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The Following is a non-profit fan based story and does not tie in with the canon of the series. Sonic the Hedgehog and related characters are owned by Sega and Sonic Team. Please support the official release.

Many months ago, three young girls discovered a hidden facility underneath the city of Station Square. Where they met a mysterious woman who granted their wish to become heroes. Heroes who stand up to protect others despite their genders. They became the Station Square Patrollers, halting crime that can’t be stopped.

As the months passed, the girls faced their troubles of life as well as a threatening substance tainting their city known as the Pink Craze. Through many trials they succeeded, with the help of their friends as well.
And after a long battle the Pink Craze was brought to an end and they were finally recognized as true heroes of Station Square.
Now their leader has given them one last mission. To recruit more members to be patrollers. If they don’t succeed, the Patrollers would be shut down.

Will they be able to succeed? … While a new threat awaits them?

A beautiful morning in Station Square. It appeared to be the same old as any other day.

At the Station Square Supermarket, people were going in and out as usual. When suddenly…
Some popping sounds went off as people started screaming in fear! Four robbers with guns storm into the supermarket!

Robber 1: Everyone down on ground! NOW!!

Robber 2: Anyone who moves will be shot!

They stalk around as people dropped to the floor, shaking in fear.

Robber 4: (Pointing his gun to a woman, kneeling to the floor) DON’T MOVE!!

They walk towards one of the cashiers and point their guns at a few of them.

Robber 1: You know how it works. Put the money in a bag.

Robber 3: Don’t make us ask twice.

Male cashier: P-Please don’t point that… I-I’m not exactly good around lethal weapons.

Robber 1: Are you exactly good around THIS?! (He points towards a light on the ceiling, and pulls the trigger.)

The light shatters as people scream.

Robber 4: Shut up!!

Female Cashier: O-Ok, we’ll give it to you! Please d-don’t shoot!

Not too far, a security camera that looks particular different from other types of cameras zooms in on the criminals.

Meanwhile, deep underground Station Square housed a high functional laboratory with equipment, high-tech computers, and an extra room as a gym. A loud alarm sounds off on the computer as someone who was working nearby took notice.

It was Honey the Cat who chose to watch over the lab for a woman named Lilian who formed a group called the Station Square Patrollers. Honey was once a spy working for G.U.N until she received her formal state thanks to Amy Rose and her friends.

Now she’s decided to help them until Lilian’s return. For the right job, Honey was dolled up as a scientist with cute glasses and her hair cut short.

Honey: ??? (She quickly goes over to the computer and types in some commands until the security camera showing the criminals at the market appeared on screen!) !!! Oh boy. Here we go.

She sits at the computer at types in some commands on the keyboard.

Honey: Computer, contact the Station Square Patrollers! Now!

Meanwhile, at Station Square High… Amy was sitting through history class until her Patroller Remote Device watch starts beeping!

Amy: Huh?

Rouge was in her geometry class until she witnessed her watch beeping.

Rouge: ???

Cream was drawing in class with her friends until her watch started beeping.

Cream: Oh!

They each answered their call as Honey contacts them on the watch screens!

Honey: (On screen) Girls, there’s a robbery at the supermarket! And they got hostages! Be careful! They’re armed! (The call ends)

Amy: (Stands up in from her desk) Um, can you please excuse me? Some bad guys are causing trouble! Be back in a jiff! (She runs out of the class in a hurry.)

Rouge leaves the class she was in.

Rouge: …Just let me take care of this. There’s people in danger after all. (She rushes down the hall.)

Cream rushes out of her classroom as all the young first-graders were cheering for her.

Boy: Go for it, Cream!!

Girl: You can do it! Woo!

Outside in front of the school, the three met up.

Amy: Morning, ladies!

Rouge: Well good morning to you, Ms. Sunshine.

Cream: Is everyone ready to go?

Amy: Just one last thing we need to do. (They pressed the gold button on their watches at the same time!)

Their clothes flashed white until they were armed in their patroller uniforms, ready for action!

Amy: When Station Square is in dismay…

All three: (They charge forward!) The patrollers come and save the day!!

Back at the super market, the goons were waiting for the cashier to put the money in the bag...

Robber 1: Let’s get a move on here! We haven’t got all day!

Robber 2: Hey, boss. You think those uh… what do you call ‘em… Station Square Patrollers are gonna show up?

Robber 1: Are you serious? You’re scared of a bunch of little animals? We have important things to worry about. … (Pointing the gun at the man, making him panic.) MOVE FASTER, PUNK!!

The market doors slide open as the three girls walk in.

Robber 1: What in the-?!

Amy: Put down your weapons, or prepare to face justice! (The three get in position.)

Robber 1: You expect me to be afraid of you?

Rouge: (Sarcastic) Oh it’s not like you see a bunch of critters running around the city lately, huh?

Robber 1: I’m warning you! One step closer and I’ll off you three on the spot!

Cream: Can’t we just get along? We don’t really wanna fight you.

The robber readies his pistol.

Rouge: For a bunch of tough guys, you’re pretty stupid to judge us.

Robber 1: Watch me!! (The moment he pulls the trigger, the three break apart!) Hey!!

Amy leaps up and knocks him to the ground with her hammer!

Robber 3: Dammit!

Robber 2: Get ‘em!!

The other two robbers opened fire with their guns towards Rouge as she was dodging their bullets before taking cover behind an aisle.

Robber 2: Let’s pitch that bat off! (The two race towards the aisle.)

Rouge however, stuck her leg out and made one of them trip towards the ground. The other one held his gun towards her but Rouge smacks the gun off his hand and jumps up to punch him in the face before landing on the other thug’s back.

Robber 2: Oomph!

Rouge: Butt-whoopin’ in aisle seven!

Cream was being confronted by one last thug who held out a switch knife.

Robber 4: I don’t take kids kindly, especially when they’re freaks of nature! (He thrusts and thrashes his knife but Cream swiftly dodges each attack.)

Cream: (She kept dodging until…) You… aren’t… being… very… (She uses her bowing staff to hit him!) NICE!!

The robber falls to the ground, clenching his arm he was hit on. Cream kicks the knife away as the other girls kicked away their guns, leaving the crooks unarmed.

Amy: We watched, and look what happened.

Rouge: Crooks are down. Now we hafta phone the cops.

Amy’s watch beeps as Honey appears on the small screen.

Honey: (On screen) No worries, girls! I’ve got ya covered! (The moment she said that, the group heard sirens outside.)

Sometime later, the crooks were handcuffed by the police and brought in the police cars. The Cashiers and police chief exchanged thanks to the Patrollers.

Female Cashier: We’re honored that you’ve saved our super market, Patrollers.

Male Cashier: How can we ever repay you??

Cream: You don’t have to!

Amy: We’re just happy to help!

Rouge: You can just put it on our tab.

Chief: Well you’ve done a good job so far, ladies. Guess your reputation preceded you.

Cream: Aw, thank you!

Amy: Uh, girls? What time is it?

Rouge: (Checks her watch) My guess is that second period’s gonna start soon.

Amy: Uh-oh! Sorry everybody, but we’ve gotta run! Stay safe! (They rush off hurrying back to school)

Sometime later, school was over for the day as the three heroines as they leave the school grounds to their favorite hangout spot Milkyway Café.

Amy: …So then I said to Mrs. Strum that my drawings are supposed to be depicting the crude art style of prehistoric times and she gives me a B minus! A B minus! Can you believe that??

Rouge: You aren’t that keen in drawing, much less in history.

Amy: Doesn’t matter, anyway. It’s not like I get extra credit for saving Station Square a few times.

Cream: My teacher does.

Rouge: Say what?
Amy: WHAT?!

The group arrive at their favorite open bar spot and are greeted by a female patron running the small shop.

Female: Well if it ain’t the Station Square Patrollers!

Amy: (She and the girls sit on the stools.) That’s us!

Female: How are you all doing on this fine day?

Rouge: Eh, can’t complain much.

Female: You all want the usual?

Amy: Yes, ma’am! But with extra whip cream this time. We’re treating ourselves.

Female: Alrighty then! Coming right up! (She gets to work on their milkshakes.)

Amy: … So, uh…  We seem to be doing pretty good flying solo.

Cream: Mm-hm.

Rouge: Yep.

Amy: … So um… I haven’t had much like finding anyone else who wants to… be patrollers like us.

Rouge: Bummer.

Amy: Did… Did you have any luck?

Rouge: Sorry, still no answer from the other guys at school.

Amy: W-What about you, Cream? Did you find anyone?

Cream: Sorry, no…

Amy: (She sighs and leans her head on her arms.) And I thought this was going to be easy.

Rouge: You think EVERYTHING can be easily done. How does the boss expect us to find anymore members for our team? Especially when we aren’t even aware WHEN she decides to come back?

Amy: It’s only been a few months hasn’t it? We’ve already got a few friends helping us out.

Rouge: You mean Sweetlove and Sapphire? I wouldn’t rely on them so much.

Amy: Wait, what about Big?

Rouge: What ABOUT Big?

Cream: Wait! How about Honey becomes a patroller??

Amy: … Sorry. I don’t know if it would work. N-Not that Honey’s patroller material! It’s just, well… She’s still recovering from that bullet incident. And even though she’s working real hard in Lilian’s lab like a dog… I just don’t want her to feel worse than she is now.

Before Honey was reformed; she was shot by Blake Bronze and nearly didn’t survive. If it wasn’t for Amy rushing her to the hospital, she wouldn’t be here. She still slowly recovers even though the incident happened months ago.

Rouge: … Hey, don’t feel so down. I’m sure things will turn around for us soon.

Amy: One would like to think so…

Female: (She walks in with the milkshakes) Sorry to keep you all waiting, but here are your favorites! For little Cream we have chocolate vanilla carrot cake!

Cream: Yummy!

Female: For Amy there’s the strawberry shortcake with extra whip-cream!

Amy: Mm!

Female: And for Rouge, dark razzle berry topped with small pinch of lickerish!

Rouge: You know my taste.

Female: I’ll just leave the bill when you’re done. You all enjoy now! (She walks into the back)

Cream: Thank you!

Amy: … I just want things to stay like this. You know? Just us… and our friends working together until we can’t anymore. We could inspire so many others if we just… keep searching. Right?

Rouge: Give it a rest, girlfriend. We’ll get through.

Cream: To us! Patrollers!

Amy Smiles and lifts her drink along with Rouge.

The girls: Patrollers! (They clink their glasses.)

Later, in the underground lab of the Patrollers, Honey was sitting at the computer typing something and adjusts her glasses. She gets up from her seat and rubs her waist in pain.

Honey: … … … (She sits back in the chair, wheels over to a pile of paper and organizes them as Amy and her friends arrive from the tubes.)

Amy: Hi, Honey!

Honey: AAH!! (She falls down with the chair!) OW!

Amy: !! Oh gosh!!

Cream: Are you ok??

Honey: (She gets up.) Y-Yeah of course. No big deal.

Rouge: So how goes your um… condition?

Honey: (She rubs her waist…) It’s… getting by. Anyway, you girls are doing a great job so far! I’m sure Lilian would be pleased to hear the progress you’ve made.

Amy: Yeah…

Honey: ??? What’s wrong?

Rouge: Oh she’s just bummed that we still haven’t found any worthy members to join our ranks.

Honey: And you’re not worried?

Rouge: Of course I am. It’s Amy I’m more concerned of.

Amy: …

Cream: It’s ok. I’m sure Lilian will let us stay as patrollers.

Amy: …

Honey: Well… in case you don’t find any members soon, maybe… Maybe I can step in for you girls! I would make a great Patroller-!

Rouge: Whoa there, cowgirl. In your condition, I wouldn’t risk it.

Honey: …

Amy: … We appreciate the offer, Honey, but… I don’t think this would be enough… She said we were only formed to stop the Pink Craze because she couldn’t do it on her own. I’m just starting to wonder if she really doesn’t care about what we feel. I really don’t wanna stop doing what I love to do with you girls. I just… I just wish this could last forever.

The group: … … …

Rouge: … Hey, don’t feel down, girlfriend. It’s not the end of the world. Besides, you haven’t forgotten, have you?

Amy: Forgot what?

Rouge: Something that’s… important to you?

Amy: … I’m not following.

Rouge: You don’t remember, do you?


Rouge: Look, if finding new members to join our squad is putting too much stress on you, you need to lift your spirits up. Why don’t you just go home and take a break, huh? You look a bit…  winded.(She begins to walk away)

Cream: Don’t forget to come home for your surprise party! (Rouge clears her throat unusually loudly)

Amy: ???

Cream: Oop! I mean… um… There’s no party waiting for you at your house! Honest! Hee hee!

Honey: …

Cream: … Bye! (She scampers to Rouge as the two get sucked up the tubes that lead back to the surface.)

Amy: What was that all about?

Honey: I’m sure it’s… nothing important! Heh heh! (Amy was still a bit unsure.) Why don’t I just bring you home? You look agitated!

Amy: (Honey begins to walk with her) I’m already feeling agitated at the fact that everyone isn’t telling me why they’re acting like WEIRDOS at the last minute!

Back in the city, it was just a normal day as the evening would soon come. Suddenly, something whizzed by at breathtaking speed until it ducked into a dark alleyway.

Small fire emits as it lights up the area. It was Blaze the Cat, lighting her way with her pryokinesis.

A close friend to Sonic the Hedgehog and guardian of the Sol emeralds, Blaze comes from an alternate dimension which ended up crossing paths with Sonic’s and the both of them stopped whatever evil would come to pass in their homes.

She looks about the area until she conceals her flames and walks out of the alleyway into the light. She gazes around the city as if she was looking for something.

Blaze: … … … I hope I’m in the right place… Where ever I’m in…

Amy’s voice: …Ok, Rouge and Cream acting strange all of a sudden is one thing, (Alarmed, she hides within the dark space in the alley and takes a peek to see Amy and Honey walking by.) but now you’re really creeping me out!

Blaze: Is that Amy? (She sees the two walking by)

Amy: What’s waiting for me back home anyway?

Honey: Waiting? Nothing’s waiting! Don’t be so concerned!

Amy: Concerned about what you’re planning to do to me or concerned that I need to seek some therapy?

Honey: Not THAT concerned! Sheesh!

As the two walk off, Blaze wanted to touch base with Amy again, but felt that it would have to come later. As soon as the coast was clear, she ran out of the alley and continued her search through the city. Unknown to her, a trashcan was rattling with someone inside. It popped out and scurried off.

Meanwhile, Honey escorts Amy to her house.

Amy: Why is it that you want me home so badly?

Honey: Well you’ve been down in the dumps for a while and we figured we would jump on this day to cheer you up!

Amy: What do you mean cheer me up? I’m not depressed!

Honey: …

Amy: Ok, I guess I am a LITTLE bummed that Lilian might shut us down for her own reasons. But what could you girls POSSIBLY predict that would make me feel better??

She opens the door and suddenly she saw Rouge, Cream, Cheese, Sonic and Tails wearing party hats and popping party poppers!

The group: SURPRISE!!

Cream: Happy birthday, Amy! (Cheese blows on a party blower!)

Amy: !!! Omigosh! I had no idea! I-I must’ve forgot after all this time!

Rouge: Well, looks like the birthday girl finally gets it.

Amy: Why didn’t you guys TELL me this earlier??

Rouge: We thought you knew already.

Amy: Well… I can’t believe you wanted to do this just for me! I don’t know what to say!

Honey: Well we had to get your spirits up somehow.

Amy: Thank you all! I feel better already! Hey, uh… Where’s Knuckles?

Sonic: Oh, he has important duties to do. You know, being the guardian and all that?

Amy: Oh.

Tails: But he sends his support either way. So, who’s up for some birthday cake?

Amy: I AM!! I get the first slice!!

The group started to enjoy some of Amy’s birthday cake and the festivities. But that was short lived. Suddenly, the group heard loud screams from outside!

Sonic: What’s that??

Cream: Trouble??

Amy: Peril??

Tails: Danger??

Cheese: Chao chao??

Rouge: How about we stop asking and go check it out?

Amy: Why do people always have to be in danger at the wrong time? Can’t we just enjoy more of my birthday cake first?

The group: (Annoyed) AMY!

Amy: Uh, right! Of course!

They venture out of her house! Amy and her friends activate their uniforms once again.

People were screaming in terror as Eggman’s robots were terrorizing the citizens. Fortunately, the heroes rush in and attack! Amy and Cream work together to smash a robot trying to hurt a mother and child. Honey had no choice but to stay on the sidelines because of her condition…

Tails gave Rouge a boost as she dive kicked down on another robot. And Sonic as usual uses his honing attack with no problem.

Amy: Show off!

The robots were scrapped as the situation died down.

Tails: Everyone alright?

Rouge: Good as gold.

Honey: We’re all present and accounted for.

Amy: Thanks for the help, boys.

Sonic: Where would you be without us?

Eggman’s voice: In my hands like PUTTY! THAT’S what! (Laughs heartily)

Amy and Sonic: EGGMAN??

Eggman was flying in his Eggmobile above the group.

Eggman: Well well, if it isn’t my old arch nemesis and his cocky little girl-band!

Rouge: (Sarcastic) Nice to meet you too, Egg-head.

Sonic: Don’t you have anything better to do then send your robots out to become scrap metal?

Eggman: That was just the icing on the cake, hedgehog! I knew from the start that you would instantly run to help your precious civilians at the first sign of danger, so step one of my plan is now complete!

Honey: So it was a trap??

Amy: Nobody pulls me away from my birthday cake! (The group wasn’t moved by that comment.) Or… Or hurts anyone else for that matter! Because… That icing on your cake is… awful! And… stuff. (Sonic facepalms.)

Eggman: Is that so, my little pink pin cushion? You may have survived my previous attempts to destroy you, but spoilers! That’s not gonna happen THIS TIME! (He presses a few buttons on his control panel) You won’t be able to comprehend what I have in store for YOU, Station Square Patrollers! It’s past time your reputation came to an END! (He pulls a small lever and his Eggmobile started to transform!)

Robotic legs formed out from the bottom as robotic arms with a disposal of weapons formed out from the sides.

Sonic: Wow. That’s new.

Eggman: Ha ha ha ha! You like it? It took me weeks to customize my Eggmobile into a weapon of mass destruction! And you know what the irony is?? I haven’t even tested it yet! And what better way to test it out… is on YOU!! (The robot leg lifts up in the air and thrusts down attempting to smash the heroes! They all jumped out of the way as the leg crushed the concrete!)

Rouge: Hafta give him credit. He’s really trying this time.

Eggman: Get a load of THIS! (The robot arm formed a machine gun and opened fire as the group kept dodging a whole mess of bullets!)

Sonic: That’s something he hasn’t said in quite some time!


Tails: Girls, I’ve devised a small strategy on how to beat this guy!

Rouge: Lay it on us!

Tails: If we focus our efforts on the legs, he’ll topple over!

Amy: Let’s just try not to die in the process.

The heroes rushed forward, but the robot arm swoops in and smacks them all back! Each of them falling with a thud!

Honey: (Rushes in to help them) Are you guys ok??

Cream: That really hurt…

Eggman: Hah ha ha! You think it’s that easy, fools?? My machinery is now ten times the oomph as my previous machines! (Presses another button) This one is my favorite!

A missile launcher opens up behind him and fires a few missiles toward the heroes!

Amy: (She grabs Honey’s arm and pulls her away) Get out the way, get out the way, GET OUT THE WAY!!

They barely managed to dodge the missiles exploding.

Eggman: (He hoots and laughs heartily like he’s never had before!) Now THIS is just too much! All of you have no chance against my Eggmobile of Doom! Like the name? I just thought it up the moment I thought to myself “They’re face to face with their impending doom!” I know I probably should’ve said that out loud but it would’ve sounded a bit cliché in my manner, don’t you think? What do you suppose you-? (His machine begins to topple over!) WHOA!! HEY!!

Amy smashes and dents one of the legs of the machine.

Amy: Hey, Eggman! Looks like monologing is one of your weaknesses! Who knew! (He was about to kick Amy with what was left of the leg, but she barely dodged it!) WAH!

Eggman: Oh harty har har! You all found a flaw from the great and mighty Eggman. But did you know that I know YOUR weakness as well? What’s a good dramatic impulse… Without some hostility?! (Pushes another button and a pedestal moves up behind him revealing some small brown creature in a glass dome!) Look familiar??

Creature: Chao chao chao!

Cheese: !!! THAT’S CHOCOLA!!

Cheese: (Shocked) CHAO CHAO CHAO!

Eggman: That’s right! From all the people in the city, you forgot just one little friend of yours! Station Square Patrollers, everyone! Let’s give ‘em a big round of applause!

Amy: Let him go! Now!

Eggman: Don’t you know that nothing ever goes your way when you say crud like that?? But what I CAN offer is your surrender to me in exchange for the safety of your little chao friend!

Chocola: Chao chao!

Sonic: That’s a bit of a rotten deal coming from you.

Eggman: Hee hee! I try! So what will it be?? His freedom or this city’s destruction?!

From on top of a nearby building, Blaze witnessed the situation and had to step in for them. She jumps off the building hurls towards Eggman! She lands in the Eggmobile, causing it to rock back and forth as she cracked open a hole from the glass dome, grabbed Chocola and jumped off the machine!

Eggman: HEY!!

She lands in front of the group as they were quite surprised to see her.

Honey: Who’s that??

Amy and Sonic: Blaze??

Blaze: (She goes over to Cream and gives Chocola to her) I hope he’s not hurt.

Cream: (Cheese and Chocola hug each other) Chocola, you’re safe! Thank goodness!

Tails: Blaze, what are you doing here? And… more importantly WHY are you here?

Eggman’s machine gain stability once again and was about strike.

Blaze: Let’s answer those questions when he’s out of the way.

Amy: Fine by me!

Eggman: This is the last time a bunch of animals make a mockery of me! (He opens fire with the robot machine gun again, but the group dodges each and every bullet as Amy and the Patrollers strike at the robot leg one last time, enough for it to topple over to the ground!) No, no no no no-NOOOOO! (The machine crashes to the ground as Eggman frantically tries to stand it up again.)

Amy: Wanna do the honors?

Sonic: As you wish! (He forms into a spin dash as Amy strikes him with her hammer, launching him into Eggman’s ship delivering a large dent while disconnecting it from the robot legs! It clanged loudly to the ground as Eggman’s plight was once again down the drain.

Eggman: (Clings to his dashboard as he hoists himself up. His mustache was crooked.) Every time. EVERY SINGLE TIME! Why can’t I win just one battle?? Just ONE?!

Sonic: Aw, don’t feel bad, Egg-head. You had the upper-hand at least! Who knows? Maybe you’ll get your chance the next time!

Eggman: I can tell when I’m being MOCKED. (His Eggmobile begins to fly again.) Don’t think you’ll hear the end of this! One way or another you’ll actually MISS me! (He flies away.)

Honey: Glad that’s the end of it. Now we have… something else that needs answering.

Amy: Blaze.

Blaze: … It’s… been a while, hasn’t it?

Sonic: Been too long.

Honey: Uh, I’m sorry but I’m kinda new to the whole recognizable acquaintance you have here, but… you mind telling me who the girl is?

Tails: Her name’s Blaze. She’s actually a princess in her dimension where she came from.

Honey: WHOA…

Amy: It’s so great to see you again. And yet it’s very weird at the same time.

Blaze: What, you’re not happy to see me?

Tails: Of course we are. We’re just surprised that you’re here.

Blaze: I see. You wouldn’t mind explaining what I’ve missed, would you?

Rouge: Not at all. You’ve missed a lot, so we’re just gonna give you the short version. The boys here thought they were better than us until we met this girl who made us Station Square Patrollers.

Blaze: Patrollers?

Cream: That’s right! We fight crime that can’t be stopped!

Cheese: CHAO CHAO!

Amy: And we’re a perfect team to boot!

Blaze: Hm. So that explains those uniforms you were wearing.

Honey: Hi there! My name’s Honey! It’s a pleasure to meet you! I was actually the Patrollers’ enemy but now we’re on the same page! And I’m in charge of supporting them until their teacher Lilian comes back!

Tails: And you’ll never believe this. These girls actually saved Station Square from an evil pink slime that causes people to go crazy! I’ll spare you from the details.

Sonic: Who would’ve thought they would do it.

Amy: Hey, what’s THAT supposed to be mean??

Blaze: Well it looks like you all had it taken care of.

Rouge: Are you kidding? We’ve stepped up our game, but today Eggman really stepped up HIS.

Tails: That is true. With the improvements he’s made to his ship, he might get back at us with an even BIGGER arsenal underneath his mustache.

Amy: We’re gonna need all the help we can get. … !!! Wait a minute… That’s it! BLAZE, YOU’RE PERFECT!!

Blaze: E-Excuse me?

Amy: Why didn’t I think of this sooner! The way you helped us fight against Eggman, this is just too perfect! Could it be fate??

Blaze: A-Amy, what are you going ON about?

Amy: Blaze, we need you! We need your strength and your cunning skills to be an asset to the Station Square Patollers. Ms. Lilian said that we can continue patrolling the streets of Station Square if we have more than just us three! With you at our side you can help us defend the city! Isn’t that amazing?? It would be an honor if you could join us!

Blaze: … I can’t.


Blaze: I’m happy to hear your doing fine… But I’m here for different reasons. And I don’t want you to get hur-… In my way.

Sonic: Here we go again.

Cream: Is something wrong?

Blaze: No, it-… It’s not, ok? I can’t explain.

Cream: You can tell us what it is! We promise not to tell anyone else!

Blaze: … Look… As much as I wanna help you… I need to focus on my own goals. And it leads to something… dangerous. So I would kindly advise that you continue you’re… patrolling without me. Besides, I can manage on my own.

Amy: Well… Maybe WE can help you! If you join us we can help you with… whatever it is you need to do!

Blaze: Can’t you take a hint? This is too dangerous for you. ALL of you.

Amy: You don’t understand. If we don’t have enough members before Lilian gets back, she’ll shut us down! And I don’t wanna put something down that’s drawn me and my friends closer than before.

Blaze: But that’s your problem. I have priorities of my own I have to attend to.

Amy: You don’t know how much this is stressing me! I just want this to last for all of us!!

Blaze: I said NO, alright?!

The group: …

Blaze: … I just… think this is for your own good. As much as I wanna help you… I have to help myself. … (She runs off)

Amy: Wait! … (She looks down to the ground.)

Sonic: (Puts his hand on her shoulder) Well, you tried…

Amy: …

Honey: It’s ok. I’m sure we’ll find someone else who’ll wanna help.

Rouge: Let’s just face the facts. Everyone just wants to STAY saved instead of wanting to save others.

Amy: … (To herself) You’re not gonna push me away…

Sometime later, evening draws in as Cream makes her way to her house with Cheese and Chocola. She knocks on her door and her mother Vanilla opens it.

Vanilla: Cream! (She hugs her child) Where have you been??

Cream: That awful Eggman was hurting everyone again!

Vanilla: Oh my goodness… Are you ok, sweetheart?

Cream: Don’t worry, I’m fine! And you’ll never believe who’s here!

Chocola: Chao chao!

Vanilla: Chocola! (He hugs her) Where have you been, sweetie??

Cream: Eggman was holding him hostage. But then Blaze came in and-!

Vanilla: Blaze?

Cream: Yeah! She came by today, but… she doesn’t want to be with us. … As patrollers I mean.

Vanilla: Oh, sweetheart. Don’t you worry. I’m sure you’ll find more friends to help you out soon enough. But that doesn’t mean I want you getting into danger so constantly.

Cream: Yes, mom.

Vanilla: Now go upstairs and get comfortable. Dinner will be ready soon.

Cream: Ok! Come on, Cheese! Let’s go, Chocola! (The two chaos follow her up the stairs.)

Cream opens her door to her bedroom, but then… she thought she saw something duck under the covers of her bed.

Cream: !!! W-What was that?? (The chaos cower and hide behind her back.) I-It’s ok. We’re not afraid of anything, right?

Cheese: (Summons his bravery.) Chao! Chao chao!

Chocola: (He’s still scared) Chao…

Cream slowly approached her bed as she saw there was something crawling under the covers like a monster.

Cream: O-On the count of three… We pull the covers. (She and Cheese grab the edges of her bed covers.) One… T-Two…

But then, someone popped out of the covers!

???: THREE!!!

Cream: AAAH!! (She and the chaos fall to the floor and the covers fall on them!)

It turns out to be a young raccoon girl who seemed a year older than Cream is who goes by the name Marine.

Marine: (She laughs her head off) Golly, you should’ve seen the look on your face! If you’re that easy to scare, then I’m gonna have a great time!

Cream: Mff! (She removes the covers and gets a closer look at Marine) !!! Wait a minute… Is that you, Marine??

Marine: Yeah! Who else do you think I was? (She jumps off the bed) Bit of a rassle gettin’ here though. I swear I was right on her heels and yet I lost her.

Cream: Wait wait wait, why are you here, and… who are you looking for?

Marine: Blaze of course! If she’s lookin’ for adventure then ol’ Captain Marine wants in on the action! Said she was lookin’ for someone important or somethin’ and wanted me out of it. But Marine doesn’t take “no” for an answer!!

Cream: N-No?

Marine: I’m not taking it, mate!

Vanilla’s voice: Cream, I heard you screaming! Are you ok??

Cream: Oh, uh… Y-Yes, mom! I’m doing just fine!

As Cream continued to call out to her mother, Marine caught a glimpse of Cream’s Patroller Remote Device watch on her wrist.

Vanilla’s voice: I thought I heard someone else up there! What’s going on??

Cream: Um-! Uh… A…A friend decided to come by! And uh-!

Marine: Hey, where’d ya get that cool lookin’ watch?

Cream: N-Not now, Marine. Everything’s fine, mama!

Marine: Mind if I have a look, sister?

Cream: N-No, please.

Marine: C’mon, lemme see it!

Cream: (Marine starts fussing trying to pry Cream’s watch away!) Marine, please stop! (Marine loosened Cream’s watch and shoves Cream to the floor!) Ouch!

Marine: Golly! This is fine lookin’ thingamajig you got here! Is it advance??

Cream: Give me back my watch!

Marine: Sorry, lass! But this needs some proper examperation to see what it can do for ME! (She runs out of Cream’s room, laughing)

Cream: Marine, stop!! (Talking to her Chaos) Come on, we have to stop her! (They follow her out of her room.)

Vanilla: (Walking up the stairs) Cream, I hear some fussing coming from your room, are you and Cheese having a little-? (Marine runs past her laughing all the way until she runs out of the house!) WAH!! What in the-?!

Cream: (Runs down the stairs to her mother) Mom, are you alright??

Vanilla: I think so… but… who was THAT just now??

Cream: I don’t have time to explain! Marine stole my watch! (She runs off with her chaos) Come on!

Vanilla: C-Cream, wait! Come back!

Cream runs out of her house and franticly looks left and right until Cheese points to Marine running off! The three being to pursuit the rascal raccoon.

As Marine runs across the street, something was watching her and giggled deviously as they delved back into hiding.

Meanwhile, back at Amy’s house… Amy sits in the dining room with a single slice of her birthday cake on plate. She wasn’t sad about the lack of visitors… She was mostly down about Blaze’s decision.

Amy: (Sighs…) I need her to understand that… WE need her… But what I wanna know is… why IS she here anyway? … I have to find out. (Her living room phone rings loudly) Huh. Who could that be? (She goes to her living room and picks up her phone.) Hello? … Oh hi, Ms. Vanilla! … What? Cream ran off after someone? Who? … Some raccoon? Who would-? … Oh. I think I have an idea. Don’t worry, I’ll find her. (She hangs up the phone and pulls out her cell phone to call Sonic.) … Sonic, it’s me. Cream’s run off after someone. And I think I may know who it is. And maybe SHE knows why Blaze is here.

Meanwhile, Blaze finds herself lost in the city, not knowing which direction she came from as all the streets look the same. Not wanting to ask help from people as she thought she would find her way around. And losing some steam from a lack of eating anything for a while.

Blaze: … (She takes something out of her pocket. It looked to be a crystal shard-like charm…) Where ARE you? (She rubs the sides of her head…) Mf… I can’t think straight like this. … Maybe I should just take a break. (She puts her charm away and sits on a bench while she watches the people of the city go about their day.)

She looks at the sun setting by the ocean, giving it a tint orange color as the hot air slowly would cool down.

Blaze: I guess my own home has seen better days. I never realized the sun could be so close. It’s… breathtaking. … (She then saw a little girl and her mother walking by as they were talking.)

Girl: Mommy, I wanna be a Station Square Patroller too!

Mother: Now now, sweetheart, being a patroller is tough work. They need all the help they can get if they rely on each other!

Blaze: (The two walk away…) … Rely, huh? … I wish I knew more about that. … Maybe… Maybe I could… give this… thing a try, but… after what happened… No. I can’t let Amy know about this. (She stands up.) I have to keep going. (Just when she was about to walk away…)


Blaze: ??? That voice… is that…?

She witnesses Marine running in!

Marine: BLAAAAZE!!!

Blaze: M-Marine?? W-What are you-?? (She rams into her!) WAH!!

Marine: (She hugs Blaze tightly) I’m finally glad I got ya! You had no idea how worried I was! Leaving all the adventurin’ to yourself and all!

Blaze: M-Marine, let GO of me! (She shoves her and gets up. She scoffs and dusts herself off.) What are you DOING here?

Marine: I just didn’t want you to go out alone, so I thought I’d come with you!

Blaze: I told you that I’m fine on my own. And you being in this dimension is only gonna make more problems for me.

Marine: But don’t you wanna see something cool I found?

Blaze: I would like to, (Turns around) but I have other priorities that need to be done.

Marine: (Scampers to Blaze’s front side) It’ll just be for a second! Look! (She shows her Cream’s watch.) Now don’t get any funny ideas, mate! I found this watch fair and square!

Blaze: … (She gets a closer look) Wait a minute… (She remembered those watches were the same ones that Amy and her friends had.) This is one of Amy’s.

Marine: Excuse me?

Blaze: You STOLE this, didn’t you?

Marine: Well… Maybe you could consider that I may be… borrowing it?

Blaze: Marine, you are returning this watch to Amy and I’m sending you back home!

Marine: But I don’t WANNA go back home! You need me, don’t you?!

Blaze: … (Sighs in frustration and grabs Marine’s arm.)

Marine: H-Hey! Let GO of me!

Blaze: Why do I always get myself in these situations?

Marine: You let go of me right now! Do you hear me?! (Suddenly, the watch started beeping loudly!) Huh??

Blaze: Oh great. You’ve probably broke it too. (She snatches it) Give me that.

Marine: But I DIDN’T break it! It’s doing that on it’s own! AAAH!! LET ME GO!! (Blaze continued dragging Marine away with the watch still beeping.)

The same devious figure slowly watches Blaze and Marine leave and goes back into hiding again…

Somewhere else… Amy, Sonic, Rouge and Tails were running down a block as they were conversing.

Sonic: So you’re saying MARINE’S here too??

Amy: If she’s here she MUST know why Blaze is around too!

Rouge: Oh hey, you haven’t got into contact with Cream, have you?

Amy: I tried, but she’s not picking up! I hope she’s ok.

Tails: Hey look! THERE she is!

Right ahead of them was Cream and her chaos! The group caught up to her!

Cream: Amy! Everyone! You’ll never believe me, but Marine’s here too!

Sonic: Oh we believe you alright.

Cream: Marine stole my watch and ran off!

Rouge: Well this day has gotten better, hasn’t it?

Tails: She could be anywhere in the city. How are we supposed to find her AND Cream’s watch??

Amy’s watch beeps. She answers the call and Honey appears on screen.

Honey: (On screen) That shouldn’t be a problem, girls!

In the lab…

Honey: (Typing on the computer) Lilian’s computer has a tracking system to pinpoint your PRD watches at all times in case you get separated or lose track of them. (Typing one last command.) Just need to type this in and… (The computer marks a location.) I think I found it!

Back to the group…

Honey: (On screen) It’s in the southwest part of the city!

Amy: Got it! Thanks! (She ends the call) We may need Blaze to straighten her out. Me, Sonic and Rouge will find her. Cream, you and Tails find Marine before she does something stupid with your watch!

Cream: Ok!

Chocola: Chao chao chao!

The group splits up!

Meanwhile, Blaze was still dragging Marine while she was still throwing a tantrum.

Marine: The sooner you let go of my arm the sooner you’ll be seein’ stars fly by!

Blaze: Don’t you ever know when to BREATH? … Ugh… Now I’m completely lost… (Suddenly, Marine bites Blaze’s arm!) OW!! (Marine breaks free and snatches the watch!) HEY!!

Marine: (She was about to make a run for it only for Blaze to grab her by her tail!) OW-OW-OW! LEMME GO! YA HEAR ME?! LEMME GO!!

Blaze: Marine, you have to calm down!

Marine: You’re pulling on my TAIL!

Blaze: You bit my ARM!

Marine: Maybe if you weren’t so secretive you would’ve told me to stay out of it!

Blaze: Like YOU would listen to me. What are you even planning to DO with that watch anyway?

Marine: Um… Now that you mention it, I haven’t had much thought about it.

Blaze: Ugh… Give it here. NOW.

Marine: (She pouts and tosses it to Blaze.)

Blaze catches the watch with one hand and looks at it curiously…

Marine: Are you gonna let go of me now??

Blaze: …

Marine: Hello?? (Blaze lets go of Marine and she flops to the floor.) Wah-! Oomph!

Blaze: (She looks carefully at the watch…) What kind of watch IS this?

Nearby… Tails, Cream and her chaos see Blaze and Marine ahead!

Tails: There she is! And… There’s Blaze too!

Cream: She got my watch back!

Cheese: Chao chao!

Tails: Come on! We’ll contact Amy and tell her the good news!

Blaze continued to eye the watch until she saw the group running towards her!

But then, something creeped up from behind and snatched Marine!!

Marine: WAH!! AAH! (She disappeared into an alley!)

Blaze: !!! What the-?! Marine??

Tails: (They caught up to Blaze and were alarmed by the trouble!) W-where did Marine go??

Blaze: (She looks up to see what looks to be large blue orbs hurling towards Tails, Cream and the Chaos!) LOOK OUT!! (She shoves the two and the orbs impact Blaze, knocking her to the ground!)

Cream: BLAZE!!

Some shadow was creeping up behind the two…

Tails and Cream: !!!!! (The chaos were shaking in fear…)

???: This would make an interesting play-date. (Chuckles evilly.)

Meanwhile, back in the busy part of the city, Amy, Sonic and Rouge were having no luck.

Amy: Ugh… Where has that kitty cat gone off too?

Rouge: She’s certainly a tough nut to crack, that’s for sure.

Amy: I’m more worried about Cream. Maybe I should’ve gone with her.

Sonic: I’m sure she’ll be fine. Besides, she has Tails with her.

Rouge: Oh yeah. She DOES. Heh heh.

Amy: (Her watch beeps) Huh. Speak of the devil. (She presses a button but only blackness was on her screen and there was some loud noises overlapping Cream’s voice.)

Cream’s voice: Amy! Amy we need your help! We found my watch but these monsters showed up and-! AAH!! Please help us!! (The call cuts short)

Amy: !!! She’s in danger! We have to rescue her! (Contacts Honey through her watch) Honey, can you send us coordinates to Cream’s watch location??

Honey: (On screen) I’m on it. What seems to be the problem?

Amy: We think she and Tails might be in trouble.

Honey: (On screen) Say no more. Sending coordinates now. Good luck! (The call ends.)

Amy’s watch is now showing the location of Cream’s.

Amy: It’s not too far. We can make it in time!

Sonic: Then let’s roll! (The heroes venture out to save their friends.)

Back the other heroes… Blaze, Marine, Tails and Cream were tied up in rope. Each of them comes to, witnessing their surroundings. They were apparently in a dark alley that seemed to be abandoned as tender as they come.

Tails: Mff… Mfgh! What’s going on??

Cream: I can’t move…

Marine: This is not how Captain Marine’s tale should end!

???: Are you so certain of that?

The group sees what seems to be a muscular creature in red… Out from the shadows he reveals his identity… as Zavok, leader of the Deadly Six

Zavok: Seems to me that your tale is about to end.

The girls were in shock by his appearance and Tails seemed to recognize the guy all too well…

Tails: No… It CAN’T be…

Cream: Who’s THAT??

Zavok: The name I prefer to be called when you are in my presence is… Zavok. And of course there’s the others.

Blaze: Others…?

Just like that… The other Deadly Six appear before our heroes consisting of Zazz Zomom, Zeena, Zik and Zor.

Tails: It’s the Deadly Six! The bad guys who tried to absorb the world’s energy before Sonic stopped them!

Zavok: (Chuckles) How THOUGHTFUL of you to remember. It took us much time to find your residential home as we were planning to extract our revenge on you and that meddlesome hedgehog. But now I believe we have a bonus.

Blaze: You’re expecting Sonic to come and save us?

Zavok: We owe as much gratitude to him for freeing us from that irritating doctor, but he has foiled our plans to take control of his world. Now that we have our full potential back, we have something planned for him and this city.

Blaze: Well… It’s too bad it’s going to be cut short. (Her pyrokinesis burns the ropes and the group breaks free!)

Zavok: ?!?!

Blaze: (She gives Cream’s watch back) I think this is yours.

Cream: Thank you! (She straps her watch, presses the gold button and she appears in her uniform!)

Marine: GOL-LEE!!

Zavok: Hm… Impressive costume change. But not enough for the strength I muster. (He rushes towards the group and Cream jumps into the air! She lands on his hand and bounces off him, making him thud to the floor!)

Cream: (She hovers in midair with her ears.) Ta-da! How did I do?? Did I do good??

But then, Zeena lashes out some streaks of green energy wrap around Cream, trapping her!

Zeena: Aaaw, isn’t that adorable! The little tyke thinks she’s a big girl!

Blaze: CREAM!!

Zeena: We still have the scars from your blue rat friend in case you were wondering.

Zik: We are all quite surprised to see such a familiar face in these parts… Young fox. Last time I check you were supposed to be in our control.

Zazz: (Laughs hysterically) Well now’s the time to return the favor! In FULL! (He laughs some more)

Tails: How did you guys even GET here??

Zeena: (She flings Cream into Tails’ arms.) How we GOT here is none of your business. What we’re here for is strictly classified.

Zik: Unless of course you wish to endanger… (The yellow tub of fat Deadly Zomom holds up Cheese and Chocola hostage.) THEM.

Cream: Cheese!! Chocola!!

Zomom: Haaw hah hah haa! Their names sound delicious! I wonder if they TASTE just as good! (Both chaos were freaking out!)

Cream: Please leave them alone!

Zavok: We would be happy to part ways with these creatures. Until you tell us where Sonic is.

Blaze: You won’t hear a word from us.

Zor: Don’t bother, Zav… We’re just gonna kill these creatures anyway…

Blaze: Guess it’s time for me to step this up. (She lunges toward Zomom, slamming into his big gut!)

Zomom: (The chaos fling into the air as Blaze pins him down!) OOMPH!! MY ARTERIES!!

Cream catches her chaos safely!

Zavok: Grrr! Don’t let them escape!!

Tails: It looks like we’re outnumbered! Come on, Blaze! We gotta run!

Cream: Hurry!!

Blaze jumped off Zomom!

Zeena: (Her green energy streaks roll around her arms.) Oh no you don’t! (She lashes one out and it wraps around Blaze’s ankle!)

Blaze: AH! (She collapses to the ground as Zeena was pulling her in!)

Marine: Blaze!!

Cream: … (She runs and takes out her staff!) Leave Blaze alone! (She tosses her staff at Zeena and it hits her in the face!)

Zeena: OW!! (Covers her face!) My face! My pretty, pretty face!!

Cream: (She helps Blaze up) Are you alright?

Blaze: Cream, I… I don’t know what to say…

Tails: Save it for later! We have to find Sonic and the others! (They leave the scene)

Zik: Perhaps they DO know where our… mutual “friend” is. (Zeena was still complaining about her face)

Zavok: If we follow them… We’ll find HIM. (Zeena’s complaining was annoying him.) Would you PLEASE cut it out?! You’re perfectly fine!

Zeena: FINE?! (Rubs her cheek) That squirt made my eyelash come loose! You know how long it took me to get that in place? A LONG TIME! (Zavok face palms…)

Meanwhile, Amy sees the signal moving on her watch as she, Sonic and Rouge continued on.

Amy: Look! I think we might be close!

They see Cream and the others running in!

Amy: Look! There’s Cream and Tails! And-!

Sonic: BLAZE?!?!

The group stopped to catch their breath.

Cream: (She hugs Amy along with the chaos.) Amy…

Amy: It’s ok… You’re safe now.

Rouge: Looks like we caught the thief as well.

Marine: Heh heh… G’day, mates! If you excuse me I’ll just… mosey on outta here. (Blaze grabs her shoulder.) Ah!

Blaze: You and I have much to talk about, missy.

Rouge: So, you decided to get involved, didn’t you?

Blaze: Excuse me?

Cream: Blaze is the one who saved us from-!

Amy: She did?? That’s great! Thank you so much for saving her!

Blaze: Um…

Amy: Blaze, I’ve been thinking. It’s not right to shun your friends out like that. We’re all capable of handling ourselves.

Tails: G-Guys, there’s something we have to tell you.

Amy: Whether you like or not, your strength will do wonders for us. We NEED you, Blaze. More than ever.

Tails: A-Amy, girls?? Anyone??

Blaze: I thought I told you already. I don’t want anything to do with your… patrolling needs.

Amy: How could you be like this?? We’ve all work so hard to keep this city safe! If you were on our team we could protect the city together!

Blaze: Don’t you care about what I’M feeling?!

Amy: …

Blaze: All you’re talking about is patrolling this, patrolling that. You keep persisting for me to join you and you’re not taking “no” for an answer.

Tails: Hey, girls! How about we just stop arguing for a second and we just talk about something ELSE that’s probably going to show up at our doorstep!

Amy: Blaze… You don’t understand… We wanna keep this going… For as long as it takes.

Blaze: What makes you think I would be an asset? You’re just going to slow me down. Face it, Amy. You don’t care about what I have to do. For ALL of you.

Amy: …

Tails: Are you two done now?

Amy: … I think so.

Blaze: …

Tails: Good. Because I think our impending doom is right in front of us.

The Deadly Six appear in front of the heroes. Sonic appeared to be no stranger to them.

Sonic: !!! YOU…

Zavok begins to laugh… as do the other six…

      To Be Continued…
At last, the season premier of Station Square Defenders is here! I apologize for the long wait and delay, but I hope you will enjoy another season starring Amy Rose and friends on their mission to protect Station Square from crime that can't be stopped!

Months after the fall of the Pink Craze, Amy and her friends seek out anyone willing to become a patroller. But with Blaze and Marine arriving in their dimension for secretive reasons, the heroes have questions that need answering. Meanwhile, a new threat awaits them...

Next episode: SSD Ep. 23 Teammates in Hand Part 2

Originally, the opening was going to be more gritty as some armed goons for a soon to be revealed corporation would storm the building as Amy and her friends would stop them.
There's a reference to Final Fantasy XV. See if you can point it out! =D
Originally, Lilian was going to return much sooner, but is now saved for later. =3
Sonic and related characters are owned by Sega and Sonic Team.
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ringsandamiss007 Featured By Owner Dec 30, 2016
What a way to kickoff this calamity showdown!
pikatwig Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016
Glad to see Season 2 is here.

...the Deadly Six are back. ...please tell me they aren't the main villains, that would honestly feel like such a downgrade from the originality and mysteries of Season 1.

Glad to see Honey around and seeing Blaze's interactions with the others was sweet. Though Marine's arrival did kinda startle me, given how it was handeled.

Regardless, glad to be here for another season.

Oh, and Sonic and the Secret Rings reference with the title.
DefectiveStudios Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016  Student Digital Artist
Unfortunly it wouldn't be in the Sonic universe without recognizble villians, and I wanted to give them more spotlight. But don't worry! There's still Eggman! And another group I've yet to introduce. =3

Also, I had no idea about that secret rings reference until you pointed it out. =3
pikatwig Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2016
Fair enough on your point with iconography.

And yea, I thought you were purposefully going for a nod to Seven Rings in Hand.
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