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A normal afternoon in Station Square… at what appears to be a volleyball field, lots of people were flooding the seats to watch what appears to be a big game.

Announcer: The annual Blue Cup Volleyball Tournament is underway this afternoon, Station Square! Right now we have quite a crowd coming in to see the best of the best and possibly the most worse they can laugh about!

Announcer 2: And speaking of the best and worse, the teams are now entering the playing field. We have Team Blue Jays who are apparently only rookies when it comes to sporting events like this, and coming up on the other side Team Red Gems with a smashing no losing streaking that seems unbreakable!

Announcer: Must be because they have luck on their side, am I right?

Announce 2: Yes and no, for none of them couldn’t have gone far without their star player, Amy Rose! And speaking of, THE Amy Rose is on the field ready to take in all the action!

Amy dressed in a uniform walks onto the field with the whole crowd cheering her name!

Amy: Thank you! Thank you all! Thank you so much for coming to see me today!

Announcer’s voice: Gaining so much support from her diehard fans and audience, Amy Rose as always takes the front spot!

Team Blue Jays seemed quite nervous when Amy stepped up near the net. One of the male players who was on the opposite side was shaking and sweating.

Amy: Hey, big boy!

Pitcher: HEH???

Amy: (Looking quite flirty and innocent.) Please don’t hurl the ball TOO hard at me. I’m too fragile and nimble to hit back…

Male: (His face was turning red…) Eeeegaaaah…

Amy: (She giggles and winks.)

Male: (He staggers to his side all loopy.) Gaaeh…. O-o-ok, whatever you say, miss lady…

Announcer: And it looks like Amy’s flirty personality gotten the best of another team this month, folks! If being cute was a crime, she would be arrested!

Announcer 2: Good thing it’s not against the rules to flirt with the opposite sex on the field!

After gaining his compositor, the game begins. One of the Blue Jay team members holds the ball as he is ready to begin.

Amy: This should be too easy! You’re looking at Amy Rose! Champion of volleyball! (Gets in position.) … … … Hey, wait a second… I never played volleyball before. Wah!! I-I-don’t even know the rules!!

The ball hurls straight toward Amy faster than she could comprehend!

Amy: !!!!!! W-wait wait! I’m not sure what I’m supposed to do! (The ball hurls right to her at top speed!!) AAAAUGH!!!

Suddenly Amy found herself in her bedroom.

Amy: WAH!!!

It was all just a bad dream… The sunny warm lights beamed from her window as morning birds were chirping nearby…

Amy: … … … (Sighs with relief and flops on her bed…) It was just a dream… For a second there I thought I almost humiliated myself in front of thousands of people.

She sits up in her bed and moves the blanket away.

Amy: (Yawns…) What time is it, anyway? (She looks at her digital alarm clock on her dresser and picks it up.) … !!!!!

The time read 7:45AM. Translation: Amy was going to be late.

Amy: Oh gosh. Omigosh omigosh omigosh. (She tosses the alarm clock and jumps off the bed to get dressed!) I’M LATE!!! I’M VERY LATE!! (She trips and falls to the floor!) ACK!!

Amy quickly gets up and rushes to her closet to pick out some clothes to wear before slamming the closet door shut.

Outside, Amy fully dressed rushes out the door as fast as she could to make it to her school.

Amy: Of all the days I had to be late, why does it have to be TODAY?!

She turns a corner and runs past several people walking by with their usual day to day activities…

Amy: Excuse me! Pardon me! (Runs past a woman.) Whoops, sorry! Girl running late here! (She runs past a couple of construction workers carrying some buckets.) ‘Sxuse me!!

Worker: (Annoyed) Hey, where’s the fire, lady?!

At last, Amy finally made it to her school and barged through the doors just in time. Inside, she was catching her breath…

Amy: *Whew…* (Panting) I made it… No tardiness for Amy Rose!

Rouge: (She was right next to her.) I wouldn’t count on that, girlfriend.

Amy: WAH!! R-Rouge??

Rouge: Morning, sunshine. You overslept again?

Amy: … (Sighs…) What do you think? (They walk down the hallway.) I’ve been having some weird dreams recently…

Rouge: (Sarcastic) How dreadful. What are they about?

Amy: Well… They’re of me trying to be a superstar at all kinds of things. Dancing, sports, actress… Marine soldier. And yet in every single one of them I screw up. Pfft.

Rouge: Well if you keep dreaming almost the same thing, it must mean something, right? … Must be foreshadowing you flunking at everything in life. Heh.

Amy: (Annoyed) HEY! I’ll have you know that this hedgehog has talent underneath this adorable little face! And yet… I just can’t find what I’m good at… In both my dreams, and reality in general…

They stop by their lockers to pick up some books.

Amy: I don’t know what kinda talent I possess. Not even my own dreams are helping me discover what I need to do…

Rouge: The way I see it, you’re basically leading towards nothing. You can’t be a popstar in a day, y’know.

Amy: But look at girls like Lisa Forlune! (They continue walking.) She’s captain of the cheer squad, she’s perfect at volleyball, and don’t get me started on her in track running! You think it’s that easy to top a rich girl? She’s multitalented! And… I basically stink at everything she’s good at. I just wish I could be just as talented as she is…

Rouge: I personally think it’s that easy to make a big deal over nothing. (Takes out her cellphone and presses some buttons.) You need to slow down and take a breather cuz’ most of the time people will HATE you for being the big cheese.

Amy: Hate? Why would they hate adorable little ME?? (Being bubbly and cute) What’s NOT to hate about Amy Rose?

Rouge: You being so naïve, that’s what. Take your time finding what your good at and eventually you’ll get more than just attention. (They reach a fork in the school hallways.) Well, I got some history to catch up on. See you at lunch. (She walks off.)

Amy was still concerned about Rouge’s comment…

Much later in the day, Amy was getting on her gym uniform for Gym class in the girl’s locker room. She adjusts her headband from a tiny mirror and closes her locker door.

Amy: So what if I’m not that popular. Big deal. I’m part of the cheerleading squad, I have mostly good grades in all my classes, and I have a good reputation that will help me in running for future student body president.

She walks to leave the locker room to enter the gym.

Amy: What’s not to think of me being a talented cutie? I just need to find something to be great at to show this school how amazing it is to be me. That’ll prove to everyone I can be just as talented in life as Lisa.(She opens the doors and enters the gym.) I’m ready for my daily workout, coach!

But for some reason the entire gym was… empty.

Amy: … … … Uh… What’s going on? (She walks around the empty gym.) Hello?? … Anyone here?? … Hello!!

Just then, Coach Melmoore walks in.

Melmoore: Amy Rose? What are you doing in the gym?

Amy: Um… Just waiting for my daily workout?

Melmoore: Well I think you have the wrong field of choice, lil’ lady. If you’re looking for your class they’re outside playing kickball. Did you sign up to play kickball?

Amy: Uh… Sign up?

Melmoore: You must be the only girl in your class who didn’t.

Amy: WAH??? THE ONLY ONE IN MY CLASS?! H-How could this be?? Nobody told me ahead of time! Omigosh, this is so embarrassing! Why am I not even out in the field playing with the other girls?? … Wait… What’s kickball?

Melmoore: It’s basically baseball, but you hafta kick the ball instead of using a bat.

Amy: …

Melmoore: Guess you didn’t get the memo, huh?

Amy: …

Melmoore: How about you join up with my class for today and I’ll let your coach know what happened. Is that alright?

Amy: … … … Ok. I guess that can be arranged…

Melmoore: Fantastic. My men can be a hassle though so stay sharp.

Amy: (Fazed and stumped) Wait, men?

Melmoore: (Turns around and blows her whistle.) Let’s hustle, boys! We ain’t got all day to work with!

The Station Square Serpants football team charges in! Amy was freaked out by the large guys.

Melmoore: Gentlemen, it appears a young lady got confused about her apparent class misplacement. So for the day, she’ll be doing drills with all of you.

Louis: Well lookie here! Lil’ Pinky’s gonna do some squats with us!

Andy: Better make sure you can keep up!

Arnold: If you CAN, lil’ lady!

All three: WHOOP! (They all fist bump!) YEAH!!!

Amy: ...

Outside the school…

Amy’s voice: Noooooo!!!!

Later that day… School was over and Amy was drowning her sorrows in some strawberry milkshake at the Milkyway Café with Rouge, Cream, and Cheese.

Amy: UGH… I’m now starting to HATE my gym class more than ever…

Cream: Did something bad happen?

Cheese: Chao chao?

Amy: Yes! EVERYTHING! My whole gym class signed up to play kickball and none of them told ME about it! I’m the only girl in my class that didn’t! The whole period I had to do squats and drills with the football team. (Shudders…) Those hormones are nightmare fuel…

Rouge: So lemme guess. You’re gonna try and sign up to play kickball so you can avoid those beefy jocks.

Amy: What do you think? But the problem is that I don’t even KNOW how to play kickball. I don’t even know the rules…

Cream: Kickball’s exactly like baseball! It’s easy to pick up! Me and my friends always play that when we’re at recess!

Amy: But I don’t know if I’m good at it… What if I just waste my time on something that I’ll probably STINK at? Like what my dreams are replicating?

Rouge: You won’t know until you try it.

Amy: Huh?

Rouge: (Opening a soda can and puts a straw in it.) Instead of just babbling about it, just give it a shot before you go for it full throttle. If it’s just not floating your boat, then don’t get aboard. (Sips the drink.)

Amy: But what if everyone continues to make fun of me?

Rouge: (Stops drinking.) Well you better sign up fast and learn before you end up being the worst student of the year in the school yearbook. Besides, didn’t you say you wanted to be recognized in talent like Forlune?

Amy: … … … You’re right. If I’m going to be as skilled in talent as Lisa Forlune, I need to step up my game! (She stands up on her chair!) Talented or not, I’ll show Station Square High that Amy Rose can be just as popular from kickball! Just you wait and see! Amy is reaching for number one!!

???: *AHEM!!*

Amy: ??? (It was the female worker running the bar.)

Female: Miss, please don’t stand on the furniture. (Cleans a mug) You might hurt yourself. Or even worse hurt my finances for breaking that chair.

Amy: … S-sorry. (She sits back down.) C-Can have another strawberry shake please? Extra whip cream. (The woman walks to her side and makes more for Amy.)

Amy sighs and slides her empty cup to the side…

Amy: … … … (Humming a little tune.) … … … (She slowly starts singing…) Dear sweet child, don't shed a tear… Oh such beauty you hold so tight... (Singing) Listen to my words of wisdom, dear... Sparkling gleaming in your heart so bright. (She stops.)

Cream: Wow, you sang so nice, Amy.

Cheese: Chao chao!

Rouge: What was that all about?

Amy: … I dunno… I just felt like singing… It’s not much, though.

Rouge: … … …

Just then, something was hurling straight toward the girls! Just when Amy got her milkshake… BAM!! Something smacked Amy in the back of her head! Her face splatted into the milkshake!!

Rouge: Amy??

Cream: Omigosh, are you ok??

Amy: Mff! (She spits out some whip cream and rubs her eyes to see. Her face was covered in milkshake.) Bleh! What was that just now??

They turn around to see… Lisa Forlune and her kickball team. All dressed in dark red uniforms.

Lisa: Aw, look at this! The little runt found her way to our personal hangout spot, ladies.

Nancy: And she brought her other runty friends too!

Amy: !!! Lisa, and Nancy…

Lisa: (She and her team approached.) Outta the way, freaks. We never gave you permission to come to our spot.

Rouge: Does it look like it’s reserved for you, hotshot?

Cream: (Mad) You leave us alone, you big bullies!

Cheese: (Angry) Chao chao chao!

Lisa: (To Amy) Why weren’t you at the gym today, shortstop? Didn’t you sign up for kickball like the rest of us?

Amy: I would’ve if you girls were kind enough to REMIND me instead of just shunning me out in the corner.

Lisa: (Laughs) (Sarcastically) Omigosh, I had NO idea! It completely slipped our minds! Right, ladies? (They laugh at her.)

Amy was more angry with their mocking.

Lisa: Listen up, runt. Kickball isn’t like your average outdoor sport compared to the bigshots like US. Compared to us, a small fry like you won’t last a millisecond out in the field.

Nancy: WE treat this game like the art of war! It’s all or nothing.

Lisa: Give or take.

The other girls: Loser sucks all!

Lisa and Nancy: (They high-five) Boosh.

Amy: Just because I’m smaller than you doesn’t mean that I can’t take on a stupid sport! I’ll show you girls how tough I can be! THEN you’ll be sorry!

Lisa: Hah hah. You may think you have the upper hand, but face it. Your skills are nothing compared to ours.

Nancy: It’s adorable, actually.

Lisa: Now move it before we pound your faces.

Amy and her friends didn’t want things to get ugly, so they had no choice but to leave. They walked away from the group of girls, laughing at them.

Cream: Those girls can be so mean…

Amy: Where did she learn to be such a jerk?

Rouge: Normally, I’m ok with rich girls, but not that one.

Amy: I’ll show them. I’m gonna sign up for kickball tomorrow and kick that ball right in their ugly faces! THEN we’ll see who’s adorable! … (She was about to sneeze.) Ah… Ah… Atchu!

Cream: Aw, you sneeze like a puppy! That’s so cute! (She and Cheese giggle)

Amy: (Annoyed) MFFF…

Later, in the underground SSP labs, Lilian was talking to the girls as she borrows their watches to be updated on some stands near her computer.

Lilian: This newest update to your watches is a blessing. Not only will it scan for Pink Craze signals in further range, it’ll also track them down without having me sending signal locations to you. … Plus they have their own wifi.

The girls were amazed.

Lilian: They’ll take at least an hour or two to update, so we’ll have some time to kill until they’re good to go.

Rouge: The wonders of technology never cease to amaze.

Cream: Ms. Lilian’s such a wonderful person, isn’t she?

Cheese: Chao chao chao!

Lilian: Move it down to the workout center, girls. We have drills to run. Let’s go! (Cream, Rouge, and Cheese venture forward while Amy stayed behind.) … What’s the matter, Amy? Something bugging you?

Amy: Yeah. All the girls in my gym class signed up to play kickball and I’m the only girl that didn’t.

Lilian: Kickball? … Oh, I know what you mean! It’s kinda like softball, but you hafta kick the ball instead! Why didn’t you sign up for it?

Amy: They didn’t let me know ahead of time! Now Lisa Forlune and her crony girlfriends are making me the laughingstock for their amusement! I only wanna sign up to avoid getting laughed at and, attempt to be good at something like Lisa is…

Lilian: …

Amy: But… I dunno if I’m even good at kickball…

Lilian: … Well, how about I help you prepare for it?

Amy: Huh? Y-You know how to play it?

Lilian: Yep. When I was in school, I used to own the field when I was up to kick. … Although I can’t remember for sure if it was me or my team that didn’t do well…

Amy: …

Lilian: Eh… Anyway, you up for it?

Amy: … (Sighs…) What have I got to lose?

Lilian: Fantastic. (She walks over to the door leading to the small gym and opens it.) Rouge, I’m going to take Amy to do some special training. Keep an eye on Cream and Cheese ‘till we get back. And don’t slouch off, you hear me?

Rouge’s voice: Sure thing, boss. (Lilian closes the door)

Lilian: Alright, Amy. Let’s get a head start on kickball. (She walks off to leave.)

Amy felt a little unsure at first, but she knew she had to follow Lilian…

In some kitchen, Lisa Forlune walks in talking on her cellphone.

Lisa: So that runt Amy Rose didn’t show up to gym today. It must’ve been obvious that she didn’t sign up for kickball. … I know, right? She’s such a loser, always trying to find a way to outsmart me. (She takes a plastic bottle and puts it in the sink.) Well I have news for her! No one tops Lisa Forlune of Station Square High! Mark my words!

She turns the faucet… Only for some strange water to come out and fill the bottle…

Lisa: ?!?!!? … … … Um… I’ll call you back. (She closes her phone.) … What in the world? What is this stuff? (She turns off the faucet and picks up the bottle that seems to be filled with… water mixed in with pink colors…) (Whiffs it.) Woof! What a smell! This must be contaminated…

But before she could dump it… She felt like… Something was speaking in her mind…

Lisa: Huh? W-…Who’s there? … Is… Is something speaking… in my mind? Whoever you are, cut the crap! It’s not funny! … … … (She looks at the bottle…) D… … D-Drink you? … This doesn’t make any sense? Why would I wanna drink this? And… Who the hell is speaking to me?

She tried to dump it back in the sink once more… Only to stop herself… The voice continued in her head as she felt drawn to do it’s bidding… She brought her lips to the bottle…

At the park, Lilian led Amy to a small dirt field perfect for practicing.

Lilian: (She was holding a red rubber ball) Kickball may seem like a safer version of baseball, but at times it can be pretty rowdy when dealing with the professionals. So you better keep your guard up while practicing.

Amy: … … …

Lilian: ... What’s the matter? Aren’t you excited to try something you might be good at?

Amy: Well… I am, but… what if I stink at it?

Lilian: Come on, you won’t know until you’ve tried it out. Alright, let’s start with some easy to do runs. (She walks a few feet away from Amy.)

Amy slides her boot along the soft sand-like dirt until Lilian called out for her to get her attention.

Lilian: (Calling out) Get ready, Amy!

Amy: Huh? Oh, right! Of course! I’m ready!

Lilian: Now when I roll the ball to you, just kick it as hard as you can! Don’t hesitate, understand?

Amy: Y-Yes, ma’am! I-I can do this! (Thinking to herself) What am I saying?? I’m already hesitating enough! I should just quit while I’m at it…

Lilian: (Gets in position.) Alright! Here it comes! (She tosses the ball!) Hah!

The ball rolls straight toward Amy. Amy shuts her eyes and thrusted her leg forward to kick the ball… Only for it to roll past her.

Amy: … … … (Opens her eyes…) Did I do it?? H-How far did it go??

Lilian: … … … We have much more to work with…

After a few more tries with no progression, Lilian instructs Amy while kneeling down to her height.

Lilian: Alright, listen up. You have to keep your eyes open on the ball and time your kick just right. If you time it wrong you’ll miss.

Amy: Y-yeah, I know that.

Lilian: Then how come you screwed up before?

Amy: (Groans sadly.)

Lilian: Let’s try this again, but this time keep your eye on the ball. Understand?

Amy: Y-Yes, ma’am.

Lilian: (Stands up) Ok. (She walks a few feet away from Amy and picks up the red ball.) (Calls out) Just let me know when you’re ready!

Amy: … … … Um… (Calling out) I’m-I’m ready!

Lilian: (Calling out) Alright, here comes the windup! (She rolls the ball once again!)

This time, Amy focuses on the ball and when it was rolling right up to her… BAM!! Amy kicked the ball straight forward!

Lilian: (It hurled passed her!) WAH! … Whoa…

Amy: ??? Did… Did I do it??

Lilian: … Apparently so.

Amy: !!! Yes!! Alright! I finally found something I’m good at! Yesyesyesyesyesyesyesyes!! In your face, Lisa Forlune! Amy Rose is going to take the field!!

Lilian: (Walks up to Amy) Well I’m glad you understand the concept. Now you just need to keep practicing.

Amy: Keep practicing?? Did you see how far that ball went?? I’m practically a pro now!

Lilian: But you still need to learn more of the concepts before you cheer on like you are now. So let’s keep this up, and you’ll understand the concepts more often. (She walks off to pick up the ball.)

Later on, they both continued practicing.

Amy: (Kicks the ball again.) Mff!

Lilian: (She catches it) That’s another out! Make sure the other players don’t catch the ball when you’re aiming your kick!

Amy: O-Ok! Got it!

Lilian throws the ball again and Amy kicks it. This time it hurls straight to Lilian! It hits her right in the stomach as she catches it!

Lilian: Oof-! WAH! (She thuds to the ground!)

Amy: !!! Omigosh! (She runs up to Lilian!) Ms. Lilian, are you ok?? I’m so sorry! I guess I don’t know my own strength sometimes…

Lilian: Heh… That’s alright. I forgot you were a tough cookie. (She gets up and dusts herself.) So you got the basics?

Amy: Uh-huh! Like you and Cream said it’s just like baseball! I can take on anyone in the kickball field with one hand tied behind my back!

Lilian: Heh heh… Let’s just build up slowly before we attempt something like that. Come on, the watches should be finished updating by now.

Amy: Alright! (They walk off to head back to the SSP lab…) … … … Ms. Lilian, can I ask you something?

Lilian: What is it?

Amy: What did you do before you made us Patrollers?

Lilian: Well… I used to be a professor.

Amy: A professor? Like a scientist?

Lilian: Not the way you’re thinking. It’s just an adult way of saying I was a teacher. … It’s been a while since I thought about it… Lemme see if I can remember, uh… Oh of course! I was a teacher at Royalton Academy! Dr. Blyner was a good friend of mine back in the day.

Amy: So you were teaching together back then? Did you ever marry him? Hm?

Lilian: (Annoyed and embarrassed) Eh… N-No, not really. I was already married even before I met him.

Amy: Oh. (She and Lilian laugh.) Well… Why did you quit being a teacher?

Lilian: Well… Um… Huh… Did I quit?

Amy: ???

Lilian: It’s just been so long I can’t remember… Short term memory’s not helping either. I’m not sure if I DID quit… Well, if I remember anything else, I can tell you later on. Sorry.

Amy: …

Lilian: Let’s go. Rouge better not be messing with my equipment. Some of them are still unstable.

Amy: Well, Rouge is known for poking around. Maybe she thinks your hiding some treasure or something.

Lilian: Heh heh. Good one, Amy.

Meanwhile back at the lab in the workout center, Cream was doing some pushups while Cheese kept cheering her on. Rouge was sitting on a bleacher watching her.

Rouge: Keep that cardio working, squirt.

Cream: (Trying to keep herself up) Mff! Why aren’t you exercising too, Ms. Rouge?

Rouge: I already did my drills ahead of time. Besides, I just had my eyelashes done and I don’t want sweat to ruin them. (Amy and Lilian return.)

Lilian: Hey, girls. (Cream plops on the ground out of exhaustion.)

Amy: How was the workout?

Rouge: I can’t really complain. Squirt here was really breaking a sweat. (Amy helps Cream up.) So, what did the boss do with you, Rose?

Amy: She helped me gain some confidence in kickball! Now I’m ready for anything that stands in my way!

Rouge: (Sarcastic but still happy.) Well hooray for you, sister.

Cream: We’re so glad you understand how kickball plays!

Cheese: Chao!

Lilian: Alright, ladies, Amy already has enough confidence in her. (She and the girls walk out of the center and into the lab.) No need to shoehorn in any more than she needs.

Lilian takes the watches off the pedestals near her computer and gives them back to the girls.

Lilian: You all did a great job, ladies. Your watches should be good to go. I’ll see you all here tomorrow after your school day.

The girls: Yes, ma’am.

Cheese: Chao chao!

They all make their leave until Lilian stops Amy for a minute.

Lilian: Amy.

Amy: Hm?

Lilian: … Good luck out there.

Amy: … (She smiles) Thank you. (She and her friends ride up the vacuum tubes that lead back to the city.)

Evening comes to Station Square. Amy and her friends walk by the dying down city sidewalks.

Amy: … … … (She begins humming again.)(Sings again…) You are a pure rose standing alone... Oh such a pure rose in the unknown... Such innocence you carry with those who despise... A young angel who's different in their eyes...

Cream: Wow! That was so beautiful!

Amy: What was?

Rouge: What, is Lilian’s short term memory loss effecting you too? That singing you were doing.

Amy: Oh, that? Heh heh… It’s not really much…

Cream: But you sounded so amazing! Was it like the first one you sang before?

Amy: Hm… I feel like it’s part of it but I don’t know for sure…

Rouge: … (She smiles) … … … Well, I think we better head home to wash up. I’ll take squirt home myself.

Amy: Ok. See you tomorrow, girls. (Rouge, Cream and Cheese leave.)

Cream: Good night, Ms. Amy!

Cheese: Chao chao!

Amy walks home by herself as the city was slowly calming down…

Amy: … … … I wonder if I know the words to that song? … Strange… It feels like I can recite the whole thing. (She stops walking…) Let’s see… How does it go again? … Hm… (She starts singing softly) You are beautiful to me... A golden heart is what I see...

But before she could finish, she was snapped back to reality by the sound of a loud car honking!

Amy: HUH??

Guy in car: Hey, move outta the road, lady!!

Amy: WAH!! Omigosh, I’m so sorry! Uh… H-Have a good evening! (She scampers to the sidewalk, and catches her breath…)

Nighttime comes later on. Amy was in bed, ready to start her new day tomorrow.

Amy: (Sighs…) You got this, Rose. You’re gonna OWN that field tomorrow. Then I’ll show Lisa Forlune that I can do anything! … … … At least I hope I can… (She yawns loudly and turns off the lamp on her dresser…)

She slowly falls asleep…

The next day, Amy walks out to the kickball field and meets with her female coach, Coach Mella.

Amy: C-Coach Mella? I’m here to play kickball with the other girls.

Mella: Oh, Amy. Melmoore told me about what happened. Alright then, make your way to the girls in the bleachers.

Amy: Yes, ma’am. (Amy walks to the bleachers where most of the other girls were sitting.)

She watches Lisa Forlune and her team make mincemeat out of the kicker girls. One moment it looked like they had it coming, only to be counted out the next. A majority of the girls didn’t seem to do well against Lisa Forlune’s team.

By the time Amy was about to kick, it was half time as most of the girls were drinking water to cool off.

Amy: (She drinks some water in a small cup.) Ok, Amy. You can do this. You’re practically a wiz at kickball now. How hard can it be?

Lisa’s voice: Compared to us, a near impossibility!

Amy: (Turns around to see Lisa and Nancy)

Lisa: About time you showed up, runt.

Nancy: We’ve been waiting for you.

Amy: (Snooty) Hmph. (Tosses the plastic cup in a garbage pail nearby) Sorry to keep you waiting.

Lisa: Did you get the basic jist of kickball, or are you just here to perform as the mascot?

Amy: Hey, I’ll have you know I’ve became a pro in the blink of an eye, Lisa Forlune! As soon as I step foot in at that base, you’re going to be bawling your tears out.

Lisa: Oh I’d like to see that happen. (She takes out a plastic bottle and drinks from it.)

Amy: What’s with the water bottle? We have fresh water here?

Lisa: Nah, I’m good. This one’s more energizing anyway. Heh heh.

Amy: ??? (She regained her confidence.)

The match was started up once again. Amy was up to kick. Lisa clenched the ball in her hands while gritting her teeth.

Amy: Hello! Pink cutie waiting here!

Lisa: … … … (She gets in position and smiles…)

Amy: Well, now it looks like we’re making progress!

Lisa tosses the ball at astounding speed! Amy was about to kick the ball… Only to miss!

The girls: STRIKE ONE!!

Amy: HUH?? But… But HOW??

Lisa: You up for another, runt? You should probably quit before you get REALLY hurt!

Amy: Oh shut up! I’m not a little girl!

Without warning, Lisa threw the ball once again! Amy tried to kick it but almost fell to the ground and tried to regain her balance!

The girls: STRIKE TWO!!

Amy: This… This can’t be happening! I thought I had it down! What happened??

Lisa: Hey, Runt!!

Amy: ?!?!

Lisa: Keep your eye on the ball!

Once again, Lisa tosses the ball at extreme speed!! The ball this time hits Amy right in her face! It was too fast for her to comprehend as she fell to the ground…

The girls: STRIKE THREE!!

Amy slowly falls unconscious…

Slowly, Amy awoke in the nurse’s office on a small bed… She almost had it… And yet Lisa Forlune took it away from her…

She moans in pain as she rubs her cheek…

Amy: What? (She slowly sits up.) No… No no no… This can’t be… I lost to… Lisa? (She felt something slightly drip from her nose.) !!!!! (She had to hold her head up as she was having a slight nosebleed…) Kickball… Isn’t my talent?

Cream and Rouge enter the nurse’s office.

Cream: Ms. Amy! (They walk up to her.) Are you alright?

Rouge: We heard what happened. Sorry for ya, kid.

Amy: … … … (She puts some tissues near her nose…) I thought I had it…

Cream: Had what?

Amy: I thought I had a chance to prove how talented I am at something… And just when I thought I could make myself of something… Lisa… (She had some tears in her eyes…) Lisa just took it away from me…

Rouge: Come on, kid. Don’t let it get to you.

Amy: But it’s not fair! I did my best to win the game and yet I got my face pelted by a ball! I can’t be talented at anything because Lisa does it BETTER than me!! Let’s face it… Everything I try to be good at… Lisa is gifted compared to me…

Cream and Rouge: …

Rouge: (She hands Amy more tissues.) Suck it up, girlfriend. So what if Lisa owned you at kickball. Big deal. Did you at least try your best?

Amy: … Yeah… But even then, I still lost.

Rouge: Don’t be such a wet towel. What matters is you tried. And if Lisa’s way better at it than you, you’ll probably find something that even SHE’S not good at.

Amy: … Why are you saying it that way?

Rouge: What way?

Amy: It’s like… You KNOW something, don’t you?

Rouge: (Turns around and pretends to be unsure.) I have NO idea what you’re talking about.

Amy: … … …

Rouge probably knew something about Amy, but Amy didn’t understand…

In the girls locker room, Lisa and Nancy were basking in their glory.

Nancy: *Whew!* That was SO amazing, Lisa! You literally OWNED the field back there! You seemed a lot faster than I remember!

Lisa: Yep. And I owe it all to this energy drink. (She opens her duffle bag and takes out two plastic bottles with the strange looking liquid inside…) Here, try it. It’s such a trip!

Nancy: (Lisa gives her the bottle.) Where did you get this strange juice? I never seen this brand before. (She opens it… and drinks it slowly.)

Lisa: Oh, I was just getting some water from my kitchen yesterday and found this pink stuff spewing out. It tasted quite weird at first but… It made me feel energetic! It was so great when it pumped me up to fight against that runt of the liter!

Nancy: (She stops drinking to catch her breath.) Yeah… I’m feeling quite bouncy myself too! (Tucks down her shirt uniform from her chest.) Not literally speaking of course.

Lisa: You know… Maybe we should stay a bit longer in the field and play some more kickball.

Nancy: Omigosh, that’s exactly what I was thinking! Do you think we can share this awesome energy drink with the rest of our team?

Lisa: … … … (She opens her duffle bag more… To reveal more bottles of the strange liquid…) They are SO on the house. (Her eye pupils slowly change to a certain pink hue…)

Meanwhile, back at the SSP lab, Lilian was on her computer until her computer notifies her that she got a new message.</i>

Lilian: Hm. I wonder what this is? (She opens it and it had an attachment.) Oh good. Another Pink Craze entry. Thank you, Miles. (She drags it over to her other folder containing the other Pink Craze files.) Hm… Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to take a quick peek.

She opens the file and reads aloud.

Lilian: (Reading aloud) “In science class we were learning about this chemical called LSD and how it could be brought out from a fungus.” … LSD? Is… Is that what the Pink Craze is made of? (All of a sudden, her computer sounds off a loud alarm!!) WAH!! (She drops to the ground and gets back up in her chair.) I keep forgetting about that…

She inputs some commands and attempts to contact the Patrollers…

Back in the nurse’s office at the school, Amy got back on her feet.

Cream: Are you feeling better, Amy?

Amy: (Rubs her nose) Yeah… My nose finally stopped bleeding… (Sighs…) My whole life’s a disaster… I train for something that someone else is better at than I am… What do you think I’m good at that can beat Lisa Forlune?

Rouge: I might have a suggestion. What do YOU think you’re better at?

Amy: (Annoyed) Hey, what kinda question is THAT?! This isn’t supposed to be like those stupid kung-fu movies where morals don’t make a lick of sense! Lisa’s better at EVERYTHING! Volleyball, kickball, wrestling, musician, artist…

Rouge: What about singing?

Amy: Sing-! … … … Huh… CAN she sing?

Rouge nudges Cream as if she knew what she’s intending to do. Cream sorta knew as well… But before Amy could find some time to think about it, the girls’ watches start beeping.

Amy: ??? (They press the buttons and Lilian appears on screen.) Ms. Lilian, what’s wrong?

Lilian: (On screen) Girls, we have a problem. It’s another Pink Craze attack. Tails managed to decode another Pink Craze entry to locate it. And its location is… right around your school.

The girls: The school??

Cream: Do you think anyone is hurt by it?

Amy: I sure hope not… We’ll track it down.

Lilian: (On screen) Alright. I’ll send you some vaccine as soon as you stop whoever it’s possessing.

Amy: …

Lilian: (On screen) Amy, what’s the matter? Did you do ok in kickball today?

Amy: … Lisa Forlune got the better of me… Like she does in EVERYTHING…

Lilian: (On screen)

Amy: I just don’t know what kinda talent I have that SHE doesn’t!

Lilian: (On screen) I’m sure there’s something your good at. Not everyone can have a talent beyond anything that’s your own. You should consider yourself lucky that you might be gifted with something that makes you unique and special.

Amy: …

Lilian: (On screen) But we’ll have to save this lament for later. Now’s your chance to try out the new tracking tech in your watches to hunt down the craze. Get out there and stop it as quickly as possible.

Amy: … (She gains confidence.) Got it. (The call ends and the girls each press the gold button on their watches, activating their uniforms.) Alright, ladies. The Station Square Patrollers are needed once again! Let’s move out-!

They noticed that the school nurse watched everything that happened from their transformation.

Rouge: … We probably should’ve hid first and THEN suit up.

Amy: Right. (Without hesitating, she takes out the Flash Memory Emitter and erases the nurse’s memory of the Patrollers.)

They rush out of the office and activate their tracking devices in their watches.

Rouge: Well well, they work like a charm. No need for the boss to send us signals.

Cream: It looks like the signal’s coming from outside the school!

Amy: Look alive, ladies! (They rush out the back door.)

They follow the signal to the kickball field. They stopped in their tracks at the sight of… Lisa Forlune and her team…

Lisa: Look who turned up so quickly. And it seems these girls got their Halloween costumes early.

Nancy: It’s hilarious when you think about it.

Amy: (She looks down at her watch, signifying that the signals of the craze was right in front of them! There were even more signals rapidly blinking on the watches!) !!! Y-You’re under the Pink Craze’s control?? And you got those girls involved too?!

Lisa: Pink Craze? What are you talking about?

Rouge: Here’s the scoop. You and that bratty follow up of yours somehow got a hold of the Pink Craze. Now it’s inside your system and it will probably kill you if we don’t take it out ASAP.

Nancy: But its making us feel extraordinary, you dig? We can take on anyone in the school.

Lisa: Even YOU, shortstop.

Amy: ?!?!

Lisa: Think about it. I practically OWNED you in kickball and I practically own you in any match. So run home to your litter box ‘cuz there’s only room for one talented beauty.

Amy: … … …

Lisa: And that’s me to a “T”.

Lisa kicks the ball straight towards Amy!! Amy quickly summons her hammer with her WD rod and bounces the ball away! It bounces on the ground a little bit until it rolls to a stop…

Amy: (Panting) Just because… You’re better at kickball than me… Doesn’t mean you can push me around in the dirt! (Jams her hammer into the dirt.) I may be smaller than you in size but even I have special talents!

Lisa: Hah hah hah… Oh do you now? And what IS your special talent?

Amy: Um… Well… It’s kinda like um…

Rouge: She can sing.

Amy: Huh??

Lisa: What? That little pin cushion actually HAS a talent?

Rouge: You’d be surprise, Forlune. Amy may not look like it, but she actually has a very sweet voice. Even better, she even sings a nice song she made up.

Amy: You… Actually like my singing?

Rouge: Yeah.

Cream: It’s true! We think it’s really lovely!

Amy: … … …

Lisa: So you actually have talent, huh?

Amy: … I… I guess so…

Lisa: Well know this. I still rank number one on all talents in this school and it’s going to STAY that way. Meanwhile you are at the bottom of the barrel because everything you’re good at… I can do BETTER. (She picks up another ball and kicks it at Amy!)

Amy picks up her hammer and strikes the ball!

Amy: … Can you erase the craze? ‘Cuz WE can! (She and her friends get in position to fight!) Patrollers, sustain them! They can’t handle the craze for long! (They rush forward!!)

Lisa: Oh, it’s on! Come on, ladies! Strike them out! (The girls quickly picked up more red rubber balls and kicked them straight to the patrollers!!)

Fighting to bounce them back was like fighting through a wave of bullets. Rouge kept punching some of the rubber balls away from her. Cream shielded herself with her staff while Amy smacked most back with her hammer.

Amy: Man, these girls are tougher than I thought! How long was the Pink Craze in them?!

Rouge: We’ll worry about that later!

Lisa kicks another ball straight at Amy and Amy smacks it with her hammer before they stopped right in front of the girls with rubber balls filling the area.

Lisa: We’re impressed, runts. You’re not too shabby than we thought.

Nancy: … L-Lisa… I-I don’t feel so good.

Amy: !!! Oh no, the Pink Craze is already damaging her! We have to bring them down now!

Lisa: Oh no you don’t! (She kicks another ball and it hits Amy in the face!!)

Amy falls to the ground…

Cream: Ms. Amy!!

Amy slowly gets up…

Lisa: Looks like I win again. But this time in humility.

Amy: Don’t you get it?! We’re trying to help you! If we don’t, the Pink Craze might do something terrible to all of you!

Lisa: All I hear from you is nothing but a buncha bull. You’re nothin’ but a screwy little girl who thinks you can possess any kinda talent. Well I have news for you. You’re not good at kickball, and you’ll never be good as me.

Amy: … … … You’re right… I can’t be as good as you… … … … And if I was, I’d end up stupid as you.

Lisa: ?!?!?! Oh now you’re asking for it! (She rushes to attack Amy, but Amy uses her hammer to jump high in the air!!) !?!?!?!?

Amy: (Lands on the ground and contacts Lilian on her watch.) Ms. Lilian, we need those vaccines, NOW!!

Lisa: You’re getting on my last nerves, runt! (She quickly picks up a red ball and throws it at Amy!!)

The ball hurls towards Amy at top speed until without thinking… Amy kicked the ball as hard as she could! BAM!! It hits Lisa right in her face, making her fall to the ground!!

All the other girls gasp in horror… Amy held her hammer up.

Amy: Now then. You’re all sick thanks to the Craze. So let’s all be polite… (Her watch notifies that the vaccine has arrived. It teleports near her as she holds it up.) And make sure this never happens again.

The ladies had no choice but to succumb…

Sometime later, Lisa Forlune was injected with the vaccine by Amy.

Amy: Finally… Is everyone else alright?

Rouge: (Taking a syringe out of Nancy’s shoulder.) They’ve behaved SO well. They deserve some lollipops.

Amy: … … …

Cream: Are you ok, Ms. Amy?

Amy: I’m fine… It’s just… I really wanted to be full of talent just like Lisa… But… I guess I’m just not as good in kickball as she is…

Rouge: Well… Did you have fun anyway?

Amy: … I guess it was some sorta experience. But… What’s MY special talent that makes me unique?

Rouge: I told you, you can sing.

Amy: … But I dunno if it counts as a talent…

Cream: Everything can count as a talent! You don’t have to be like Lisa to be talented, you have your own that makes you unique!

Rouge: And even though she may say she’s better at them than you, well… At least yours are special and are nothing like hers.

Amy: … … … (Smiles)

Rouge: So, you gonna continue on with kickball?

Amy: … I think I’ll just stick to what I’m good at already. Saving the day with you girls. (Rouge and Cream were happy with that remark.)

Suddenly, Lisa and Nancy as well as the other girls started to wake up, all healthy…

Lisa: Ooh… What happened?

Nancy: I dunno… (They look at the patrollers.) T…The runts?

Lisa: W-What’s going on here? The last thing I remember is drinking some weird pink stuff… And then…

Amy: Lisa, that pink stuff. When did you drink it?

Lisa: Uh… Yesterday evening, I think?

Amy, Rouge, and Cream: !!!!!!

Lisa: W-what’s wrong with you, runts? And… why are you dressed so weirdly?

Amy: (Quickly takes out her Flash Memory Emitter) I’m sorry, but this has to be classified! We’re just glad you’re ok! Take care! (Before Lisa could object, Amy emits a bright flash to erase Lisa and the other girls’ memories…)

In the SSP lab, Lilian was talking to the girls through her computer.

Lilian: What?! You mean they had in the Pink Craze in them from YESTERDAY?!

Amy: That’s what she told us.

Lilian: … Oh no… No no no no… This Craze is so much harder to control… It’s hiding itself faster than Tails can decode it… Girls, we’re losing our chances. We have to up our game to shut down the craze as quickly as possible.

Rouge: What I’m most curious is how did it get into Lisa’s possession?

Lilian: Ok… Let’s think this through… Blake Bronze knocked the container of the Craze out of the window. Was there any sign of someone taking it?

Cream: We’re not sure…

Amy: … Wasn’t there some sort of drain near the curb of where the container landed? Maybe it spilled into the sewer area?

Rouge: That’s crazy. The only way for it to do that is if it’s… It’s… self-aware…

Lilian: … Self… … Aware?

Cream: Y-You mean… The Pink Craze… is alive??

Rouge: It could be. Think about it. How is it that it was able to pop up in some places around the city?

Amy: Rouge is right. It might’ve found its way in the clown’s makeup…

Cream: And it could’ve found poor Matthew…

Rouge: And it ended up in Lisa’s water… It seems to be spreading fast like a parasite…

Lilian: … … …

Amy: Ms. Lilian? … Ms. Lilian, are you ok?

Lilian: Y-Yeah… I’m ok… Listen, I’ll call Tails and tell him to move the decoding up. We have to make sure that the Craze is stopped for good.

Amy: What do we do now?

Lilian: For now, we’ll have no choice but to lay low. If anything unusual happens, you’ll be the first to know.

Amy: …

Lilian: Everything will be fine, trust me.

Amy: Are you sure?

Lilian: You can trust me. I’ll stay up and keep the town in check. Just… Get some sleep tonight, ladies. The city needs you more than ever.

Amy: … … … You’re right. We can’t give up now.

Lilian: You shouldn’t. Ever. (The call ends…) … … … Alive… It’s alive? How? W-Why? (She opens up the Pink Craze files and skims through the documents.) I don’t get it… Why is this happening?! Who wrote all this like a journal?! And who’s behind this whole thing?! … Ugh… Blake Bronze you sick bastard… Why did you do this?? WHY?!

She then thought she heard some voice speaking to her…

Lilian: ??? H-Hello?? W-Who’s there?? … W-Whoever you are, stop it! It’s not funny! (She covers her ears and shuts her eyes…)

But then, the voices faded away… Lilian was much calmer now, but still heavily concerned about the Pink Craze being an intelligent parasite… And pondering the fact that the craze is indeed self-aware, spreading itself around Station Square, ready to strike when the time is right…

Lilian tried to shrug it off but still kept it in the back of her mind…

Nighttime in Station Square…

Amy in her bedroom was brushing her hair before she gets ready for bed…

Amy: … … … (She starts humming…)(She starts to sing…) Dear sweet child, don't shed a tear... Listen to my words of wisdom, dear... Oh such beauty you hold so tight... Sparkling gleaming in your heart so bright.

She gets up and sets her bed while moving some of her plush toys while singing.

Amy: (Singing) You are a pure rose standing alone... Oh such a pure rose in the unknown... Such innocence you carry with those who despise... A young angel who's different in their eyes...

She sits on her bed and continues singing.

Amy: (Singing) So many girls with beauty, filled with such cruel vanity, It lurks in their evil hearts unlike yoooours... You are beautiful to me... A golden heart is what I see... I know the heartless can't see through... To find the beauty inside of you...

She stops singing and realizes that… She sounded very nice.

Amy: Huh… I guess I really do have a nice voice, don’t I? … … …

Amy shuts off the light and gets in bed, hoping to start a new day tomorrow.

Station Square News Night Hour.

Erica: Good evening, Station Square, I’m Erica Strum with Station Square News Night Hour. Tonight we have been able to record a live interview with young genius scientist Kane Miaozuki on what he believes will be a crowning achievement in spreading peace into Station Square and possibly other places with the usage of science. His current headquarters are unknown as we were unable to capture his face, he was however able to send us a voice recording of himself sharing his thoughts on his work.

There’s something wrong in the city. There’s no doubt about that. Everything can be wrong in any place. I focus on spreading peace and prosperity through the benefits of science in hoping that we find the source on its illness. Rest assure, we are very close to our goal and will eventually make this city and possibly the earth a safer place to live… Full of pure innocence… Pure satisfaction… Pure beauty in the world…
This episode's file size ended up smaller than I wanted it to be... I dunno if I should be happy or annoyed because my computer can't seem to make up it's mind. Anyway, new episode of Station Square Patrollers! Yeah!
Tired of being overshadowed by Lisa Forlune, Amy tries to discover what her true talent is. She decides to enroll in kickball during gym to discover if she has what it takes.
The Craze is getting smarter... Faster... Deadlier...
ringsandamiss007 Featured By Owner Sep 9, 2015
If the SSP are going to step up they'll need allies.
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Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles are always willing to help when needed. Just be patient on more patrollers coming. =)
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