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It was a glorious morning in Station Square city… Actually scratch that. It wasn’t glorious at all due to the fact that…

Eggman was scaring the citizens in his huge robotic machine! Everyone screams as they run away in fear. Eggman was controlling this huge monstrosity with his robot minions Orbot and Cubot in the cockpit.

Eggman: (Laughs heartily) Look at all these pathetic fools! Running in fear at the sight of Doctor Eggman! Soon I will destroy this pitiful city and reconstruct it for my own evil deeds!

Orbot: A very well executed plan, your lordship!

Connected lower to the machine, Amy Rose, Cream, Cheese, and Rogue were trapped in an inescapable dome.

Amy: Let us OUTTA here!

Cream: I’m scared!

Cheese: (Scared) Chao chao!

Rogue: Honestly, do you girls HAVE to scream for help every time??

Back to Eggman…

Cubot: Hey boss, what do you think we should do with those girls you caught earlier?

Eggman: Let them suffer by watching my wrath! They were FOOLS to think they could stand up to me!

Orbot: But since you captured them, don’t you think Sonic and his comrades will come to rescue them anyway?

Eggman: They won’t suspect a thing after I make my getaway! Soon, NOTHING will be able to stop me!

???: You know, Baldy McNose hair, you always keep saying that.

Eggman: HUH!?!?! (He looks ahead of him… to see Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles!)

Sonic: And we’re always here to stop you.

Eggman: Blasted hedgehog! (The girls trapped in the dome cheered!) Why is it that you and your meddlesome friends always get in my way?

Knuckles: I don’t know, probably because you’re trying to hurt these people? If that’s not the answer, I don’t know WHAT is.

Eggman: I’ll make you eat those words, puny fools!

Sonic: (Pretending he’s trying to hear) … Sorry, I didn’t quite catch that. It’s like every time you talk, I always hear… (Mimicking Eggman) “Sonic, please destroy my worthless inventions so I can keep making MORE of them for you to break!”

Tails: (Laughs) Good one, dude!

Eggman: No one mocks the great Eggman! (He presses a button and missiles shoot out from the machine.) Prepare to be blasted!

Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles traverse through the horrible machine’s defenses with ease. Eggman activates another button, and robotic arms with claws shoot outward. Sonic runs up to the front where Eggman controls the robot.

Sonic: Yo, Knuckles! Take out these claws!

Knuckles: (Pulls one of them in) Yeah, yeah I hear ya! (He breaks one of them with his fists.)

Sonic: Tails, free the girls!

Tails: I’m on it! (He flies towards the dorm and presses several buttons on a touch pad near the dome.)

Sonic: (He looks downward at the machine and sees something glowing inside.) Huh. So THAT’S what you’re using to power this big boy! (He smashes it open with his fist!)

Eggman: AAUGH!! NO!!!

Sonic: (He holds up a vile of some strange pink substance.) Got it!

Knuckles: (Destroys the last robot claw.) Got it!

Tails: (He manages to crack the code and free the girls.) Got it!

The boys and girls jump off the machine as it crumbles to the ground! Out from the dust and rubble, Eggman was coughing and grunting angrily.

Eggman: GAH… (He realizes that Sonic was still holding onto that strange vial filled with some pink substance.) Sonic, you don’t know what you are holding! Give that vial back this instant! It could spell doom if you keep it in your grimy hands!

Sonic: Oh really? Not like it will do any good if I give it back to the likes of you. I think the scientists working here would find this very interesting.

Eggman: (Grunts…) That is a mistake…

He presses a button. His egg-mobile disconnected from the shattered machine and moved upward into the sky.

Eggman: This isn’t the end, meddling hedgehog! I will plot my revenge! I have you all on my list! A list that shows how much I hate you all and what I will DO to you next time! Next time I will make a BIGGER killing machine that will be able to-!

Sonic and his friends: ALRIGHT ALREADY!

Eggman: … GRRR… Orbot, Cubot! We are LEAVING! (The egg-mobile takes off into the sky.)

Sonic: … Won’t he ever learn?

Amy: Sonic! (She hugs him) Thank you so much for saving all of us!

Cream: You’re our heroes!

Rouge: I have to say, that was pretty impressive what you boys did.

Sonic: Come on, girls. Give us a break.

The girls: ???

Knuckles: You can’t take on Eggman alone, ya know? He may seem all that, but you can’t just go in and stop him that easily.

Rouge: Well excuse us; we were only trying to make it easier for you.

Sonic: Look-! I-! … Ugh… That’s not the point! You girls will keep getting captured if you gang up on him! You know how much it bites if we hafta save you time and time again?

Amy: We were only trying to help you!

Tails: I hate to say it, but Sonic’s right. You’re getting yourself into trouble too much around that guy. Look, we just don’t want you to get hurt alright? Let us handle Eggman.

Amy: Why? Is it because we’re only GIRLS?

Cream: We’ve dealt with Eggman lots of times before.

Sonic: Uh yeah, that’s because WE were there most of the time?

Knuckles: Just do us a favor and STOP trying to be the heroes! Let the guys here handle that!

Amy and the others felt offended.

Tails: We better stop by Doctor Blyner’s lab and see what he knows about this strange liquid.

Knuckles: Good idea. Could give us a break from the damsels in the distress.

Sonic: Sorry, Amy, but it’s for your own good. If you’ll excuse us we got places to go, sights to see, and bad boys to stop. See ya. (Sonic runs off with Knuckle while Tails flies off with them.)

The girls were stumped…

Sometime later… Amy, Cream, Cheese and Rouge were hanging out at the café.

Amy: UGH… Those boys think they’re all THAT letting THEM do all the butt-kicking while WE just stand around and cheer them on.

Cream: I don’t mind cheering Mr. Sonic on.

Cheese: Chao.

Amy: That’s not the point! We beat Eggman countless times and yet THEY think we can’t do a thing! That bites worse than us getting captured by him.

Rouge: Well why don’t we try and prove them wrong? All we hafta do is show them how much we mean business.

Amy: And just HOW are we gonna do that?

Rouge: … Hm. … I’m not exactly sure.

Amy: And I thought you were the smart one around here.

Rouge: Oh REALLY? Well why don’t YOU think of something, Ms. Know-it-all!

Cream: … Huh? (She notices a woman leaving, but dropping a flyer as she walks away.) (She gets up off her chair and picks up the flyer) Wait! Excuse me, miss! You dropped you’re… … flyer… Huh. (She looks at the flyer)

Cheese: Chao chao?

Cream: I know, Cheese. This flyer looks a little strange. … (She walks back to Amy and Rouge) Amy, Rouge, look what me and Cheese found. (Amy takes the flyer and looks at it.)

It appeared to be a dark blue flyer with a badge on it with the letters SSP on them.

Amy: (Reading the flyer) “Join the Station Square Patrollers and protect your city against crime. Visit forty-seventh avenue near town hall.” … Pul-leese. There’s no WAY this is going to solve our problems.

Rouge: (Looks at the flyer) Looks a little flashy and suspicious, but it could be worth the challenge. What do you say we take a gander at it?

Amy: (Snatches the flyer away from Rouge) No WAY, Rouge. It’s probably just a SCAM to get us into MORE trouble. Can you IMAGINE Sonic and his friends complaining if were we to fall for this bologna?

Cream: It doesn’t LOOK like a scam to me. Maybe it could be real.

Amy: Not you too, Cream! You know what; YOU TWO can go, count me out. I’m not gonna waste my time falling for something this stupid.

Rouge: Fine then. We’ll just have all the fun without you. Come on, Cream. Let’s leave her be. (She, Cream and Cheese begin to leave.)

Amy: … … (Looks at the flyer) … … (Sighs… and follows the group) Wait up.

Rouge: Well, what made you change your mind?

Amy: Don’t think I’m getting into this. I’m gonna prove to you that this is all made up. Just you watch.

Rouge: Go ahead. We’ll be watching.

Later, the group finds themselves near an alleyway nearby town hall.

Amy: I TOLD you it was fake, girls! There’s nothing here!

All they saw at the end of the alleyway was... nothing but a brick wall…

Cream: Are you sure we’re on the right street?

Rouge: (Looks behind her to see a street sign reading “Forty-seventh avenue”) This is the place alright. Maybe there’s something else beyond this wall.

She begins to walk towards it only to have Amy stop her in her tracks.

Amy: Oh no you don’t, Rouge! We all know this is nothing but a joke! Let’s just go home.

Rouge: There’s something… odd about this place. I just know it.

She nudges Amy away and walks towards the wall. The others catch up to her as she moves her hands around the bricks.

Cream: … Maybe this flyer was for something a long time ago?

Cheese: Chao chao chao…

Amy: Ugh… This is a big waste of our time. Go ahead, stand around like a buncha idiots. I’m going home. (Rouge then presses on one of the bricks. It moves back in the wall as there was a loud CA-CHUNK) !!!! What was that??

Cream: I… I don’t know! (The sound bellows again.) ??? (She looks down at the ground.) It sounds like something moving underground.

Amy: Underground? How’s that even possible? (All of a sudden… the concrete floor below them opened up like a trap door!)

The group fell straight down the hole as it closed up on the surface!

Inside, the girls were screaming as they were sliding down a HUGE metal slide at top speed!!



They continue screaming as they slide downward until… They all fall into a new room on top of each other. They all groan in pain as they struggle to get up…

Rouge: Ugh, Amy take your foot outta my eye!

Amy: Sorry… (They all stand up as they dust themselves off…) What in the world??

They found themselves in some sort of futuristic office. They were completely stunned by its appearance…

Rouge: So, think it’s still a scam? (Amy was speechless.)

Cream: Wow… This place looks amazing!

Cheese: (Amazed) Chao chao…

Amy: … Ok… maybe there IS something real about that flyer. (They look around) Who would’ve thought that this was under our feet the whole time?

Rouge: (Looks at some papers scattered on the table.) It looks like these paperwork are outdated. Someone sure doesn’t have the time to organize their documents.

???: Well, it’s about time you showed up.

The group: !!! WHO’S THERE??

???: It’s ok, I’m not going to hurt you.

The person walks in to greet them. She appeared to be a young woman dressed in light-whitish-green with brown hair and blue eyes.

Woman: I knew you all would come here eventually.

Amy: Wait a minute… don’t you look familiar? …

Woman: I get that a lot. My name is Lilian. Are you here to apply for the Station Square Patrollers?

Amy: Uh… No! No we’re not! We were just passing by and… we… have some business to attend to! Somewhere else!

Lilian: If you all have business somewhere else, why did you come here in the first place?

Amy tried to think of something to say.

Lilian: Don’t tell me. You’re here because you’re curious about the Station Square Patrollers.

Rouge: You’ve read us like books. (Amy tried to persuade Rouge to stop.) So what’s with this patrolling gig?

Lilian: Well, the Station Square Patrollers is a group dedicated to halting crime that cannot be stopped by normal justice.

Amy: Well what about the G.U.N. Force? I’m pretty sure THEY have it all under control, right?

Lilian: You may think so, but there is something else that makes the Station Square Patrollers much more unique.

Cream: Why, are they more special?

Lilian: You can say that. Let’s just say that our group has more skills and technology than G.U.N. can get their hands on.

Rouge: I like this patrolling group already. So where are these patrollers anyway?

Lilian: What are you talking about? They’re right here.

Cream: … Um… Where?

Lilian: Right here.

Amy: Hold on a minute. … Are you implying that…? … Oh no… Oh no… No no no no no no no… It can’t be. It just CAN’T be…

Rouge: It looks like WE’RE the Station Square Patrollers now.


Cream: Oh wow that’s so amazing!

Cheese: (Excited) Chao chao!!

Amy: No, this is NOT amazing! This is only gonna get us humiliated even MORE! I am NOT gonna risk my life only to embarrass myself in front of those boys!

Rouge: … Why not WE try and embarrass THEM?

Amy: … What?

Rouge: Think about it. If we join up and become these patrollers, we’ll be the ones saving the day while those boys will be left in the dust. That way we’ll show them that girls mean business.

Amy: … I dunno… It’s like I can’t do ANYTHING without my dear Sonic…

Cream: Well now’s our chance, Amy. Let’s become patrollers and show Sonic, Tails, and Knuckles how all of us can work together as a team! Whatta you say?

Amy: … … (Sighs…) Fine… (Cream and Rouge were pleased.) This better be worth everything you say…

Lilian: Oh it will, girls. It certainly will. (Smiles)

Meanwhile away from Station Square… There is a small island with a huge building suited best for an evil villain with an evil purpose. Dr. Eggman.

Inside his lab, Eggman was finishing some last minute adjustments to a machine which Orbot and Cubot were operating.

Eggman: (Inputting some commands on a keyboard connected to a large glass tank.) Finally this concoction has been multiplied and is ready for my evil purpose. Orbot, activate the turbine engines! Keep that slime in check!

Orbot: Activating now, sir. (He pulls a lever as a tube filled with pink mysterious slime filled up inside the huge glass tank…)

Eggman: Yes… yes! This concoction that Sonic and his meddlesome friends stole was only a SAMPLE. But when I use TWICE as much as I had before, I will be invincible!

Cubot was staring at the weird slime…

Eggman: CUBOT! Stop staring into space and get back to work!

Cubot: WOO!! S-sorry, boss! I’m just staring at this REALLY lovely slime you made all by yourself!

Eggman: Cut the sweet talk, you bumbling piece of junk. You know very well I found this dangerous liquid for my own needs. This concoction is more powerful beyond the periodic table itself. It teases your mind with its looks, its stench will make you hallucinate, and just the thought of someone consuming it... Who KNOWS what will happen. That’s why this MUST be taken lightly and used properly. Only I can handle the containment of this corrupting power. If it’s not contained, the slime will multiply and spread like wildfire! Things can go out of hand if this falls into the wrong hands. And it’s all thanks to SONIC. … No matter. They’ll suffer the consequences when it’s too late. Nothing will vanquish the pink slime!

Orbot: What name does this horrible weapon of insanity have?

Eggman: … Come to think of it, I haven’t really thought of a name. There wasn’t any name to begin with. All I know is that this was made by SOMEONE, I just can’t figure out WHO. No matter. They’re doing me a favor, making this powerful energy source. But on the other hand…

Eggman sits in a chair and presses a button on the control panel.

Eggman: If that liquid is consumed by someone in that city, all my plans will go to ruin. I must locate it and bring back every single drop of it. Orbot, Cubot! (They stand up straight, saluting.) I need you to head back to that city and find that vial! I’m sure Sonic’s puny friends haven’t disposed of it. YET. And don’t come back until you find it! Do I make myself clear?!

Orbot: Crystal clear, boss!

Cubot: Whatever you say! (They both leave the lab room.)

Eggman: … They better find it. For now I must crack this code and analyze its true nature. (He opens up a screen from the control panel and gets to work.)

Later, back in the underground hideout of the Station Square Patrollers… Lilian puts some blue-ish silver watches on each of the girls’ wrists.

Amy: What are these?

Lilian: These special watches are the ones that will help you in your duties. (Rouge presses a few buttons.) We call them the Patroller Remote Device. Or PDR for short. They can be used as tracking devices. They can also send messages, record data, substitute as a flashlight, and even release a hook-shot to swing out of tight situations.

Rouge accidently presses the button to activate the hook-shot device and a small detachable hook attached to a powerful strong string sticks into the wall. Rouge presses the button again and it instantly zooms back into the watch.

Rouge: (Amused) It works alright.

Lilian: But that’s only the beginning. You see that gold button at the top? (The girls see that each of their watches had a gold button on top of their watches.)

Amy: What about it?

Lilian: That is the icing on the cake. Press them, and… well, I’ll let you see what happens.

Rouge: I’ll go first. Hope for the best. (She presses the gold button and her body started glowing brightly white!)

Rouge’s clothes were then replace with a new set of clothes and armor fit for a crime fighting officer! Amy, Cream, and Cheese were amazed.

Rouge: (She looks at her new style) Well well, this is new. So, how do I look? Not too shabby, am I right?

Cream: That looks so amazing! I wanna look cool just like Rouge, Ms. Lillian!

Cheese: (Anxious and excited) Chao chao chao!

Cream: Can I try it too??

Lilian: Well of course. Your watch is exactly like Rouge’s. Just give it a shot.

Cream pressed the gold button on her watch and her body too started to glow brightly! Just like Rouge, Cream’s clothes were replaced with a new set of clothing and armor!

Cream: Wow! This is amazing! (Cheese was hovering around happily)

Rouge: I hafta say, Cream. That style of you looks spot on.

Cream: Thank you, Ms. Rouge! … Amy, are you gonna try it out too?

Amy: … (She seemed a little unsure as she looks at her watch)(Sighs…) Well… what have I got to lose? (She presses the gold button and her body starts glowing brightly.) WAH!!!

Like the others’, Amy’s clothes were replaced with a new set of clothing and armor. Amy was quite surprised with her new looks.

Lilian: Quite flashy, isn’t it, Amy? From now on, you three are known as the Station Square Patrollers.

Amy: …

Rouge: I’m quite curious, Ms. Lilian. It’s nice we have these fashionable costumes fit for fighting crime and all, but do we have anything to fight against bad boys with?

Lilian: Of course. I was just about to get to that.

She goes over to a wall with a touch pad. She inputs some code and the wall opens reveals three crystal blue cylinders. She takes each of them out and hands each of them to the three.

Lillian: These will be your primary tool for melee combat, the Weapon Downloader. It already has data for a main weapon but it can be used to scan another weapon unlimited times. However, it can only download a new weapon once. But you’ll hafta be careful. Once you activate it, it will shut off after a period amount of time for it to recharge.

Amy: So, what things are already in these cylinders anyway?

Lilian: Try them out. Just press the button on its side and it will activate.

Amy presses the yellow button on its side and it forms into a hammer similar to hers!

Amy: Whoa!!! This is… spooky.

Rouge presses the button on her cylinder and it glows onto her hand. Her melee weapon was a glove with some sharp claw-like knives. Cream does the same and her weapon appears to be a staff.

Cream: Aww… I just have this long stick… I want a cool weapon like Amy and Rouge…

Lilian: But you do have a nice weapon, Cream. The staff is very useful in blocking attacks and jumping towards long distances. All it takes is a few twirls and you’re good to go.

Cream: Um… Ok… (She does her best to twirl her staff, but it flips out from her hands… And bonks Rouge on her head.) !!! Oops… Sorry, Rouge.

Lilian: (Sighs…) Girls, you may be the newest Station Square Patrollers, but you still have a long way to go. You’ll need to study up on the basics in order to get these positions down.

Amy: So what, are we gonna get large text books now? I was just enrolled in Station High and I do NOT have the time to waste on this silly little police force.

Lilian: Still in denial. Most are like that. Look.

She takes some small manuals from the drawers.

Liliian: They’re not that long, and they won’t take as much time as you think they will. (She hands a copy to each of them.) I’m not gonna force you to stay with this group. If you don’t wanna join, you just hafta say so. I’m just giving you an opportunity to show others that you can be just as heroic as they can be. You can have as much time to think about this, alright?

Cream: … Amy?

Rogue: … Well?

Amy: … … … Just give us some time to think about it.

Lilian: Very well. When you’re ready for these, you can keep them.

The girls press the buttons on the watches again, and they were reverted back to their original clothes. They give the devices back to Lilian.

Lillian: Let me know when you finish reading up those manuals and thinking about what I told you. When you think you’re good to go, we can get started on some training.

Amy: Yeah, yeah, very nice. Can we go now?

Lilian: … Fine. Oh, and one more thing. Don’t even THINK about using these gadgets until you’re prepared. You’re dismissed. (She presses a button on the wall and three tubes slide out from the ceiling.) Also… Thanks for stopping by. It’s gotten pretty lonely here. (Chuckles.)

Amy gave an annoyed disgusted look as she, Cream, Cheese, and Rouge were sucked into the tubes. Lilian seemed slightly disappointed…

She goes into another room and sits by a control desk with a large computer screen. She inputs some commands and presses a key. One by one, it showed pictures of Amy, Cream, and Rouge along with some binary code and other data.

Lilian: … They’re probably not up to the task yet. … (She opens up another tab on the computer and notices something.) … Huh? … What’s that? … … Wait a minute… … Can it be?

Meanwhile, back in the city, Tails, Sonic, and Knuckles were waiting in a research facility center.

Sonic: So, why are we here again?

Tails: I told you, we hafta give this weird pink substance to Dr. Blyner. He and his team are the only ones able to analyze this strange stuff Eggman was using.

Knuckles: So what, do you think it’s some kinda battery?

Tails: I’m not sure, but when Sonic pulled it out, Eggman’s machine broke down in a matter of seconds. So it could be possible. What I’m wondering is how he even GOT this thing. It doesn’t look like he can MAKE this odd power.

Sonic: That’s not surprising to me. On account that he summoned Perfect Chaos, Awakened Dark Gaia, and stole a bunch of Hyper-Go-On aliens.

Tails: True. … Ah, here he is now!

A scientist with some slightly broken glasses walks in. His hair was slightly messy as was his lab coat. He was Dr. Blyner.

Blyner: Oh, boys! You three wanted to see me?

Tails: Nice to meet you again, Dr. Blyner. Y’see, we recently fought against Eggman…

Sonic: Probably the millionth time.

Tails: And we discovered that he was using this strange pink energy to power his machine with. (Hands Blyner the sample) Do you have any idea what it is?

Blyner: … Huh... I’m not entirely sure what this substance is, but it seems to be giving off this strange feeling while I’m holding this.

Tails: Yeah, we had this odd sense of feeling too. You don’t think Eggman created this, do you?

Blyner: Well, that’s a hypothesis.

He puts the vial in a machine and the computer reads the data. It then shows an Error message. He sighs.

Blyner: It’s all a bunch of messed up code. I can’t decipher it. But I will say this; it must’ve been made by SOMEONE other than Eggman. But I’m not sure who…

Knuckles: Well, if this strange slime or whatever can power Eggman’s machine, it MUST be filled with some weird power. Who KNOWS what would happen if someone were to use it.

All of a sudden, the computer started going haywire!

Blyner: Whoa!! Oh no!

Sonic: What’s up?!

Blyner: The computer’s going all haywire! It might cause an explosion!

Tails: Take out that vial, quickly!!

Blyner: (Frantically presses a button, but the slot won’t open up!) Ugh, I can’t get it open! If this computer burns out, all the data recorded can’t be recovered!

Knuckles: Alright, stand back, four-eyes!

Knuckles smashes the board with his fist and takes out the vial just in time! The haywire computer slows down to a stop and shuts off…

Blyner: (Collapses on the ground as he sighs with relief.) *Whew*… That was a close one. For a second there, I thought we were gonna lose everything. Oh… the computer shut off… Luckily it still saved all that broken data.

Sonic: But it’s just a buncha scrambled code. What good will THAT do?

Blyner: Yes it IS unreadable, Sonic. (Gets up on his feet.) But that doesn’t mean we can’t decipher it. Tails, I’m gonna need your help to unscramble this data monstrosity. Think you’re up for the task?

Tails: Of course, but… how long will this take?

Blyner: Well… With both of our brilliant minds combined… I say that this should take until tomorrow.

Tails: Absolutely. (To Sonic and Knuckles.) You guys go on ahead. I have some work to do.

Sonic: Hope things go smoothly. Oh, and I think you should keep this slime in safe place. You know, so it doesn’t make anything go all crazy again.

Tails: Yeah, good idea. (He takes the vial and puts it in a glass case.) Well, gotta get started. See you guys around.

Sonic and Knuckles leave while Tails and Dr. Blyner are ready to begin.

The pink slime in the vial glows mildly.

Near Forty-seventh avenue, Amy, Rogue, Cream, and Cheese found themselves back in the city again.

Amy: What a strange ride we went through.

Rouge: You’re telling me. Makes me feel like I’m ready for anything.

Cream: (Giggles) Me too!

Cheese: (Excited) Chao chao!

Amy: … I dunno… This still may seem pretty off. What if this lady’s planning to swindle us and hold us hostage?? She may be working for Dr. Eggman or WORSE!

Rouge: Quit your whining, Amy. She seems trustworthy enough. I mean, do you even know what this means?

Amy: What? (They leave the alleyway as the sun was setting while they walk around the bustling city town.)

Rouge: We have access to tools that the boys don’t have! We can show them how girls kick butt without even trying.

Amy: But you heard what Lilian said. We’re not supposed to touch those things until we understand how to use them.

Rouge: I dunno about you, but I feel like I’m quite ready enough

Cream: Rouge is right! Maybe Mr. Sonic will think you’re a hero, Amy!

Amy: … You really think so? I mean, what if this interrupts our free time? I mean we have school and our social life, ya know.

Rogue: We’ll figure out how to balance it.

Cream: It’s getting kinda late. We should probably all go home for now.

Cheese: Chao.

Amy: (Nods) Hm. You’re right. I’ll think about this patrolling gig. Till’ then, see you girls tomorrow.

They wave goodbye to each other as they walk their separate ways.

Meanwhile, Amy picks up a few groceries and begins walking to her home. She sighs as she opens the door to her house and brings in her groceries.

Amy puts each of them away while she still has the Patrolling idea stuck in her head.

Amy: … (She stares at the manual Lilian gave her.) … Perhaps if I give this more thought, Sonic would finally appreciate me. I could look out for myself without him being there to save my butt all the time. … (Yawns…) Yeah… maybe more thought is best… (She goes up the stairs to her bedroom.)

Sometime later, Amy was fast asleep in her room. It was the dead of night, not a sound was emitting. Just then, something was tapping her window.

Amy: … … … (The tapping grew slightly louder.) Mff… (She slowly wakes up and yawns…) What… What’s that? (The tapping was beginning to annoy her.) What’s going on? (She goes over to her window and opens it. She looks out the window only to see… nothing.) … Hello? … anyone here? … Hello??

It turns out, Rouge was right near her window.

Rouge: About time you woke up.

Amy: WHOA!! Rouge?! What are you doing here??

Rouge: Isn’t it obvious? We’re gonna put our skills to the test.

Amy: “We?” (She sees Cream and Cheese down below.)

Cream: Hi, Amy!

Amy: ?!?! Rouge, I haven’t even given you my full answer on this patrolling thing! And didn’t Ms. Lilian say we’re not supposed to use those things until we’re ready??

Rouge: What’s better to practice now than never? While I was on my way home, I recently heard some robber was going to break into a jewelry store.

Amy: … And that got you up and running didn’t it?

Rouge: Didn’t take you that long to figure out. So, why don’t we give it a shot?

Amy: … Well… I guess… I mean we did have our share of battles in the past, so… what’s the worst that can happen? Just gimmie a minute. (She closes her window as Rouge levitates to the ground.)

Cream: Are you sure it’s a good idea? We still don’t understand how to be a good patroller.

Cheese: Chao chao…

Rouge: It will be a synch. Besides, Amy will see how easy it is to kick butt and show those boys whose boss.

Amy walks out of her front door, fully dressed.

Amy: … So… You girls ready?

Rouge: Whenever you are.

Cream: We’re ready!

Amy still feels a bit unsure… But shrugs it off as they venture back to the city.

Meanwhile, in an alleyway, Orbot and Cubot were searching around for the remaining pink slime in the vial that Eggman instructed them to search for.

Cubot: You think it’s around here someplace?

Orbot: No no, keep searching. We must find this energy before it gets into the wrong hands.

Cubot: Hey, (Looking through some trashcans.) if the boss is doing WRONG things to this city, and we somehow FOUND this weird pink slime, wouldn’t it STILL be in the wrong hands?

Orbot: You have an excellent point there, buddy. But only the boss can contain that monstrosity. (Tosses away some old newspapers)

Cubot: So it’s NOT wrong, even though the boss is DOING wrong?

Orbot: … There are things that cannot be explained by simple communication my dear, friend. We should stick to the plan and find this slime before things go MORE wrong for the boss.

Cubot: Whatever ya say, buddy! (They continue searching around.)

Nearby Town Hall at the abandoned alleyway, Rouge presses the brick as it pushes itself into the wall. The process of the girls sliding down the slides repeats as they enter the SSP headquarters Lab. They find the watches and Weapon Downloaders in some drawers and strapped them to their wrists.

Rouge: Ok. Activate armors, girls!

At the same time, they press the gold button on their watches as their clothes flash and are replaced by the Station Square Patroller uniforms.

Rouge: Alright. The jewel shop is right nearby. Let’s head over there and catch the criminal by surprise.

Amy: … Right. (She and the girls take out their Weapon Downloaders and they all pressed the yellow buttons on them.)

Amy’s turned into a hammer, Rouge’s turned into the knife claw, and Cream’s turned into a staff.

Rouge: Let’s put that bad boy in his place!

Later, at the back entrance of said jewelry store, the girls were hiding behind a dumpster.

Amy: We’ve been waiting forever, what’s taking this guy so long?

Rouge: Trust me, he’ll get here. I just know it. (Just then, there were some footsteps.) Right on cue.

They see some shady guy picking the lock to the back door. He sneaks inside.

Rouge: Now’s our chance to kick some butt. Come on. (They come out of hiding and run inside.)

Inside the shop, the robber was just about to steal some jewels until…

Amy: (She and the girls run in!) HOLD IT RIGHT THERE!! (The robber stops in place and turns to them.) We knew you would stop at this place, now it’s time to pay the price! (They hold out their weapons!) We’re the Station Square Patrollers, and justice will be brought upon you!

Amy strikes with her hammer, but the criminal dodges and she accidently breaks some glass cases! A ringing emergency bell goes off!

Amy: WAH!! Oh NO!! (The criminal tries to get away!) He’s getting away! Cream, a little HELP, please??

Cream: YIP!! H-help?? Um… O-ok… Um… (She blocks the criminal’s path and does her best to twirl around her staff.)

Unfortunately, it slips out of her hand again and conks Rouge’s head.

The criminal shoves Cream out of the way trying to get away, but Rouge hovers in his way.

Rouge: Going somewhere, big boy? Time to end this! (She was just about to strike with her glove knives, but…)

For some reason, her weapon disappeared!

Rouge: Huh??

Cream and Amy’s weapon disappeared as well, forming back into light blue cylinders!

Cream: W-what… What happened??

The criminal, confused, just runs away, empty-handed.

Amy: I… I dunno! Our weapons were just fine! … Wait a minute… Didn’t Ms. Lilian say that they won’t stay active for long?

Cream: Girls, the bad guy just got away!

Amy: … Nice GOING, Rouge!

Rouge: What’d I do?

Amy: You got us into the act of being a patroller, now we’re in big trouble because of YOU! I never should’ve listened to you!

Rouge: Well why didn’t you look where you were swinging that hammer of yours?!

Just then, the girls heard some loud sirens closing in!

Amy: Oh great…

Some police cars drive in and enter the shop! They hold some pistols at the girls!

Policeman: Freeze! You’re under arrest! Put your hands up in the air!

Amy: N-no, wait! T-this is a misunderstanding! We were trying to stop a criminal!

Policeman: Yeah right. Come on, girls. Into the car!

Rouge: Now wait just a darn minute, sir! We’re part of the Station Square Patrollers, and we were only trying to stop a criminal from robbing this place.

Policeman: The only thing I see is three girls thinking its Halloween and trying to rob this store. Hands up, now!

Meanwhile, at a research center, Tails was leaving the building, slightly exhausted.

Tails: (Sighs…) That code sure was tough to crack. We still didn’t finish it up… Maybe some sleep will help me concentrate more for tomorrow. (He notices the police nearby the jewelry store.) Huh? What’s going on there? … !!!!!

He notices that the girls were being escorted in the cars by the police!

Tails: It’s the girls! What’s going on?? (The police drive away) … I gotta let my friends know about this. (He runs off.)

At the police station… Amy and the group now in their normal clothes were being interrogated.

Amy: It was all just a misunderstanding! Rouge told us a robber was going to rob that jewelry store! We tried to stop them, but everything just went wrong!

Police chief: That doesn’t explain the alarm that was going off. And what’s this about the Station Square Patrollers anyway?

Rouge: Haven’t you heard? They’re supposed to be a crime-fighting society. And we’re the newest members.

Police chief: There haven’t been any reports of these so called “patrollers” in Station Square, lady. I’m afraid I’m gonna hafta keep you all in custody until…

???: No need to, chief. They’re coming back with me.

It was Lilian!

Amy, Cream and Rouge: Ms. Lilian?

Cheese: Chao chao!

Lilian: They aren’t responsible for robbing that place. They were just trying to stop criminal activity. Without MY permission.

Police chief: I see… Ma’am, these girls were using these strange devices in part of that incident. Are they familiar to you?

Lilian: (She sees the gadgets on his desk.) They certainly ARE. (Gives an angry look at Amy and the group.) They’re mostly mine, and I would appreciate it if you can give them back to me.

Police chief: I’m sorry ma’am, but we’re keeping these until further investigations can be applied to the incident.

Lilian: Ch-Chief, I’m sorry, but I REALLY need them back. They’re classified and are not meant to be tampered with.

Police chief: Nothing will happen to them, ma’am. You will be in possession of these things when this investigation is out of the way. Does that seem fair to you?

Lilian: … (Sighs…) Yes, Chief. I understand.

Police chief: Well then, if you say that there really WAS a robber in that place and they were trying to stop him… That’s pretty cute. I don’t want another incident like this happening again. (To the group) That goes for you three as well.

Lilian: May I please take them all home, chief?

Police chief: Well, I’ll let this slide for now. But if it happens again, they will hafta pay the penalty.

Lilian: I understand. Thank you. (To the girls.) OUTSIDE. (They knew they were in hot water as they follow Lilian out of the station.)

Outside the station.

Lilian: Which one of you started all of this?

Rouge: Well, allow me to explain. You see we-…

Cream: (Crying) It Rouge’s idea! She wanted all of us to stop a bad guy, so we snuck in your lab and stole those gadgets!

Amy: Yeah, that pretty much sums up everything.

Just then, Tails runs in.

Tails: There you are! You girls had me worried!

Rouge: Tails, what are you doing here??

Tails: I just left Dr. Blyner’s lab until I saw you getting in that police car. I… had to call the others in concern.

Amy: Concern?

Knuckles and Sonic walk in, not happy at all.

Knuckles: You just HAD to go and have some fun, didn’t you?

The girls knew they were in trouble…

???: Cream, I’m VERY disappointed in you.

It turned out to be Cream’s mother, Vanilla.

Cream: Mom??

Cheese: (Worried...) Chao chao chao…

Knuckles: We told you to let US handle the dirty work, but you just had to screw it up.

Amy: … We… We were only trying to…

Lilian: I don’t think you’re worthy enough to be a patroller. Looks like I was only fooling myself.

Amy: No, Ms. Lilian! It was all ROUGE’S idea! Blame HER!

Lilian: But you went along with it. Now I need to wait to get MY gadgets back. (She leaves.)

Vanilla: (Holding Cream’s arm) Cream, we’re going home right now. You are in a lot of trouble. (She leaves with Cream and Cheese.)

Knuckles: (Sighs.) This is what happens when you let a bunch of GIRLS get involved. I’m outta here. (He leaves too.)

Sonic: … … … Come on, Tails. Let’s go home… (He and Tails leave…)

Rouge: ... ... (She walks off alone, without saying a word...)

Amy was left alone near the station…

Amy: … … … How did I let this happen? They’re right. Me, Rouge, Cream, and Cheese. … We’re just there to cheer them on… While WE let them handle all the work. … I suppose it’s better that way… What’s the point of even trying… We’re just a buncha GIRLS. Well… Cheese is an exception. But still… … I never should’ve agreed to this… (She begins to leave to go home…)

Sometime later, as the city was asleep in the nighttime… An explosion suddenly came from the research center!

Orbot and Cubot come out from the smoke and rubble of the center.

Orbot: Was using the Eggman time bomb a bit much?

Cubot: No way, buddy! I LIKE using the Eggman time bomb! It’s all like, “BOOM!” and, “Ka-BLOOMY!” n’… stuff!

Orbot: The boss is not going to be happy when he finds out we didn’t find that weird slime.

Cubot: No matter! I’m pretty sure it wasn’t here anyway!

Orbot: I guess it can’t matter much.

They both leave, still covered in rubble.

Little did they know that… the vial containing the strange pink energy was indeed in the lab… but it was hidden until the rubble of concrete from the explosion… It glows mildly…

      To Be Continued…
Well, here it is! The first episode of my newest Sonic fan fiction series! Sorry for the long wait, but it's over I suppose! ... YEAH!

At first, I didn't intend for this to be a two-parter, but I might as well finish what I started. =) Expect part 2 to come very soon. =D


Eggman was once again stopped by Sonic, Knuckles and Tails while they rescued Amy, Cream and Rouge. They seem to think that the girls could not handle themselves and left them alone while they went off to figure out this odd power source that Eggman was using. Later on, the girls find the secret headquarters of the Station Square Patrollers held by a mysterious woman named Lilian. Meanwhile, Eggman tries to figure out what the power source's true purpose is after discovering it.

Sonic is owned by Sega and Sonic Team.
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