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The Following is a non-profit fan based story and does not tie in with the canon of the series. Sonic the Hedgehog and related characters are owned by Sega and Sonic Team. Please support the official release.

Amy and her friends were now in the presence of the Deadly Six…

Tails: The Deadly Six…

Rouge: The Deadly who now?

Sonic: We fought these morons before when they were absorbing the world’s energy.

Amy: Really!

Zavok: How pleasurable it is to be in the presence of our hated enemy once more. It’s nice to see you again… Sonic. And I see you have some friends as well.

Zazz: It won’t matter HOW tough they are! We’re gonna THRASH ‘em!

Zik: Patience, Zazz. Perhaps it is best that we study our enemies before we *Ahem…* “thrash” them.

Zavok: We owe as much to you after what you’ve done to us, hedgehog. After our previous encounter we had no choice but to succumb to the shadows until our strength would come back.

Zomom: Yeah! I had to go on a huge diet because of you!

Zavok: But now that we are in our full potential once more… We have much in store for you. And now that your friends are involved… This will make our little… playdate “fun.”

Sonic: If you want to hurt my friends, you’ll have to get through ME first.

Amy: (Steps in near Sonic) And me too. (She presses the gold button on her watch and appears in her uniform.)

Zavok: (Chuckles) How brave. But a simple costume change will not muster to our superior strength. (Turns to his other members.) Pick your victims. These two however… are MINE.

Zazz: (He laughs like a maniac as the others rush towards the heroes!)

Rouge activates her uniform quickly and she along with the others fan out with the other Deadlies chasing them.

Rouge and Marine were pitted against Zomom and Zeena!

Marine: Golly! I want a sweet costume like Cream’s and yours too!

Rouge: Let’s talk about the out-of-date fashion trends later!

Zomom: Hey, Zeena! Throw that raccoon girl at me!

Zeena: Whatever! (She uses her green energy to capture Marine!) Hah!

Marine: Hey!! (Zeena pulls her towards Zomom!) WHOAAA!

Zomom: How’s about a knuckle SANDWICH?!

He punches Marine, making her fly towards Rouge who catches her in her arms and puts her down. Zeena then uses her green energy to wrap around Rouge’s wrist.

Zeena: HAH! (Rouge just pulls Zeena while smirking.) WAH!! (She falls to the ground!) OOF!!

Zomom: Z-Zeena! I’ll help you!

Marine saw her chance to strike back! She took out her boomerang and threw it towards Zomom who flew around him and struck him in the back of his head!

Zomom: DAOUCH!! (He fell on top of Zeena!)

Zeena: MM!!! MFHGHFG!!!

Rouge: Nice one, squirt.

Marine: (She giggles)

Meanwhile, Tails and Cream were pitting against Zazz and Zor.

Zazz: Leave the puny brats to me! I feel like ripping them apart like a present!

Zor: Go ahead. I won’t stop you…

Zazz: (He laughs like a maniac as he lunges towards Cream!) C’mere, little bunny! (Cream and her chaos just stepped out of the way as Zazz begins to topple over!) W-WAAAH???!! (He was falling straight to Tails… who had a wrench on hand!)

Tails: Surprise!! (He smacks Zazz in the face with the wrench, knocking him to the ground as well as shattering a tooth or two.) Man that felt great!

Cream: Nice one, Tails! But… Where did you get the wrench?

Tails: What?

Zor: (In front of Cream) I know I’m not going to win either way, but it doesn’t hurt to try, does it? (His hands glow purple.)

Cream: Aww, why are you so sad? Maybe what you need is a hug!

Zor: What? I don’t-… (Her chaos begin to hug him!) Ahh! Cute stuff! I hate cute things! Get ‘em off of me! Get ‘em off!

Tails: Huh. I guess the opposite of dark and gritty is… innocent and cute!

Zazz: (He lifts his head up and tries to speak, but he’s still dazed) Are they dead yet?? (Tails knocks him out again with the wrench)

Meanwhile, Blaze was pitted against Zik.

Zik: So it seems that fate has decided for us to face in mortal combat.

Blaze: If what I’ve heard was true, everyone always stereotypes the elderly. But you’re not one to take that into consideration, are you?

Zik: (Chuckles) I see that you are aware you’re in for a challenge. I like your bravery, child. But let’s see if it’ll help you in action. (He jumps high in midair and launches some blue energy orbs straight towards Blaze!)

Blaze dodges a couple until she uses her flames to destroy an oncoming one, making it explode into smoke!

Zik: (He hurls towards Blaze from the smoke!) I see you lack a blind spot!!

Blaze: !!! (Zik smacks her with his staff and she falls the ground.) Ugh!!

Zik: (Lands on top of his staff, standing straight.) You have potential, fire girl. But you lack precipitation of our foe’s oncoming strikes.

Blaze: (Gets up) Tch… Thanks for the tip. I’ll keep THAT in mind. (Her hands are engulfed in flames.)

She rushes towards Zik with astounding speed!

Zik: How interesting! (He was about to get into position, but Blaze punches him before he could get ready!) OOF!!! (He skids to a stop on the ground as Blaze’s fire burns around her.) Heh heh… I see I’m in for a challenge! You should count yourself lucky that I’m not losing my touch yet!

Meanwhile, Zazz stood against Amy and Sonic…

Zazz: (Chuckles and cracks his knuckles) I think I’m going to savor this moment. I hope you won’t mind if you’re little lady friend doesn’t wish to sit this out.

Amy: I can take care of myself, thank you. (Pulls out her hammer, ready to fight with Sonic by her side.)

Zazz: Good. This should be interesting. (He charges forward only for Sonic and Amy to bound above him!) Heh! (He grabs the two in the air and smashes them to the ground!!)

Zazz then tosses them up in the air as he readies his punch attack. As the two were hurling down towards him, Sonic gets an idea!

Sonic: Amy, hit me! (He forms into a ball!)

Amy: Oh! (She hits Sonic with her hammer and he rockets straight towards Zazz, knocking him down before he could even land a hit!)

Zazz: GRRR! (He gets right back up.) Very resourceful. (Amy and Sonic land on the ground, ready for more!) But let’s see if you can dodge THIS! (He hurls towards Sonic and delivers a multitude of punches as Sonic tries his best to dodge each and every one!)

Sonic: (Dodging Zazz’s punches) I hafta say, big guy! You’ve gotten a little better from our last fight! (Zazz roars and tries to hit Sonic, only to smash his fist into the concrete with Sonic still mocking him.) Just a LITTLE.

Zazz grunts in frustration, only to be ambushed by Amy thrusting her hammer into his face and knocking him to the floor!!

Amy: Mr. Hammy says its smashy smashy time!

Zazz: (Gets up and rubs his face) Oh THAT’S a laugh. Let’s see if you’ll be laughing at THIS. (He thrusts his fists into the concrete and red aura begins surging around him.)

He smirks and lashes toward Amy, knocking her to the ground! Sonic tries to fight back but Zazz punches him and he trusts into a wall before thudding the ground!

Sonic: Ogh… Man…

Zazz: (He approaches Sonic…) Heh heh heh… I thought you would be more of a challenge. I guess this will end much quicker than I anticipated.

Meanwhile. Zik lunges forward and bashes Blaze, knocking her to the ground. When she impacted the fall… the crystal shard charm she held underneath her shirt was revealed.

Zik: (He eyes the charm…) My students! (Most of the deadly six got their mentor’s attention.) I believe we’ve found ourselves a necessity of our goals! And she’s wound up in it, surprisingly.

Blaze: W…What??

Zazz: (He was a bit disappointed in not getting revenge on Sonic, but he lunges himself toward Blaze and witnessed the charm himself.) You are right, master.

Blaze: (She looks at the charm around her neck…) !!!! (She tucks it in her shirt, only to be grabbed by Zomom!!) Augh!! Let go of me! LET ME GO!!!

The other heroes reunited again.

Sonic: Hey! Leave her alone!

Zazz: So sorry to break up our happy reunion, but rest assure that we will have our chance to play again real soon. Come. We must make our leave. (They all made their getaway, with Blaze in their captive!)

Marine: Oh no!

Amy: Blaze!!

Rouge: What do those freaks WANT with her?

Tails: There’s only one way to find out. Let’s follow them!

Sonic: Don’t gotta ask ME twice! (They venture forward to rescue Blaze…)

In the underground SSP lab, Honey is watching the action unfold on the computer screen… She stares in disbelief at the Deadly Six with Blaze in their captive.

Honey: Oh no… This is terrible… … I can’t just sit there and watch them get hurt… But what do I do?? … (She gets an idea…)

Underneath the desk was a white box she took out. She opens the white box to reveal her old GUN uniform. The GUN logo however was ripped off. As she folds it open and holds it in front of her…

Honey: !! Ah-! Ahh… (She clutches her waist in pain… But grits her teeth and proceeds to put her old uniform on…) I’m coming, girls… Just hold on…

Little did she realize that on the screen… Eggman flies by in his eggmobile…

Meanwhile, in the sewers… Zazz and his brethren are in what seems to be their new hideaway with Blaze still in their captive.

Zeena: (Her feet are standing in the dirty sludge water…) UGH… Why couldn’t we pick a more SUTIBLE hideout than this dump?!

Zik: It is the only place where we will stay hidden from the watchful eye of the city until we plan our next assault.

Zor: Well I kinda like it here. It’s dark… dingy…

Zeena: Tight-spaced, smells like decaying meat…

Zik: Calm yourselves. You should all at least be grateful that Zavok managed to save you all when you were left for dead!

Zeena: Don’t remind me. I still have the scars from that blue hedgehog.

Zazz: OOOH!!! The next time I see him and those scrawny little animals, THEY’LL know what it feels like to be in a world of HURT!!

Zavok: Patience my brethren. We have much more mandatory goals ahead of us. I know how much I would love to see that hedgehog’s head on a silver platter, but him and the rest are the least of our problems. SHE’LL suffice nicely however. Zomom. Bring her here.

Zomom: (Still clinging to Blaze.) Aww! Can’t I just hold her more?? She’s like a cute little kitty-cat!

Zavok, with a flat look on his face, just pointed for him to drop Blaze towards him.

Zomom: Ahh, FINE.

Blaze: (He tosses Blaze to Zavok.) Ah! (She splashes in the water up to Zavok…) Ugh…

Zavok: (Holds her head up and looks at the crystal shard necklace around her neck…) Tell me, child. Where did you get this?

Blaze: (She brushes Zavok’s hand away.) It’s nothing YOU need to know.

Zavok: Oh but it is. I’m sure you old friend Sonic is familiar to us, but it appears we haven’t formally introduced ourselves properly. We are the Deadly Six. Zomom… Zazz… Zeena… Zor… Zik… And yours truly, Zavok.

Blaze: …(Stands herself up) Pleasure’s all mine.

Zavok: If you value your life and the safety of your friends above, I would kindly advise that you take that necklace off of your hands to give to us. For… safekeeping.

Blaze: If you want this so badly, you’ll have to take it from my hands. (Her hands are engulfed in fire.) While they burn off your skin.

Zavok: (Sarcastic) Such a threatful tactic. (Normal) You were not able to stop our Master Zik, so what makes you think you can stop us on your own?

Zik’s voice: Especially…

Blaze: ?!?!!

Zik: (He was right behind her.) When you can’t MOVE? (He jumps up to Blaze’s height, and jams his staff right in her back!) HA!!

Blaze: AH!! (She falls into the watery floor, unable to move…) WHAT… What did you DO?!

Zik: During our battle earlier, I managed to locate your sensitive pressure points.

Blaze: …

Zavok: Now… Where were we? Ah, yes… (He turns Blaze onto her back and takes the crystal off her neck.) This crystal will play a part in our search for ultimate power and destruction.

Zazz: (Chuckles like a madman) Too bad your little FRIENDS won’t hear you scream for help! Go ahead! Call for them! They won’t hear you anyway! (He laughs like a maniac!)

Blaze: (She struggles to get up but lacks the strength…) (Softly whispers…) Sonic… Amy… I… I need you…

Meanwhile, back up in the city, the group is frantically searching for Blaze and the Deadly Six…

Amy: UGH… Where IS she?!

Rouge: Calm down, I’m sure we’ll find her.

Amy: That’s just it! If we don’t find her, she’ll end up in a worse situation than she’s in! There’s no way she’ll be able to join us.

Tails: Whoa whoa whoa, hold up! Is THAT why you’re so frantic to save her?! You still want her to be a patroller?

Amy: … I…

Tails: Blaze won’t be able to stand up against those monsters and you’re more concerned about that?? Don’t you care about her safety?

Amy: Of course I do! I just want this to keep going… We need her, don’t we?

Rouge: Correction, Amy. SHE needs us. This isn’t about you making her join this little club! It’s about saving her ass from those freaks of nature!

Sonic: Girls, calm down. We’re losing time here if we don’t move!

Amy: We NEED her, Rouge! You don’t know how much this means to me! To you! To Cream too!

Cream: Ms. Amy…

Amy: I know she’s in danger and I KNOW we need to help her, but… but…

Rouge: Why are you so hooked on her wanting to be a part of us? She doesn’t want to, so end of story, right? No! You just wanna keep pestering her! You’re pushing her away when you think you’re pulling her in!

Amy: … So that’s it then?? Are you really putting our situation in worse condition than it is??

Rouge: I’m saying that you’re taking this patroller seeking shtick too seriously! Either you think of a way to save Blaze or get your head handed to you again by those Deadly… Whoever they are!

Amy: …

Marine: Y-you mind tellin’ me what this is about? What’s a Patroller? Are you girls in some sorta club or somethin’?

Tails: We have to get moving, everyone. Blaze needs us more than ever.

Amy: …

Marine: Hey, looky there! (The group casts their gazes to what seems to be a sewer drain lid slightly ajar.) Doesn’t that seem a bit off?

Tails: Guess you’re right. It DOES seem a bit off.

Rouge: We’re seriously going to check in the sewers?

Cream: Maybe the Deadly Six are hiding down there.

Chocola: Chao chao!

Sonic: Seriously? A hideout in the sewers?

Tails: We won’t know until we see it for ourselves. Let’s check it out. (They ventured forward, but Amy staggers behind, thinking about what Rouge said…) Amy, come on!

Amy: !! O-On my way. (She catches up with the group as they climb down a ladder leading to the sewers one at a time.)

Amy was the last one to step in… Honey (In her old GUN uniform) peeks in and follows the group.

Back in the Deadly Six’s lair… Blaze was thrown in what appears to be a wire cage with an old broken down generator near her. She was still unable to move… Zavok presents the crystal to the others.

Zavok: Behold, my siblings… Our key to power. Legends faded by obscurity tell of an ancient race with outstanding powers that grow endlessly. These powers would bring destruction and chaos to those who wield it and will be filled an endless flow of energy willing to be withstood for life.

Zazz: Hee hee hee hah hah ha ha!! I don’t care about that living forever stuff! All I want is to DESTROY THINGS!! GIMMIE!!

Zavok: This crystal doesn’t give the power, idiot. It is merely a tracking device to the one that will. After our defeat I scavenged the land searching for power that we can use to fulfill our desires. It’s strange that very little is known about this race. Many think it’s merely mythical… But with this… it’s debunked as FACT.

Blaze: (She was hearing everything from what Zavok was saying…) … … …

Blaze tried to move her hand with what little strength she was trying to muster…

Meanwhile, Sonic, Amy and the rest slowly traverse the parts of the sewers…

Sonic: Oh man, this place stinks.

Cream: It’s bath night for us.

Cheese: Chao.

Sonic: How would we even KNOW if she was here?

Rouge: Who else would you think would be in the sewers?

Sonic: Maybe some constructive workers?

Tails: Sewage inspectors?

Marine: Some nine-foot tall samurai?

Sonic: ??? Is this kid crazy or stupid?

Marine: Hey, I’ll have you know I’m an ace in the field of a pirate ship! I made my own boomerang out of tree bark and I can survive any kind of terrain I’m thrown in! (She trips, all of a sudden.) AH! (SPLASH! She falls in the water.)

Rouge: So basically its instinct growing on stupidity. Great analogy.

Amy: … … …

Sonic: You feeling alright?

Amy: I’m fine… I just… I just didn’t want our patrols to end.

Rouge: Would you drop that act already?! Sulking around isn’t going to solve this problem!

Amy: …

Rouge: Amy, look at me. Are you a patroller, or aren’t you??

Amy: … Of course I am!

Rouge: Then you need to start taking this seriously. We patrollers are to protect others from crime that can’t be stopped. Isn’t that what you kept telling me for a long while?

Amy: …

Tails: She’s right. Saving Blaze is all that matters.

Cream: We just want her to be safe. I know you want that too.

Cheese and Chocola: Chao chao chao!

Amy: … (Nods) You’re right, girls. What matters is most… is that we save our friend!

Tails: Glad you got that off our shoulders. Now… How did your little catchphrase go again?

Sonic: We’re waiting.

Amy: (She smiles sweetly.) … When Station Square is in Dismay…

Amy, Rouge and Cream: The Patrollers come and save the day!

Back to Blaze in the cage… She slowly moves her fingers as flames surge around them. Mustering enough strength as she could… She thrusts her hand to the old generator next to her. She quickly moves to the edge of the cage and shuts her eyes in time for the Six to witness what was happening.

Zavok: What?!

BOOM! The fire made the generator explode, breaking the wire cage as Blaze was shot out! She fumbles to the ground but still struggles to get up as her strength slowly comes back…

Zavok: GRR… Very resourceful. But you’re only scratching the surface.

Blaze: Tch… (She slowly gets up, trying to straighten herself…)

The Deadly Six lunge forward to attack!

All the while, Amy and her friends heard the loud commotion from a mile away!

Marine: Ya hear that??

Sonic: Sounds like it’s trouble.

Amy: And we’re just the kids to answer it! C’mon! (They rush through the sludgy waters toward the sound they heard…)

Honey tries to keep up with the heroes.

Back to Blaze, she tries to keep her stance up, but Zik knocks her to the ground once again.

Zik: You have courage, young one. But you lack the common sense to fight us by yourself. Especially when you’re sapped of your strength. (Blaze tries to get up, but topples over into the water…)

Zazz: Awww, isn’t that adorable! The little kitty-cat thinks she can whip us! Well I have had it up to here with you! (He grabs Blaze by her neck and holds her up.) Hee hah hah hah! Say goodbye, fire-girl! (He clenches his free fist as dark purple aura surges through it.)

Blaze shuts her eyes, fearing the worse… All of a sudden, a boomerang flings by and hits Zazz on the head!

Zazz: D’OW!! (He drops Blaze to the ground as the boomerang comes back to Marine, standing with Sonic and the others!)

Sonic: Hey there, amigos!

Zavok: ?!?! How did you find us?!

Sonic: I guess you can say you left an open invitation up there.

Zavok: Feh. No matter. Even if you are bigger in numbers, we can still dwindle them.

Amy: Careful, you might hurt yourself!

The fight was on as the heroes were duking it out once again with the Deadly Six. Meanwhile, Amy runs up to Blaze and helps her up.

Amy: Are you ok??

Blaze: Mff… Yeah… I think so… Ugh… I can’t move…

Amy: Don’t worry, we’ll get you outta here.

Zeena: (She stands in their way.) Leaving so soon? We’re just getting started! (She lashes out some green energy whips!)

Amy: HEADS UP! (She pulls Blaze with her as they dodge!)

Zeena: GRR!! Hold STILL!

Zomom: Don’t worry, Zeena! I got ‘em! (He lunges towards Amy but Amy retaliates with her hammer, smashing his gut and pushing him into a wall!) GWAAH!!! MY STOMACH… Ooh… (He thuds to the ground.)

Zazz: (He approaches Cream, cackling to himself.) You’re MINE this time, little bunny! (He cackles some more until… Cream slaps him across the face!) Ow!!

Cream: No! Bad boy! Stop it! (Zazz was about to strike again, but she slaps him once more.) Bad!

Zazz: (Droopy) Geaah…

The 2 chaos were cornering Zor with their cuteness, only wanting to hug him.

Zor: Get these disgusting creatures away from me!! I can’t take the cuteness! (He cradles in a fetal position and whines like a sissy as the chaos hug him.)

Zavok: GRRR!! (He roars in pain as red aura pulses through his body) ENOUGH OF THIS!!! (He charges toward Amy and Blaze!!)

Cream: AMY!!! BLAZE!!!

Amy tries to use her hammer to strike, but Zavok punches her and Blaze into a wall! He roars ferociously as he lunges towards the others!

Amy and Blaze struggle to stand…

Amy: Mfgh… This isn’t going well…

Blaze: No, you think?!

The others crash into the two by Zavok’s wrath.

Zavok: If I have to do everything myself, then so be it!

Sonic: Whoa whoa, calm down, big guy! We can talk this out, can’t we??

Zavok: (He clenches his fist, ready to strike)

Sonic: And he’s lost it!

The group splits up and runs off from the villains!

Blaze: W-Wait! Stop!! (They continue running off) Ah-!

Zavok: Follow them! Don’t let them escape!

The group traverses down the sewers until they stop to catch their breath. Amy lays Blaze against the wall.

Amy: Are you ok?

Blaze: … For the most part. … Um… Thanks for saving me.

Rouge: It’s no big deal. It’s what we do.

Blaze: …

Tails: What did they do to you back there?

Blaze: That short one shot my nerves… I couldn’t move my body back there.

Tails: With everything they were throwing at us, they’ve gotten a lot stronger than before.

Cream: Is Station Square in danger again?

Cheese: Chao chao?

Amy: With those monsters on the loose… Seems that way.

Blaze: I… (She manages to stand herself up.) I think I can manage now. I have a score to settle with that red guy. (She was about to walk off, but Sonic stops her.)

Sonic: Hey, whoa, hold up! Don’t you remember what they did to you?? I think you should let us do the work.

Blaze: I’m perfectly fine now. He has something of mine… (She brushes Sonic off.) And I’m getting it back.

Amy: Does it have anything to do with your… mission?

Blaze: !!! N-No… It’s… It doesn’t have anything to DEAL with that. It’s just… I…

Sonic: Sorry, sister. Can’t talk your way out of this one.

Blaze: You don’t understand this! I keep telling you that it’s too dangerous! I just want to give it back to-! … … … It’s not that I don’t want you involved… I’m just… scared. … Scared that you’ll all get hurt… by my hands…

Cream: We can handle it!

Amy: You got us involved in it. And we’re sticking by your side whether you like it or not.

Rouge: We’ve dealt with worse. And whatever it is you left with them… You can’t get it on your own, can you?

Blaze: …

Cream: We would all love to help you in any way possible.

Rouge: We’re the only lead you got either way.

Amy: That’s what friends are for, right?

Blaze: … … …

The Deadly Six traverse the sewers, in search for the heroes…

Zavok: Those sneaky little punks won’t know what’s coming this time.

Zazz: Where are ya, you little punks?! Come out so I can wrap my hands around your puny little throats!!

Someone steps in to face them. It was Honey!

Honey: If you wanna hurt my friends… You’ll have to fight ME first!

Zavok: Another little patsy… Heh heh heh. Do you really think you have the strength to muster against us?

Honey: I may look puny… (Stands in a fighting position.) But this kitten can pack a punch.

Zavok: Intriguing. Zazz, why don’t you do us a favor and… show this girl what she’s up against.

Zazz: I thought you’d NEVER ask! (He rushes towards Honey!) Come and get some!

Honey swiftly dodged Zazz’s bum rush and kicks him to the ground!

Zazz: Gwaah! (He gets up) Grrr… Lucky shot! (He lunges toward Honey, one for him to get punched in the face by her fists!) Dow!!!

Honey: Ya like THAT??

Zazz: Grrr! I’m gonna mess you UP! (He tries to grab her, but Honey kept dodging his attacks.)

Honey leaps in the air and lands behind him.

Honey: This one’s gonna hurt! (But when she lunges forward… The pain in her waist gets the better of her once again…) !!! (She lands on the watery ground, squealing in pain.) Ah-! Aaah…

Zazz: (Turns around) Heh?? What’s wrong little kitty? Don’t you like the water?! (He laughs as he grabs Honey by her uniform collar.) You were a fun challenge, but I need something more exciting!

Amy’s voice: HONEY!!!

The Six witness the heroes once again!

Amy: Put her down! NOW!!

Zazz: Well… This oughta make things interesting! If you surrender, I might be willing to spare this little kitty cat!

Rouge: Actually that won’t be necessary.

Zazz: Heh??

Sonic: (He was holding Honey in his arms near the group.) Yeah, I kinda took her from your hand while you weren’t looking. (Zazz questioned that remark and finally noticed his hand was empty.) (Sonic lets her down.) You ok, kid?

Honey: I think so… Ow…

Amy: Honey… Why did you come?

Honey: I wanted to help you. In any way I can.

Amy: But… you’re still healing…

Zazz: Enough of the drama! I’m ending this now!

Zavok: Save your strength! … It appears that we are in a stalemate. Heroes. This battle has gone long enough. We are willing to accept one last fair challenge.

Tails: When was the last time YOU guys play fair?

Zavok: If by chance you DO win, we’ll let you go. But if you lose… You’ll be staying with US.

Amy: Flattering.

Cream: W-Who’s going to fight us?

Zomom: OOH!! OOH!! PICK ME!! PICK ME!!

Zavok: I will, of course.

Zomom: AWWW!!

Amy: Then that means I’ll be the one to take you down.

Tails: Are you sure you’re up to it?

Amy: I took down a bunch of baddies in the past. I’m sure I’ll get a better chance on HIM.

Zavok: (Smirks) Wise answer.

Zavok lunges his fist towards Amy as she thrusts her hammer towards him. Her hammer smashes into his fist as he reels back in recoil. Amy then hammer jumps up above Zavok’s head and swings her hammer into his face, knocking him a few feet away. He reels his arm around in a circle as red aura surges around it.

He then rushes towards Amy at breathtaking speed, leaving only enough time for her to block with her hammer, but she was knocked to the ground, barely hurt however.

Sonic: This guy doesn’t know when to quit.

Marine: You be careful there, missy! That red guy can pack a punch!

Amy gets up only to be grabbed and tossed in the air before Zavok punches her until she rolls in the water and lays on the ground.

Zavok: And now to finish this!! (He launches himself as he roars, only for Amy to roll out of the way and hit him in the face with her hammer, knocking him off balance and giving her enough time to smack multiple hammer attacks across his body!)

Rouge: That girl’s a wonder, isn’t she?

Marine: I’m wonderin’ how she can LIFT that heavy thing.

Sonic: Why don’t you ask her yourself?

Amy: (She readies one last attack) Here it COMES!!

She smashes her hammer into Zavok’s face, knocking him to the ground! The six were in shock as Zavok was defeated…

Zavok: (Grunts in pain as he staggers to get up…) Defeated… by a weakling… How is that… POSSIBLE? (Amy steps on Zavok’s chest with her boot.) Guh…

Amy: You’re not looking at a weakling. You’re looking… at a patroller. (She notices the crystal shard in his pocket…) Oh, is that for me?? (She takes it) That’s so sweet of you! … What is this thing anyway? (Zavok tries to lift his arm, but he lacked the strength from the fight as Amy stepped away from him.)

Zik: What are you DOING, you imbecile?! GET UP! We have much more in us!

Zavok: No, master… I gave my word… And they have won…

Sonic: Darn right we did.

Amy: *Whew…* Still feel kinda sore from that fight.

Zavok: (He sits up, composing himself…) But don’t think this is where the story ends… It only just begins… You may have won this battle… But you won’t win the next one.

Rouge: (To Tails) You have any idea on how to get rid of these guys?

Tails: Well…

All of a sudden, a loud explosion shattered the sewers!

Cream: What was that???

Chocola: (Reels in fear as Cheese hugs him in fear as well.)

Another explosion occurs as the concrete above them begins to tremble!

Rouge: LOOK OUT!! (The heroes move out of the way as a concrete wall crumbles before them, separating them from the Deadly Six!)

Honey: We’ll be crushed if we stay here!

Amy: Quickly, let’s go! (They venture forward as more explosions fill the area with concrete falling to bits and dust filling the sewers!)

Marine: Everything looks the same! We won’t make it!

Blaze: Oh yes we will! There!! (They see a manhole opening.)

Sonic: (Tails and Rouge fly up to try and open the manhole cover!) Any time now!

The two struggle to push the lid as Amy turned around and noticed something that looks to be… a bomb!

Amy: !!!!!! (Upon inspecting it, it had Eggman’s logo on it…) You’ve gotta be KIDDING ME!!

Sonic: What’s up??

Amy: Those are EGGMAN’S BOMBS!!

Rouge: Why am I NOT surprised.

Cream: It’s going to blow us up! Please hurry!!

Tails and Rouge struggle to open the manhole more until they finally got it open!

Tails: Got it!

Rouge: Hurry UP! (They fly out of the sewer and back in the city as Sonic comes up the ladder, then Cream and her chaos, then Marine and next was Amy…)

Amy: (Turns to Blaze) Come on! (She climbs up the ladder as fast as she can and quickly stuck her hand down to help Blaze up!) I’ll pull you up! Hurry!

Blaze makes her way up the ladder, only mere milliseconds before the bomb would explode.

BOOM!!! The bomb blows up!!! Right in the nick of time for Amy to save Blaze…)

The madness was finally over…

Sonic: Anyone dead?

Tails: Nope.

Rouge: Not me.

Marine: I’m scarred fer life though! Does that count??

Amy: (She and Blaze were panting hard from all the action…) That… was too close for comfort…

Blaze: I’m just happy we made it out alive… Um… Thanks.

Amy: … Yeah. … (She takes out the crystal charm.) I think… (She hands it to Blaze.) This is yours.

Blaze: … (She puts it around her neck and under her shirt.)

Sonic: That Egg-head’s got some nerve to blow us up down there. Where’s that sleezeball now??

Not too far, they see Eggman calculating something near a manhole on a remote device.

Eggman: (Muttering to himself) …Now if only I was able to trap them AND crush their bones I would’ve been able to kill two birds with one stone. No more taking over MY machinery for them!


Eggman: (Jumps from being startled) WAH-HA! (He drops the device!) Oh hey! I-It’s you guys! (They approach him, and they weren’t happy.) I uh… was so happy that you managed to make it out alive! You see, I found that the Deadly Six made their way to Station Square, so I decided to try and annihilate them! You know how that is, don’t you?? Heh heh! Anyway, I saw they entered the sewers and thought… “Hey! Why not try and blow up the place so they’ll be crushed to death! It’s GENIOUS!” I just didn’t think that you would be down there, so-!

Sonic: Drop it, Egg-head.

Eggman: … Ok FINE! I thought I could destroy you AND those monstrous lunatics all at once! SATISFIED?!

Tails: (Sarcastic) Such a well thought out plan.

Eggman: Unfortunately for me, I planted each of those bombs in scattered locations, so there may be a fifty-fifty chance the six might’ve survived! But don’t you worry your soft little furry hides off! The great Eggman has a plan! (He scampers to his Eggmobile and starts it up!)

Amy: Wait-W-w-wait! Where do you think you’re GOING?!

Eggman: Me?? Nowhere! Just thousands of miles away from diabolical creatures that are hell-bent on destroying this city and my lab within it’s vicinity!

Amy: What?

Eggman: What?

Tails: You’re actually LEAVING?

Sonic: Oh FINALLY, he’s doing something for the best!

Eggman: Don’t think this is where we’ll say goodbye, meddlesome brats! You can expect me to make my comeback sooner than you think! For now, in case my plan is a failure, those beasts are YOUR problem! But you can handle it, can’t you??

Cream: Um…

Eggman: Great! Then I won’t waste your time then! (He flies off in the Eggmobile!) See you around, hedgehog! And farewell to YOU, Station Square Patrollers! (He continues flying off…)

Rouge: You ever notice he always leaves like this?

Tails: If the Six are still alive which is a possibility… Then we’ll need to keep our guard up, guys.

Amy: (She and her friends nod.) Right. … (Turns to Blaze.) Um… Sorry we got tangled up in this.

Blaze: Amy…

Amy: Come on, everyone. I think our work’s done for now.

Rouge: Hopefully.

Marine: W-Wait! What about me, guys?? (The others just leave leaving her and Blaze alone.) Aren’t you gonna tell me what’s a Station Square… Patroller?? Is it some sorta club?? Hello! ANYONE??

Blaze: … … …

Time passes as nighttime draws near with rain pouring down… At Cream’s house, Cream, her mother and her chaos were watching the news on television.

Female broadcaster: …In a rather shocking breaking news arrangement, six oddly shaped monsters appeared in Station Square through unexpected means. Witnesses of these creatures fighting the well-known Station Square Patrollers have identified them as “The Deadly Six”. The villains at this point have seemingly vanished by the hands of Dr. Eggman while police force as well as our own Patrollers are continuing to not let either of their guards down. Dr. Eggman has been reported to have fled the city.

Vanilla: (As the broadcaster continues talking…) I think that’s enough for now, Cream. You have to go to bed soon.

Cream: Yes, mom.

Female broadcast: …In other news, rumors of particular aftershocks…

Vanilla turns off the television until there was some knocking at her door.

Vanilla: ??? Who could that be? (She walks to the front door and opens it)

It turned out to be Marine, all soaking wet…

Vanilla: !!!

Cream: (She walks in) Marine?

Marine: Um… G’day, mates. Heh… Listen… I wanna apologize for stealin’ that watch of yours… I know it wasn’t right of me, but…

Vanilla: You have a lot of nerve coming back to my house after the trouble you cause. We have no need for loafers. Good night. (But before she could close the door…)

Cream: Wait! We can’t leave her out there. She might catch a cold.

Vanilla: (Sighs…) (She invites Marine in.) Come in, child. You must be freezing. (She shuts the door.) Sweetheart, get some towels for your friend.

Cream: Yes, mom. (She walks off to find some towels.)

Sometime later, in the dining room, the group talk…

Marine: (Looks at Cream’s watch) So… This watch is what makes you wear those snazzy uniforms?

Cream: Uh-huh! Rouge and Amy have them too. We fight crime that can’t be stopped!

Marine: Golly! Must be really great to have these on ya. You must be so popular at school!

Vanilla: Cream always told me that her friends at school always want to come over!

Cream: Mom! (She and the chaos giggle)

Marine: Listen, I’m sorry about taking this watch. I guess I know how much it means to you.

Cream: … Can I ask why you followed Blaze here?

Marine: Oh yeah. Y’see… She told me that she was on a very important mission. Said she was lookin’ fer someone, but I can’t recall who. Either or, I wanted to go with her for excitement! And adventure!

Cream: …

Marine: … Or maybe because I might wanna help her… And prove I’m not a scrawny little screw-up like she thinks I am…

Cream: …

Marine: I appreciate you all lettin’ me in and all… But if you want, I can leave tomorrow.

Cream: Are you… worried about Blaze?

Marine: …

Cream: … !!! (She whispers to Vanilla.)

Vanilla: What?? C-Cream, I know it’s the right thing, but…

Cream: Please, mom! If we help her, she can help us with Blaze too! I promise, I’ll make sure she won’t make any more trouble!

Vanilla: Having you a patroller makes me worry, but… having her around, who KNOWS what she can do?

Marine: What’s up?

Cream: You can stay here with us… If you become a patroller like me, Amy, and Rouge!

Marine: Say what??

Cream: That way, you can help Blaze out and not have to worry anymore!

Marine: Y-…You mean it?

Cream: Of course! Right mom?

Vanilla: (Sighs…) If she promises to stay on her best behavior… I suppose it’s alright.

Marine: !!! (She stands on the table) YA-HOOO!!! Don’t you worry, mates! There’s nothing that Marine can’t handle!!

Vanilla: *Ahem!* Feet off the table!

Marine: !! Uh-! (She sits back down.) Y-yes’m.

Cream: (She smiles with her chaos.)

Meanwhile at Amy’s house… Amy was talking to Honey on her cellphone in her room.

Amy: …I can’t believe you would risk yourself in that! Don’t you know we’re worried about you??

Honey’s voice: (On phone) I know that. I just…

In the SSP lab, Honey was talking to Amy on her cellphone as well.

Honey: I just felt that I needed to help you out in the field. I mean I can, it’s just…

Amy’s voice: (On phone) Honey, you’re still recovering… I just don’t want your pain to worsen.

Honey: Amy, I’m FINE. … Ugh… I just don’t want to sit around in this lab, watching you girls out in the open… I feel like I should be there helping you. Supporting you. L-Listen, I’m taking my prescribed anti-biotics and they’re helping me. I just don’t want to feel that I’m not doing anything for you girls.

Amy’s voice: But you are. You’re supporting us in the lab.

Honey: Amy… That’s Lilian’s job.

Amy’s voice: But… Lilian said she…

Honey: Look, if she does show up, I can talk to her. I just want you to know that… I still wanna be by your side. No matter what. If I can’t go on, I’ll stop. But I’m far from that. … And it’s because of you.

Back in Amy’s bedroom…

Amy: … … …

Honey’s voice: (On phone) Amy? … You still there?

Amy: Y-Yeah. … Thanks. … It’s getting late. I’m gonna let you go.

Honey’s voice: (On phone) Alright then. Good night.

Amy: ‘Night. (She hangs up the phone) … … …

Out in the nighttime rainy city, Blaze desperately looks for a place to find dry from the rain. She hides underneath a tarp above as her hands form some fire to keep her warm… But the tarp holding the water broke loose and water splashes all over Blaze, soaking her fur… and dosing the fire.

She grunts in frustration and walks off, shivering from the rain.

Blaze: Ah… Ah… Atchu! (She rubs her nose and witnesses a house nearby. Upon closer inspection, she notices a sign on the lawn reading out “The house of Amy Rose”) … … … (She approaches the house.)

Inside, Amy changes into her nightgown. She then hears her doorbell ring.

Amy: ??? (She leaves her room and walks down the stairs.) Coming! (She opens the door…) … … …

Blaze: (She was trying not to huddle herself from the cold, but she couldn’t help it…) … Um… Hi…

Amy: … Hey.

Blaze: Listen, I know we’ve gone off on the wrong foot and all, and… I’m sorry I was a bit stubborn back there, but… Um… Ahh, how do I say this? Um… Do you think I… … Is it ok if… Uh…

Amy: (She just smiles and invites Blaze in.) Come inside. You’re gonna catch cold.

Blaze: … (She walks inside as Amy closes the door.)

In Amy’s bathroom, she gives Blaze some towels and an extra nightgown.

Amy: You can use these to dry off and feel free to wear this for the night.

Blaze: You don’t mind?

Amy: Of course I don’t! If you wanna take a shower as well, go ahead. I’ll go make some tea. Make yourself at home. (She leaves and closes the door behind her.)

Blaze just stands there… perplexed by Amy’s hospitality…

As Blaze stands in the shower with the hot water running on her body, she thinks to herself…

Blaze: (Thinking) It’s strange that she’s letting me in after what I said. … I guess it’s no secret from her anymore. … (Sighs…) (Speaking) What do I do now?

Later, Amy offers to let Blaze sleep in her bed.

Blaze: …I’m telling you, I don’t want to sleep in your bed. I’m FINE.

Amy: You’re my guest, Blaze. And it’s the least I can do for you helping us out back there.

Blaze: … But it’s your bed, isn’t it?

Amy: (She pushes Blaze towards it) And I’m offering you to sleep in it! (She shoves Blaze on the bed.) Comfy, huh?

Blaze: Mff…

Amy: (She hands Blaze a cup of hot tea.) Here, drink this. You’ll feel better.

Blaze sits up on the bed and takes the cup, proceeding to drink the tea. It was very sweet.

Blaze: Mm. Ah… It’s very sweet.

Amy: Oops. Must’ve added too much sugar.

Blaze: I-It’s not bad.

Amy: Hee hee!

Blaze: Where are YOU going to sleep?

Amy: I can sleep in the living room for the night. Trust me; I don’t mind you staying for the night. It’ll be just long enough for you to… … be on your way.

Blaze: … … …

Amy: Well… (She yawns…) Today’s been a busy day. (She leaves her room and peeks from the doorframe.) Just let me know if you need anything. Good night! (She shuts off the light and closes the door.)

Blaze: … … … (She sips more of her tea quietly before she looks at the crystal charm from the nightgown pocket.) … … … (She puts it away in her pocket and turns off the lamp while leaving the tea cup near it before she bundles up under the blankets.)

The morning arrives later as the rain finally stops…

Amy: (She was snoring on the couch until she started smelling something.) Hmgh… Hm… Huh? (She gets up, her hair all frizzled but whiffs the air.) What smells so good? (She walks over to the kitchen and notices Blaze cooking at the stove.) ???

Blaze: (She turns to Amy) You’re awake.

Amy: Um… Obviously. (She approaches Blaze.) So! Um… What’cha making?

Blaze: I’m making… breakfast?

Amy: (She looks at the eggs cooking in the frying pan.) Right! Breakfast! Heh heh! So uh… need any help?

Blaze: I can do this on-. … Well… If you can… make some orange juice, that’ll be fine.

Amy: Ok! (She goes over to the cabinet and takes out some concentrated orange juice mix)

Blaze: Don’t you use fresh oranges?

Amy: Of course I do. (She takes two four-ounce glass cups and pours water in them.) I just find this easier and quicker. (She puts a teaspoon of orange mix in each cup and mixes them.)

Minutes later, the two eat their breakfast at the dining room table.

Amy: Mm! This is really good! I had no idea you could cook so well!

Blaze: It’s nothing special really. Learned it on my own.

Amy: Well, maybe next time I can have my friends come by and try some-! … Oh.

Blaze: …

Amy: I guess after this you’ll be on your way then. It was fun while it lasted. Don’t worry though, my friends and I will be just fine.

Blaze: … Listen, I’ve been thinking.

Amy: …

Blaze: When those monsters captured me yesterday… I was powerless to stop them. They were right above my strength and… I don’t want this to sound silly but… I asked for you to come… And you did.

Amy: Why would it sound silly? You just needed our help.

Blaze: It’s just… I finally realized how much of a threat those six were against me and… witnessed how strong they were…

Amy: … Blaze…

Blaze: They tried to steal this charm I’ve been keeping. (She holds it up) For someone… that I know.

Amy: … What IS it? It looks… pretty.

Blaze: That’s what I thought. I don’t know exactly what it does. But if they want it that badly… Then it could lead to trouble.

Amy: …

Blaze: They said it belonged to some ancient race with enormous amounts of power. From what I’ve heard, this is only like a… “Tracking device”.

Amy: Tracking device? … So, if they steal that from you and they use it…

Blaze: They’ll find something that could give them unlimited power. That’s why I have to stop them before they succeed. And I hate to admit this… But I can’t do it alone.

Amy: ???

Blaze: So… If I become a… patroller like you… Do you promise to help me? … And please… don’t tell your friends about this. It’s for their sake. And yours.

Amy: … … … Is it really that dangerous?

Blaze: …

Amy: My friends are going to find out eventually. There’s no point in hiding it.

Blaze: … Alright. I’ll tell them. But I still need you to help me.

Amy: … … …(She smiles and hugs Blaze.) Of course.

Blaze: … … … (She smiles and hugs Amy back…)

Near Central Station later that day, Amy was talking to the rest of her friends.

Amy: …And now, Blaze decided to be part of the team! Isn’t it so exciting?? Lilian would be so happy! I’m too ecstatic to think straight!

Rouge: (To Blaze) So, how’d she persuade you to join up?

Blaze: Not funny.

Cream: We’re really happy you decided to help us!

Marine: Hey, you mates aren’t fergettin’ me, are ya? Cream’s sayin’ I can be a patroller too! Whatever that is!

Amy: Oh! Uh-… Of course! We’re… h-happy to have you on board! M-Marine!

Marine: You hesitated there.

Amy: What? N-No, no! I didn’t hesitate! I dunno what you’re talking about! (The girls’ watches beep as Honey appears on their screen.)

Honey: (On screen) Girls! You have to get to the lab! You’ll never believe who’s here!

Later, the girls enter the lab via the tubes.

Cream: What about that lucky charm Amy gave back to you?

Blaze: It’s… Um… It’s from a friend.

Rouge: Really? You seemed pretty determined to get it back yesterday.

Blaze: Look, it’s important to me, ok? (Amy gasped) ???

They see someone at the desk near Honey. It was very familiar to them.

Honey: (Turns around) !! Girls, you made it! Look who’s here!

The woman turned around and was a familiar face to the girls.

Lilian: How are you doing, girls?

Amy, Rouge and Cream: Lilian! (She goes over and hugs them.)

Lilian: Hey, ladies! How have you been?

Amy: Oh we’ve been great!

Cream: It’s so great to see you again!

Rouge: (Lilian frees them from her hug.) So, did you wrap up your little business trip?

Lilian: Done and done. I’m satisfied to see you girls are in top shape. City still in control?

Amy: Yeah-! Um… Well… about that…

Minutes later, Amy explained everything.

Lilian: So you’re keeping on your toes for this one. Guess it wouldn’t be right to shut this group down, wouldn’t it?

Rouge: You’ve should seen Amy. She was so desperate all these months.

Amy: WHAT?! No I wasn’t!

Lilian: Ok ok, let’s all just calm down. Now Honey told me your struggles on finding new members, and… I wanna say I’m sorry. For putting such a huge hassle on you. After all, three’s still a crowd, right?

Cream: It’s ok, Ms. Lilian! We actually found more members!

Lilian: Really?

Marine zooms up to Lilian shakes her hand rapidly.

Marine: G’day, mate! Name’s Marine! Pleasure mettin’ ya! Cream wanted me to be a Patroller after I followed Blaze in this dimension so I figgered-!

Lilian: H-Hey, cut it out! (She frees her hand, scoffing.) RIGHT. So, you wanna be a patroller, Marine?

Marine: You got it!

Blaze: Um… (She approaches Lilian) I too would like to assist Amy and her friends. My name is Blaze.

Lilian: Lilian. Lilian Elenora. So, you two wish to be patrollers like your friends?

Blaze: In a way…

Honey: Count me in too!

Amy and the others: What??

Honey: If they can be patrollers, then I wanna be one too.

Amy: (Approaches Honey) Honey, no! What about your condition??

Honey: I told you. I owe a lot to you and your friends. For everything. If I can’t go on, I’ll back out. But I wanna be by your side. No matter what happens.

Cream: Ms. Honey…

Cheese: Chao chao…

Rouge: (To Lilian) What say you, boss?

Lilian: … … … Well… If you think you’re up for it, I can’t stop you. But please don’t push yourself.

Honey: I’m fine, Ms. Lilian. Honest.

Amy: Honey…

Lilian: Well. Seems like we’ve got… three new members. Marine the Racoon… Blaze the Cat… and Honey the Cat. But with a bigger team like this… we’re gonna hafta make some changes.

The girls: ???

Later, in the lab, Lilian was explaining to Sonic and Tails.

Sonic: So… the patroller name is out?

Tails: I kinda like the new name.

Sonic: Really? I thought patrollers fit them better.

Lilian: I think DEFENDERS is a much better suit for them. From now own, these girls roam the streets not as patrollers… But as Station Square DEFENDERS. Oh right, speaking of suits… (Turns Amy and her friends.) With this new… Deadly five was it?

Tails: Deadly Six??

Lilian: Y-Yeah, yeah. With this Deadly Six thing going around, you may need more flexible uniforms to boost you up. (Turns to Blaze and the others.) As for YOU three, I’m gonna need to work overnight to give you your own DRD.

Honey: DRD?

Lilian: Defender Remote Device.

Marine: You mean we get paramazing watches like them!

Lilian: Ones like them.

Marine: This is the best day of my life!!

Sonic: (Turns to Amy) Well, looks like you got your wish.

Amy: I know! Isn’t it amazing! … (Turns to Blaze) … Um…

Blaze: You don’t have to say it. … I’m just happy to be with you and the others. (Smiles. As did Amy.)

Lilian: But remember, ladies. The challenges you’re gonna face are going to be more brutal than the last. You’ll need to prepare yourselves and keep on your guard from now on. They aren’t the Pink Craze, but they may be worth more trouble.

Amy: (She, Cream, the chaos and Rouge salute) We won’t let you down! (Turns to Blaze and the others) Since we have three newbies, we might as well teach them our rule!

Blaze: W-what rule? (Amy whispers to her) You really say that?

Amy: Of course! It’s our duty to protect the city! And you’re part of the action too!

Marine: How does it go?

Amy: I was hoping you’d say that! (Clears her throat) When Station Square is in dismay, the DEFENDERS come and save the day! Now, all together! (She sticks her hand out.)

Rouge: (To Blaze) Just roll with it. Makes her feel better.

Blaze: Um… (Clears her throat.) When Station Square… is… … When Station Square is in dismay… (They all place their hands together on top of each.)

The girls: The Defenders come and save the day!!

Amy: See! That wasn’t so hard!

Honey: I can get used to that!

Marine: Me too!

Blaze: … … … I guess I’ll find time to adapt.

Amy: Oh! I almost forgot my birthday was yesterday and… we didn’t even finish my birthday cake!

Sonic: You still going ON about that?

Marine: If there’s cake, I’m in!

Honey: Me too!

Amy: Come on, girls! Let’s go celebrate! (They cheer as they begin to leave.) Ms. Lilian, you wanna come??

Lilian: No thanks! (Sits at her desk with the watches.) I have some work to do.

Amy: Um… O-Ok! We’ll save you some birthday cake!! (Sonics walks with her and they fly up the tubes, leaving the lab.)

Lilian begins to work on the watches, including new ones… But for some reason, she rubs her head slightly in pain, but brushes it off.

Far off from the lab, at the south end of Station Square…

In a dark office, a suited worker walks in with a newspaper.

Man: Hey, boss. Have you checked the papers? (Puts it on his boss’ desk.) Seems like these patroller girls got more members and a new name to boot. And then there’s her. Looks like she’s back in town.

A man in what appears to be in his thirties with dark hair and beard with sunglasses looks at the newspaper with Lilian’s face on it… He smiles and chuckles.
Description decided to DELETE ITSELF UPON UPLOADING. Thanks a lot, deviantart.

I'm sorry for the long delay on this episode. I was mainly focused on my art. I hope to get the next one out soon.

The Deadly Six are back, and stronger than ever as they capture Blaze. Now Amy and her friends must rescue her while the Six have other plans for their destruction.

Previous Episode: SSD Ep. 22 Teammates in Hand Part 1
Next Episode: (TBA)

There's another reference to Final Fantasy XV. See if you can point it out. ;)
The scene with Amy letting Blaze in her home was planned months before the episode was scripted.
I literally had to watch a YouTube video on the Sonic Lost World Bosses so I could know how the Deadly Six fight. While throwing in my own ideas in the process.
Sonic and related characters are owned by Sega and Sonic Team.
ringsandamiss007 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017
The new name sounds GLORIOUS!!!
Hey Dean, to be honest, there are some inconsistencies in this story, one of the more noticeable ones being that Zavok (the red Zeti) was supposed to be the one fighting Sonic and Amy, as well as the fact that Amy and Knuckles saw and felt the energy being drained from the planet (the drain effected even the air), even if they didn't know about the Deadly Six themselves at the time. Also, Cream has both Cheese and Chocola with her, so I think both should be calling to her. And one more thing, even though Sonic calling the Deadly Six "amigos" was a nice part, I think it would be a bit better and relate to the fact that the Sonic cast are from Japan if he said "yo minna", which means "hey everybody" or "hey guys" in Japanese. But I'll let that off since he travels a lot to various cities and countries anyway. Either way, I think this was an interesting chapter, hope we can find out what the Deadly Six are planning soon enough here. I also wonder what the girls will think about their new uniforms, but I think we'll find out soon enough.
AmyRosalina600 Featured By Owner Feb 3, 2017  Student Writer
Wow how cool I hope that might come in handy
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