes over to Eggman’s control panel and presses a few buttons.) Bam! Sweet freedom. (The dome suddenly shut off and Sonic and the others were free!)

Knuckles: Oh come ON! Any idiot could’ve thought of THAT!

Amy: Well you’re probably right. You could’ve just waltzed up to Eggman’s control panel and shut off the electric dome field yourselves. Oh wait; you morons were TRAPPED in that electric dome field.

Sonic: Amy, just calm down. We’re all safe, everything’s fine, now let’s just get you girls home.

Amy: NO! We didn’t come ALL this way to hear you guys put us down just because we’re a bunch of GIRLS! If we didn’t come here, you still would be trapped and Eggman would destroy Station Square with the Pink Craze!

Sonic: …

Amy: Let US handle the escorting this time.

Tails: They have a point, guys. For now, let’s figure out how to get that Pink… Craze slime away from Eggman.

Knuckles: Well you don’t see ME with any ideas.

Cream: (Looks over at the table and sees the same gadgets that Orbot and Cubot used earlier.) Hey look! (Picks up the cube that carried Sonic’s friends.) What’s this?

Tails: (Takes it from Cream) This is that trap that Orbot used to capture us. Not surprised they just left it here.

Amy: … Tails, lemme see that. (She snatches it from Tails and looks at the container of the slime.) I think I have an idea.

Soon after, the group leaves the room with Amy holding the huge container of Pink Craze in a glass cube with a remote.

Amy: Wow, I can’t believe how light this thing is!

Rouge: Talk about your upper-strength later, Amy. Let’s just get these put-downers outta here before we get-… (A loud alarm sounds off!!) … Caught.

A group of security robots storm in and surround the group! They pointed their rifle-like weapons to the group. Orbot and Cubot approach them as well.

Orbot: You know we may not seem much as good servants to our boss. But we really don’t play nice when our prisoners are not very tolerable. Now be good prisoners and please head back to the room where we’ve kept you.

Sonic: Well, you guys seem pretty nice! … And I don’t DO nice. (He dashes forward and beats up a few of the robots!) Get outta here, guys! I’ll catch up to you when I can!

Amy and the rest ran off!

Orbot: Stop them! (A couple of security robots flew off after them!!)

Cream: !!! They’re gonna catch us!!

Amy: Oh no they won’t! Rouge, hold this! (She gives Rouge the remote holding the container of Pink Craze.)

Rouge: What are you DOING, Amy?!

Amy: Something a little risky. (She holds out her arm, presses a little button her watch and it shoots out a small hookshot onto the ceiling!) Move to the sides, girls!!

Using the hookshot, after she got enough speed, Amy lunged forward in the air doing a flip until she swung towards the back of the robots, kicking them onto the ground!!

Amy: (Panting) Wow… That worked out better than I thought.

Rouge: Nice stunt, stunt-woman, but shouldn’t we be escaping?

Amy: ??? (More security robots were heading their way) Right. Guess I’ve shown off enough.

They continue making their escape! Right then, Sonic catches up to them!

Tails: Sonic!

Sonic: Hope I didn’t keep you waiting!

Amy: Come on! We have a way to get you guys off of this place! It’s right outside!

They continue onward until they reached the front entrance of Eggman’s lab. They rushed outside and were about to make it until…

Eggman’s voice: Leaving so SOON?

A huge robot bigger than the last one from before stood in front of the group! Eggman was in the cockpit, getting ready to attack them once again.

Eggman: We were just getting all homey with each other!

Amy: Move aside, Eggman! The Station Square Patrollers will bring you down!

Eggman: Station Square Patrollers?? That must explain those cheesy costumes you girls are wearing.

Amy: They are NOT costumes!

Eggman: I can call them whatever I want, little lady! Now give me back that substance!

Tails: It’s the Pink Craze, Eggman! And it’s way too dangerous even for you!

Eggman: Are you MAD?! This substance powers my machines to great infinity! I wouldn’t long to give you possession of such an incredible power source! If you won’t just simply hand it over, I’ll hafta take it from you! THE HARD WAY!

Eggman’s huge robot lifted its foot in the air to crush the group! Amy and the others did their very best to try and avoid the huge robotic monstrosity. Sonic tried to attack Eggman in the cockpit, but the robot bashed Sonic into the ground!

Eggman: (Laughs evilly) Not even your precious sonic speed will get the better of you this time! (The robot raises its foot again this time about to stomp on Vanilla!!

Cream: MOM, LOOK OUT!!! (She and Cream move Vanilla just in the time!) Amy, we have to get out of here!

Amy: You’re probably right! But Eggman will follow us!

Knuckles: So what, are we just going to let him HAVE that dangerous pink stuff?

Rouge: You know what? … We probably SHOULD.

Everyone else: WHAT?!?!?!

Rouge: Hey, Captain Egghead!! (Eggman turns to Rouge’s direction below.) You want this Pink Craze? Then you can HAVE it! In fact, put it inside the robot to make it even MORE powerful!

Amy: Rouge, are you out of your mind?!

Eggman: Heh heh heh… No, she’s speaking the language I understand! (The robot with its huge hand takes the container of the pink craze Rouge was holding in the cube and places it inside the center of itself.)

Sonic: Rouge, seriously! That’s only gonna make it worse!

Rouge: That’s EXACTLY what I have in mind.

Eggman: (Laughs his head off) Isn’t THIS a fine how do you do! You simply went to all this way stealing MY powerful source just to hand it BACK to me! Isn’t that so beneficial of you young ladies? And incredibly FOOLISH!

Sonic: Thanks a lot, Rouge.

Eggman: Hah hah! My incredible invention is now able to not only destroy Station Square but the whole world! I didn’t think you girls would make it so easy for me! (But then, all of a sudden, an alarm started going off in the robot!) HUH?! What’s going on??


Eggman: What?! A meltdown?! (His robot started malfunction with electricity spouting all over!) No! NO!! This can’t be HAPPENING!! It wasn’t like this when I had that sample!!

Rouge: That’s cuz it would’ve taken a while for it to blow up. But with THAT entire container filled with that craze, it’ll probably explode in… Oh, I don’t know. Probably five seconds.

The robot was still on the fritz and was about to blow up!!!

Amy: Everyone, to the boat, quickly!!! The heroes made their way to the ocean-side where the speed boat was waiting. They quickly got into the boat and the robot explodes!!!!

Eggman was launched into the air, screaming like a maniac!!

Cream: !!! Look! Up there!

The huge container of Pink Craze was about to be dunked into the ocean!

Tails: We hafta catch it, quick!!

Rouge: Not to worry, I’m on it. (She holds out the same remote Amy gave her and presses a button. The trap cube then activates, holding the container of the Pink Craze. Rouge presses another button and it comes to the group.) I can’t believe it. … This weird cube prison is actually pretty functional.

Tails: Way to go, Rouge! But… how did you know that it would blow up Eggman’s robot?

Rouge: Lilian told us that this stuff is way too powerful for machinery to handle. So I thought why not have Eggman learn it the hard way?

Tails: That does make sense. When he only had a SAMPLE of it, it would take a while for it to malfunction. I guess it kinda depends on the size of the machine, kinda like what almost happened to Blyner’s computer.

Sonic: Either way, we’re all safe. I hate to admit it, but you girls really saved the day.

Amy: Aw, don’t say that! We were only trying to help!

Tails: And you did! You really saved us!

Knuckles: Yeah, you did ok, I guess.

Vanilla: (Hugs Cream) Cream, you had me so worried! Do you feel any kind of pain?? Are you woozy?

Cream: I’m fine, mom. I’m just glad to see you’re ok!

Amy: (Her watch beeps. Amy presses a button and Lilian appears on screen.) Mission accomplished, Ms. Lilian! We have the container of the Pink Craze and we rescued Sonic, his friends, and Cream’s mother!

Lilian: Well done, girls, you did pretty well. But you still need some practice. Come back to the lab with that craze. Wait, how were you even CARRYING that huge thing?

Rouge: Let’s just say ONE of Eggman’s inventions is actually very USEFUL. (Holds up the remote for the cube.)

Later, Lilian had finished talking about the Station Square Patrollers to Sonic, Tails, Knuckles, and Vanilla.

Tails: So these girls joined these Station Square Patrollers just because they wanted to prove they could be just as good as we are?

Lilian: That seems to be it. And I still find it unacceptable that they took my devices without  MY permission. (The girls felt bad)

Tails: (The Pink Craze container was nearby, still glowing.) What about that Pink Craze? If we keep it in here, this whole lab might malfunction like Eggman’s robot.

Lilian: I got this all taken care of. (She presses a few keys on the keyboard and a floor moves downward with the container of slime.) That substance is going inside a vault where it can’t do any more harm.

Amy: … Ms. Lilian… If you want, you don’t have to let us be patrollers. We just basically joined this group just so we can prove to those guys that girls can do great things too. … But if it’s not about THAT, I don’t know what is. … So I guess you could fire us or just… kick us out.

Lilian: … … … (She goes over to a drawer and takes out… three silver badges.)

Amy: Huh? W-what’s that?

Lilian: You girls learned something the hard way. You only wanted to join this alliance just so you could impress them. I understand that, but YOU need to understand that you can’t just join an alliance to prove to your friends that you could do great things.

The girls: … … …

Lilian: So answer me this. Do you still wish to prove that you could do better not for them… But for yourselves?

The girls: … … …

Amy: All this time I thought we wouldn’t add up to anything. … But I guess… We just need to believe in ourselves. Right?

Lilian: Finally got that straight. (She pins the badges on their uniforms.)

Vanilla: Um… Ms. Lilian, I-…

Lilian: Please, call me Lilly.

Vanilla: Um… Lilly. I can’t risk my daughter being in dangerous situations like last night. It could be very dangerous for a little girl.

Cream: Mom, I have Amy and Rouge and I’m sure that if all three of us work together, NO ONE can beat us! So please gimmie a chance!

Cheese: Chao chao!

Lilian: I assure you, Vanilla. They won’t go down that easily as long as I’m behind their every move.

Vanilla: … … Well… If you say she’ll be ok…

Cream: Oh mom! (She hugs Vanilla)

Rouge: We’ve been meaning to ask. How DID you get the devices back from the police anyway?

Lilian: Let’s just say… I used something that... wiped their memory. (She takes out a black device with a red button.) The Flash Memory Emitter produces a powerful flash of light wiping out the short-term memory of anyone. I was reluctant on using this, but I had to. I recommend you do the same.

The girls: But why?

Lilian: The Station Square Patrollers is a top-secret unity that is extremely active on crime that cannot be stopped. If the peers of the city find out about this, there will probably be trouble. (Turns to Sonic and the others.) However, I’m sure THEY can keep it a secret from everyone. But I’ll need to make something to protect them from the flashes.

Tails: Don’t worry, Ms. Lilian. We won’t tell anyone about this. We keep our word.

Lilian: Alright then. But I should warn you. The girls are gonna be pretty busy for a while. So you may not see them around too much.

Sonic: Hey it doesn’t bother us, right girls?

Amy: … I think we can make some time. (Turns to the girls and smiles. They smile back too.)

Vanilla: Ms. Lilly, please be sure my baby’s safe…

Lilian: You have my word, Vanilla. … (Turns to the girls) Now then. Are you ready to start training?

The girls: Yes, ma’am!! (They salute!)

Lilian: … … … (Smiles)

Evening in Station Square. Amy, Cream, and Rouge were hanging out with Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles.

Sonic: Man, you girls are lucky! You get all those cool gadgets and take on missions like your SPIES or something!

Amy: What, are you saying YOU want to join the patrollers?

Sonic: What? No, I’m just saying you’re lucky you get that cool stuff.

Knuckles: So what about that pink… crazy slime thing?

Tails: I’ve contacted Dr. Blyner and he’ll return to work soon as he’s able to. After that, Lilian’s going to send the Pink Craze to be analyzed as well as take precautions to make sure no meltdown will happen again.

Rouge: Sounds like the boys have their hands full. Luckily for us, they’re not the only ones anymore.

Sonic: Well, I’m practically parched. Whatta say we grab a soda? My treat!

The girls’ watches starts beeping. Lilian appears on their screens.

Lilian: Girls, I need you in the lab, ASAP. It’s time I teach you how to use those Weapon Downloaders. Understood?

Amy: … Ok, Ms. Lilian! We’re on our way! (Call ends)

Tails: What’s up?

Amy: Sorry, boys, Lilian needs us for the time being. For now, we have places to go, sights to see… and bad boys to stop. See ya! (The girls run off!)

Sonic: … Heh. You still think they can handle themselves?

Knuckles: I wouldn’t count my chickens.

Tails: I think they’re gonna do great. Who knows? Maybe they’ll end up saving US for a living. (Laughs.)

Amy, Cream, and Rouge rush towards their destination to make it to Lilian’s lab to prepare themselves for a string full of adventure, love, laughs, sadness, and most of all, a chance to prove to themselves that they are strong no matter what.

And thus, the Station Square Patrollers are born.
Part 2 of the Station Square Patrollers is FINALLY here! Believe it or not, I actually finished this last night, but didn't get a chance to upload it. But... here it is!
More episodes are being planned/scripted and are on the way!

Things are going from bad to worse as the search for this pink substance rages on. When Cream's mother Vanilla somehow finds it, Orbot and Cubot get their chance to capture not only her but Sonic and his friends as well! Now Lilian will have no choice but to Summon Amy Rose and her friends to save the others and prevent Eggman from using the strange out of this world substance before it is too late...

Sonic is owned by Sega and Sonic Team.
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